tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Ch. 02

Succubus Ch. 02


It all came back to me and I felt as if I had been hit by a tidal wave. And she was right, her images, both of them are now etched forever in my mind. The sweet sexy, green eyed Alex, and the succubus she became before my eyes. I knew one thing, I wanted, no needed, to live the experience again and again.

I googled "Succubus" and found hundreds of hits on the subject. Mythical creatures who will enter a mans dreams in order to have sex with him, take his semen in order become impregnated and reproduce. A succubus in this condition requires a tremendous amount of energy during her 12 week gestation period. She also draws from the human male, this needed energy, and will stop at nothing to get it. Even if it means draining the life out of him completely, which is often times the case.

If she finds a man who survives the initial encounter, she will repeatedly seek him out, since his energy level is high enough to satisfy her needs. She also knows however that with each repeated encounter, the possibility of him surviving dwindles.

I awoke Sunday morning from another deep sleep, my body still recovering from Friday night. I could not get her off my mind. I was possessed by her. I was afraid of what might happen if she were to return, and yet I was even more afraid that she would never return, and there would be an intense void in my life, if I were never to experience her again.

I left my house as I needed to replenish my vitamins and nutritional supplements I use (which probably contributed to my energy levels) from a local shop run by an old Shaman, his shop was always well stocked with healing herbs and natural medications.

I stocked up on what I needed, as I was leaving he said:

"Be careful young man, you are possessed by a demon, I felt it the moment you walked in, I know of it, what it is, and what it means to you. I know you will not accept my help now as it is all so new to you and you want to explore it more, but as I said, be careful."

I turned and left, he was right, I needed to be with her again and there is no way I wanted help. Not yet anyway. On my way home I walked by Charlie's house, he was outside trimming his hedges and I stopped to say hello.

"Hey Charlie, how are ya? Listen I want to apologize to you for what happened in the bar Friday night, I should have had your back and not let her just take your seat." He looked at me all confused.

"What are you talking about Pete? I was there on Friday night, I never saw you or whoever "she" was. You feeling okay buddy, you don't look so hot?"

I stood there a moment trying to gather my thoughts, trying to focus on what he just said.


"Oh sorry man, I haven't been feeling well these last two days, I gotta go."

I ran to my house, my mind going in circles, I slammed the door closed and then stood there my back against the door.

"Okay" I said to no one, "What the hell does this mean? Was it all a dream, If Charlie hadn't seen me at the bar then what the fuck...?"

Then, after a moment or two it came to me, the scent of musty sweet perfume, her perfume. Could it be? I dropped the bag of vitamins on the floor and slowly walked towards the living room.


"In here my pet. Come to me." I heard her say, not through my ears but from inside my head.

As I entered the room, I could see the top of her head,her hair shimmering in the glow of light emanating from the fireplace before her she was seated in a high back chair, silhouetted in a darkened room, lit only by the fireplace.

Again, without speaking she said "Come, kneel before me."

I moved in front of her, my knees weakened, when I saw the way she was dressed, I would have knelt before her even if she hadn't mentally commanded me to do so.

She wore a red latex catsuit with a black leather bodice fit snugly around her body. Thigh high black leather stiletto boots. Her angelic face with her crystal green eyes, her long reddish brown hair with the black streaks, all glowing in the firelight, I knew I could never desire another woman, ever again.

"I know you must have many questions." This time she spoke the words.

"And they will be answered before this night is through. I know you must have read a great deal about what I am, but believe me, there is so much more to this than what you read."

"I know I possess you, I do not even have to speak any words for you to carry out my commands."

I stood up, removed my clothes, and once again, knelt before her.

"See, I told you, I can make you do whatever I want whether we are in the same room or miles apart. Remember that."

"Yes Goddess, I understand, may I ask you a question?"

"What is it? And you need not address me as your Goddess, I am Alex, you are Peter, You know your place, and I, mine. This is not that kind of relationship."

"I did read allot about you, or rather what you are, I survived our first encounter is this why you are back? I know you are going to need more and more energy in the weeks to come, I want to be the one who can give you everything you need, I only pray, I have the stamina to do so."

"Yes I am back because you survived. The more energy I receive from you, the better it is for me and my child, but know this, should it come to a choice between your life and hers, I shall not hesitate to keep her alive. Any mans energy will do."

I moved in closer to her, I rested the palms of my hands on top of her crossed legs and felt a quiver of energy pass between us. I looked into her eyes and she again spoke to me without speaking.

"I need you now, I need you inside me, beneath me. Follow me."

