tagErotic HorrorSuffocating Darkness

Suffocating Darkness

bySean Renaud©

Even after five years Marie still loathed the darkness of the five by five cell they had her locked in. She could take anything, anything but the deafening darkness that felt like it was going to swallow her body, mind and soul. The only thing she could do to keep from erupting into screams was curl herself as tight as ball in the corner and shut her eyes so tightly they hurt. If she couldn't see the things in the darkness they wouldn't be able to hurt her. They weren't real anyway. There was nothing but her in the tiny cell. No rats trying to gnaw her eyes out, no roaches scampering over her bare flesh and certainly no tentacle monsters waiting to ravage her. She was alone and if she could just ignore the tickle on her ankle, the scratching in the corner the faint smell of rotten eggs and the slight hint of copper on her tongue they'd be forced to leave her alone.

"YOU'RE NOT REAL!" She screamed. She'd meant to scream. Whatever sound she made was devoured whole by the darkness.

Forcing her way farther into the corner she started softly humming to herself knowing that the moment she could drown it all out it would be gone.

It didn't work. It never worked. This time wasn't any different. It always started the same way and it always ended the same way.

The worst part was knowing that she deserved so much worse for her crimes. She wasn't wrongly accused. She was a murderer and no amount of remorse was ever going to change what she'd done and worse the thing that came to visit her when she was alone had be right about everything. Marie tried to fight back against the tears leaking from her eyes but she couldn't. She could never stop herself from whimpering when he was close and ever since the first time he'd been inside her she was able to feel him twisting in her gut long before actually appeared. "Come out." She whimpered. The only response was her stomach twisting even tighter. "Please?"

The silence was complete now. No more scratching but it more than ever it was just heightening her other senses. It was like a hot wet towel was wrapped around her entire body cutting off her breath. Beads of sweat started forming on her brow dripping down onto her orange prison uniform.

Without light or sound it was impossible to know how long she spent paralyzed in the corner. It felt like hours as her feet started to go numb. It was sweltering in the tiny cell and the walls were starting to close in on her until she couldn't even so much as wriggle her toes without touching opposite wall. The jumpsuit was completely soaked through with sweat now clinging to her frame. Finally Marie couldn't take the soggy cloth against her skin any longer and ripped it away throwing it against the wall with a slick splatting noise before it came rest against her feet. Her bra and panties followed shortly after leaving her in only a pair of black socks. "Come out!" She hissed at the darkness.

"Hello Marie." The voice sounded like it was coming from inside her own skull and it was so deep she felt it more than she heard it. If she wasn't slick with sweat and terrified she would have found the baritone seductive instead of terrifying. "Locked in The Room again?" The voice asked then laughed. "Why won't you leave me alone?" Marie whispered searching desperately for the source of the voice and failing. She wouldn't see him until he was ready to be seen and sometimes he simply didn't want to be seen.

"You're just one of my favorites." A pair of golden eyes with narrow slits like a cat's or a viper's appeared in the air staring at her. She'd come to hate those eyes over the years, the way she could always feel them singing her flesh. The eyes had a faint glow, just enough that she could see his mouth filled with needle like teeth glistening with dripping saliva. "You taste just like strawberries." He hissed, a forklike tongue slithering between his fangs to flicker in the air.

"Please, just go." Marie begged. It wouldn't do her any good and part of her knew that but it didn't stop her from pleading with him. "Go away Asylum, please."

"Please, just go." He mocked her mimicking her voice perfectly. "Why would I do a thing like that?" There was a thunderous crack and suddenly there were in a new room and Marie was face to face with. . .herself.

Her doppelganger was dressed in a jet black pant suit. The coat was only buttoned enough to flatter her generous endowments. She was wearing a pair of stiletto heels. Black lipstick and eye shadow gave her a sinister glower but the most striking detail was her hands. They were red with blood. "It's delicious you know." The dark double sneered as she brought a single digit up to her mouth to sample it. "The blood of family is always the sweetest."

