tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 07b

Succubus Ranch Ch. 07b


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To their surprise, the girls found a stage already set up behind the southern-style mansion. It wasn't all that large, but it was bigger than the stages they were used to playing on inside clubs and bars. It had black netting over the stage and audience area, an area large enough for at least 500 people. If the brothel could actually pull in that many people, it would be their largest audience ever.

Sindi took her place at stage-left while Cary took up position at stage-right. Cynder proudly stood in front of her mike stand at down center-stage and faced the almost empty field before them. Sindi knew the three people personally that stood in the center of the field, even though she had only met two of them in person once.

Their manager, Clayton, was easy to recognize, with his typical jeans and D'vnt Sound T-shirt. The other two the girls had only met for a brief moment as they were introduced before being led to the stage; but Sindi could still feel the soft touch of the woman's lips on hers from the dream she had earlier.

Ashelle was testing her drum kit, letting the sound technician tell the roadies if the microphones around the trap set were close enough of not to pick up the sounds to be amplified for the audience. Once they were set, it was Cary's turn to play a few chords on her bass guitar for the sound check. After several more moments, Sindi was told to give her strings a test.

She played a few bars of a song that now stuck in her mind, Hotel California, and tightened the strings as was needed. When it was Cynder's turn, the dark skinned girl spoke a few lines into the mike. After that, she then sang a few lines from one of their songs before she was told that everything was in order.

After several more hours of rehearsal, setting the lights just right for their usual positions and getting the spot lights set up to follow the girls around the stage, all four girls left the stage.

"You ladies are going to be just perfect," said a man's voice from behind them as they headed for the building. All four of them turned and found the co-owners of the brothel walking toward them. "I can't wait to see you ladies perform before the crowd."

"Thank you, sir," Ashelle replied, her eyes sparkling as she looked at Jason. It was easy to tell who the drummer was hoping to be with that night, as it had become a custom for all four girls to always have a post-gig party with each other and some of their audience members. "Is there anything you would like for my friends and I to play with...I mean, for you?"

Jason and Maradith had already caught up to the girl band and Jason's arm slid smoothly around the blonde's slender waist.

"It think that anything you four play for us will be just fine, beautiful," he told the blonde before kissing her lightly on the cheek. Ashelle's arm had slid around his frame as her other hand rested on his chest. Only Ashelle heard him whisper in her ear, "Tonight we will play together."

Maradith walked up to the other three girls and smiled at them.

"Jason and I have picked out our four best rooms for the five of you," she said, looking at the girls and then up at the manager as he joined the group. "I assure you that tonight will be a night for all of you to remember."

"Well, if we get a crowd big enough for this venue, it most def will be," Cynder said. Her eyes roamed over the body of the beauty standing before her. Everyone knew that Cynder was a girls-only woman; but the look of hunger on her face let them all know that Maradith was going to be her conquest for this night.

"Don't worry, Cynder," Maradith said as she walked over to the purple-haired singer. "You, most of all, will never forget this night." Maradith caressed the singers cheek with one finger, and then along the jaw to the young woman's chin. She then broke physical and eye contact with her and walked over to Sindi.

"You played beautifully," she spoke seductively to Sindi. "I hope you won't mind sharing the room we have for you with someone else. With this large of a crowd, we will need all the rooms for this evening. Do you mind sharing a room with each other?"

Sindi and Cary saw that Maradith was looking at both of them, the question hanging in the air, waiting for their answer.

"We don't mind," Cary responded.

"That'll be great," Sindi blurted out at the same moment.

"Good, it's settled then. You two will share a bed," she spoke, turning her back to them. Sindi looked at Cary with joy swelling in her heart. She was finally going to get a chance to have a private moment with the woman she'd come to want and desire so much. Cary, however, was looking elsewhere. Sindi followed her gaze to see Cynder looking their way. An old phrase she had heard once suddenly came to mind.

