tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 07a

Succubus Ranch Ch. 07a


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Sindi had been standing at the gas pump for just a few moments when the radio began to play a song that seemed to fit the mood.

"On a dark desert highway,
Cool wind in my hair,
Warm smell of colitas,
Rising up through the air."

"Well, if colitas is a high octane gasoline, then yep, I'm right there with you, Don," Sindi said to her radio. She looked around the single island of two gas pumps at the old gas station in the middle of the Nevada desert, just wondering where in the hell she really was. "You guys better not be having fun without me," she said to herself.

Sindi's short fire-red hair caressed her jaw line with its edges, in a tickling fashion. She could just hear in the distance the sound of a wolf being carried by the gentle breeze. Thinking about wild animals, even those as beautiful as wolves, made her just a little bit nervous to be standing out in the open like this.

She turned her attention to the blackness just outside the ancient lights of the gas station. She thought she could see shadows moving at this midnight hour, dark images that didn't look like animals or humans. A shiver ran down her back, causing Sindi to cross her arms tightly to her lower chest. She strained her eyes to make out those shapes, knowing that they couldn't be real monsters; but those shapes had to be something.

If there was just a little more light, she thought to herself, wondering where the traffic had gone. Since pulling into the gas station, it seemed all the cars that she had been seeing on highway just disappeared. There hadn't been a car to pass the gas station since she had climbed out of it. The only real close noise was that of the older model pump clicking the numbers over as the price changed.

Turning her attention back to the only way in and out of the station, she could barely make out the edge of the road in the darkness. It, apparently, was her luck for the full moon to go behind a very thick cloud bank while she was refueling. Once again, the sound of the wolf's howl in the distance drug her attention back to the pitch black darkness around the island of light she stood in.

"I thought the desert was supposed to be beautiful," she said aloud, just to hear her own voice. "Why does it have to be so creepy?"

She had a sudden feeling that the darkness was creeping in from behind her, and she slowly turned her head to look over her shoulder, thinking to herself it was just like a horror movie. She was going to see the evil monster, mouth salivating and long tongue hanging out, hundreds of long white razor-sharp teeth, staring her face, waiting for the green scaly claws to finish ripping her five foot one inch frame to shreds no bigger than confetti.

She had just seen that the darkness had not come into the lighted area and let out a sigh of relief when the sigh burst into a yelp of shock and surprise. Her cell phone, deep inside her low slung, very tight, jeans was playing Hotel California as it vibrated against her inner thighs. The feeling, at that moment of release from the fear that had gripped her, almost made her press it harder into its location so it would stimulate her more.

Instead, Sindi did what she knew she should do. She reached into her pocket slowly, giving the vibrations more time to play its music into her body, before reluctantly pulling it out. She saw Cinder's picture on the screen and answered the call. She needed to find out where she was going to meet back up with the band.

"Hey, Cinder, what's up? ... Yeah, I know I'm late, but it was a pain in the ass to get the guy to stop staring at me and give me your new mike."

Sindi shook her head at how easily she had been spooked by the desert, especially since there was now traffic moving regularly on the road and the full moon lit up the desert in a beautiful evening shade of blues, grays and black. She could even smell something floral on the wind, just underneath the smell of the gasoline.

"Yeah, I'm still here. Sorry. What were you saying again? ... Okay, for starters, I was getting your new mike, Cinder, and you guys are the ones that left me behind...of course my car's fast. It's a fucking Mustang! ... Ha. Ha. Very funny. Yes, I'm sure I can catch up, too."

She stood still for a bit, listening to Cinder talk and hearing the other girls in the band doing something in the background that sounded like fun. Damn them. She heard a loud click and saw the gas pump had stopped.

"Okay, I'll hurry and catch up with you guys soon," she said into the phone as she walked to the glass enclosure of the gas station. "Do you have a map of the area?" she asked the man behind the counter.

He looked up at Sindi with little more than a glance, just catching her eyes, before looking under the counter and pulling out a folded up map. He slid it across the counter as grabbed a pen set out for customers paying with credit cards.

