tagBDSMSuddenly Single Steffie Ch. 02

Suddenly Single Steffie Ch. 02


Her best friend Chloe had decided that Steffie had been single long enough and needed to meet someone new so she set her up on a blind date. Steffie knew she meant well but had a bad feeling about the date from the beginning and now that she was half way through it, knew that her intuition had been right. He was nice enough, but dreadfully boring and rather full of himself.

By the time she had managed to escape with just a kiss on the cheek it was ten thirty. She walked in the door of her house and wanting a drink, went searching for Jack and Calvin to see if one of them had anything. She came across them in Jack's room, playing cards.

"Hey, how was your hot date?" Jack asked, as she appeared in the doorway.

"Dreadful," she replied.

"Wow, you look really hot!" Calvin exclaimed fanning himself with his cards.

She looked down at the deep purple velvet strapless dress she had worn. Chloe had insisted that she look sexy and had pulled the form fitting dress from her closet adamant that she wear it.

"Thank you. I really need a drink. What have you got?"

Shuffling the cards, Jack replied, "Anything you want, but you have to win it. Have a seat." He began to deal the three of them cards. "Straight up poker, boys and girls."

Steffie picked up her cards and stared at them. "But I don't know how to play poker," she lamented. "Don't I have to put some money in just to start?" she asked

Jack had received a poker playing set for his birthday and from it he pulled out a chart of poker hands. "Here are the winning hands, this one, a royal flush being the best, and of course hardest to get, and this, a single pair, being the easiest."

They played a few practice hands before using money. "How much do you guys play for?" she asked.

"Well, Miss Steffie, we're mighty serious about our poker playin' 'round here," Jack drawled.

"Five dollars to start?" she asked, pulling out her wallet.

"More like twenty," he replied.

"Twenty dollars?" she exclaimed. "You're not taking advantage of me now are you, because I'm inexperienced and have more money than you?"

"Nope," he replied, pulling out his wallet. "As you can see, we both came prepared to play." His wallet was full of twenties and as Calvin pulled his out she could see that his was as well.

"Well then," she said, "I guess I'll only be able to join you gentlemen for a short while tonight as I didn't come prepared."

"You can always wager other things," Calvin suggested.

"Such as?" she asked playfully.

"Chores," he said innocently. "You can wager cleaning the kitchen for a month, or mowing the lawn when summer time comes or doing someone's laundry...or something else of value," he said suggestively, once again eyeing her sexy dress. "Here, we have a chart," he announced, producing a hand written sheet. "Of course, you can always add things that aren't on here."

As they placed their bets, the guys insisted that if she played poker she had to drink whisky. The dark amber liquid burned her throat, but she got used to it and soon was rather enjoying the drink.

On the third round, Calvin dealt the cards and Steffie stared at what she had. She glanced over at the chart of hands to confirm it and, yes, she had a straight flush. Two of diamonds to a six of diamonds. She kept a straight face and placed her bet. She only had sixty dollars left to play with and glanced over at the non-money betting chart.

Calvin folded and it was just her and Jack. He must have a good hand, she thought as he kept seeing her bets and raising her. She eventually had to bet doing his laundry for a month and washing his car for the same amount of time when the weather got warmer. It kept going like this until the pot was $200.

She had obviously had too much drink when she brazenly suggested, "How about we take out the chores and I just bet a blow job?"

Jack stared at her wide-eyed, then began to laugh. "$200 for a blow? I can go downtown and get one for $10!"

"Well, if you want to stand in a filthy alley while some crack whore sucks you off, sure, but in this house they're $200. What do you say?"

He narrowed his eyes as a wicked smile curled his lips. "You're on. How much for a straight up fuck?" he asked.

She knocked back another shot of whiskey and thought for a moment before announcing, "$300. That's without the blow job."

Jack tossed another pile of twenties onto the table. "I see your blow job and raise you a straight up fuck. Without blow job," he amended.

She stared nervously at her cards, biting her lower lip. Calvin poured her another drink and she gulped it back. There's no way he can have better than I have. The odds are too great, she thought. "What else do you want?" she asked him.

Looking down at his cards, he considered her question. "How about anal?" he asked, a wicked gleam darkening his blue eyes.

"That's $500!" she stated, daring him to make the bet.

