tagInterracial LoveSummer Afternoon: The Condos

Summer Afternoon: The Condos


Carter had decided to make an early lunch when he heard the girls come around the corner. He was standing on the patio of his condo, shirtless on what promised to be another scorching summer day, futzing with the grill, sweating, cursing the fact that he was determined to grill the venison sausage his brother had sent him. Their voices made him look up and smile. The girls had been coming to the condo's communal pool to swim at least twice a week since school ended in May. They were nice girls, and nice to look at, in a kind of...unconventional way.

Adrienne was the larger of the two, which actually wasn't saying much, because Callie was so damn short she didn't look like she could be in high school, let alone a senior in college, which they both were. Callie was about 4'9", and quite thin, her a-cups not really doing much with her bikini top, but she was a cutie, with a nice smile and an easy, almost lazy demeanor. When Carter had chatted with them earlier in the summer, Callie had asked him if he had a light, and then proceeded to fire up a joint in full view of God, the neighbors and everyone. Carter thought she had major balls. Either that or she was high all the time. She almost always wore reflective aviator sunglasses, indoors and out. She said she was forestry major, and that seemed to explain it. Adrienne was a bit more serious, and her body bore that out. Standing a bit over 5'7", her round breasts filled out her one piece nicely, and she kept pulling the bottom down over her truly onion shaped butt very nervously that day back in May. Their presence this summer had started Carter's 40 year old heart pumping.

"Hey Carter! You wanna take a dip?" Callie drawled.

"Hey, girl...no, not right now. I'm going to get this grill ready, and then I'm going to make some lunch. Grilled sausages and some fixins'." Carter became very aware all of a sudden that he had no shirt on. Maybe cause Adrienne was staring at his brown chest. He was no bodybuilder, but he had a good natural physique, and went to the gym to keep it. He shaved his head bald, 'cause he was losing his hair anyway, and thought of it as another advantage to being black.

"Mmmm that sounds good. You going to make me some?" Adrienne asked.

"Hell, I'll make you both some if you come back here and hang a little after your swim. It would be nice to talk to someone for awhile." Carter had been divorced for about six years, and had been working on changing things about his life. Women had not been part of the equation for awhile.

"Sure!" Callie said. "I'm always hungry when I get out of the pool."

"You never get in the pool, Callie," Adrienne said. "You're too busy sunbathing."

"Fuck you, Ade. I'm swimming today." Callie said. "And Carter, if you're serious, I'll go get us some beer and we'll have lunch. Is that cool with you, Adrienne?"

"Yeah...I'm tired of eating out all the time."

"Alright then. " Carter said "It's,what, a quarter after ten? The food will be ready at noon. I'll see you then?"

The girls both said yes and walked off to the pool, and Carter turned his attention back to his grill.

The girls hit the pool, Adrienne jumping in right away and beginning to warm up, getting used to the water. Callie laid her towel on one of the lounge chairs, put her IPod ear buds in her ears, and cracked the new Tom Wolfe. After finding her page, she threw a bookmark in it, and began to rub suntan lotion all over her legs and arms. She wondered why she kept thinking about Carter, standing there smiling with his shirt off, those few curly hairs swirling up his chest, two or three of them gone gray. She started to wonder why she always thought about black men in a sexual way, but quickly put those thoughts out of her mind and just thought about Carter's body, what it would feel like to fuck him, to have his cock filling her pussy, making her come. While putting her lotion on, her hands strayed close to her tie-side bikini bottom, and thoughtlessly rubbed her pronounced pussy mound.

"Hey!" Adrienne had stopped swimming, seeing what Callie's hand had been doing. "You were supposed to save that for me!" Adrienne grinned. Adrienne and Callie had been lovers for the past two years. Neither one was a committed lesbian, but they liked being with each other, even though they both had sex with guys now and again. They had always been good friends, since middle school. Once, at a party junior year of high school, Adrienne licked Callie to orgasm in the closet after everyone else had passed out. She sucked Callie's lips into her mouth and pushed a finger into her wetness, rubbing until Callie's breathing became short. They didn't talk about what happened until after graduation, when, after a party, Callie returned the favor (with a dildo she bought for the occasion, no less). Since then, Callie and Ade were together more often than not, with Callie even transferring from the junior college on the other side of town to finish up at the Big University where Adrienne was studying English.

