tagFetishSuch a Deal Ch. 02

Such a Deal Ch. 02


Her request made my cock hard. I couldn't have fantasized a better situation.

I ordered the Lobster, she had the Prime Rib. I watched her skillfully dissect the meat and devour it like a female lioness eating a gazelle. She was magnificent!

We made small talk throughout the meal, never alluding to the proposition we had just discussed.

We were on an equal basis at this point but I knew that would all change in the morning and I could hardly wait!

After the meal, I thanked her for dinner and kissed her hand.

"Remember", she cautioned as she walked away. Tomorrow at ten, don't be late.

I couldn't sleep all night, thinking about the day that was ahead of me. I finally dozed off about 6:00am. I woke with a start and glanced at the clock. 9:30am! Oh crap! I have only 30 minutes to dress and get to San Marino where my Mistress and her niece awaited me!

I quickly dressed and ran to my car. Fortunately, being a cab driver, I knew the quickest route to San Marino. Unfortunately, it wasn't quick enough. I got there at 10:10am. I ran to the door and stripped off my clothes and put them in the bag, rang the bell and dropped to my knees.

I waited, and waited, and waited. I could hear neighbors' walking by and laughing at me. I dared not look around at them, I was too embarrassed.

Finally the door opened and there stood a beautiful young, black woman. She was dressed in ultra high-heels, fishnet stockings and a very sexy maid's uniform cut high above her knees. From my position I could see she was not wearing any panties and her pussy was clean shaven.

"You are late, asshole," the maid stated, "Mistress Ilene does not tolerate tardy slaves, I'm afraid you will pay dearly for this infraction, follow me but crawl on your hands and knees."

She then grabbed the trash bag, spun around, reveling a very ample bare bottom as her maid's skirt flared. I could smell her musky fragrance from my kneeling position. It made my head spin. I had difficulty keeping up with her as I crawled behind her, down halls, upstairs and into a large bathroom.

Once inside the bathroom, the maid said, "My mistress wants me to prepare you."

She ordered me to shave off my beard and mustache which I had spent the last five years cultivating while she then applied a pink, smelling lotion to my entire body. It began to sting after a few minutes and she told me to shower. I was shocked to see all my body hair rinse off my body and fall to the shower floor. I felt itchy and tingly all over.

She then had me soak in a perfume bath which helped with the itching and tingling. I was then ordered out of the tub and stood in front of a full length mirror while she towel-patted me dry and applied a feminine smelling powder to my pink, hairless body.

I felt very emasculated but remembered, I'd asked for this.

Next came the manicure and pedicure. Fake electric pink toe and fingernails were pressed into place and filed to perfection. I was actually enjoying all the papering and attention.

My hair, which was long, was styled into a feminine do with feathered bags and twin pony tails on each side of my head held in pace with tiny pink ribbons.

My face was made up in a sluttish manner with light blue eye shadow and fake eyelashes. My cheeks were rouged and I winced a little when she rouged the scratched cheek. Pink lipstick was applied to my lips and my eyebrows where plucked into a high arch.

Then my outfit. High heels with net stockings held up with a black lace garter-belt. I was then dressed in a matching nipple-less black-lace bra and crotch-less thong. My nipples were rouged and painful nipple clamps were then attached held together by a small chain. My cock was pulled through the hole in the crotch-less thong and a pink ribbon was tightly secured around it in a bow.

A large butt-plug was inserted into my ass and a ball-gag was attached into my mouth.

The maid then turned me toward the full length mirror.

I couldn't believe my eyes! Instead of a masculine young man, I was a beautiful she-male. I barely recognized myself. My cock was fully aroused and strained at the little pink ribbon which dug into my shaft.

Unable to speak due the ball gag I just looked at the maid with big eyes and shook my head to express disapproval at my transformation.

Sasha, the maid just laughed at me and said, "Well aren't you a sweet little bitch! I am going to love watching our mistress put you through your paces. I just love to see white boys get all sissied up and suck black pussy and cock!"

