tagFirst TimeSuch Stuff as Dreams are Made Ch. 05

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Ch. 05


The next thing I knew, John was laughing. 'Well, that was fun.'

We turned our entangled bodies to face him. He lay next to Natalie, his hand idly resting against her nipples.

'I bet you enjoyed that,' Owen bantered back. 'Never thought you'd get a blow job off anyone as sexy as Natalie here, did you?'

'It was a joy and a delight to be of service,' she quipped as we disentangled ourselves and sat up on the bed. 'I'm sure you'll return the favour.'

The white sheet on the bed was crumpled, relaxed and loose, twined around our bodies and the duvet like vines in a jungle. It has been transformed by our actions, seen much over the past few hours. Newly naked bodies lying down on its crisp corners, first my body, laid back and sinking into its curves, opening up, demonstrating, exposing myself, and then the others joining in, giving their juices to it, letting them merge together.

'So, that's sex. Some of it anyway. What did you all think?'

'Amazing,' whispered Ben, still unable to take his eyes off Anna.

'I haven't come that hard in all my life,' agreed John.'

'No-one wants to pull out of this?'

'Not on your life,' exclaimed Anna.

'What's next?' asked Natalie. They all turned to me.

'I think it's time for a break. There are three bedrooms in this house, and in each of them you will find a picnic for two. Why don't we split up into pairs and go and enjoy a leisurely romantic lunch. There's champagne, strawberries and cream, chocolates. And then, I think it might be time to lose our virginities, don't you?'

'Oh yes,' cooed Anna.

'Do people want to choose who they go with? Shall we hold a secret ballot?'

'Well it seems pretty clear that Anna and Ben are about to jump each other whether it is in private or not,' Natalie began. 'And you and Owen aren't far behind them,' she laughed, pointing at me. 'So, if you will have me, John, I'm all yours. Take me to your room and screw me until my eyes roll back in their sockets and I can't come any more.'

'I think I'm dreaming!' John replied. He stood and scooped her into his arms, planting a kiss on her lips. I looked over at Owen and nodded, biting my bottom lip. Everything was coming together nicely.

'We'll meet back here when everyone is finished. Take your time though. I plan on keeping Owen to myself for quite a while.' I picked up my lingerie from the side of the bed and put it back on.

'What did we do to deserve a friend like you?' Owen answered from across the room. He walked towards me, his cock swinging gently, took my hand, and led me down the hallway to his bedroom.

Before the door was even shut, we were all over each other, his body pushing me back against the door, our mouths pressed firmly against each other.

All at once we were madly, clumsily, shamelessly, agonizingly in love with each other; hopelessly, I should add, because that frenzy of mutual possession might have been assuaged only by our actually imbibing and assimilating every particle of each other's soul and flesh.

I bit at his lip and tongue, hungrily, trying to suck him into me, and he did the same. We swirled our mouths around each others, and ruffled our hands through each others hair. His penis grew against my stomach; it felt comfortable and correct: we were each made to be in that place, right then. We toppled onto the bed, and breathed deeply, staring into each others faces.

'Fancy drinking champagne from my belly button?' I asked.

'If you'll eat cream from my cock,' he replied.

'You bet.'

'And maybe later I'll fuck you until you scream.'

'Shut up and get the basket. I need a drink before you get me that excited again!'

He grabbed the picnic basket, and set it on the bed. On top of the strawberries, cream, champagne and chocolates, there was a selection of wraps and sandwiches, crisps, fruit juices, nuts and fruit. We were ravenously hungry. While Owen struggled to open the champagne, I ripped open a three bean wrap and devoured it. A loud pop came from the bedroom next door and a cork struck the wall separating us from another couple about to fuck.

'Cheers,' He said.

'Cheers,' I echoed.

'To a beautiful girl and the start of something special.'

I felt another tear in my eye. It is hard to have all your dreams come true at once. 'I'll drink to that.'

