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Subservient Ch. 01


Comments: This is the first story I've decided to submit and I hope its worth continuing so read through and enjoy.

Bit of violence and skin but the heavier stuff comes later in the story.


'Don't move, control your breathing, don't wake her, please don't wake her.

These moments of the early morning are the only shreds of freedom left, she's taken everything else, everything they didn't beat out of you before 'she' got her sick little fingers...everywhere'.

I tried to keep lecturing myself about my sack of shit life but bitching about it wasn't going to do any good, luckily my thoughts were my own and for any one of those words she'd have me humiliate or debase myself, or worse....tend to her 'needs'. She was glutton of all things related to pleasure, though looking at her she was fit and beautiful but never the less a sick sadistic, viper, and she lay coiled around me like many mornings before this.

Last night had been less.....well less 'creative' but just as revolting and degrading as it always was. She had company last night, a General I think in an attempt to get clearance for something. As a special treat she had me serve drinks in naught but my skin, the general was older woman, still she wasn't shy with her eyes... or her hands. As for Commander Nigh she was so wound up from debasing me she spared me some of my other duties after the general had left, and ordered me to her room, she wasn't a gentle woman so taking it slow was rare; the last words she whispered in my ear were "Make me scream."

To make things as absolutely clear I wasn't her 'man' I wasn't her 'other' I wasn't her 'pet', I WAS her property. Commander Lyshia Nigh, very high up in the chain of command so she got away with A LOT more than she should have. The Coryn Empire; ruled by women for women, and anything male were slaves, WE were pets, tools, breeders, and cannon fodder. I was an expendable killer, a bodyguard; one can imagine how many times I wished that I'd been able to step aside as a bullet closed in on the bitch, unfortunately I knew the price of failure the price of refusal, and that nothing I did or wanted would ever change anything.

"Carn..." She whispered with a silken snake tongue.

"Commander?" She woke...how...wonderful...it was too much to hope that I'd fucked her to death.

She looked up to me with her poisonous green eyes piercing me with them "I'm going to miss those lovely blues of yours." Another mind-fuck she was always toying with me, it was hard to believe a single word she spoke. I lay silent staring up at the ceiling her hand playing across my chest ever so gently, a touch, a caress, then slipping further down to stomach "but I believe I know what I'll miss most," a twisted smile grew across her lips "are mornings like this." Her finger tips drew lines down my abdomen lingered for a moment at my navel, I didn't dare meet her eyes again it would only encourage her to tease me further "But we don't have time to play unfortunately, fix my bath would you, then start breakfast, after that you may bathe and dress we have a busy day today so be quick about it."

Apparent one cant help but notice that I did everything for her had I failed even the simplest tasks I'd be taken before the troops and publicly punished, she did that for more than just MY punishment it kept the others in line, I could barely feel the whip any more, having been raised under its wicked kiss for my whole goddamn life.

Nigh's was a good liar, but I was starting to think that she meant what she said, she was too...nice it was unnerving probably her plan to begin with, but if it was some kind of mission or trip; I didn't care anywhere was better than at her side, in her bed, under her gaze all of it sickened me and even a single day away from it was a paradise. "Your bath Commander." I stood at the door to the bathroom holding it open for her as per the normal routine.

Drawing her bath I watched as she paraded her elegant form passed me without shame, in attempt to entice me, a futile attempt but what did it matter she'd use me anyway. "Such a gentleman." She quipped; she knew why...She authorized the training, and shock treatment as punishment. One would be amazed how quickly something becomes habit when reinforced with electricity.

I moved to the kitchen my feet finding the cold tile floor, Nigh had specific tastes so breakfast was usually a complicated process, all high society dishes I was more appreciative of simpler meals, probably because it was a pain in the ass to cook 'her' meals. "Lets see what we have today Carn?" Waltzing out into the open in a towel and slippers, she had short firey hair it was a military prerequisite but length was the only limitation, I was an example "Mmmm," she cooed as I served her a plate the salty smell of hickory bacon, coupled with diced green onions, French toast, and some Cajun dish I couldn't recall the name for, Nigh had a taste for spicy foods, never sat well with me "Now go get ready Carn, you've got twenty minutes."