"Where are the next couple of stops you guys are going to make for fuel so I'll know which direction to head in?" After scribbling down a couple of intersections on the front of the map, Sindi put the pen back and picked up the map. "Okay, and where are we playing again, in case I don't meet up with you before then?"

"All right, I don't think I'm too far behind you guys; but if I am, I'll see you tomorrow night at the club."

Sindi hung up her cell phone and slid it deep into her front pocket, and pulling out $40's and handed it to the older man. She took her change and gave the attendant a nice little smile before making a purposeful spin on her heals and let her ass sway from side to side on the way back to the burnt orange mustang with its black racing stripes.

I bet it's the best looking ass he's seen in years, she thought during the walk. When she climbed into driver seat, the sound door closing and locking was like a gospel choir singing "Hallelujah." The next chorus was when she heard her own tires squeal out of the lot and back onto the highway in the traffic.


It seemed like it had been days, though she knew it was only been about five hours since she had left the gas station. The horizon behind her was just starting to lighten up as the sun slowly reached it, and her head was beginning to grow heavy and her sight was growing dim from the long drive over night.

Sindi pulled over and looked at her cell phone for the twentieth time and saw that it still had no bars.

"Can you hear me now, my fucking ass," she said aloud, just to hear a voice. Sindi picked up the map for the first time, figuring that it was about time to figure out just exactly where she really was. She at least knew that she had remained on the same highway since leaving the gas station.

Opening it, she was surprised to find a bright red dot on the map showing with the words, in the same red ink, "YOU GOT THIS MAP HERE" written next to it. Following the blue line of the small highway east, Sindi unfolded the next portion of the map and saw a large red X just off the highway, not far from where she believed she was at, with the words "SUCCUBUS RANCH" next to it.

"Well, even a ranch this far out in the middle of no where should have a phone of some sort," she said to herself. "If anything, I might be able to talk them into letting me catch some sleep in a spare room. Hell, anything is better than driving while I'm this tired."

As she drove on, still headed toward the left over darkness of the waning night, Sindi saw a shimmering light. As she got closer, she discovered that the light was coming from a large neon sign at the end of an entrance to a parking lot. A very scantily clad woman with black bat wings and small horns was glowing in the reds of the neon wrapped around the form. The name of the business almost caused Sindi to decide to sleep in her car after all.

"Succubus Ranch is a brothel?" she asked the empty seat next to her, glancing at the map lying there. "I'm probably going to hell for this, but I can at least see if they'll let me sleep here for a few hours. If not, at least I'll finally be talking to someone else instead of myself."

As it was in the early morning hours, Sindi was able to find a spot real close to the two story building. Climbing out of the car, she marveled for a moment at how elegant this southern-style plantation house while it was surrounded by nothing but a parking lot and barren desert land. Movement on the large porch caught her attention, and she could have sworn that she saw the grey fluffy tail of a wolf move around the corner of the building through the porch railings.

"Now I know I need some sleep," she said aloud. Damn, I better stop talking to myself or the owners will think I'm crazy.

Walking with a tired ache in her body, Sindi mounted the steps and walked easily to the door. For the briefest moment, there was a slight weight upon her as she made the last steps across the porch; but she shrugged it off as just the ache of her body from the long drive. Raising her hand to knock on the door, she was surprised when it opened before she could do so.

"Well, if it isn't the sexy little Sindi, from DVnt Sound," came a very husky and feminine voice. Sindi could barely see the woman standing there, thanks to the sun just cresting the horizon. "Well, come in, young lady, and let's get you comfortable and relaxed."

The words "comfortable" and "relaxed" flowed into Sindi's mind and she instantly felt drained of what little strength she had. She dragged her feet a bit as she crossed the threshold and into the darker interior of the building. To her surprise, the temperature was warmer than the cool dawn temps that were outside. There was even just a touch of humidity that was refreshing after the dry air of the desert.