Callie sighed, pulled a pipe from her bag, filled it, glanced once around the pool area making sure that it was still deserted, and lit up. Adrienne caught the sweet, skunky smell of the ganja, and pulled herself over to the side for a puff.

After handing the pipe to Adrienne, Callie just blurted "I think I want to fuck Carter."

Adrienne exhaled, and said "Really? 'Cause I've been trying to figure out how to tell you the same thing for the last three weeks. I felt guilty, 'because we had talked about maybe moving in after graduation next year, and I didn't want to piss you off or freak you out. I just wanted some black cock."

Callie thought about it. Her last two boyfriends had been complete losers, in and out of the sack. She loved it when Adrienne kissed her, loved it when she cupped her hands on her small, rock-hard ass...But she wanted to get fucked. Hard. It had been too long since she had just had a day to fuck and forget. She stood up, as if she had made a decision, and walked to the pools edge, where she slid her body into the water next to her friend. Adrienne hit the weed again, and passed the pipe back to Callie.

Callie took her turn, held the smoke down, and exhaled a long stream. "Do you want to go over to his place and do it today? We've got plenty of time. I'm off today, and your rich ass ain't got a job, so...?"

"Wait, Cal...you look like you've got plans. I see that twinkle in your eye! What do you have in mind?" Adrienne thought for a second and said, "It's always been a fantasy of mine to get held down by a black guy, maybe he's a little older than me, but he holds me down and fucks me... Does that suit your devious mind?"

Callie laughed, coughing out smoke. "Why did you never tell me that? All the crazy sex we've had, and my fucking girlfriend can't even tell me she's haunted by the big black cock." Callie pulled herself out of the pool, went to her bag and put her pipe away. She came back into the water, tilted her head up and kissed Adrienne hard, her tongue swirling around Adrienne's mouth, while her right hand pulled her swimsuit aside and her fingers played with Ade's pussy lips, stroking them up and down. Adrienne's leg's parted a little, letting Callie's fingers go where they wanted. The water felt good on Adrienne's cunt, the cool shock giving way to Callie's warm slick fingers.

"Hey don't laugh at me, "Adrienne said, pulling away from the kiss.

"I'm not, really. " Callie said, stroking Ade's left breast, and giving the hard nipple a tweak. Callie LOVED Adrienne's breasts. They were full and luscious, the kind she wished she had. But hey...that's why they were sleeping together. "You've just given me an idea of how to work this. I think Carter will be into it, but follow my lead when we get in there, and I promise we'll have all the black cock we can handle." Callie kissed her again, this time slipping a hand around Ade's full ass, and got out of the pool, and into her beach chair, drying off. "Do you want to stay and swim? I'll go to the store."

Adrienne said "Sure. Call me when you're on your way so I can dry off!"

At ten minutes to twelve, Carter finished setting the table, and ducked out to the patio to snatch the sizzling sausages from the grill, placed them on a platter, and put them on the table. He was eyeing them, and fighting with his manners when the doorbell rang. He opened the door as Adrienne pulled the screen door open, and walked through, wearing a swimsuit cover that was white with little eyelets all over it. She had a case of Budweiser and a twelve of Light beer. Callie was bringing up the rear with a bag full of potato chips, barbecue sauce, and ice cream.

"I figured we should do this right, y'know?" she said in her lazy, laid back way. "So if you don't like strawberry, you're shit out of luck."

Carter laughed. "Shit, y'all. How much beer were you planning on drinking?" He had taken the opportunity to take a shower while lunch was cooking, and was now dressed in a pair of loose black cotton pants with a drawstring, and a thin white tee shirt. He had fought with himself about wearing shoes, and decided to wear a pair of rope sandals instead. He had also decided that he was going to ask one of those girls if they wanted to stay for dinner. He didn't care which one. "Go ahead and put that stuff on the counter in the kitchen, and have a beer. I know I'm going to have one." Adrienne pulled three bottles form the box, opened them and passed them around. She raised her bottle and said "To summertime, new friends, and good food!" They touched bottles as Carter said "I'll drink to that, "and had a deep pull off of his longneck. "We should sit down and eat before it gets cold." He said.

Callie had just pulled on a pair of cutoffs over the bottoms of her swimsuit. She kicked her flip flops off and sat at the table as Carter began bringing buns and sides.