Time limits...Another form of control she exerted, I made quick work of a hot shower, fortunately with a large breakfast she wouldn't be standing in the doorway watching me a habit I had come to despise from her, I usually got around it with cooking but she'd often finish early and time how long it took me, suffice it to say my time limits kept getting shorter.

Standing in front of the mirror drying off, I winced with every scar playing across my back; so many that they blended together into a downward stroke, grooves and textures interrupting the natural lines of my frame. They weren't the only marks life has left on me but they were the most noticeable. Moving the towel too my hair when I felt her cold fingers on my back, the feeling leaching into my spine "I ABSOLUTELY love this texture." The complement was lost somewhere in the years of hearing *CRACK* and my own screaming echoing back at me from cold empty space. "I am so glad I put you through that laser hair removal program," and hand floating over my right hip "So smooth." Used to have to use a straight razor, for my face and everything south of that, and difficult job to say the least, but Nigh got sick of me taking so long so she made a permanent solution available... the only hair left on me were my eye brows and the mop on my head I suppose she wanted me feeling like a child for the rest of my life why else would she give a damn.

She reached for the towel pulling it gently away from my grasp; odd yet again this was not her style like someone savouring the last few sips of wine before calling it a night, those moments took forever. "I was thinking of changing this." Sweeping her hand up to my hair taking a soft hold if it; it was her that had me bleach my hair to a snow white, streaking in the deep blue, my hair riddle with clean clear stripes... I was a god damn dress up doll. "Well, I'll worry about that later, now get brushed and dressed."

Dressing was easy too Nigh had lain my clothes on the bed as usual, a form fitting black turtleneck with three/quarter sleeves, crimson leathers, and standard issue boots and a small bracer for my left arm, there was a four inch knife hidden on the inside of the wrist; I could be shot for carrying an undeclared weapon but Nigh had no love of sending me anywhere without it, a deadly little tool, I'd proved as much more times than I'd like to say.

"Carn are you ready?" tying my boot laces she walked in dressed in a business suite with a skirt far too short to be seen seriously but people knew her reputation, I was dangerous yes and so was she, she was much better with knives than I'd ever be, or anyone else could be.

"Yes Commander."

"Good, we have some foreign Dignitaries to baby-sit; you'll get assigned to Ambassador Chelsey Kritten." I followed a step behind as we exited the building and toward the base's garage she briefed me on the details on the way. "She's a Colonial, you were chosen because she is a high risk, and you speak her language, I've been told she understands common tongue and speaks it fluently, she has no military training, but with her young age my superiors don't trust her, she's too young to be only an ambassador, that and rumours of assassination have been floating around."

"Am I to simply guard her Commander?"

"No, do not let on that you speak Colonial, listen in on her, you will be traveling with her as a guard, escort, and unfortunately those political morons see it as a good faith gesture you'll be under her command." Fuck... Thoughts of freedom replaced with the prospect of another bitch holding my leash, Nigh didn't like the idea of 'her' property being loaned to someone else I could see it in the way she moved and in the tone of her voice. She never liked me be sent on any mission but those of HER choosing, but it happens, I imagine she doesn't like all the effort she put into me to be put at risk...She cared, she cared about her own pleasure.

We came to her armoured car, nestled back in the far end of the garage, Nigh was the acting base commander so she got ALL the toys and broke all the rules, though anyone in a position to hurt her position with this information was dealt with... I dealt with them one way or another; some times with a bloody end others I'd rather not speak of, but the make me remember with every wink and suggestive glance.

I noticed a group male soldiers, kids, destined to be shock troops, mindless, drug addicted, and fed a daily dose of steroids, they were the broken ones, kids that didn't survive training like mine...lucky bastards. They get strapped into thick body armour and loaded up with high impact weapons.

