tagGay MaleSugar Heart Ch. 05

Sugar Heart Ch. 05


Three weeks into our relationship, Buddy and I were nearly inseparable. We hadn't spent a single night apart, and had taken to storing overnight things in our cars so we could keep it spontaneous. For the past week I'd been staying in his bedroom every night, as my shithole apartment building had developed a particularly bad pest problem, and between that and my barely-functioning refrigerator, obnoxious neighbours, and assorted other plagues, I was dreading going back there at all. This weekend they were spraying for bed bugs, so I couldn't go back if I wanted to.

Bernie had gotten accustomed to me hanging around, even if he still acted overprotective of the boy who was like a son to him. I could tell he was really starting to like me. If nothing else, I was putting plenty of smiles on Buddy's face, and that was worth a great deal to the gruff mechanic.

I woke up warm and happy in Buddy's bed. The little guy was curled up almost in a fetal position with his back against my front. I nuzzled his hair and breathed in the scent of him. He always smelled so clean.

"Richard," he mumbled, stirring. His voice was husky with sleep. "I was... d-dreaming of you."

"It came true." I wrapped an arm around his slender middle and pulled him closer to me. "I'm right here."

"Mm. I love you."

I grinned into his wild red hair. I would never get tired of hearing these words from him. "Love you too, button."

Button. As in cute-as-a, or possibly his irresistible button nose. Maybe it was a stupid nickname, one I might have facepalmed at if I hadn't been absurdly in love, but it seemed to work. It made him smile every time.

He wriggled his little butt, grinding it against my stiffened rod and making me gasp. We were both in our underwear and nothing else.

"He-hello, morning wood," he giggled.

"Tease," I quipped, playfully biting his neck and making him laugh harder. "Why don't we see what you've got going this fine morning?"

I slid one hand down his flat belly and beneath the waistband of his underpants. I found him nice and hard, and deliciously warm. His cock, small enough to fit within my fist but very stiff and excited, was a tactile delight. As I squeezed him, he whimpered in the familiar way I had come to adore. I enjoyed holding him like a joystick, with my thumb over the deep scarlet tip that strained out of its foreskin, and fondled him sleepily until I could feel the slick wetness of precum at the slit.

"Somebody likes it," I whispered, placing my lips right against the edge of his ear in the way I had learned made him tremble and break out in goosebumps.


"Do you want me to keep going?"

Buddy's bum pressed back against my stiff bulge again, so firmly and deliberately that I groaned and gave a little thrust against him. I'd been cautious thus far of being too pushy—we hadn't yet gone beyond handjobs and blowjobs, and Buddy was a particularly sensitive, timorous little guy. I couldn't forget how Bernie had compared him to a squirrel, and just as if I were trying to feed a squirrel in the park, I knew that I had to be patient and let him come to me rather than risk scaring him off with big movements.

Still, Buddy also had a great big horny beast hiding somewhere inside him, and every time that beast showed itself a little was a delight to me.

"You know exactly what you're doing to me, you adorable monster," I snarled between kisses along his ear and neck that made him shiver. "Don't grind against me if you don't want to be humped."

I listened to his rapid breaths. I could practically feel him internally processing my playful warning. After a few moments, he reached one small hand back and gripped my thigh, and then jerked his little ass back hard against my stiff rod, drawing a deep grunt from me.

"Oh! You're pushing your luck, little man," I said in my best Soup Nazi accent. We'd watched the legendary episode of "Seinfeld" last night on Bernie's couch, and laughed our asses off.

Buddy laughed again at my impression, but proved to be undeterred. He started teasing me continuously with his cute behind, rolling his hips in saucy little strokes against my hard-on. He wanted it—he wanted me to hump him, and good.

"Oh... oh... you've been warned," I said huskily, and rolled him onto his front. I straddled his narrow hips and let my shaft settle against his crack. I watched his hands grab the pillow and bunch handfuls of it in his tense fists. He peeked back over his shoulder. His riotously freckled cheeks were especially ruddy.

"Is this okay?" I whispered, always careful with him, even in the heat of teasing play.

"Go!" he urged, wiggling his bottom.

I grinned widely. He was so cute and so sexy when he was desperately horny like this. I pressed firmly against his bum and started slowly rubbing up and down, pleasuring my cock exquisitely with his tempting cleft. For a few minutes the only sounds were our heavy breathing and the occasional subtle creak of his mattress springs.

"Uhhn... underwear... off," he moaned into his pillow.