If looks could kill, Cary and I would be dead a thousand times over, she thought to herself. Cynder's burning glare was suddenly blocked by Maradith as she stepped in front of the singer's view. Sindi felt a soothing voice in her head, whispering that all was okay, while she heard Maradith whisper loud enough for her and Cary to hear.

"I hope you won't mind spending the night with me, Cynder. I think Jason will be too busy in our bed and I would like to have the night with you." Sindi felt jealousy rise in her, remembering the kiss Maradith had given her in the dream and wanting to feel it again. That rush of jealous feeling disappeared when she felt her lovers hand clasp hers.

"I finally get to have you in a real bed," Cary's voice whispered in Sindi's ear, just before those lips kissed her earlobe. Sindi smiled and squeezed the hand she was holding. She saw that Ashelle was now openly kissing Jason, her arms around him as his arms were around her small frame. Even Clayton had a girl standing on each side of him.

This was going to be a night that all of them were going to remember.


When the girls took the stage, the sun had already set and the desert sky was dark and void of any light but those shinning on the stage. The girls could hear the large crowd out in the darkness, but they couldn't see anything past the first five rows of standing people.

Most of them were men, as was to be expected at an all girl band. As they played, Sindi caught sight of the crowd and noticed that the numbers of men were being equaled by a number of women she hadn't seen before. Looking around the stage, she could see that all the girls were getting into the groove of the music they were playing and singing.

Ashelle was playing her heart out, the extremely low cut, very short dress she was wearing showing off the gleaming sweat between her breasts. Cary was in her usual button down white shirt, with only the two buttons at between her breast closing the shirt up. With each move, her bare flat stomach showed her smooth skin just above the skintight black pants that bore bone-white skull and crossbones all over her shapely legs. Her long red hair never once hid the loose necktie that she wore. Even her glasses didn't detract from the beautiful picture she was.

Cynder's purple locks were up in two large ponytails, a dark see-thru half shirt covered the singer's arms from wrists to shoulder and then to just under the woman's large breast. She looked as tough as Sindi knew her to be, with the many metal-studded wristbands; but even with similar metal studded boots on her feet and all the way up to her knees, men in the audience had to be drooling over the sexy thighs that protruded from underneath the extremely short white skirt Cynder wore.

Sindi moved around the stage, playing her heart out, and watching as much of the crowd as she could at the same time. She saw many men look in her direction, their eyes roaming over her small frame. Sindi didn't feel self conscious at these stares and enjoyed the feel of their hunger for her. She knew that the shiny short white shirt she wore, exposing her back except for a tied string, gave them many thoughts about the fact she wasn't wearing a bra. The fishnet hose on her legs really accentuated their toned form, as well as the sight of just her short-shorts above those net hose.

Several times, the stage would light up completely, and the glare of the lights would give a all the girls a good view of the rest of the audience. It looked so large to them that the first time this happened, they all skipped a beat; but no one noticed. The next several times it did happen, all four of them were able to see something they had never seen at any of their concerts, either.

At the bars and clubs they had played before, they had seen many couples on the dance floor, grinding to the music, dancing so close that if clothes weren't in the way, they would have been fucking right there in the clubs and bars. Here, at Succubus Ranch, several times they saw that men were wrapped up in women's legs and arms in extremely passionate kisses; and the motions of their bodies was beyond just simple grinding. They were definitely fucking right there in front of everyone.

Seeing so many people caught up in the music and having sex right in front of them, Sindi turned her head to see if the others had seen it, too. Sure enough, she could see that Ashelle was blushing, but her eyes were focused on the crowd.

Taking a few steps backward, toward the drum set, Sindi looked more closely and saw that one of the extra pairs of drumsticks was sitting on the padded stool underneath Ashelle. As she watched, the blonde would rock her hips to the time of the music and grind her wet panties along the sticks.

Sindi moved back to her spot and looked at Cynder, to see how she might be affected by the blatant sex taking place during their concert. As she sang into the microphone, the Cynder's hands were busy running all over her body. Many times, the hands slid up the bare thighs and caressed the woman's panty covered vulva before moving past the material and rubbing along the bare stomach and across her breast.