With a smirk, he emptied his wallet, bringing the pot up to $500. She stared at the mound of money, swallowing nervously. She suddenly realized that shouldn't have let it get this far. It doesn't matter, she told herself, you're going to win this hand.

Jack sat back in his chair, watching her. She was clearly nervous. What did she have, he wondered. It didn't matter, there was no way she had a better hand than him. She was probably just trying to bluff him. He pondered what to ask for next as she fired the question at him.

"How much further can I go? Anal is the ultimate, isn't it?" he asked, looking to Calvin for assistance.

"How about all of the above?" Calvin suggested. "Blow job, straight up fuck and then finish it off with anal."

"How much for that?" Jack asked her.

She gulped back the rest of her drink and declared, "$700."

"Cal, can I borrow some money?" he asked. Calvin tossed his wallet to Jack, eager to see how far these two were willing to go.

Pulling money from the other man's wallet, he tossed it onto the pile. "I see your 'all of the above' and raise you," he dared.

"Raise me what?" she demanded. "You've got it all." She didn't like how the game was going and didn't want to play anymore, but knew they weren't going to let her off the hook.

"Sex slave?" Calvin suggested.

"What?" Steffie exclaimed.

"You know, for like, three hours you do whatever he asks, sexually. Fucking, sucking, anal, out in the backyard, with you in some saucy outfit. Something like that," he explained.

"I like that. What do you stay, Steffie? How much for being my sex slave for three hours?"

"No, we are not going there!" she exclaimed.

Jack counted through the money in Calvin's wallet. He pulled out the full amount and tossed it on the table. "That's $1,200. This is the final bet before we show our cards. You be my sex slave for one day. Twenty four hours. If you win, you get the money. If I win, I get you for twenty four hours and you also get the money. Either way you win. How does that sound?"

She was thoroughly insulted. But then again, she was confident her hand would win. Let him have his little fantasy for a few minutes before I clean both of them out, she thought. "Alright. But I want some ground rules first. Boundaries, I guess you call them."

He agreed and they spent a few minutes going over just what the final bet would entail. Sure that she would win she was quite generous and gave him just about anything he wanted. The moment of truth came and Steffie triumphantly laid her cards on the table. "A straight flush, boys. Sorry to pop your bubble."

"That's good, that's very good," Jack admitted. "But unfortunately Steffie, it's your bubble that's going to be popped." She stared with horror as he laid his cards down. A royal flush.

"No!" she screamed. "There is no way I am going through with this!" she declared.

"But you have to. A bet's a bet," Jack countered, his lips curling into a smile as his eyes boldly roamed over her body.

"You cannot be serious!" she shot back. "You actually expect me to be your sex slave?" She stared at him aghast that he was going to hold her to it.

"Don't feel so bad Steffie, you still get the money," he soothed.

She stood up so quickly, her chair fell over. "Screw you and screw the money. I am having no part of this!" she exclaimed before turning and stalking out of the room.

Jack flashed Calvin a wicked smile. "The chase is on," he announced before dashing after her. He caught her at the head of the stairs. "Not so fast my little minx," he reprimanded. He effortlessly scooped her up in his arms and tossed her over his shoulder and began carrying her back to his room.

"Put me down! Put me down this instant!" she cried, pounding on his back.

He swatted her sharply on the ass. "I'm the one who's supposed to be giving the orders! You're the slave, I'm the master," he laughed, swatting her again. "I'm so glad you agreed to spankings," he said, giving her another slap.

"Stop it!" she wailed.

"Stop?" he asked. "Didn't you hear what I said? I give the orders." He lifted her short skirt and pulled off her panties, ignoring her fists pummeling his back. He slid a finger between the lips of her pussy, surprised to find her wet. "My dear little slave, did you know that you're sexually aroused?" he teased.

"I am not!" she shouted. She ignored the tingling sensation that was beginning in her belly. I cannot be enjoying this, she thought.

"Call me master," he ordered, giving her bare bottom a spank.

"Fuck off!" she cried.

He slapped her ass again, harder. "That's not an appropriate response," he told her.

"Let me go!" she kicked her legs and pounded against his back.

He again slapped her, three times in quick succession. "Am I going to have to tie you down and gag you?" he asked.

She froze at his threat. "You wouldn't dare!" she hissed.

"Oh wouldn't I?" he asked gently caressing her warm ass. "Have you ever been tied up?" he asked.