"Are you serious?" I gasped. "Mine, yours?"



"Richard! Now!" he huffed.

I growled with pleasure. There was my beast. I rolled off of him long enough to shed my boxers and liberate him of his, and then I spread his round little cheeks wide and nestled my cock between them.

"Mmmm," we moaned in unison. He'd never let me do this before, and it had my heart thumping crazily.

"How's that feel?" I whispered, thrusting a little.

"Oh g-g-good!" he stammered.

"Could I use some lube to make this ride a bit smoother?" I asked. "I promise I won't try to go inside."

"Y-yes, I trust you!"

I rummaged in his bedside table for the bottle I knew he kept there for his solo self-love sessions, which he hadn't had need for over the past few weeks. He also had a bright pink silicone dildo in his drawer, which turned me on like crazy whenever I caught a glimpse of it, but I hadn't had the pleasure of seeing him use it. He'd never even talked about it, but I knew he was telling me something simply by allowing me the opportunity to discover it. In addition to giving me wonderful mental pictures, it told me that he did, eventually, want to get fucked.

I squirted some of the water-based lube over my cock and gave it a few strokes to spread it around before settling back in between Buddy's luscious cheeks. He squealed with delight and gripped his pillow tighter.

"Hump me good!" he exclaimed.

I laughed at his enthusiasm. "Shh... what if Bernie hears?" I hissed, knowing he was intensely self-conscious about these things.

"He'll b-be out back... working... by now," Buddy assured me. "I s-ssswear I heard his tools a minute ago."

"Well, in that case, I want to hear you squall nice and loud."

He did not disappoint me as my slick cock slid along his warm cleft. His thrilled noises were half-muffled by the pillow but wholly satisfying. I placed my hand over my prick to tuck in nice and tight. It was almost like fucking a nice, tight hole... as far as I knew. I hadn't yet had the pleasure.

"Richarrrrd," Buddy purred, his feet pounding excitedly against the mattress. "Mm... mmm... touch me...? P-please..."

I chuckled and withdrew a little. He took the opportunity to pop his bum up into the air, and I reached under him to grasp his cock.

"N-not that," he giggled. "I w-wanted you to t-touch my..." He gave his bottom a little wiggle.

"Ohh," I breathed, releasing his rigid member and settling back on my heels. Buddy was in a doggy position, and he looked luscious. God, I wanted him badly. My eyes slid down his pale, lightly freckled back to the cleft I had just been enjoying. My hands covered both of his round cheeks and gently spread them. I stared down at the tiny, unassuming pink bud on display before me and licked my lips.

"Okay," I whispered. "I'm going to touch you now. Tell me if you want me to stop."

I slid my right thumb slowly toward his little pucker. He hugged his pillow, pressing his cheek against it as he kept his bottom stuck way up for me. I heard him breathing rapidly. My thumb circled around the pink. I saw his little hole twitch excitedly. My cock throbbed.

"God, you're beautiful," I breathed. "You're so fucking sexy. This gorgeous ass... I can't believe I'm allowed to touch it."

Buddy had felt anything but gorgeous and sexy his whole life, and I therefore made sure to remind him at every opportunity that he was. He deserved to feel sexy, especially since I'd overlooked him all the years he'd crushed on me, pining from a distance throughout high school, and then at the coffee shop, gazing at me across the counter and sneaking little hearts onto my cups that I'd ignorantly failed to notice... moron that I was. No longer would I be a moron, and no longer would Buddy be overlooked.

He shivered as I continued to tease around the edge of his virgin pink pucker, and when I finally slid the pad of my thumb straight toward his centre, he made a little mewling puppy noise and jerked slightly. He was still reasonably slick from the lube I'd slathered across his cleft, and his hole felt so inviting. I continued to massage him in little circles, and could feel the tightness of his tiny ring of muscle begin to relax.

On the bedside table, one of our phones buzzed with the arrival of a text message, which went blissfully ignored.

"This feels so nice," I whispered. My cock was painfully rigid and leaking precum onto his sheets. "Does it feel nice for you, button?"

"Yuh-yuh... yyyessss!" He sounded almost like he was sobbing. Usually I didn't hear this charmingly feeble tone until he was cumming, or on the verge.

"Buddy... I want to put my mouth on you, if you'll let me," I continued, unable to resist the prospect of escalating. "If you're the least bit unsure, please say 'no'. I don't want to push you but I really would—"

"Lick it!" he exclaimed wildly. "Rim me, do it!"