We each took a swig of champagne and leaned in to kiss. He brushed his lips against my top lip and I responded instantly. His tongue pressed against my teeth and I let him in. We gasped for breath, struggling to keep the champagne from spilling. I broke off the kiss, threw back my champagne, placed the glass on the night stand, and leant back. He did the same and leant down to me. We rolled across the bed, hands all over each other. The champagne was already warming my head, and with his fingers running softly through my hair and his cock pressing against my stomach I was losing control. My hands ran down his back and over his shoulders, and focused all my attention on his mouth. We had all the time in the world, and I didn't want to rush a single second. He tasted bubbly and smelt of man. He rolled me on to my back and I looked up at the ceiling, to the little whirring red light which was taking this all in. On the wall a mirror reflected our entangled bodies and I stared at us, enchanted, unable to believe that I was there, with the man of my dreams.

'Mmmmmmm. I could keep kissing you forever.'

'Please do.'

'I want you,' he whispered, eyes ablaze, voice wobbling with desire.

He was naked. I wasn't. I rolled him onto his back and sat on his stomach. I pulled my hair back and unclasped my bra. His hand cupped my naked breasts and I breathed a deep shuddering breath. I ground my hips against his torso. His nipples were hard. So were mine. He had a hand over each of my breasts, alternating between stroking around their edges and pinching the nipples. He was a little rough but I wasn't going to correct him.

I pressed my lips back to his. Our chests met, nipples dragging across each other's skin. My stomach turned to jelly. I felt like I would burst open with desire. And yet I didn't need to go any further. This was exactly what I wanted. This felt right. A warm silence stretched between us. Right then, I could almost have called the whole thing off.

Owen, though, had other plans. From nowhere he flipped me over so that he was on top. It was a swift movement, perfectly controlled, leaving me with a sense of total vulnerability and unbelievable arousal.

'I want to make you happy,' he said. 'I'll do anything you want.

'You already have,' I replied. He moved down my body, across my well massaged breasts and down to my sopping panties, sliding his fingertip under the waste band. His tongue ran down the length of my pussy, pushing the material up and into me.

'Mmmmm,' he mumbled and the vibrations shot through me.

With his fingertips still inside my panties he moved his hands around to my hips and slipped them down. Down a little, to reveal my shaved pubes, down further to uncover my aching clitoris, down a little more to uncover the length of my sopping slit. The material clung to my juicy pussy as he pulled it away, and I had a sense that this must be one of the most sexually explicit sights in the world. The sodden exposure of an aroused woman. I made a mental note to make sure Natalie and Anna put their lingerie back on later, and smiled down at him as he exposed my sex to his hungry mouth.

His breath was warm. He kissed my inner thighs. He took in my scent and scooped a little juice from my opening into his mouth. 'Yum,' he said. 'I could get used to this.' I could barely breathe.

He teased me, he aroused me, he savoured me. My cunnilingus fantasies were nothing compared to his tender ministrations. Every time he touched me, with his tongue or lips or fingers or nose or the whole of his face, he brought new sensations to my body. He seemed to sense what I needed before I did, he knew when to pick me up and when to back off and let me come back down again. Or perhaps that was blind luck. I sat up as far as possible and watched him eat me. It was a most beautiful sight.

Occasionally he would smile up at me, face glazed with my juices. Then he returned to his gentle sucking. I began to feel an orgasm approaching, and lay back to let things build. I reached down and gently pulled him away. 'Stop,' I whispered. 'I don't want to come until you are inside me.' He looked slightly disappointed and I laughed. 'It's okay, you can do that again any time you like.'

He kissed me and I tasted myself.

'I'm delicious!'

'You sure are.' He put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. 'I'm going to make love to you now.'

My heart skipped a beat. I wrapped my legs around his body, pulling him to me. I wanted to say something but didn't know what to say. I nodded and tried to smile.

'You do want this, don't you?'

I nodded vigorously. 'Yes,' I croaked. 'I want you so much I can barely breathe.'

He smiled and repositioned himself above me, his cock pressing up and down against my snatch. I pulled my legs as wide as possible. He was at my entrance. I reached down to guide him in and there he was, his head just inside me, thick and firm and irresistible. He pushed forwards. I lifted my hips to meet him and he began to slide into me. The feeling was different to that of a finger, or even a vibrator. He was warm and the further he pushed into me the more I could feel him flexing and pulsing. Barely half in he filled me completely. He was patient and slow, inserting himself in stages and giving me time to adjust to the new sensations. My folds stretched to take him in. I could feel him up in my stomach. It was like nothing I had felt before.

