tagNovels and NovellasSubservient Ch. 02

Subservient Ch. 02


Note: Hope you all enjoy this net section, gets a bit steamier in this section, and there is a bit of bisexuality thrown in just as a warning.

beyond that feel free to share your thoughts and questions


The last time I was in a hotel remotely like this nightmare, I was in the elevator shaft twenty floors up wiring explosives. With Nigh guiding my actions over the radio, and whispering her twisted plans for the rest of the evening into my earpiece I found it as much an escape from her grip as it was a personal challenge to stay focussed. I had to leap from one ledge swing from the main cable and prey that it didn't move before I released it sailing over to the next sure foothold, and setting the next charge. Wiring in the timer and arming the device was second nature so it only took moments "You know Carn you'll be needing a good long shower when you're finished, maybe I'll have you join me." She wasn't expecting an answer so I never gave one either way she'd do as she wished and was sure to make me miserable; she preferred it that way said 'it brought out the fire in my eyes.'

"The next charge ma'am?" I needed the last location, my whisper as lifeless as the dark shaft lingering below me.

Her sick smile was an image never far from my mind, and I'd bet that the bitch had it plastered across her face at that moment "At the top of the Shaft Carn, it's the last one, and I'll be seeing yours soon, so don't keep me waiting."

She had me set the charges to go 8hrs from then, a little thrill to be screwing in a building that was about to be engulfed in flame. About 100 maybe 200 people were in that tower I never bothered checking the guest lists. Nigh kept gasping those sadistic little details as she made good on all those dirty little ideas she put in my head.

I tried not to think of all the carnage that was to come simply to rid the world of one Politian. There were no comforting thoughts to be found, though her finger nails digging into my flesh would provide a distraction whilst I invaded familiar dark territory.


'Now arriving at the twentieth floor presidential sweets please exit the elevator.' A synthetic voice chimed freeing me from that wretched memory, and back into this new nightmare.

"So Carn how long have you been with the military?" My whole fucking life! I wasn't going to tell her that in such a tone but didn't stop me from thinking it. Still I was as always chained to the rules I was raised by, and that made the question as good as a command.

"As long as I can remember Ma'am." It was kind of pointless to ask; any information about me would be in the dossiers they no doubt sent to her secure network account. Every embarrassing detail leaving out all the mission data they didn't want a foreigner to see which most of it was

"Not much for conversations are you?" and yet another stupid remark pricked my skin like an 8cy needle, slaves weren't for conversation unless it was some pathetic little house pet.

"No Ma'am."

"Could you stop calling me Ma'am?" She huffed as in frustration not liking the authority afforded to her; it was amusing and there were very few times in my life where the rules brought me joy. Irritating her was entertaining at the very least and I wasn't about rob myself of it if had any choice in the matter.

"No, Ma'am I cannot."

"Is there anything 'else' you can call me, I hate the Ma'am title." And I hate dumb questions, looks like we were both outta luck.

"No Ma'am."

As we walked down the hall I noticed how empty this place really was, they must've cleared out the entire floor for the Ambassador's visit, very dumb idea might as well put a neon sign on the building or paint a big target on her room's window, better yet get a quality rocket launcher and stick it somewhere unpleasant.

God I hate being on this side of the target, I'd rather be the one aiming at it rather than standing between it and the bullet. Then again very few assassins these days cared about collateral damage it was the pray'n'spray method easy but messy, bombs and the like made things too easy in my opinion.

"Here's our room, at least now we can get comfortable." Fuck I hated those words, 'get comfortable'. Every time Nigh used it I knew exactly what she expected of me, it was a sort keyword...'Carn' you better get comfortable' 'Carn I'm gonna get comfortable' 'aren't you going to get comfortable'... Hopefully it didn't mean the same coming from this woman, problem was if it did and I had to be told twice......

Inside the room door closed behind us she wandered off into the next room...My assumptions were getting to the point that my body acted on reflex, shedding my armour my shirt, boots... She walked in "This room is amazing you rea-....!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!" I stopped with my pants around my ankles, and just looked at her like she was the odd one, no woman I ever met would've been so embarrassed, and she couldn't even look at me. Were Colonials truly that different??

"Following orders Ma'am." Assumed orders but never-the-less.