I bit back a laugh at his unexpected enthusiasm, and growled instead. "You're the boss," I murmured as I leaned down and slid my thumb aside. I continued spreading his cheeks wide and got a nice close-up look at him before kissing him softly, right on his little asshole.

"UH!" Buddy barked. He pushed his bum back urgently against my face, tacitly begging for more.

I darted my tongue out and tasted him. All I tasted at first was lube, but Buddy's reaction at that first touch of my tongue was a profoundly delicious experience. I felt his entire body writhe. He pulled in a huge gasp and pressed back against my mouth even more insistently, rooting himself to my tongue.

There was another buzzing from where our phones perched. I didn't give the merest trace of a fuck who was texting either of us right now. All I wanted in the world was Buddy's sweet ass.

I obliged him by lapping at him harder and more broadly, licking all the way up his crack, and then flexing my tongue to push a little more aggressively at his hole. Buddy's breathing was frantic, and his body was very warm and beginning to sweat. He was loving this. I was loving it. I was tasting more than lube now, tasting his own intimate essence. It made me hungrier.

There was a loud pounding on the door that made us both wrench apart, gasping, and scramble for the blanket.

"Richie!" Bernie's brusque, gravelly voice barked. "Don't care whatchyer doin', just make yerself decent and come outside, on the double! You'll wanna come too, Bud."

Buddy and I looked at each other, still panting. My chin was damp with lube and saliva; his freckled cheeks were scarlet. He shrugged. We heard Bernie's heavy clodhoppers retreating back down the hallway, leaving no opportunity to ask questions.

I grabbed for my phone. The texts, of course, had been from him, and did not give any information but only reiterated what he'd just assaulted Buddy's bedroom door to say. I knew Buddy did a lot of paperwork for Bernie's auto repair business, but I couldn't come up with a reason why he would come specifically calling for me. I was nothing to him but the guy his late girlfriend's son was dating.

"Holy shit, what's going on?" I huffed as I dug around to find my clothes.

"I-I-I don't know!" Buddy stammered.

I accidentally tried to put on Buddy's boxers, which only got as far as my knees, and we both burst into laughter. I found my own and quickly scrambled into the rest of my things. Buddy, too, hastily got dressed along with me. We both had to awkwardly force stiff cocks into our underpants.

"You know him better than I do," I pointed out. "Did that sound like a 'something's tragically amiss' voice, a 'you're in big trouble' voice, or a 'come help me move something heavy' voice?"

Again, Buddy shrugged. A moment later, I helped him straighten out the polo shirt he'd suddenly gotten trapped in while trying to clamber into it.

"Th-those would all kinda sound the same," he admitted. "He's always been h-hhhard to read that way."

I slapped on some deodorant, and then Buddy grabbed my hand and dragged me to the bathroom, where he thrust a washcloth, soap, and a bottle of Listerine at me.

Right... I probably didn't want to go straight from trying to tongue-fuck my boyfriend to... whatever the hell Bernie had happening. While Buddy took his daily medications for asthma and anxiety, I washed up, gargled, and smoothed out my hair.

"Decent enough?" I asked, submitting myself for Buddy's approval.

He looked me over, taking especial notice of my crotch to ensure my erection had abated enough to escape notice, and then nodded and kissed me. I likewise approved of his appearance, and combed my fingers affectionately through his red hair before we left the bathroom. He stayed by my side as we went to the back door and stepped into our shoes. I was grateful for his presence. Shy, stuttering, and anxiety-ridden as he was, Buddy was my hero, and a surprisingly dependable rock when I was insecure.

We stepped out into the sizeable rear yard, which accommodated Bernie's garage, equipment, lift, and a variety of cars and parts. Bernie was laughing his booming, boisterous laugh as he stood chatting with an unfamiliar figure, the two of them tucked beneath the open hood of a car.

"Morning!" I called out as we approached them.

The pair straightened and turned to face us, and I saw that Bernie's companion was a middle-aged woman. She wore jeans and a cozy-looking red flannel shirt, and her hair, dark brown with wisps of grey, was tied back in a tidy ponytail. She had an easy smile and a pleasant face, her comfortable good looks undiminished by a few wrinkles and a complete lack of makeup.

"Hey, Buddy!" she said warmly, striding over to us, her hiking boots making crunching noises on the gravel beneath them. I glanced down and saw Buddy smiling widely. He clearly recognized her, and even stepped forward to claim the hug she offered.