"Stop it." Marie whispered. As hard as Marie tried she couldn't manage to peel her eyes from her own form greedily sucking the blood from her fingers. One by one she went cleaning them until she was forced to lap at her palms but finally her hands were clean leaving just a slight smear on her cheeks. "Oh, but we're not even past the fun parts yet." Her double snapped her fingers and again the room was pitch black only this time it was freezing cold. "What fun would it be if I didn't get to the parts where your friends and family abandoned you one by one? They all claimed that they loved you and they forgave you. Did a single one of them actually mean it?" Marie wiped away her tears but she remained silent even as Asylum moved in closer to her, close enough that she could smell the death on his breath and feel the warmth of his body.

Marie managed to bring her eyes up to his and hold his golden gaze. "What do you want?" She snarled. He just smiled back at her. His pointy teeth looking of all things like a stretched out zipper in the dark.

"The same thing I always want. You know good and well there are people who deserve this far more than you do." Asylum purred. "Why not make someone who truly deserves to suffer?" The sound of a thud drew her attention to her left. There shouldn't have been enough room for anything to be there and she almost reached out. The only thing that stopped her was the already ever present doubt of her own sanity. What if she reached out and found she was still in that padded five by five cell? Worse what if she reached out and there wasn't?

"Help me." A voice called from the darkness. "Please help me." An audible click announced a spot light appeared illuminating a man. He was hanging upside down hands bound behind his back. He was a prime specimen if Marie ever saw one. Even in her fright it was difficult to ignore the broad muscular shoulders and finely sculpted abs. When she inhaled she could smell him and it was just how he used to smell fresh out of the shower. "Help."

"You don't want to help him do you Marie?" Asylum whispered as he extended a clawed hand to her. Almost in a trance she accepted his hand and rose to her feet. "You do remember what he did to you don't you?"

Her attention hadn't wandered to his face though despite his pathetic mewling for help. Right then her attention had moved to the flesh between his thighs. Even flaccid it was nice and thick and despite herself she let Asylum lead her closer. Asylum was still speaking but she couldn't make out the words. It didn't matter what he was saying or what the man was whimpering. The only thing that mattered was the time that had passed since the last time she'd been with a man.

As soon as the distance between the two of them was closed she leaned forward pressing her nose into his groin until her nostrils were surrounded by his pubic hair. Then she inhaled his intoxicating masculine aroma. It had been so long since Marie had been with a man and this one, this one was like something plucked from a fantasy. "Chris."

Whatever had possessed her was broken when Asylum spoke that single word and she took a step back and lowered herself to see the man's face. "Now you recognize him." Asylum teased from someplace behind her. She did recognize him though. He was the man who'd started her down the road that had led her to this awful place. He'd sworn he'd always be there for her, that he'd never abandon her. "Where is he now?"

Marie's eyes instantly welled back up with fresh tears. She knew exactly where the bastard was. He was in bed with her younger sister Jada fucking the stupid slut silly. Of course neither her bastard Ex nor her whore of a sister had the courage to come out with it. They'd just both stopped writing her one day. A few months went by and then a friend of hers visited and told her about how her sister and Ex were expecting. That was how Marie learned not to ask questions she didn't want the answers to. "Shut up." She hissed.

"I'm wounded Marie." Now Asylum chose the form she was most familiar with. Tall, Caucasian, jet black hair that hung down around his shoulders, slender to the point of being gaunt with in a black with blue pinstripes suit. In his right hand he carried a cane with golden lion head at the crown. "I come here with a gift and you shun me. Don't you want. . ."

Asylum simply let his voice trail off so Marie could fill in the blanks on her own. He didn't need to tell her that her legs weren't quivering because she was cold. They were quivering at the idea of having him between them once again. He also didn't need to tell her that the warmth she felt wasn't love but a broiling rage that wanted nothing more than to peel his dick like a banana and give him a salt hand job. "STOP!" She repeated only louder.

"Really?" Asylum wrapped his arms around her from behind pulling her against his wiry form one hand resting on either of her shoulders. "C'mon you can do whatever you want to him. Think of it this way. Either I'm not real and you're just dreaming about what you want to do to this piece of shit or I'm real and you can finally take all that rage on him. Of course I could trade him out for your sister if you want."