"How did you know my name?" Sindi asked the woman as she blinked the sun spots out of her eyes. When they cleared and she was able to see clearly, Sindi felt a new kind of heat and moisture that had nothing to do with the air around her.

The woman's face was near angelic, as best as Sindi could describe to herself. The high cheek bones and slightly thin nose gave her a European look. The beautiful face was surrounded by straight, but still beautiful, shiny raven-black tresses. The hair flowed freely and framed the face and head perfectly. Showing against the black veil of the hair, a slender neck lead from the base of the head to a pair of bare shoulders, where a few strands caressed the top of them while the rest of the hair parted to either the front or back.

The hair at the front rested comfortably atop a pair of breasts that could never be described as too large or too small; and they were held in place by a corset that was just as read as Sindi's hair. The eyes continued to flow down the extremely trimmed waist, shaped by the corset, where just a hint of the midriff was showing beneath it. Further down, and past the bare skin that seemed to call for someone to touch and caress it, Sindi saw the woman wore low-rise jeans, very much like her own.

The jeans showed the swell of the hips and the light bumps of the pelvic bones, not making it look grotesque, but more exotic. Following the jeans down, Sindi saw that they had to be tighter than her own pair. Sindi wondered if she had just painted the pants on those long toned legs instead of trying to squeeze into them, she saw that the woman's feet were barely visible beneath the cuffs. While making out the tip of a bare toe at the end of the sandal they were in, Sindi thought this woman could be from heaven or she could be from hell.

Blushing, she quickly looked up from the toes, knowing that she must have been caught staring, but once again enjoying the sweeping view of this drop-dead gorgeous woman before her. Sindi tried to look her in the eyes; but as soon as her pupils did look into the other woman's, Sindi averted them once again; unable to take the desire that this woman's gaze caused her.

"I'm sorry," she whispered.

"It's okay, dear," sang the woman's voice again. "All of our guests give me a once over every time they come here...even the regular customers. I'm used to it, as I'm sure you are used to men's and women's eyes sliding over your sexy little body."

Sindi blushed even more, but smiled at the fact this woman was right. She was used to it, and even enjoyed it, most of the time.

"As for your earlier question, I saw your band's bus pass by and thought it would be nice to have a band play here one night. After a bit of searching, I found your band, and you of course; and I just hoped that I could get my hands on all of you. It looks like I get to have you around first."

"I'm sorry," Sindi replied, looking up at the woman. "You will have to discuss that with our manager, Clayton."

"Don't worry, I will," the woman said. "But first, I'm being rude. My name is Maradith, I am the co-owner of Succubus Ranch. Jason, who is the other owner, is a little busy right now, taking care of a situation the fuse box. Now, I'm going to guess you aren't here for the usual. From the looks in your eyes, and the way you're swaying back and forth, you're just looking for a place to stop for the day."

Looking back at Maradith, Sindi nodded. "Yes, that was all that I was going to ask of you. That and the use of your phone, if that would be okay?"

"That would be perfect, sweetie," Maradith said, reaching up with a feminine hand and reaching into her own cleavage. She pulled out of it a small keychain with a single key on it and handed it toward the tired redhead. "We like to keep a room open for the rare guests that come along and just wanting a place to sleep. You will find it right up the stairs on the third floor and the third room on the right."

"Third floor?" Sindi shook her head as the question just popped out of her mouth. Not able to stop from asking, she blurted out her curiosity. "There were only two floors of this building when I came in."

"The Ranch isn't quite like other places. You'll find several things that just seem to be more magical than you would expect each and every time you visit us. Now, go on upstairs, get your rest and make your calls."

At that moment, the lights flickered and then went out in the hallway. As if just as quickly, a small flame lit up and took its place atop a candle between her and Maradith.

"Sometimes, I just wish he'd call a repairman, than try to do it himself," Maradith said, a haunting, but seductive, smile playing across her lips as looked at Sindi in the gloom. "I think it may be better if I show you the way."

