tagGroup SexSummer at Home Ch. 01

Summer at Home Ch. 01


Thanks to CD Conejo whose books inspired me to begin and whose constant encouragement kept me writing. Jus8tine edited my draft with a keen eye and is an excellent writer as well. Be patient, this is a work in progress, there are already six or seven chapters completed, and the story is just beginning. Comments are encouraged.

I stood on the front porch, knocking on the door. It was answered by Mrs. Adams, an absolutely stunning redhead. She had on a gauzy print blouse, a clearly evident lacy dark colored bra, a short skirt, bare legs and high heeled sandals. "Hi, Jack, come in. I guess it's been a couple of years since we've seen you. How's college?"

"Great. I finished my BA a couple of years ago and will finish my Master's in the fall. Mrs. Adams, it's nice to see you, too."

"Call me Virginia, please. You're not a kid anymore." Her eyes swept my body as she said that and smiled. I went in and she began to lead me to the back of the house and the pool.

"Janet and Elise are just getting up and they'll join us for breakfast on the pool deck."

Virginia was probably in her mid-forties. Both daughters, eighteen months apart, had been born when she was in her early twenties. Having money allowed her the time to keep fit. I had played tennis with her a few years ago on our court and she was really very good. I remember watching her move in a short tennis skirt. Those long legs and nicely proportioned breasts under a tight top made for a very distracting game, though.

"Thanks for letting me stay here for the summer, Virginia. As you know, my parents are in London on business for most of the summer and decided to have the old boiler ripped out and centrally air condition the house just before I decided to come home. Our court will still be in operation, but not our pool. They have shut the electricity off and are going to replace most of the wiring. I can clean your pool for you to offset the 'rent' and make a contribution to meals."

"I appreciate the offer to keep it clean," Virginia said. "No doubt you'll be better than the surfer dude creep who has been doing it. Maybe you'll throw in a few tennis games with me as well. Ed left in May for Barcelona and Madrid and I don't expect him to return until late November at the earliest. You'll get plenty to eat here and don't worry about covering any cost."

"After breakfast I'll bring stuff in from my car and bring over whatever other clothes I need and anything else I might need from the house," I told her. "Where do you want to put me?"

"There's a guest bedroom down the hall in our wing that has its own bath you can use. None of the other three bedrooms have private baths like mine and the girls."

I asked, "Do you want me to leave my car at home, or park in your driveway?"

"No, there's room in the garage. Keep it over here. It's likely to be damaged by the workmen at your house."

Janet and Elise walked into the room while Virginia and I talked. Janet was 22 and Elise was 20, soon to be twenty one. Except for the hair color--Janet was blonde and Elise was auburn--they strongly resembled Virginia. Same body type--tall, slim, medium breasted, shapely hips and legs. This could be one of the best summers of my life, surrounded by these three beautiful women.

My sister, Claire, was no slouch in the looks department. But she was, after all, my sister. She had long, light brown hair, the same color as mine. She worked in a single lawyer firm in San Francisco specializing in banking and trusts work. The last time I saw a photograph of her, a year or so ago, she had been keeping in fine shape by exercising and playing tennis. In my private photo collection, she was the sexiest, most desirable woman I knew.

Janet had on loose shorts, an oversize tank top and thong sandals. Elise was similarly dressed.

"Jack, you haven't changed much. Still play a lot of tennis? Why are you home this summer? Mom said you would be, but she didn't say why," Elise asked.

I repeated what I had told Virginia.

"And you Janet, what are you up to. Graduate yet?" I asked her.

'Yes, I'm looking for a job in fashion retailing and design and will probably be traveling to job interviews all summer," she said with a smile.


"Still working away at an engineering degree. One year to go. I'll be here all summer."

The cook, Cindy, served an excellent breakfast and while we ate Janet asked me what I was studying.

"Photojournalism, I'm going to complete a Masters in Business this fall. I'm hoping to try to combine the two – use the MBA to earn money and the PJ degree to have some fun."