"I hope you like deer sausage. My brother hunts, although I never had the desire to do it. Every time he bags a good one, he'll FedEx me some of the sausage he has the butcher make. It's also out of season, but that's what they make the deep freeze for." Both young women answered in the affirmative. They had both grown up here in the Heartland, so venison was no stranger to their plates. They heaped their plates with sausage sandwiches, potato salad and corn on the cob, and the three of them ate primarily in silence as their hunger faded, after which they began to talk about Carter's job, for which he spent large amounts of time on the road.

"Being a corporate trainer has its ups and downs. One of the downs was my marriage. We fought every night on the phone, and then didn't say a word to each other when I got home."

"When did you move into this place?" Adrienne asked, reaching for another sausage and another spoonful of potato salad.

"About five years ago. After she kicked me out, I lived in an apartment for awhile, and liked not having to mow the yard. I bought a condo the next year, so now I never have to mow again." Callie, having polished off two ears of corn with her lunch, pushed her plate away and went out to the patio for a cigarette.

"Callie, you can smoke in here." Carter said, and watched her little firm ass as she bent over to pick her purse up off the ground. The cutoffs were so short; he could see the beginning of the curve of her ass as it joined her thigh. The curve was pronounced, and Carter wondered if he could get really lucky. Afternoon had always been a good time to fuck.

Callie said thanks, walked over into the living room, and sat down on the couch. "Carter thanks for lunch. It was really good."

Adrienne chimed in, her mouth still full. "Yeah, Carter. This beats Arby's any day!"

Carter said "It's no problem. I haven't had many guests recently."

Callie sat up, and pulled her aviator sunglasses out of her bag and put them on. "Carter? Can you answer a couple of questions for me?"

Carter wasn't sure why she put the glasses on, but something was about to happen here. He had a feeling. He wasn't sure what it was, and he didn't want to spoil it by saying anything. "Sure, I guess."

"Are you a serial killer? A weirdo?"

Carter laughed, a little uneasily. "Uh, no. I'm not crazy."

Adrienne got up, and put her hands on Carter's shoulders, edging him over to the living room. Adrienne asked "Are you a virgin?"

This time, his uneasiness gone, Carter guffawed. "Ladies, I should ask you that question. No, I've been experienced. Why the third degree?"

Callie, still with her shades on, reached into her purse, and pulled a fat joint out of her cigarette pack. She got it going, and handed it to Carter. It smelled pungent in the air conditioned flat. Carter hadn't smoked since before he got married, but if this was headed where he thought, he might want to be stoned for this. He accepted the jay and pulled in a large lungful, held it down and exhaled a long stream at the ceiling. Adrienne took the stogie from Carter and had her turn with it. Callie went into the kitchen and returned with three more beers. She popped the tops, and passed them around. "Carter, I'll answer your question in a minute. I promise. But, do you have a t- shirt I can borrow? This bikini is bugging the crap out of me."

Carter's erotic fantasies of having his cock sucked and stroked by two girls went up in smoke. She wanted something to cover up with. Dammit. "Uhhh...sure. There is actually a stack of them on the dryer in the laundry room." Callie excused herself. Carter turned and looked at Adrienne, who passed the joint back and slowly kneaded his shoulders.

Adrienne kneaded a bit harder. Carter had to admit it felt good. He took another hit, held the smoke down; let it go in short puffs. "Don't mind her, Carter. She'll be right back. I forgot to tell you that when I was in high school, my older brother had this friend...Jimmy? He was a band geek, right? Always playing his damn saxophone. Then one night there was this concert, and the jazz band played. Jimmy played a solo on "Body and Soul" and I creamed...my...jeans. Jimmy was tall and had eyes like chocolate. You remind me of him, Carter. Jimmy's cock was so big, and all he wanted to do was fuck. Are you like that, Carter?" She took the joint from him, and looked him directly in the eye while she inhaled, like she was looking for an answer behind them. "Do you like to fuck?"

Carter was a little bewildered, but he was catching up fast. "Actually, yes. I am like that. Since my wife left..." He could already feel a wet spot forming at the head of his cock.

Callie came back into the room, wearing Carter's t-shirt, and not a stitch else than anyone could see. She interrupted him by saying "Look, Carter. This is how it is. We think you are the nicest guy. You are also cute in that rugged, seen-a-lot-of-life way. I love to fuck black men. Adrienne really wants to get held down and fucked good by a big black cock. What do you say we finish this joint right here," she said, taking the joint, reversing it so that the cherry was in her mouth, and blowing a stream of smoke into Adrienne's mouth until Adrienne coughed, then grabbed her hair and pulled her to her lips and kissed her deep while inhaling smoke. "What say we finish this joint right here," Callie started again, "And smoke another while you watch me eat Adrienne's pussy? Then we'll see where things go? Would you like that Carter?"