Sindi's eyes followed the hand up to the neck and then caught the sight of Cary's red hair on the other side. The bass playing lover was staring hard at Sindi and the look was one filled with lustful hunger. Knowing that a moment for a long sustained note was coming up, Sindi walked behind Cynder and made her way over to Cary.

At just the right moment, Sindi and Cary hit their notes and quickly slid the guitars behind their backs, letting the machines carry the note without their help. Cary's hand grasped the back of Sindi's head and pulled the smaller woman into a binding lip-lock. Sindi's hand slid up the outer thigh, reached the top of the black pants and quickly slid down underneath the seam. Her hand slid into her lover's fur and probed as far as she could, finding the wet lips of her Cary's pussy.

They both ignored the roar of the crowd that was watching them, enjoying this public moment as if it were a private one. The kiss was over far too soon; but those five seconds were long enough to let Sindi know that she was Cary's and Cary was hers. She quickly moved back to her side of the stage; but she saw Cynder look over her shoulder with an angry glare at her. Apparently, even the promise of Maradith this night wasn't enough to cause the singer to lose hope of stealing Cary away from Sindi.

By the end of the last song, almost everyone in the audience had become a couple. As they took their bows, after two encores, all four girls saw that every man and woman was with someone now. They walked off stage and found Jason and Maradith waiting for them instead of Clayton.

"We'll show you to your rooms," Jason said, reaching out his hand to Ashelle. She took it and he quickly pulled her into his arm and led the way with her by his side. The band didn't know what to expect as they left the backstage area; but they were quickly reminded that the only way back to the building was through the audience area as they followed Jason.

His presence seemed to make the crowd part before him; but the reaching hands of the screaming crowd made all four of them feel like true rock stars for the first time. Sindi and Cary were behind Jason, walking so close that their hands eventually found each other and then slid around each others waist. Sindi looked over her shoulder, thinking she would see the baleful, hate filled glare from Cynder again. Instead, the singer was walking with a wide grin and happy smile on her face, her own arm around Maradith's waist and possibly resting on the woman's ass.

All too soon, they had left the crowd through a door at ground level in the back of the brothel. Following Jason, the band walked through a small corridor with little room between the walls for them to walk shoulder to shoulder. After climbing three sets of stairs, they were led to the four nearest doors.

"Clayton is already in his room here," Jason said, pointing to the first door on the right. "Cary and Sindi get this room here," he pointed to the second door on the right. "Ashelle, this is your room," he said, opening the door and letting the girl walk in. He followed her, turned around to the other four women, winked and closed the door.

"This is your room, Cynder," Maradith said, opening the final door. The singer walked past Maradith and entered the room as Maradith turned to look at Cary and Sindi. "You two have fun," she said in a sultry voice. For just a moment, Sindi thought she saw Maradith's eyes glow red before the goddess turned around. As the woman entered the room, Sindi knew she saw the wings of the demoness from her dream appear for just a moment before disappearing again.

"Sin, did you see that?" asked Cary, pointing at the closed door.

"I'll explain it to you in a second," Sindi said, opening the door and letting Cary walk in first.


For just a moment, Ashelle felt like she was back home. The room was just like her room when she was growing up, with lots of pink and frilly ruffles. Even stuffed dolls were lying on the large bed. That was one of the major differences between this room and her old room. When she was growing up, she just had a single bed, but this one was at least a queen sized bed.

"I hope the accommodations are to your liking," Jason said behind her.

"It's perfect," she said as she spun around and looked into his dark brown eyes. "I feel almost like I was back in high school again with a boyfriend over."

She felt the blush on her face as Jason stepped further into the room itself.

"Well, you won't need to worry about your parents coming home; but you never had to worry about that when you were in high school, did you?"

Ashelle looked at the floor and turned her back to Jason. She walked over to the bed and sat on the edge of it, not looking up at him again. Her hands began to fiddle with each other in her lap as Jason came over and sat down next to her near the foot of the bed.