She came to me next, and I was surprised to find she was ready to hug me too. "And this must be handsome Richard!"

I accepted the embrace, and couldn't help but smile. Whoever she was, she was instantly likeable. She squeezed me as if I were her own son and patted my back.

"Great to meet you, kiddo!" she exclaimed, pulling back from the hug to take me firmly by the shoulders and have a good look at me. "You can call me Joanna. Or just Jo. This lug nut here's my brother."

She jerked her head in the direction of Bernie, who rolled his eyes as he wiped his greasy hands on a rag, but he had a pleasant expression on his face.

"Nice to meet you too," I replied, grinning as I belatedly noticed the resemblance between Bernie and Joanna.

"Look at this face!" she exclaimed, taking my chin in one of her callused hands and gripping it. "You look like a young Robert Redford! Blonde hair and all."

She turned to her brother, still holding onto my chin. "Don't he look like a young Robert Redford?"

Bernie stuffed his rag into a pocket and flung his hands up in the air. "I have no opinion!"

Joanna finally let go of my face, which by now had to have been turning a bit pink. She patted my burning cheek and pulled Buddy close again, slinging an arm around his shoulders. "You've got taste, kiddo, that's for sure," she told him, and kissed the top of his head. He giggled and nodded in agreement, grinning widely at me.

"All right, all right," Bernie cut in, pretending to have zero patience for love and affection. "Listen, Richie—I've been telling Jo about yer, uh... situation."

"That's right," Joanna continued. "I hear you're looking for a job, Rich!"

My eyebrows went up. "Yeah—yes ma'am, I am!" I replied, standing up straighter now and realizing that if Joanna was going to provide me a job opportunity, I ought to be on my best behaviour.

Joanna smirked and gave her brother a sidelong glance. "'Yes ma'am', he says," she chuckled.

Bernie mirrored back her smirk. "He knows how to polish the apple. You'd better believe I got plenty of 'yessir' when he first started hangin' around here."

My cheeks were really burning now, and Joanna chuckled at me when she saw. She smacked me on the back in the same way her brother had a habit of doing. "Aren't you adorable! Yeah, well, I've been looking at hiring someone, at least seasonally, but it could turn into a permanent spot, depending on a few factors. You look like you're in decent shape. Long as you're not a slacker and you don't mind working outdoors a lot, you should do all right."

"I love working outdoors!" I replied enthusiastically, not much caring at this point if the job was shovelling horse shit as long as it earned me a paycheck. Still, I was curious. "What sort of work would it be?"

"Landscaping," she replied. "If you can mow a decent lawn, I don't need many more qualifications. I can train you in the rest."

"That sounds fantastic!" I exclaimed. "Sure, I used to do tons of yard work for my parents back in the day. I'm absolutely willing to learn more!"

"Good man—good attitude! We should discuss a few more things first, though. How's everyone feel about brunch? My treat!"

Joanna took all three of us out for a fantastic brunch at a hole-in-the-wall diner that looked like a haven for greasy truckers, but turned out to have some of the best breakfast food I'd ever eaten. Even Buddy ate quite a lot, and I whispered in his ear that I was proud of him, as he usually had a difficult time eating in the morning due to side effects from his medication.

I discussed my employment history and a few other matters with Joanna, and by the end of the meal I felt confident not only that I was going to have a job by next week, but also that I was now part of a family, and that latter revelation threatened to bring tears to my eyes. Traditionally I had not been an especially emotional guy, but the events that had led to my meeting Buddy and the process of falling in love with him seemed to have knocked a few things loose that didn't seem like they intended to tighten back up again. If anything, I was opening up more and more, growing profoundly in touch with my inner self. At the moment, my inner self felt deeply touched by the wholehearted acceptance of the people around this table, particularly in contrast with the rejection I'd endured from my parents upon coming out. The people who had raised me and had seemingly loved me unconditionally were unwilling to accept me as a man who loved men, but these strangers who had no reason to trust or even like me were ready to consider me one of their own.

Best of all was Buddy, who seemed proud just to be by my side. He squeezed my hand from time to time. He was usually so careful about public displays of affection and didn't like to take risks, so every touch from him was extra sweet, even if no one could actually see. When he put his hand on my thigh, I was pleased as well as surprised. He looked up at me with an expression that made my heart race. It was an expression that told me he was still thinking of what we'd done in his bed this morning, and that he wanted more. The hand on my leg slid up, and I fought not to gasp when he felt out my package beneath the table and gave my cock a squeeze.

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