"I didn't-I didn't tell you to do that, why would you?! I mean what kind of military-?! Have you no shame?"

"No Ma'am, shame is a luxury, slaves don't have that luxury." I just stared at her hiding her eyes behind her hand but still I swear she struggled not to peak passed it...a very strange woman.

"You're...you're a slave?? I didn't think-"

"No you didn't Ma'am."

"Didn't what?"

"Think...Ma'am." I insulted her but she never noticed it.

"Could you please put your clothes back on?" I almost smiled, a rare occasion to say the least. I pulled my pants back up and re-did my belt as she started to talk again "I thought slavery was illegal." She really needed to read up on her history, Coryn has been a slave nation for a VERY long time, I'd think everyone thinking to travel here would know that much.

"Not in the Coryn Empire Ma'am." I thought there was something odd about this woman, she obviously never owned a slave, any woman raised in this society wouldn't think twice about taking advantage of a Slave, unless he was defective or unsightly but those were often cast aside executed or shipped to the mines depending on how bad their case was, a bullet was cheaper than surgery and there were always more and better looking pieces of meat sitting in the fridge.

"So that's why you- ummmmm."

"Offered myself to you... yes and no Ma'am," I wasn't going to lie.

"Are there many slaves in Coryn?" FUCK yet another stupid question.

"Every living man and boy Ma'am." You could see them everywhere doing the jobs women felt were below them, men were useful for breeding, hard labour and military servitude. they had uses for the 'barbaric instincts of men' my former instructors words not mine...I'd say these women could be just as barbaric as any man given enough power and lack of rules, just look at Commander Nigh for an example ruthless and consumed with desire for all things related to pleasure or power, often both accompanied with leather.

"So, you're not really a bodyguard??" I'd laugh if I remembered how to, she thought I was some simple boy toy sent to keep her company...It may have been a part of it but not the whole point, I was supposed to keep her happy and keep her safe a double edged job, but apparently I was free of that half of the job for now...

"I am fully trained, an am more than capable of protecting you Ma'am."

"I'm sorry if I've offended you." Wasted apologies why did she care, my opinion didn't matter in the least. The apology was the only thing that offended me...

"I'm a slave Ma'am no apology required; I follow your orders Ma'am." Like a goddamn robot I just gave her control, just like that no thought just...just reacting like I was taught to. It was nothing new but still it only served to piss me off every time was reminded how badly my mind had been fucked with, I almost wished I wasn't aware of it, a special part of my training. Not all slaves are aware of how badly they've been warped 'ignorance is bliss.'

She didn't know what to do, what to think or even say. That blank look plastered across her face...How could she be an ambassador? This was pathetic, Politian's were supposed suave, confident, charismatic especially those granted the status of an Ambassador 'they' stood to represent their country their people and this lithe woman stood there meek and unsure, wringing her hands hoping to squeeze a thought from them. No wonder the Colonials couldn't keep order.

"I'm sorry I've work to do before I'm to meet with your Empress, could you ummm ah...." She didn't even know what orders to give.

A knock came to the door "Expecting anyone Ma'am?"

"Yes Carn, my advisor; Sheila Versy, could you finish getting dressed and let her in." Stupid move, she held too much trust. How did she know for sure...? But then again a killer doesn't walk through the front door not one as well guarded as this building, not unless it's me, or someone better.

I put on my shirt and opened the door to a dark skinned woman older maybe 33 years old; she dressed like a lawyer, albeit one with too much make up and perfume I almost choked. I needed only brief glance to see she wasn't a threat and let her pass closing the door behind her "Hello handsome." She smiled wide as if party to a joke I hadn't been told "Chelsey my dear you lucky little thing!" This one acted more like the women I was used to, unfortunately. "This is what I love about visiting this Coryn on diplomatic missions." With a passing grope and a worthless come hither stare she closed the distance between her and the Ambassador and I saw to locking the door.

"Couldn't you warn me?!" Ms. Kritten wasn't happy about the surprise of a Slave nation; this Sheila had a different point of view.

"And ruin the surprise." I wasn't going to just stand in that room as they argued I'd take this time to hunt down my things. I could get away with it under guise of checking the security of the room, only Nigh would see through that bullshit excuse just to put distance between us. Whatever I needed had been sent up here, and there wasn't likely to be very much, I didn't own anything...so I assumed 'weapons'.