Sindi soon found herself climbing the stairs behind Maradith into the darkness of the upper floors. Her eyes were easily drawn to the curves of the other woman's very fine bum, shaking seductively with each step. She thought about how nice it was to be bisexual and able to enjoy both worlds. She then hoped that maybe some light conversation may get her a chance to possibly lure this woman into her room for a bit of fun. Maradith did call her sexy, after all. She probably swings both ways, too; or so Sindi hoped.

"So, what exactly is a succubus?" she asked Maradith's backside.

"A succubus is supposedly a mythical female demon that visits its lovers in their dreams and has carnal relations with them. Some believe that she will do this over many nights, draining the life of her victim until they expire in a most glorious, mind blowing, blissful orgasm."

Maradith's words sounded more husky and seductive as she talked and Sindi lost herself in the voice of this woman leading her into the darkness. She didn't even notice they were now walking along a corridor until Maradith stopped suddenly. Sindi had just noticed where she was and that there were voices down the corridor, but they sounded more like moans and grunts of others in sexual pleasure. Before she saw Maradith standing still, Sindi was unable to stop herself and walked right into Maradith, the bump causing the woman to drop the candle.

The light was immediately extinguished and the entire area was engulfed in pitch black. Before Sindi could apologize, she felt a hand slide around her shoulders and another around her side and come to rest on her back. A woman's mouth breathed hot breath against her lips, while a hint of chocolate and cedar seemed to play near her nose. Instantly, her mouth was pressed upon by Maradith's, the woman's tongue sliding easily between her lips and lightly teasing her own.

Sindi was pressed against a wall as Maradith pressed her body into her. Just as quickly, the kiss ended, just as Sindi began to moan with appreciation, and a flame leaped into the darkness as Maradith relit the candle.

"I'm sorry about that," she told Sindi, lustfully leering at her. "I should have said we were here before stopping so suddenly."

Sindi watched Maradith slide the key into the door knob and give it a turn, causing the loud click of the lock undoing to echo through the dark corridor. Sindi still leaned against the wall, her eyes begging Maradith to return to the lurid and hungry kiss.

As if she was reading Sindi's mind, Maradith leaned down toward the shorter, younger woman. Sadness rose in Sindi's body when she felt Maradith's lips just give a light, but slightly wet, kiss on her cheek instead of on her lips.

"Your room awaits, Sindi," she said, standing up straight again. "Just go on in and relax. I'll wake you up when you have had enough."

Maradith then began to walk away down the corridor, the small circle of light ahead of her slowly growing smaller and smaller. Sindi didn't want to be stuck in the dark hallway alone, and quickly entered her room and closing the door behind her. She leaned against the door, and closed her eyes.

One hand grabbed a breast through the pink T-Shirt, completely crushing the "OWS" of the word "SWALLOWS" that was printed on it. The picture of two swallows was being wrinkled with the mauling of her hand. As she thought about the feel of Maradith's body pressed against her, and that lust filled and sexual kiss, Sindi's other hand quickly undid her pants button and slid deep into her crotch and began to play with herself.

"God, no woman, even Cary, has ever kissed me like that," she said to herself. She arched her back a little so she could dig her hand further down her panties, but quickly stopped at the rough feeling of the door behind her. If she did that too long, she would scratch her back all to hell.

Sindi stood erect and opened her eyes for the first time in her room, but gasped and placed her hand over her mouth. She tasted her own juices and felt her need grow at the taste; but the fact that she was standing in a small grove of trees instead of an actual bedroom was giving her mind too much of an overload for her body to respond the way it wanted to.

She turned around to open the door, but found that it was no longer there. What she had been leaning against, and was scratching her back roughly, had actually been the bark of a large tree. She put her hands on the tree and felt all along the trunk, trying to find a door handle in it, thinking that the whole scenery that is behind her was just an illusion or her tired mind playing tricks on her. There had to be a way to get in and out of this place.

When she couldn't find one, she felt the fear from the gas station start to creep back under her skin. Thanks to Maradith's kiss and her playing just seconds before, her nipples were hard nubs, and the fear helped to keep them that way, too.

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