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Succubus Unleashed The Hunter


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Four riders raced towards the horizon like their lives depended on it. It wasn't just their lives that hung in the balance. Two days ago they charged off a battle field with orders to get reinforcements. They've ridden nonstop since, the horses foaming at the mouths, sprinting to the breaking point. They headed south through the highlands towards the jungles, the home land of the Horadric Legion.

The animals were well-trained and would run until their hearts gave out. However their riders weren't doing much better. After two days with no break, the lead rider was practically falling off his saddle.

The four of them were racing against the clock, the men were counting on them. No one wanted to think about being too late, so they pressed on. The further south they got the hotter it got. Their full sets of armor didn't help any. It would have been smart to remove it but they didn't get the chance. Their armor was identical and to an outsider they wouldn't be able to tell them apart. However they knew each other by sight. One glace was all it took to tell each other apart.

The rider in the lead was Sean. He'd served for eight years and knew the way home, even without a map. He just happened to be in the worst shape out of all of them. He was dehydrated and exhausted, just about passing out, hanging onto to his saddle for dear life. Sean had been in many battles, and had given his all two days ago before they were ordered off.

The two behind him were Tommy and Johnny, the youngest of the group and brothers. Johnny was the older sibling by two years. They joined the legion's cavalry together three years ago, hoping to see fame and glory. Or at least Johnny did. His younger brother just followed along.

The eldest of the group took up the rear. He had expected company and wanted to keep his comrades safe. Their mission was all that mattered now. Reinforcements had to be summoned at all costs. Vince had been riding with the cavalry for sixteen years, and twenty two years altogether in the legion. Everyone in the cavalry looked up to him and called him Sarge, even though he never accepted a promotion. He always said he was best serving alongside them, rather than above them barking orders. He was the team captain in an unofficial sense.

He didn't care about the stress of missions or orders and as such, paid close attention to his surroundings. He'd saved many lives over the years, and, because of that, their superiors not only put up with him but requested he join any tough mission. They may not be able to count on him to carry out orders but they could always count on him to keep those that would alive.

Vince realized after two days they were unlikely to have anyone coming up behind them. He'd been watching every direction while his horse followed the others. He was exhausted as well, but still noticed when Sean was slowly leaning to the side. The older man rode ahead and caught Sean just as he was about to fall. It was then that he realized how tired he was, as he almost dropped the man. The weight caught his muscles by surprise.

"It's time for a rest, lads. We can't go on like this."

The two brothers were overjoyed when they heard the news. They'd all been riding too hard for too long.

The sky had been growing darker by each passing hour. It looked like a storm on the horizon ahead of them. If the wind was any indication that storm was heading right for them. Vince continued to ride alongside Sean, holding him up, when he spotted a building in the distance.

"We'll take shelter there," He pointed ahead with his free arm. "That building should be enough to wait out the storm or at least get some rest." They all knew they couldn't rest for long. The men they left behind were counting on them.

"Wh... What if the rain doesn't stop in a few hours?" Tommy asked, speaking for the first time since they left, his voice a hoarse whisper. The sights they all saw at the battle startled him beyond belief.

"Then we'll carry on in the rain. Wouldn't be the first time."

"It's already too late, sir. What's the point, we left them all to die!" Johnny yelled out.

"You can't think that way, son," Vince replied.

"You know how much can happen in a minute during battle. It's been two days. They're all dead men!"

"You've got to hold on to hope. Imagine if you were stranded all alone, you'd want your friends to keep looking, wouldn't you?" Vince was getting upset but didn't want the boy to hear it in his voice. "One thing at a time, lads. First let's get to that building and rest. Then we'll get help for our brothers."

The building gradually increased in size as they got closer and the closer they got the more it looked like an abandoned and ruined mansion. It didn't look good, but none of that mattered. All they needed was shelter from the rain, at least long enough to get some solid rest. They could sleep in the rain if it came down to it, but that would be a restless sleep and wouldn't do anyone any good.