Carter didn't have to think about it. "Of course. Yes. What did you think I'd say? Don't think I haven't been thinking about since I first met you."


Adrienne said "Cool! Now I can get out of this swimsuit. Carter, you've got the air on so low in here!" She unzipped her swimsuit cover, tossed it aside, and peeled out of her one piece. Her nipples became hard as soon as they touched the cool air, and she kicked her suit away from her as she settled on the couch. She cupped her fat, round tits and tweaked the hard nipples, gasping as she did so. Callie bent over to pick up her bag, and gave Carter a nice look at her small butt and her thin pussy lips, framed with a thin line of bush. She straightened with another stick of weed in her hand, lit it, and took a large swallow of beer after she exhaled. After handing the joint to Carter, she took another swallow of the beer, killing it, and sat down on the floor, spreading Adrienne's legs. She pushed them apart kind of roughly, and began to palm Adrienne's cunt. "She gets so wet when she's about to get fucked." Callie rubbed a bit. "But she likes you to take her time. She might feel like she's totally ready to take you to the hilt, that soft, juicy pussy just dripping wet for it. But you have to work slowly." She said this as she made wider circles with the palm of her hand, deliciously mashing Ade's clit, causing low moans to escape her lips. Carter was transfixed, he hit the joint, and then hit it again, hot-boxing it. Callie's other hand grabbed hold of Ade's right wrist and held it away from her body as she suckled her breast really hard, and stopped abruptly, watching the nipple swell in appreciation, then thumping it with a spring loaded middle finger. Adrienne jumped, yelped, and then sighed as Callie increased her rubbing down below, alternating with a light smack to her nipple with an open hand. Rub, smack...rub, smack. Callie kept this up until Adrienne said, "If you don't lick me, I'm going to come and you're not going to taste it. I want your tongue in me when I come."

Callie spanked her pussy with the flat of her right hand, and jerked her legs up until her ass hung off of the couch. Carter felt like his head was going to just fall off right there on the floor. He had never been so horny in his life. To have two women going at it right in front of him...he hit the joint again. Callie spread Adrienne's legs while she moaned "Lick my cunt, dammit. Make me wet so I can take his whole cock."

Callie spanked her upturned ass cheeks bright red, and then, hopping up on the couch, pulled Adrienne's ankles toward her head. "Carter. Get over here and look at this pink pussy. Don't you wanna just stick your cock in it? She shaves. It's all smooth. I love running my tongue over it, it tastes so good." She licked Adrienne asshole to clit, five wide tongued strokes. Adrienne squirmed, and Callie spanked her again "I love spanking her ass. It's such a beautiful ass, with such a pretty little asshole." She swabbed her star, pushing her tongue inside her hole. Adrienne cried "Yes, that's it!" and began to rub her cunt furiously. Carter had frozen, the joint burning down close to his fingers. He threw it in a beer bottle and began to frantically remove his clothes.

Callie noticed his movement and said "It's about time." Carter got the waist of his drawstring pants caught around his dick, and almost tumbled to the floor. He managed to right himself, and slipped them off. Callie continued to run her tongue around Adrienne's asshole while Carter tried to get his head between Callie's legs.

"No,no,no..." Callie said. "Adrienne gets the cock first. It's what you want isn't it, you big-assed slut? A big black cock deep inside you?" Callie moved to her knees, and used Carter's prodigious hard-on to guide him to his destination. She placed his aching member directly into Adrienne's snatch, squeezing him hard. "Now," she said, directing the action. "Fuck her. Get up, grab her legs and fuck her! Don't hold back." Callie had let Adrienne think this was about her fantasies, when really, it was Callie who was getting off on moving people around, putting them in position. She loved to watch the scene play out, exactly according to what she saw in her mind.

Carter started bucking like a bull with the gate open as soon as Callie gave her orders. He slammed his cock deep in Ade's pussy, and looked into her face. Her eyes widened in shock, her mouth gaped open. He shoved in again, and began to get a rhythm, her bouncy ass clapping against his stomach, as Callie held Adrienne's legs apart, wide.

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