I was going to take inventory while they talked. "I mean c'mon why do you think they 'NEVER' allow male diplomats across the boarder?" Ms Versy was going cause me trouble, I just knew it.

The Ambassador just remained silent and angry "Remember Ms. Big-wig this is the safest place in the world unless it's Coryn targeting that tiny white ass of yours, luckily they LIKE you," Apparently my new owner had some enemies "AND who are we to judge their way of life, it works for them so why not enjoy it? These men the do ANYTHING you order them to!"

She paused for a moment, and all I could think was 'oh crap' "What?! I had a good time my last couple visits, the stories I could tell you." Ms. Versy had likely been privy to the favours of office and didn't seem shy of accepting them.

Unpacking the suitcase marked with my brand I found clothes in one and weapons in the other, though holding a gun right then may not have ended well if I were a lesser man "Did they send this guy up after you got here? He's better looking than the one I got last time and I had to call the front desk to get that much, and yours is young too I'm so jealous!" My rifle was looking real friendly I must say.

"He's our body guard Sheila..." I could hear her tapping away at a laptop "His dossier is right in the package they sent us, look."

"19...nice." That knowing grin made me sick to my stomach.


"I'm still reading, calm yourself okay...holy shit, this is hard to believe, apparently, he knows yoga, gymnastics, cooking, cleaning," Look I found my revolver and a box of bullets... "If you don't want him I'll take him? Killing machine or not this guy is apparently perfect according to the record, and with yoga and gymnastics mmmm-mm girl, a rock hard body, flexible, come on and he's GOT TO have a bi-"

"SHEILA ENOUGH!! He's supposed to keep us alive, not one of your boy toys besides we've got work to worry about......and yes." I hated being talked period; I'd rather be unnoticed for the most part.

There was moment of silence before "Yes what??" More silence until laughter burst forth from Ms Versy's lips. Footsteps soon followed across the wood floor stopping behind me, I put down my things and stood, bowing courteously.


"So you're Carn? Nice to meet you I'm Sheila Versy," this was what I was used to, and she looked at me with one idea in mind, and all I could do was stand there and accept the fact; that was my fate "Well I for one am glad to have your services on hand...as a bodyguard." She added casting a glance back at the door. The look in her eye told her story in an almost lude display.

"Thank you Ma'am." Now leave before I pick up another gun... If only I could but my body was trained for obedience. I wouldn't dare do it; even the thought of it drowned me in memories of pain. Had I actually made the attempt I would've crumple to the floor screaming, a very deep very eloquent form of hypno-therapy reinforced with electro-shock, so in laymen's terms an expensive and effective mind-fuck.

She left me in peace and I went about checking out my equipment, extra armour, assorted knives, grenades, a few shaped charges, my S-34 anti-material rifle, revolver and slug gun. Not to mention my cleaning kit and an entire trunk filled with ammo. It almost therapeutic going about cleaning and organizing every piece, it was one of the few things I enjoyed, didn't care if that was the training talking.

"Carn?" Ms. Kritten was calling me, now began the power trip...

I walked out into the main room finally taking stock of the place; the first room was shooting gallery a two floor open concept penthouse first floor wide open kitchen, and bar including plush leather couches and dinning room. The big god damn window with great view of the city was my main concern, these windows stretched up to the second level it too was open, well lit and housed a small entertainment center of it own center around an expensive computer wired into room's electronic functions. Among the second floor rooms was the master bedroom out of sight at least and, down stairs was the guest bedroom, and a massive bathroom, a Jacuzzi sized tub and a waterfall shower.

I wasn't pleased with the idea of the sleeping arrangements; two beds three of us considering how much Ms. Versy consistently reminded me of the Commander.

Finding my way to the second level Ms Kritten was on her laptop; Ms. Versy was downstairs getting a drink, whiskey by the look of it, with too much ice. "Yes Ma'am?"

"We're meeting with the Empress tomorrow, and we have guests coming over tonight...Sheila's idea," 'No kidding' came to mind, "she has a few friends they want to touch face with the new Colonial Ambassador, should be just business and a few drinks." Finally she was starting to act intelligently telling me these things made protecting her easier, surprises would compromise her safety, so would the indulgences of Ms Versy...One of those problems was dealt with, but I'd needed more information about these guests, the other problem was out of my hands.