He started to raise his hand when Marie reached out and grabbed his wrist. "I said stop." If Asylum had been human he would have flinched but instead he just smiled. "What do I have to do?"

"What do you want to do to him?" Asylum cooed. "Don't you think he deserves to be punished for what he's done?" As he spoke the light spread and behind Chris's suspended body was a wall lined with all manner of menacing devices. "Do you remember what he used to make you do?" Marie turned just enough to see Asylum grinning behind her. "You're the one with the power now."

Marie tried to fight the smile curling her lips but couldn't quite manage it. "Help." He whimpered. He sounded so pathetic. So frightened. "Help me please." She could barely think what she wanted to do more, fuck him or fucking kill him. He'd done so much to her over the years they'd been together. So many demeaning things that she could never erase.

"Why not both?" Asylum whispered into her ear. "This piece of shit doesn't mean anything to me." Marie reached out in response running her finger along the crease of his abs. "He's just a gift for you."

"I can do whatever I want to him?" Marie asked. She didn't need to turn toward her tormentor to feel him nodding. "Good." She replied reaching out and gripping his cock. It was just as she remembered just a little too thick for her dainty fingers to wrap completely around.

"Please help me." Chris whimpered.

The last thing that Marie was interested in was the pleas of the man who'd abandoned her to the hell she had to survive on a daily basis. She was however interested in the piece of flesh swelling between her fingers. Her tongue slithered out between her lips wetting them before she wrapped them around his salty flesh. He was still speaking but she didn't know or really care what his pleas were for she just knew that hearing him chanting was exciting. She inched her way a little more than half way down his still growing manhood and started bobbing her head up and down while her hands twisted around his shaft. Marie kept at it until he started twitching in her mouth and then she simply stopped and squeezed down as hard as she could until he stopped. "That's better. You can come when I tell you." She whispered.

"Why should I help you Chris?" She asked walking around him to the wall. She didn't even know the names of most of the things on the wall. Marie was rather certain that they'd hurt just the same regardless of if she knew what to call it.

"Marie?" Came his confused reply. "Oh thank God, get me down."

"Why?" She repeated still scanning the wall. Finally she found the things she was looking for and pulled them from the wall walking back to her victim.

"Please." He wriggled against his bonds but they held fast.

"That doesn't sound like a reason to me." She sneered clamping a rubber ring down around the base of his cock. "I don't see any reason why I should let you down until you're sorry for everything you've done." Marie said lightly slapping the tip of his cock.

"Is that it? I'm sorry!" Chris shouted.

"Sorry for what?" Marie asked slapping his cock again just a little harder this time. She didn't wait for an answer though, she just started slapping his cock back and forth watching him wince and whimper a bit with each time she swatted it.

"I'm sorry for everything!" He shouted. He tried to twist away to protect himself but it was futile and Marie just kept slapping his cock back and forth.

"Is that good enough?" Asylum called. Marie had no idea where the massive chair that he was lounging in had come from but he somehow managed to make the massive throne look completely casual with one leg thrown over an arm. "I don't even think he knows what he's sorry for."

"He's got a point you know. What are you sorry for?" Marie asked grabbing another item down from the wall.

"Everything!" He shouted.

"Nope. Not good enough." She taunted shaking her head before taking a bright red butt plug and pushing it against his muscular buttocks until they started to part. "Do you remember when you passed me around to your friends?" She pushed a little harder until she heard him gasp.

"Yes. I'm sorry, I should never have made you do that! Please stop!" Chris whimpered.

Marie didn't stop. She kept screwing the rubber bulb until it started to sink into his anus. "You're not sorry. You used to brag to your friends about how you could just whore me out and I smiled and backed you up." One final push and the plug was completely buried in his ass forcing a pained squeal from his lips. "You even let them use my ass even after I begged you not to. " He opened his mouth to speak but before he could speak she'd yanked a crop from the wall and brought it down across his back. "I begged you. Let them do anything, just not my ass." Tears returned to her eyes only this time they were hot rage filled. She struck him over and over again up and down his back and buttocks until her arms were exhausted and she collapsed to her knees and cradled his face. "Even after that I still did everything you asked didn't I?" Never in her life had she seen a man crying, certainly not quaking with tears. Never in her life had she seen anything quite as sublime as her Ex whimpering for mercy.