"Are you a good photographer?" Janet asked.

"Yes, I consider myself above average"

"Could you take pictures of me modeling some of my designs so I could put together a portfolio for my rounds this summer?" Janet pleaded. "It will be a lot easier than making appointments with a photographer in the city."

"Of course, some of my equipment is in the car. I need to get it inside, along with my computer and printers. After I do that I would be happy to take some," I said.

"I'm going out for awhile and won't be back until after lunch," said Virginia. "Janet, show Jack the guest bedroom in our hallway. The one across from yours. Jack, we dress for dinner, even though it's summer. If you have a jacket or two and some nice slacks you might want to retrieve them from your house before the whole place gets full of dust. Open collars are OK. Cindy will do your laundry and take care of dry cleaning."

I noticed that both girls had bras on under their tops and wondered how they would look without them. Banish that thought. I'm their guest for the summer. I wonder what Virginia would look like without a bra under that blouse? Now that's a thought that will be as hard to get rid of as thinking about her daughters.

Speaking of hard, I was getting that way just thinking about Virginia and from looking at both of the girls across the table from me.


I was wearing my oldest trunks and scrubbing a stubborn algae stain near the ladder when I sensed someone near me. I glanced over my shoulder at a pair of feet with red painted nails in high heeled sandals, very shapely pale legs that ended at a modest bikini bottom, a flat stomach with a navel piercing, nice breasts, 34B I imagined, matching toenail polish red on her lips, shades and long auburn hair.

"Elise," I said.

"Did you like the journey?" she asked.

"The drive home from school?"

"No, the long, slow one you took to get to my face," she said.

"Yes, very much. Sorry to have been so obvious." I wasn't sorry, but didn't need her to know that.

"For what, you could have at least stopped a few places in between."

"You have grown up to be a beautiful young woman. I think it's been at least three years, maybe four, since I last saw you. How tall are you?" I inquired.

"In these heels, six one," Elise smiled. "And you?"

"In these bare feet about six three," I replied. "Are you coming out to catch some rays?"

"Yes, Janet will be out shortly. I'll just sit over here and watch you work for awhile."

"How interesting could that be?" I said, ready to resume my work.

"Then I'll just watch you and not the scrub brush."

That comment caused a bit of a rise in my cock. Not enough to tent the trunks I was wearing, but a signal that she might be interested.

Janet joined her sister about twenty minutes later, similarly dressed in high heeled sandals and a bright pink two piece suit. A large sunhat covered her hair and shaded her face.

"Janet, sit over here. We can watch Jack together," Elise urged her sister.

What the hell did that mean? I wondered.

"Ladies, I hope you can hold the excitement level down. I didn't realize that pool cleaning was a spectator event," I said.

Elise leaned over to Janet and whispered, "God, what a body he has. Great tan and good looking. Let's try to fuck him."

Janet tried to look shocked. "Elise!"

"Well, neither of us is involved. He will be living in our house. We've known him since forever. He's good looking and look at the size of his feet."

"Feet?" Janet said.

"You know what they say about feet and cocks," Elise said.

"What would Mother say?"

"Given what's been going on between her and Dad, probably 'I want to share'," Elise declared.


"Besides that, when was the last time we were around anyone who was taller than we are in our highest heels."

All I could hear were the raised voice 'Elise' exclamations from the other side of the pool. The sun was beginning its climb, it was getting warmer, and they both stretched out on the chaise lounges. They put suntan lotion on each other. I thought about asking if they needed help, but thought better of it. I just got here.

After about 30 minutes they sat up, repeated the process on each others backs and legs and lay back down on their stomachs and unfastened their tops. The unfastening of the tops was promising. They both had lovely backs and asses.

After another 30 minutes, Janet sat up. Her back to me as she refastened her top and stood. "I've had enough for this morning. I'm going in."

Janet put on her heels and walked toward the door. The heels gave a nice swing to her ass and I couldn't help but watch.

Elise had her face turned toward me and saw me watching. She twisted onto her side and rested her head on her hand. "Like that?"