The gates were long destroyed and nature had taken over, vines grew over the walls and shattered gate. The grounds were overgrown and the building itself was hardly standing. It would be enough to shelter them, assuming the walls didn't collapse around them. All they needed was a few hours, the horses might need a little more and they'd get it if needed. They wouldn't get too far without the animals.

Johnny laughed as they crossed the ruined gate. "This place is a wreck, sarge."

"What did you expect, wenches to serve your every desire?"

"Yeah, that'd be nice."

"Get used to it, kid. It isn't all glamorous like you were told."

Vince got off his horse and pulled Sean down to the ground, the man is out cold. The veteran removes packs from the horses and sits them down as he tells Tommy to tie the horses up somewhere that'll stay dry. The boy nods, being the quiet brother Vince didn't expect a response but knew the task would be completed. Johnny was another story, he was the complaining, cocky hot shot that expected everything to go his way.

Sean, on the other hand, was the ideal solider. He pushed himself to the breaking point. Always standing at the ready, almost like he lived to serve. He had fought harder than any of them and set the pace over the past two days.

With the perfect solider laying safely on the ground, snoring, Vince set out to make sure the crumbling building was indeed safe for them. All they really needed was a roof to stay dry and if they were lucky, the storm would pass. First he tested the steps to see if they'd hold his weight. As he approached the door he turned back to see Johnny sitting down next to Sean.

The veteran warrior allowed himself a slight smile. The boy might complain a lot but at least he didn't have to order him to stay by the man's side. Hell, the kid was probably just in shock, after everything they just witnessed.

The door appeared to be solid, despite the appearance of the building itself. A little push proved that the door was indeed sturdy. It was either bolted shut or hadn't been used in a long time. He pressed his shoulder into it and heard the hinges snap as the strong wood gave way. Vince was hit in the face by a swift wind that smelt of dust and mold. It was like the place had been sealed air tight for a long time. That could be a good sign. Inside could be safe, or he'd fall through a floor.

After a little jingle bouncing on his knees Vince decided the floor would hold. The main room was big enough for the four of them to lay out. Everything was old but it would suffice for their needs, that being to get some rest and be on their way.

There was no need to explore the rest of the place, or even risk ascending the large stair case to the second floor. There was even a fire pit in the center. He looked up, expecting to see some elaborate design for the smoke to escape but he couldn't tell what was up there. The rich always had to have large wastes of space, and who ever had owned this house was no different.

Vince was satisfied with his inspection and headed back outside. The sky was extremely dark, darker that it had been only moments before. Even the wind had picked up. Johnny was sitting next to snoring Sean, shivering despite his armor. The temperature had dropped nearly twenty degrees in mere minutes.

Small droplets of water hit his face as he approached the young man.

"It's safe enough inside, let's get him inside." The veteran crouched down and slung a pack on each shoulder. Johnny took the hint and did the same with the rest of the packs, but not before offering up a weak salute. The young man grabbed Sean's feet as Vince grabbed under the sleeping man's armpits.

They carefully carried him inside just as the rain picked up into a heavy downpour. Footsteps are heard echoing loudly as Tommy came running around to the stairs to join them, already soaking wet. Sean was lowered to the floor as Tommy shook off most of the water and took a deep breath. It's much warmer inside, yet it could be warmer still. Vince went over to the fire pit, and got a fire going.

The two brothers went through the packs, removing all the sleeping rolls. First they laid one down and carefully moved Sean onto it. Then they laid out the others just as Vince lit a fire. Everyone watched as the smoke rose to the roof. Armor was removed and set aside as the fire begins to burn hot.

"Well, it doesn't look like it'll be a problem and smoke us out but, I'll keep an eye out while you two get some sleep."

The younger brother nodded and curled up in his sleeping roll. It's already warmer, at least next to the fire. Johnny makes a wise crack but settles in when no one gives him a reaction. Vince's sly smile was hidden from the smart ass and was glad when the boy gives up since everyone is tired. He planned to get a little shut eye and then check on the fire. When his head hit the floor he's out before he can even feel the hardness of the hardwood floor.