"You must think I'm a slut," she whispered, sadness in her voice.

"Actually, I know you're just finally enjoying in life what you never had a chance to enjoy before," Jason replied, his hand taking both of hers in it. "It's hard being as smart and sexy, isn't it?"

Ashelle looked up at him like she was looking at someone she'd never met before.

"I'm not smart," she responded.

"Really?" he asked, a knowing smile crossing his face. "What's the capital of Singapore?"

"Singapore," she said before she could stop herself.

"What's the longest river in Africa?"

"The Nile River."

"When was the Magna Carta Libertatum issued?"


"What's the kilometer equivalent of one mile?

"One point six zero nine three fourty-four."

"How many miles longer is the Mississippi River than the Amazon River?"

"That's a trick question," Ashelle said with a smile. "The Amazon River is longer by about 78 miles."

"How smart are you?" he asked her.

"I'm of the highest intelligent members of MENSA," she said, her blush coming back, and her face looking back down at Jason's hand covering hers. "But I turned down the jobs they wanted me to do for them. It was too boring and I wanted to have fun."

"And are you having fun?" Jason asked, moving even closer to Ashelle. His arm slid around her waist and came to rest on her opposite hip. She looked up to see Jason's face less than a few inches from hers. She smelled cinnamon and hot spices in the air around him. His eyes looked deep into hers and she felt a need rush through her body.

"Not yet," she replied with a husky breath.

Her hands quickly reached up and cupped Jason's face and her lips locked onto his. Jason responded in kind, his arm around her pulling her close to him. His hand that was holding hers just a second before now cupped Ashelle's right breast. His finger tips caressed the bare flesh that her top didn't cover of the top of her breast; before they moved down to the edge of the top and slid it past her nipple.

Ashelle moaned into Jason's mouth, her tongue trying to win a losing battle with is of who would tie the other up with the hot moist muscle. She noticed that he had more control of his tongue than she was used to, and it was able to go anywhere it wanted, all of those places being where she wanted it to go.

Jason's body pressed against hers, and Ashelle fell backward onto the bed with him on top of her. The movement put her head at the pillows, but it lowered where Jason's head had been. He had detached himself from her lips and reattached his lips to her exposed nibble. She let out a moan of pleasure as the tip of his tongue began to lather it with long strokes before moving to rapid flicking motions. She squealed when his teeth gently came together and lightly pinched the nipple between them.

Her hands ran across his smooth bald head, caressing his skin for just a second before latching onto the back of it and pressing him into her large breast. As she did so, she felt Jason's hand slide up her outer thigh and under her dress. She figured he was reaching in pull her underwear down, but she knew it would surprise him to find that she wasn't wearing any.

Instead, she felt a surprise when his hand didn't even hesitate as it passed her hip and continued up her side. Jason's mouth left her nipple just as his hand reached the breast from under the dress. The suction of his mouth, the flicking and caressing of his tongue and the pinching of his teeth was quickly replaced by the groping of his hand, the caresses of his fingers and the pinching of his fingertips.

Jason's mouth moved over to the other breast, quickly freed from its confines by the other hand. Ashelle groaned with pleasure as his mouth began teasing her nipple on that side as her body grew hot with hunger for Jason's mouth to be everywhere on her body. She felt his hand sliding up her other thigh and knew its final destination would be lip-locked nipple, so she was sad when his mouth left her body again.

The sadness was changed to joy as his lips began to kiss the tight space between her tingling mammary glands. His chin pressed down on the lowest part of the V-cut of her dress, and Ashelle's hands finally left Jason's head. She grabbed the bottom hem of the material and pulled it up, causing Jason's lips to leave her flesh wanting.

He resumed kissing as the dress moved past her breast, his lips moving down her bare flesh and past the tip of her sternum. His face dipped with her soft flat belly as the sensual kisses moved lower still, only slowing down as he French kissed her belly button. Ashelle had just removed the dress completely when that happened and giggled at the tickling his tongue gave that sensitive area.

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