"Of course not!" she declared.

"You might like it. Let's see." He again slid his finger between her pussy lips. "I dump you onto my bed face down and tie your hands together to the head board. Your dress here is strapless so I just pull that off of you, leaving you naked. Attach a spreader bar to your ankles leaving your legs wide open for me. I straddle your thighs slipping my fingers into your pussy. You're completely helpless and must submit to my every touch and caress." He felt a sudden surge of wetness against his fingers. He could also feel that her breath was coming faster. "You little devil!" he laughed, spanking her ass once more. "You love the idea!"

"No," she whimpered.

He again slapped her reddening ass, "Not an appropriate response," he laughed.

Calvin was still in the room when he entered with Steffie over his shoulder. He raised his eyebrows at her exposed pussy and red ass. "She needed a little convincing," he explained. "Now if I put you down are you going to stay or do I have to chase you all over the house?" he asked.

"I'll stay," she said quietly.

He let her down, setting her on her feet. She quickly pulled her skirt down, covering herself. Jack reclined back in a chair and ordered, "Remove your dress, slave."

Steffie looked nervously at Calvin. "Can you please ask Calvin to leave first?" she asked quietly.

"You are not to speak unless asked a question, and you are to address me as sir," he stated. "Understood?" he asked.

"But, does he have to be here?" she asked.

Jack stood and yanked her to him, pulling her over his lap. He lifted her skirt and slapped her ass repeatedly as he again stated, "You are not to speak unless you have been asked a question. You are also not to ask questions unless absolutely necessary. And you are to address me as sir. Is that understood?" He rested his hand on her burning hot, red ass.

"Yes, sir," she whispered.

"What was that? I didn't hear you," he teased, giving Calvin a wink.

"Yes, sir," she repeated louder.

"That's better." He smoothed his hand over her sore ass. "You look so nice like this. Doesn't she look good like this, Calvin?" he asked, slipping a finger into her pussy.

"Yes, very fetching," Calvin replied, enjoying the game.

Jack slipped another finger into her pussy, causing her breath to catch and come faster. He parted her ass cheeks and touched her puckered entrance. He felt her tense and freeze as he pressed his wet finger against her hole. "I wonder when I should fuck her ass. What do you think Cal? Now or wait until later? Have you ever had your ass fucked, slave?"

"No, sir," was her tremulous reply.

"Ah, a virgin ass," he sighed. "Very nice, very nice indeed."

"Sir?" she asked, her voice trembling. "I'm sorry to speak out of turn, but the blood is rushing to my head and I think I'm going to pass out."

He stood her on her feet and steadying her, he said to Calvin, "She's getting the hang of this, I think." To her he repeated his earlier command. "Remove your dress, slave. And yes, Calvin is staying. Let him see your beautiful body."

She reached for the zipper on her dress, smiling to herself that Calvin has already seen her body. She let it slip to the floor and stood in just her high heels.

Jack spread his legs and ordered her to kneel between them. "Pull out my cock and blow me," he ordered. She did as he ordered and as his dick slipped though her lips he tipped his head back with a sigh. She had decided that she was going to try and enjoy this experience as much as possible, so she gave his cock her full attention and one of the best blows ever. However, he stopped her before he came. "I want this to last a long time," he explained. "Where's Calvin?" he asked, staring at the seat where he had been sitting.

"He left shortly after I started blowing you, sir," she replied quietly.

"Oh that's too bad. I was thinking about having you blow him too. It's something he really should experience," he said, stroking her cheek.

She couldn't help the small smile that played on her lips. "What? What is that look?" Jack asked.

"It's just that I've already blown him, sir," she admitted.

"You little, slut," he exclaimed. "You've done both of us!"

She only smiled and lowered her lashes coyly.

He pulled her to him and pressed his lips to hers, kissing her deeply. "I don't plan to be a complete bastard the whole time," he murmured. "As long as you behave," he added mischievously. He sank onto the bed with her, caressing her body.

He gently gripped her wrists and held them above her head with one hand while the other slid down to her full breasts, cupping and squeezing them. "I guess I should figure out some fantasy to have you fulfill for me," he said, teasing her nipples with his fingers. "Although, I must admit that fucking your brains out is one of them." He bent his head to gently suckle a nipple.