She stood up. Led me to the bedroom.

"Undress me, peel my latex off my body, worship me, lick and kiss my flesh, drink my sweat."

I did as I was told, slowly undressing her removed her boots, her bodice , her latex catsuit, as ordered. I worshiped her entire body with my mouth, fingers and tongue.

I stood up to embrace her body once again, she pressed her body tightly against mine. My cock was once again getting harder and harder as this gorgeous woman controlled my every move with her thoughts. I grabbed her behind and pulled it tight against my throbbing cock and she gyrated her hips and ground her pussy against me.

She gave me a long deep kiss, her tongue deep inside my mouth, I knew full well what was coming. She traced her tongue along my cheek and down to my neck, finding the right spot. I could feel my heart pumping, hear it pounding as she pressed her tits into my chest. I felt her teeth, fangs really, dig into my neck, I offered it to her, I wanted her have it. She bit down and stretched the skin out from my neck as she released the fang from the roof of her mouth and this time, drove it hard into my flesh. The pain, lasted only a second or two before I felt her venom begin to course into my bloodstream. This time she pumped allot more into me then she had on Friday night,

The feeling this time was of pure ecstasy. I felt my body surge, every single nerve ending came alive. I could feel her skin against me, I didn't want to ever let go.

She didn't back away and began to morph right there in my arms. I felt her skin get hotter and slicker against mine. Her pores secreted what must have been more of her venom as she engulfed me against her, I felt her long serpent like tongue slither from her mouth, wrap around my neck and pull my head against her. Her leather like black wings sprouted from her back, she brought them araound and completely engulfed me, pulling me in even tighter.

She adjusted herself, grabbed and positioned my cock and pushed it deep inside her cunt, she engulfed it, sucked it in, I must have been stretched to about 10 or 12 inches from the effects of her venom. She squeezed and release it over and over again, milking it.

In her deep throaty deep voice she said

"Do you love this? Do you love me?"

I was shocked, even in this form her brain, her mind, acted as humanoid.

"My God, yes I do, I love everything you do to me. I love you."

By this time our bodies were so tightly bound together because of her wings I could not move, she just continued to pump my cock with her pussy muscles. I wanted so badly to cum inside her as she released orgasm after orgasm. But I could not, until she willed me to do so.

She brought her long tail around, forced the end of it between our faces, staring at me with those black eyes, she said:

"Take it into your mouth and suck it." She forced the phallic like shaft into my mouth. I engulfed it with ease and sucked it as commanded. When she was satisfied, she pulled it out of my mouth. I felt her probing my ass with it. Lying on her back and me atop her, she loosened her wings a bit and drove the end of her tail up inside me. She tightened her wings once again.

I was cocooned inside this creatures wings. It felt as if our bodies had become one, She fucked me as hard and as deep as she wanted.

"Please let me cum." I begged.

"Not yet!" this conversation taking place in our minds once again. I realized I did not have to speak, she knew what I was thinking, what I felt, and that pleased me because she could know my feelings were genuine and that I truly did love her, no matter what form she took.

I had no idea as to how long we fucked each other in this matter. I did know, I felt safe inside this creatures embrace and I never wanted it to end.

She unwrapped her tongue from around my neck and drew it back into her mouth.

"Open your mouth and take what I am about to give you, swallow it, every drop."

I don't know what she secreted into my mouth. It had a musty sweet taste of pure lust. I swallowed it and within seconds, both of our bodies erupted as if we were indeed one. I felt my cum draining out of me like a river. I felt her "cock" pouring into me. We screamed into each others minds. I felt, coming from her, pure untamed lust, undeniable love.

We must have cum inside each other for at least a full minute.

When we were finished, she released her wings from me, opening the cocoon I so wanted to remain in for the rest of my life. I rolled off the top of her, my energy all but spent, I was surprised I didn't pass out right away. I watched as she morphed back into human form. She was just as surprised to see me still awake and coherent.

"I have never seen a man stay awake long enough to see me change back before, usually they're either in a coma or worse."

She sensed I was fading, I so wanted to stay awake and talk with her. I felt her put her hand over the wound on my neck, it closed up and faded with her touch, she did the same to the one on my shoulder. She then placed the palm of her left hand over my heart. I felt a warmth flow from her hand into me there. For the first time in my life I felt pure undeniable love, from this woman, this creature. She left me with an unspoken instruction.

"I cannot be here when you awaken Peter, but wait for me, I will return to you very soon and explain why. Sleep now my love."

With that I passed out, hoping I would dream of her in my slumber.

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