"What do you know about these people Ma'am?" She went to tell me in depth what she knew bringing up files via the network connection provided by the hotel, I saw very little threat to her, these women were wealthy business owners, they often have... eccentric tastes that I recall with a good deal of disgust. I hoped that they'd bring their own fun and leave me out of it. I wasn't very lucky though and somehow I expected to be the entertainment regardless what I was MEANT to be doing here.

A few hours later I'd went back and finished taking stalk of my weapons cleaning and oiling the parts organizing my clothes into neat piles. Ms. Versy hi-jacked the closet of the guestroom room, and Ms. Kritten was tapping away at her laptop the whole time checking news feeds from the colonies. I was happy to have even that short time to myself though they both took a break to dress more elegantly for their evening. Ms Kritten in blue velvet, Ms. Versy in red silk.

Ms. Versy was more endowed than the lithe Ms Kritten, but neither seemed out of shape. The women that arrived were more akin to sluts than powerful women of industry tiny little dresses low cut neckline, and a hem two inches away from being indecent. Trailing behind was a doe-eyed boy-toy, lean not overly fit like many hulking freaks some women like to cultivate.

I felt envious of for him, not much older than me but I could tell he hadn't lived a hard life, he was probably groomed for simple service meaning he wasn't all that bright either; he didn't have to be. He was a little nervous looking like a puppy not used to being outside, they even had him collared... looked good on him... What the fuck was I thinking... this night was going to be a nightmare and my thoughts strayed to...that.

"Hello ladies thought we'd bring the entertainment while we worked, but I see you've got your own..." The ice eyed blonde closed in on me like a shark a hand on my cheek grasping at my chin knowing full well I wouldn't do a damn thing to stop her. Turning my face from side to side checking my mouth appraising me with her hands stopping only to look in my eyes "top dollar too, beautiful eyes." Indifferent toward me as I would be to my meal, she was unarmed by the look of that painted on dress. Silk like Ms.Versy but deep violet following the exaggerated curves of her hips and swell of her backside, and pressed upward to enhance a modest bust at best, guess she didn't care for implants...or underwear for that matter.

The other was a small Asian woman, Lidia Dulshye she was the owner and operator of a massive company controlling well over half the Import and Export into this country, so there was more threat there than anywhere just her knowledge of Ms Kritten might draw unwanted attention. Short wild hair, black save for the bright highlights, she wore a dress more akin to a body wrap, covering just enough to reveal a body a swimmer would kill for, sculpted and cut through some form of intense athletics. Didn't have access to her files or I'd know what it was.

"Miribell watch that one, he is not some simple pretty thing." Smart woman, very observant. It was very easy to tell the difference between a soldier and someone like 'doe-eyes' standing in the open door almost timidly as he waited for his next command, it was...cute.

"Leonard please shut the door and make yourself familiar with the kitchen."

"The bar especially, Leonard." Lidia added quickly.

A glorified waiter, cook, and jiggalo he read like bad comic book, but I could see what women saw in him, though unfortunately their attention focused on me instead. "So are you more than a pretty thing," She turned her attention to me, Miribell's fingers curling at the hem of my shirt pulling ever so slightly upward teasing the on looking audience.

"Yes Ma'am." Ms. Versy was grinning like an idiot in the background as I was turned about to see her and Ms. Kritten as she tried to restrain outrage, uncomfort, and blushing cheeks, as the blonde...Miribell kept on with curious hands. Her unwelcome pawing growing more intimate with every passing moment. Still I didn't move remaining as a statue as she explored, raking her nails across bare skin as they traveled beneath my clothes. Had I reacted at all it wouldn't end well, I learned that a long time ago at the end of a cattle-prod "Not even a flinch, someone trained him well." She stripped the shirt from my back only to give way to gasps as all laid eyes upon my back, even Leonard seemed shocked.

"Looks like you were a bad pet." Lidia sat at the bar glass in hand admiring the scarred landscape of my back; she was wrong those scars were a 'gift' from the Commander, and a memory for another time. Luckily the question was never asked, the answer already implied though it still pissed me off to think about it.

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