Despite the screaming storm outside, all four men were in deep sleep and snoring minutes later. The shadows of the room darken unnaturally as the fire struggles to light the large room. Something sinister awaits in the dark.

The fire burns brighter for a moment and the smoke bellows out into the room. None of the guys stir from their slumber and it returns to normal seconds later. Only now as the smoke rises it shimmers as if alive. If anyone had been watching they would have noticed the smoke forming the shape of a woman and she was looking down at Sean.

The man's friends brought him in so he was still wearing his armor, even though they wrapped him up in the sleeping roll.

The smoke in the form of a woman glided down to the armored warrior as the essence of her being flowed into his armor and vanished within. The man groaned and twisted in his sleep as if his dreams had just been invaded, just like his body. The sounds he made woke up Tommy, who looks around and doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary. The boy looks at each of the others and they're all sleeping soundly. The smile on Sean's face goes unnoticed. Just before Tommy was about to lay back down he hears a sound like someone dragging their feet in another room.

Tommy reluctantly gets up and grabs his sword before moving to the edge of the room, looking back he pounders waking someone up be decides not to. He can run back if he finds anything but it was most likely just an old house making odd sounds. With that thought he slowly and quietly makes his way to a door. He grips the handle and the door swung open without a sound.

He props the door open and walks into the room. The first thing he notices is it is dark and he can't see shit. He has taken about eight or so steps into the room before the door he propped open slams shut. Tommy jumps around, scared out of his own skin but he can't see anything. If the sound he heard didn't wake anyone up the door slamming had to, standing still in--- he assumed was the middle of the room--- hope that his eyes would adjust to the dark.

Something moves back where the door was, he stared off in that direction desperate to see anything, heart rate speeding up as he began to sweat nervously. A shape forms in the dark and all he can tell is it's a person and it looks like they're wrapped head to toe in cloth. The second he sees that the being's arm shoots up towards him and strands of that cloth fly, aiming at his face, eyes go wide as he panicked.



The loud crash violently wakes up Vince and Johnny as they jump to their feet, weapons already in hand. They're pacing in quick circles looking for a target to strike, yet nothing is out of place. The room is still empty, besides the four of them. Wait, where was Tommy? Sean was somehow still sound asleep but the younger of the two boys was nowhere to be seen. His armor was still here but not his sword.

Johnny quickly calls out, hoping he's close by but no one answers the call. Within minutes their armor is back on and they're ready to search for the boy.

"Why would he wonder off without waking one of us?" Vince questions the other brother as they paced impatiently around the fire. This was an unknown place, it wasn't safe to go exploring alone. Johnny shrugged before replying.

"Shouldn't we wake him up before we do the exact same thing?" He asked while pointing at Sean.

"Yes, we should, but if he slept through that bang then he may have really pushed his body too far. It might be wiser to let him recover fully."

Vince wasn't sure what to do. Normally he'd grab a log from the fire as a torch and scout but there weren't any logs, it was a fire pit with most of its contents reduced to ash. It was a wonder the thing was still lit.

The storm outside was still howling, they could hear the rain pounding at the walls and ceiling. If Tommy wasn't missing they would have brushed off that loud slam as something outside like a tree falling or lightning striking the ground.

As they checked the closest door and fought it locked no one noticed the bright red pair of eyes reflecting off the fire up in the top corner of the room, body masked in darkness. Vince pressed his ear the door and could hear commotion on the other side, it sounded like someone struggling. Thinking it could be Tommy, he started to slam his shoulder into the door repeatedly.

"There's someone... on the other side... hurry and see if there's another... way into the room."

Vince shouted and grunted between shoulder thrusts into the door. The cocky kid nodded before rushing off. The door just wouldn't budge no matter how hard he hit it. A strong wind blew past him in the direction the boy had run and another door slammed shut loudly. The pair of red eyes were no longer there.