"Take us to the embassy; I'm sure you know the way." I was driving... I forgot to add chauffer to my list of jobs. I knew my way around town well enough to get to Nigh's favourite restaurants bars and clubs, as well as few government buildings. Starting the engine letting it rumble to life a lot of power not so much noise more capable than most other engines it was a beast, I'd torn through a few streets in the past and Nigh had been the target of more than a few assassination attempts, this vehicle saved us more than once, been rebuilt three times in the last year.

Fortunately this drive was smooth and uneventful save for Nigh bitching about this Ambassador and about the RULES I'd have to follow...slaves in service to political figures had different rules than that of those serving in the military either way we had no rights, no choice, just new habits and duties. "Apparently she'll be in Coryn for an extended stay; the Colonies aren't safe some network trouble, heavy equipment malfunctions and terrorists taking advantage of all the chaos." The Colonies were always in trouble, unstable governments run by companies with no experience in the matter, using mercs' as police... Nigh and myself had caused havoc on our 'vacations' black ops but they were never recognized as military operations, yet they always seemed to benefit Coryn, the Empress was usually pleased with her accomplishments, few people in power ever notice me; that was sort of the point.

"Oh I forgot to mention that since this a very sensitive matter, this is more of an audition, three others are being considered for service to the Ambassador and there'll be heavy security and screening the works." Without a word I removed my bracer and handed it over to Nigh. The screening was worse than a standard medical exam by far, I'd gone through it once or twice they don't spare anything in these screenings, because in the past slaves have been used for assassinations, some having bombs implanted, or were infected with disease or bio-weapons, even actual weapons stowed away in the flesh, I was not looking forward to it but it was the way things were done.

"Okay we're here, you know the drill Carn follow me keep your eyes open." Nigh didn't trust anyone, she couldn't afford it; she once told me that I was the only one she had any trust in simply because she knew that I would share her fate if anything were to happen, she was right but it didn't stop me from fantasizing about her demise.

We passed through security, not a slave in sight, they didn't trust us with those positions they were too easily turned, too disposable. The eyes on me watching every step every turn of my head, give me the right weapons and few flash-bangs and I could kill everyone in this room, problem was I'd never leave this room the personnel weren't the problem the automatic lockdown was. At the entrance we were stopped by this piss ant security-girl eyeing like a piece of meat "Commander Nigh," she briefly acknowledge my Commander before turning back to me, behind her a second officer waited at the elevator "Her highness is waiting for you at the top floor," then they pointed me to the security offices 'the slave entrance' "they're ready for you, but please show your man to the security desk as soon as possible they want to do the screening before the Ambassadors arrive."

"I thought they were allowing the Ambassador to make the selection." Nigh was rarely mistaken on these things so a bit of tension in her voice over the sudden change was expected and it had this 'greeter' shaking in her boots. I would've smiled if I were allowed to.

"No ma'am recent information has us stepping up the schedule, Admiral Vissan, First Secretary Golha, the Empress and her daughters have also insisted on overseeing the screenings and selections." Great...an audience...

"You sound disappointed Chief." Nigh caught it as well the tone in the security chief's voice made her grin like only a monster could; appreciating the fear she instilled in others.

"No ma'am someone has to see to the safety of this facility."

"Good answer Chief."

We moved further into the building no smell, and no sound other than the barely-there hum of cameras and the clicking of foot-falls "Carn." she pointed me to the security desk, I nodded without a word and walked up to woman behind the desk. "Name, rank, and program?" She eyed me up and down waiting for an answer, thinking that tidy black uniform intimidated me.

"Carn, rank Alpha, product of the IOA-2 training program." Every slave in the military was a product of corporate facility every single one! Methods change from place to place some brutal others subtle ALL designed to turn out a different type of soldier or slave by ripping away the IDEA of freedom. The kids that break don't go to waste...experiments...shock troops. The mere mention of it brought back the memory of the gunshot......then there were the shock treatments and solitary confinement... stories for another time maybe.

"Okay Slave, step into the next room, the agent inside will instruct you further." They went ahead and showed me into the next room an interrogation room with a rather large window and new machines lined up against the far wall. Three women inside, Medical Examiner an MP and an Agent typical set of women, very professional about this but I've heard that sometimes they draw straws to be involved, but luckily they were being watched by the Empress herself, three cameras only two were obvious at first glance.