Eventually he was all the way in, balls pressing against my bum and strands of pubic hair tickling my skin. It felt incredible. Each of us looked down to where were previously his cock and my pussy but was now the site of our bodies joined together. He withdrew and we watched, enraptured, as his cock emerged, slick with my juices, distending me with it.

'Oh Owen, your cock is right inside me. I can feel every move you make. It's like you are a part of me.'

Owen moaned and I realised how close he was.

'Mmmmmnnnnnn. Make love to me, Owen.'

He shut his eyes and pushed back into me, harder this time. I used my legs to pull him closer. His strong arms were either side of my head, shoulder muscles tight. He had a prominent BCG scar on his left arm. There was a small cluster of hair around his nipples. His eyes had little specks of green in them. He liked to take five or six short shallow strokes and then bury himself in me completely. I tried to match his rhythm and thrust against him. Our grunting became a beat by which we fucked.

He shifted his weight to support himself on one arm and used the other to play with my breasts. I reached underneath him to stroke his balls. He mewed helplessly at my touch.

He put both his hands back on the bed and leaned down to kiss me. It was a soft kiss, barely brushing my lips and leaving me wanting much more. I used my other hand to hook him back and closed my lips around his. He rested his chest against mine, our nipples pressing against each other. He was a man above me and I was his women. His cock said that with every thrust into me, his lean muscles said that as they lifted him back above me again.

'Want to try a different position?'

Nodding, he pulled out. 'What do you fancy?,' he replied.

'I just want you inside me.'

'Roll over then.'

'Yes, sir!'

I turned over and got and my hands and knees, lifting my hips and presenting myself to him. He placed his hands on my hips and slid back inside me, much easier this time, setting a quicker pace from the off. He was going even deeper than before. I could feel the tip of him brush against my cervix when he thrust deeply.

'Yes, yes, yes,' I chanted as his balls and thighs slapped against my thighs, forcing my breath out with every thrust. His hands reached around to cover my breasts and then one came down to my clit. I sucked air through my teeth and cried out with the pleasure. And still he fucked me, plunging faster and faster into me until the room was filled with nothing but the slap of skin on skin. From the rest of the house we could hear grunts and moans and all sorts of sexy noises. It was as though the house, rather than the inhabitants, were having sex.

I squeezed my pelvic muscle and he moaned. 'That was amazing, do it again.'

I did.

'Yes. You feel like hot silk.'

'Oh God. I'm going to cum.'

'Do it, cum for me.'

'Oh God. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Yes, yes, oh fuck me, Owen. Slam into me. Make me cum.'

His pace increased. He pounded into me with such vigour my face was pressed into the wall. He pinched my clit. I moaned in rhythm with his pounding. 'Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.'

'Yes, here...it...is, I'm coming. I'm coming! I'm...Aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmnnnnnn.' My body convulsed. I came. It was unlike any orgasm I had felt before. My body went rigid and stayed that way as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me. I was vaguely aware of Owen behind me, feeding his cock in and out of me. The orgasms came with each forward thrust, each time his cock brushed my g-spot. Five, six, I lost count after that. I must have been screaming incoherently because my ears were filled with sound.

Owen slowed behind me, then stopped altogether, his cock buried deep inside me. I tried to regain my breathing. He pulled out and I groaned my disappointment. But I was too spent to stop him. I collapsed into the bed.

It wasn't until I felt something warm pressing against my lips that I realised he hadn't come yet. I opened my eyes to see his cock before me, pre-cum dripping from the head. It was big and purple and very hard. I smiled and opened my mouth, kissing his head as he slid back inside me. I ran my tongue all around the head, he was sodden with my cream. I reached out to stroke him, felt the tightness in his testicles.

I lifted my eyes, to his. 'You can do whatever you want to me,' I mumbled around his cock. In answer he pushed further into my mouth. I tried to accommodate him. I had about half his length inside me, but it wasn't a good angle to take him deeper. So I set to bobbing back and forth along him, one hand pumping the shaft, the other fondling his balls.

'I'm going to cum in your mouth,' he panted.