"No, no, no this isn't happening!"

He ran towards that door and found as expected, it was locked as well. Whatever was in this house wanted them separated and it was working. Vince rushed over to Sean but before he could reach him the front door swung open and the fire flared big and brightly.

Standing proudly in the door way with hands on her hips was the sexiest yet most sinister being the rider had ever seen. It was most certainly a woman but like no woman Vince had ever seen before. Instead of pink human skin this woman was blood red, standing there in her birthday suit with long flowing black hair hiding most of her large chest. The look on her face was one of annoyance and that's when he saw the other features, two black horns atop her head and two leathery wings moving behind her back, lastly a tail slithering between her legs. Hey body and hair were soaking wet but that only enhanced her beauty.

"Did you think you would escape me?" She asked in a husky voice. There was a hint of danger in that sexy voice that unnerved Vince to his very core. He quickly looked to Sean and back to the inhuman woman. If he was quick he could reach the man and wake him up before she could get to them. His muscles tensed as he sprang into action and was surprised when she just stood there watching him run towards his friend. Two more steps and he'd get there, a smile formed on his lips, soon the odds would be two against one.

A flick of her wrist shattered his hopes as he was flung back through the fire and onto the large stair case. He quickly regained his breath as he patted fires out on his armor, the chest piece was a blaze and he wasted no time in removing it. She was advancing on him, completely ignoring Sean. In a panic Vince scrambled up the stairs, completely confused as to what was going on. How could they be trying to escape someone they'd never met? He didn't get the chance to ask her, his voice was caught in his throat and he wasn't sure whether to be scared or turned on.

Luck was on his side since his mind's fear out weighted his body's natural reaction to a naked, beautiful woman. The stair case groaned underneath him as he scrambled towards the top. The demon reached the stair case and looked up, a feral grin formed on her face as her wings out stretched and flapped downward. Her body rose up into the air and she gracefully closed the distance.

Vince somehow found the strength to swing his sword. On the first swing the demoness caught the blade between her fingers and instead of her hand being cleaved in two the blade itself melted. His eyes opened wide as his only weapon disintegrated before his eyes. He did the only thing his petrified mind could come up with, turning around and running away. Two steps later and he was jolted to a stop as the demon grabbed his shirt. But he wasn't going to submit if he had any say in the matter.

The demoness named Meridiana held on tight to his shirt and began to wrap her other arm around his chest, fingers tickling him along the way. Vince struggled to break free and before she had him wrapped in her embrace the shirt ripped. He wasn't prepared for it to rip as he was attempting to keep running away and when the cloth tore, his body shot forward. The rider's upper body accelerated towards the floor. On impact the floor gave way to his weight and he continued to fall through the floor.

The veteran's stomach took shelter up in his chest as he plummeted down. He got a quick glance at the fire and the slumbering Sean. There was something coming out of his armor and at that moment he knew the man wasn't sleeping through everything on his own, something was keeping him asleep. Yet he didn't have long to comprehend it, as he struck the ground floor and the impact knocked the wind out of him. Darkness began to claim him as he eyes rolled back into his skull. The last thing he knew was that he was still falling. Even the ground floor gave way on impact.

Meridiana stood at the edge of the hole on the second floor and looked down, "Feisty." She looked back over the railing at the smoke elemental and her smile widened. "Feast my children, none shall leave as free men." Her voice reached all three ears despite two being in other rooms.

She had great plans for these men. Their souls would be used to create a being that she found herself in great need of. Yet they wouldn't be killed. She needed slaves to build and serve as she changed the world to her image. These four men fled a battle where she claimed an army of workers. Those men kept their souls, at least for now, but she had claimed two souls that day, a knight's and a monk's. Their souls had been strong enough to create these three new children and though they weren't as powerful as her first two creations, they were much more loyal and at this point that mattered more to the demoness than power.

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