"Center of the room!" The speakers in the high corners of the room blared to life; the voice was obviously from behind the mirrored glass I couldn't see who stood there; what I'd give for a gun at that point. "Commence manual search." The strip search first...yippee... I could almost feel Nigh's wicked eyes through the cameras, and imagine the wicked smile born from displaying me to the Empress herself. Cold hands wrapped in latex taking their sweet fucking time, "Slave!" I straightened my posture as the voice commanded, next came a question "the tattoo on your chest; that is a black-ops brand correct?"

"Yes Ma'am." 'Ma'am' the default of any woman I didn't know the rank of... I didn't see the point in the question, I never knew the entire meaning of it, though I remember being inked on my thirteenth birthday stung like a bitch, they added lines as I became more adept and the last part was added because of my service to Nigh, a triangle at its core. I endured two hours of poking prodding blood tests and scans allowing them to scan every molecule of me to make sure I wasn't armed or unhealthy, they couldn't afford to have any harm come to the Ambassador.

Then the questions about my skills and what I knew about the Colonials, they tested my ability to translate their language; they would speak lines in Colonial then I would translate it as plain as day. The second part I had to interact with that language further proving my knowledge of the language. Next was just a list of my skills training and accomplishments, though Nigh had told me to keep 'certain' details in the dark no matter who asked. That lasted longer than expected but it was part of the testing standing at attention without stitch of clothing in a room they kept toying with the temperature assaulting me with cold then heat...fucking pointless but still I didn't move I didn't flinch I answered their questions without hesitation, and without error. "Well done Slave, now the final test, kill the examiners." It took me a split second to respond, to bad they didn't react as fast.

I'd already snapped the medical examiners neck, I wasn't wasting time, this wasn't about inflicting pain, there was no need to fight just kill, they fought back, the MP kicked wide I caught her foot kicked the other from under her and crushed her larynx beneath my heel. The Agent was better trained, even armed with a gun and a combat knife she didn't get a chance to squeeze off a round close yes but I'd gotten around her. A sleeper-hold is more effective than it seems, even as she kicked and struggled, my mind wandered over the science of this act, the science of putting this poor woman to sleep, cutting off the blood to the brain with a simple hold and all it takes is a short ten seconds and she will fall asleep, keep holding as she goes limp...a little longer...a little...longer...and she never wakes up.

I released her, as her body fell to the floor I felt as empty and lifeless as that corpser, these women died at my hand yes it was a simple test...wasteful...but I had no choice "Well done Slave, very neat and clean proceed to the next room; leave your things." I exited and found elevator waiting door open and the destination already chosen. I looked back with regret I could kill without a second thought but after the moment something thing get through and pointless deaths...death without reason it was just a waste regardless of who it was, but it wasn't the first time I'd killed innocents without reason beyond a simple order.

After a long ride to the 22nd floor I joined the other men standing in file three more slaves, like me my eyes didn't have time to take in the sights... as I was standing shoulder to shoulder with the others facing, these women four of the security personnel armed much more seriously than anyone else in the building, they were the Empress' Redguard the elite royal soldiers. Staring at the floor like the others we dropped to a knee at the exact moment the Empress entered...We dared not look up we were undeserving of looking upon her, BULLSHIT...but I'd be beaten half to death if I didn't, the first thing we were taught, I'd never seen her beyond a glance, or reflection but that was more than enough she was a raven haired woman with an icy expression a commanding presence typical Empress like behaviour, though touch overweight, but she was just as ruthless as Nigh or so I'd gathered from her reputation.

Nigh was among the Empress' entourage and stood in front of us "Daughter which of these do you think has what we require." The air in here became tense as her foot steps came closer to us, she stood in front of one man stepped away with a gesture and *BANG*!! They'd shot him...There was only going to be one of us walking out of here, and despite the freedom in death I would still choose life. It came down to me and the last man, the Empress' daughter grabbed my chin and let her steely eyes meet mine for a moment "Him." BANG!! Another crumpled to the floor, leaving me.

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