"Suck black cock?" I thought to myself. "Wait a minute; I didn't sign up for that. This was going too far. I was already wondering how I was going to explain my new appearance to my fiancé and friends. Even without the hairdo and makeup, my clean face and body and plucked eyebrows would tell a tale on me.

Then, after attaching a pink rhinestone studded collar around my neck, led me, like a lamb to slaughter, on a leash to my Mistress and her niece.

As we entered a large, dungeon-like room, with all kinds of chains, racks, ropes and pulleys, leather furniture and a large assortment of whips and paddles, I knew I was in trouble.

Mistress Ilene and her niece Pam were dressed identically in matching black leather thigh-high boots and elbow high leather gloves. They wore nothing else. Their pussies were completely shaven and they both wore severe makeup which made them look very menacing. Their hair was worn up in high pony-tails with metal clasps to hold them in place.

I was beginning to worry. Pam walked over to where I was kneeing, looked down at me and said, "I thought you were going to bring me a man, auntie, not a faggoty little girl!"

Her words cut me like a knife, I have always thought of myself as a masculine, straight male, and here some young teenybopper was calling me a sissy and a faggot which is exactly what I looked like.

I then took noticed of my mistress's niece. My god was she a work of art. She reminded me of Tinkerbelle from the Peter Pan Stories. The only difference is Pam was full-sized and real. She had a sweet face and big blue eyes and blond hair which gave her the appearance of an angel. Her makeup however was whorish and cruel which in contrast created quite a shocking appearance.

Her aunt however was a mature, beautiful woman, wise in the ways of the world and men. She exuded an air of confidence and sexuality that could entrap and control any man she wanted.

"Well, my dear Pam," Mistress Ilene returned, "He may look like a sissy, but inside he is still a bad little boy and it is up to teach that little bad boy how to be good and we can start with some unfinished business."

She walked over to me and pulled on my collar causing me to look up at her helplessly.

"Told you to be here at ten o'clock exactly, didn't I!" she asked me, talking through her teeth to sound menacing.

I quickly nodded my head in confirmation.

"And you have the nerve to show up at ten after ten?" She added raising her voice slightly.

Again I nodded in agreement.

Then my mistress said in a very threatening voice, "You have insulted me, my niece and my maid. You have placed you silly needs above ours and therefore you must be punished."

"I have half a mind to just drop you off in Compton dressed as you are and let those black men have their way with you!"

"But," she said, her voice softening a bit, "I'm inclined to be merciful this first time."

Upon my Mistress's signal, Sasha chained me, face down to a leather hassock and exposed my buttocks by ripping off my thong panties.

My mistress then went over to her collection of whips and carefully selected a cat-o-nine tails.

She turned to her niece and said, "This will be your first lesson Pam. You will give him ten lashes for every minute he was late. I call this whip "From a "Whisper To A Scream!"

"You start out with moderate, rapid blow to this area here which is called, "The Sweet Spot," she, then drew a round circle on my buttocks with a red marking pen about the size of a grapefruit.

"By moving the cat in a circular motion," she instructed as she demonstrated the wrist action needed, "you can deliver blows rapidly and easily control the strength of each blow."

"I recommend starting slowly with a light motion and then get a little harder and faster as you go along. He has earned one hundred blows, be my guest, Darling."

Pam took the whip and started striking my sweet spot. At first it felt like a gentle caress but as she continued, my bottom started to burn.

The stroke became faster and harder. The pain increased. Soon I was breathing heavy and fighting back tears.

I held out as long as I could but as she reached the ninetieth stoke I began sobbing like a little girl.

This pleased Pam immensely and she squealed, "I did it, I did it, I made a grown man cry! Oh my god, it felt wonderful! Can I whip him some more, please?"

"That's enough for now, darling, maybe later... if he's bad," He aunt replied.

To be continued...

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