"Impressive." Asylum said shifting to through both legs over the arm of his chair sprawling out. "I didn't know you had it in you." He was lying through his perfect teeth. Marie could always tell when the beast was twisting the truth his lip always curled like he'd bitten into a lemon.

Marie cast the demon a brief glance then turn back towards her whimpering Ex. She used to find him so intimidating but right now she almost pitied him. "You know I did everything you ever asked of me and I did it with a smile." She started digging her nails into his skin as she spoke. "So why leave, what did I do so wrong?"

Chris shuddered as his ex held his gaze and he struggled to come up with an excuse. He couldn't for the life of him come up with any reason for what he'd done. Nothing he thought would make her let him go anyway.

"You know this is all very sweet Marie but maybe we should see if there is a way to loosen his tongue?" Asylum suggested. "Besides we both know the reason why he ultimately abandoned you don't we?" Marie's eyes snapped up from Chris to Asylum. "Oh come on, don't look at me like you don't know. He never, ever thought of you as an equal. He didn't even love you the way a man loves his dog." Asylum chuckled. "That's right, you weren't even good enough to be his bitch you were just a toy to be used up and tossed aside. That's why he abandoned you."

"Shut up." Marie hissed. She knew instantly that he was telling the truth and Chris's silence only confirmed what she'd long suspected.

"Why? You know it's the truth, that's not even why you're upset though is it?" Asylum rose to his feet and walked over to her before taking a knee. The features of his face twisted from his natural masculine form to golden hued woman with light green eyes and the slightest hint of freckles. As Marie stared into the face of her younger sister, Becky, she felt her anger starting to boil over again. "What really has you pissed off is knowing I get to suck his dick every night." Marie lashed out but Asylum was far too fast leaning out of the way and then snapping back this time pressing his nose to hers. "He's always telling me how I'm so much better than you were. I don't even complain when he loans me to his uncle to cover the rent." Marie screamed as loud as she could manage and swung again this time connecting with her sibling's face snapping it to one side. Slowly, deliberately, Asylum turned Becky's face back toward Marie. "Is it really me you're upset with?" There was a thin trickle of blood oozing from the corner of Becky's split lip.

"No." Marie turned back to Chris. "Tell me he's lying." She meant to sound commanding but the tone of her voice was that of a beggar. "Tell me you treat her better than that." Chris remained silent. "Tell me!"

"He can't. The truth is he treats me worse than he ever treated you." Becky's tongue darted out from between her lips smearing her blood a bit before retreating back into her mouth. "At least he never hit you."

"You hit my sister?" Marie growled. She spun around and rushed over to the wall and snatched a knife from the wall before and pressing the serrated edge to his throat. "Did you hit my sister?!"

"YES!" Chris screamed. "Oh God I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!"

"Why not?" Marie pressed a harder until his skin was pressed in around the blade. Just a single quick motion and she could slit his throat and let his blood run out onto the floor. "I should kill you for the things you've done to me alone much less my sister!" She turned to Asylum expecting him to approve but he seemed suddenly to be more interested in inspecting the items hanging from the wall. He'd changed back to his own face at least. "Give me one good reason why I don't slit your throat."

Chris took a deep breath and tried his best to come up with a reason but he couldn't think of anything that he wanted to say to the woman holding a blade to his throat. "I can think of a reason." Asylum drawled absently. "There are things so much worse than death you know." Asylum waited a beat to make sure she was listening. "Still with me? Good. First let's cut him down." He snapped his fingers and Chris fell to the ground. "Now, since you bothered putting that cock ring on him why don't you scratch that itch of yours before we do anything else?"

It was somewhere between difficult and impossible to deny the fact that she did want him. She couldn't even remember the last time she had a man between her thighs and there he was, nearly as thick as her wrist and ready for service. "He's got a really good point there. You up for a final fuck before I kill you?" Chris nodded quickly. "Good." Marie rolled Chris over onto his back and then lowered herself onto his manhood. The moment she felt him inside her she could stifle a moan.

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