My eyes widened and I quickened the pace. I loved that he was taking control, using me exactly as he wanted. He was firm and insistent in my mouth, bashing against the back of my throat with each thrust. I tried to run my tongue over his head on the outstrokes, but he was pumping too fast. His balls tightened and I felt the cum rush up through his shaft. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,' he cried out. His cock twitched and sprayed a load against my throat. I almost gagged and pulled back so just the head was in my mouth. I pumped the shaft as ropes of his seed sprang forth, filling my mouth. I tried to hold it in but it was too much. It was thick and warm and dribbled down my chin. It was not like I expected. But it was his, and he was grunting, and I loved every drop of it. When he finished cumming I tipped back my head and opened my mouth so that he could see his seed inside me. Then I swallowed. It coated my throat as it went down, lovingly, like paint dripping down a wall.

'You are delicious Mr.,' I said. He collapsed onto the bed beside me. I cleaned his cock completely. My aroma was still on him.

A feeling of calm came over me as he grew soft in my mouth. Through the walls I could hear the rhythmic rock of a bed, and the occasional accompanying grunt. I thought back on all the times I had seen Ben and Anna together, never guessing the feelings that must have been there beneath the surface? Why had Anna never told me? I would have been so happy.

But I did understand. It was the same reason I had never said anything to Owen. Fear. Disbelief. The inability to communicate such emotions. It is all so much easier to express with the body. Above all, though, I was glad they hadn't acted on it until now. Glad I had never said anything to Owen either. It was the love behind the sex that would make this weekend so special. Without love, sex is just bumping, grinding bodies, incredibly erotic for a while but ultimately unfulfilling. With love, sex is just about the best thing in the world.

I just hoped their burgeoning love wouldn't stop them sharing themselves with the rest of us. It certainly wouldn't stop me, and I suspected Owen felt the same. In fact, the group sex would be improved now, for the knowledge that he was always there to keep me safe.

Owen's voice brought me back to the present. I had forgotten there was a person attached to the cock in my mouth. 'That was amazing.'

'I love your cock,' I replied.

'He likes you too, baby.'

I turned to face him and found his face warmer than any I had seen before. I left his cock alone and lay on top of him, my eyes inches from his.

'Thank you. That was even better than I imagined.'

'That's something, coming from an imagination like yours!'

'Seriously: I've never had an orgasm like that. It just kept on coming, I thought I might pass out.'

'So did I. I was worried about you for a minute. You were screaming your head off.'

'Do you think the others heard me?'

'They probably heard you halfway down the street!'



'Now everyone knows what a stud boyfriend I have.'

'Good point.'

'I can't believe how much you came.'

'Neither can I. It was like you were sucking it from me.'

'It's a shame you didn't come inside me as well. I really wanted to feel you splattering my insides.'

'Maybe we can try that later.'

'Is that a promise?'


'Fancy some more champagne and food now?'


Owen poured the champagne and we drank. It was sweet and sharp and invigorating. I had some fruit juice too, to stop it all going to my head. We ate the rest of the food sitting naked on the bed. Barely talking. Sometimes he would reach out to brush a stray hair from my cheek. I couldn't help running my hand up and down his thigh. The sounds from next door rose to a frenzy, then died down. From further down the hall came the lilting sound of laughter.

When most of the food was gone we sat back and looked at each other. His eyes sparkled. 'Hey, you know what we forgot?' he said.


'Lie back.' I did and he poured a few drops of champagne into my navel. I laughed as he leaned down to suck it up, his lips caressing my stomach, tongue swirling to get every last taste. 'That was nice,' he said when it was all gone. 'I think I fancy some more.' He poured the champagne again, this time letting it splash and run down my sides before licking it all off again. It tickled, and I squirmed against him. Soon it was too much to bear.

'Okay, okay, my turn now.' I picked up the cream and squirted a spiral on each nipple. I looked at him and laughed. He looked ridiculous, like two Iced Gems growing from his torso.

The laughter came in big heaving waves and I couldn't stop. I rolled off him and beat the covers. He looked down and laughed too. It would have been impossible not to. When he had recovered he grabbed some of the cream and smeared it across my cheek. Just out of reach. I dipped a finger into the cream and touched it to his nose. I leant down and kissed his nose, tasting the delicious cream and leaving a gentle bite mark where the cream had been.

I licked down his chest to the nipples and cleaned them as well. His cock began to grow. It pressed into my leg, then grew further, straightened and pointed towards his stomach. I ground down into him.

'Ooh, looks like you're recovering.' I said.

'Yes but I want a proper taste of that pussy of yours before anything else.'

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