She sighed and arched her back, offering up her breasts to him. Her pussy was aching with desire for him. Much to her dismay his talk of tying her up, making her completely helpless had excited her. She had been even more distraught to find herself getting further excited while he had spanked her. Even now, with his weight on her lower body and his hands holding hers above her head she was under his control and could barely contain herself. It was all she could do to keep her mouth shut and not beg him to fuck her.

He noticed her hips writhing against the sheets and her ragged breathing. Once again dipping his fingers between her thighs he was astonished to find her dripping wet. "You are soaked!" he exclaimed. Lowering his voice he asked with a wicked smile, "Has all of this been turning you on? Answer me, slave."

Licking her lips nervously, she was dismayed to feel a warmth creep into her cheeks as she whispered, "Yes, sir."

"What has excited you?" he asked, enjoying her embarrassment.

Her blush deepening, she breathlessly answered, "Everything, sir."

He began gently trailing his fingers around her pussy, coming close to the source of her torment but always turning away before soothing her. "Tell me exactly."

She hesitated, finding it difficult to think coherently with his maddening touch distracting her. What was it she was supposed to tell him, she wondered.

"Tell me," he again demanded, slowly pushing her thighs apart with his knee.

"I can't remember what you want me to tell you, sir," she gasped, her desire growing as her legs spread open.

He suddenly slapped her pussy, sending shock waves through her body causing her to cry out. The sharp sting of pain turned warm and she sighed with pleasure.

"Of the events that have happened here tonight, what has excited you?" he asked, his voice taking on an edge.

"You chasing after me and carrying me back to your room over your shoulder, the slaps to my ass while you were carrying me, the talk of tying me up, rendering me helpless." Just reciting these events was causing her torment to grow and she was getting even more excited. "The spanking you gave me and having Calvin watch also excited me, sir. Giving you that blow job while my ass was burning hot." She wondered if it was possible to have an orgasm without anything touching her pussy as she felt a pressure building within her. "And now, laying here with you, with my hands held above my head and your legs holding mine." She lowered her eyes shyly as she added, "Also, that slap to my pussy felt good, sir."

"You liked that did you?" he asked surprised. He raised his hand and slapped her again.

That tipped her over the edge and she cried out, arching her back, the orgasm crashing through her, momentarily easing her torment. When she lay back against the sheets, panting, she peered at Jack through half closed lids. He was staring down at her in amazement. "Did you just come?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," she responded.

He couldn't help but laugh. "You are a sex machine!" he exclaimed. He looked down at her for a moment before his voice lowered and he softly said to her, "I am going to tie you up tonight. I am going to make it so you can't move a muscle and then I am going to have my way with you and there's not a thing you can do about it." He rose from the bed and pulling his belt from his pants, wrapped it around her neck, marking the spot to fasten the shorter width. With a hammer and nail he made a new hole and wrapped the stiff leather about her throat. From his closet he produced a roll of wide tape and wrapped it around each wrist, protecting her skin. He produced a skein of narrow nylon rope and looping it through the belt's buckle, he tied her wrists together, pulling her hands up under her chin.

He then wrapped a belt around each leg, just above the knee and looping another length of rope through the buckles he pulled her knees up to her chin, leaving some slack, so that her hands were in the middle with her knees on either side.

He stood back to admire his handiwork and thought she looked quite fetching with her wet pussy spread open for him. He slid his finger through the opening before leaving the room. He returned after a few moments with one of her silk scarves. "You don't mind, do you, slave? I don't own any," he stated before wrapping the length over her eyes, blindfolding her.

Her breath was coming fast and escalated even more when she heard Calvin's voice in the room. "Whoa! Check it out! That's pretty ingenious, man," he commented on Jack's bondage work.

Steffie writhed on the bed, her embarrassment at being so exposed was excruciating. At that moment she was thankful for the blindfold, for she wouldn't have been able to bear looking at the two men.

Jack's voice came out of the darkness, "Time out. Steffie, can you breathe alright?" he asked her.

"Yes," she gasped.

He gripped her thighs and gently rolled her over onto her stomach, and repeated the question, "How about now? Can you still breathe?"

"Yes," she again replied, feeling her ass stretched wide, knowing her asshole was fully exposed. The two men saw it too and she tensed as she felt a finger gently stroking her anal opening.

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