I turned my head at the remark, looked at her bare breasts and said, "You were right. I should have paused a bit on that journey. You have luscious breasts. And yes, she has a nice ass. They seem to run in the family."

She turned and sat up, still facing me. She put on her heels, stood and walked toward me.

"I'll give you something else to watch," she said.

As she moved toward me her breasts jiggled with each step. "Nice aren't they?"

What was she trying to do, have Virginia run me off on the first day? I became fully erect and slid into the pool to conceal it. Elise walked over to the edge, knelt down and bent over. Her breasts were firm and the nipples were about a foot from my face.

"I'll bet you're hard. Or you better be. I'm going in. Watch my ass if you want. I'm every bit as appealing as Janet and Mom."

"Elise," I said, "if you want to walk around the edge of the pool four times or ninety times, I'll watch every step." What a stupid thing to say.

"Not now, it's getting warm. I need to shower off this lotion. Want a beer and something to eat when I come back out?" Elise asked.

"Sure." How about a beer and you to eat, I thought.

"OK, maybe later."

"I said that didn't I?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

"I was hoping you'd be interested."

A half hour later I had finished scrubbing and was sitting under the umbrella finishing a bottle of water. It was warm and not very tasty. I made a face just as Janet came out the door.

"I hope that look wasn't intended for me," Janet said with a scowl.

"No, the water is warm, sorry."

"Cindy said she'll be out shortly with lunch and drinks. May I join you?"

"Please do," I said.

I stood to pull out a chair and she sat. As she did, she leaned over a bit and her blouse fell away from her chest to reveal a bare breast. Then she looked directly at the front of my trunks, and said, "Whenever you're ready, I'll help you with your equipment."


She looked up. "Yes, your computer, cameras, printers. What did you think I meant?"

"Sorry, your open blouse distracted me," I told her.

"The blouse, or my breasts?"


Besides the blouse, which was simple white cotton and not buttoned very much, she wore low heeled slides and white shorts. Elise joined us shortly, wearing a yellow polo shirt, knit yellow shorts and low heeled slides as well. She took one look at Janet and said, "Excuse me."

She walked over to the cabana, entered a side door and reappeared in a few minutes. As she walked toward us her breasts were jiggling. She had obviously taken off her bra.

"More comfortable, Elise?" Janet asked.

"Given the present company, it appears that a bra is superfluous. Are you wearing a thong, Janet?"

"Same as you," she shot back.

Saved by the cook. I couldn't have stood up to save my life as my cock would have caught on the edge of the table. But as luck would have it, the table top was clear glass. When the food and drinks were put on the table, both ladies seemed very interested in looking at my plate, or at me through the table top. One or the other. Me, I hoped.

After lunch, a few beers apiece, and conversations about photojournalism, photography, engineering, fashion design, and life in general, Virginia joined us. She was wearing two inch heel black strappy slides, a semi-sheer blouse, and straight skirt. She appeared to be bare legged, and was wearing a slip, or something similar, under her blouse.

After talking for a few minutes and rehashing her errands with Janet and Elise, Virginia said, "Excuse me, I just need to get these hose off."

Elise looked disgusted. "Mom, if you would wear stockings instead of pantyhose in the summer you would probably be more comfortable. I know I am. What about you Janet?"

"I've never tried them," Janet admitted. "We talked about them in our fashion history classes and I intended to give them a try, but never got around to it."

"Back in minute," Virginia said

That conversation get me rock hard again. Damn, this was going to be 'the summer of perpetual erection'. I wondered if there was a shrine for that in Guadalupe.

Virginia came back, obviously bare legged now and she had taken off the slip, as well. The bra under her blouse seemed to be a little creamier than white, and the cups seemed to not fully cover her breasts. At least her areola were partly visible. I tried to take a casual surveying glance to gather more data. But, as several times already today, I got caught.

"Mom, Jack is looking at your tits," Elise said.

"Just admiring," I managed to choke out.

"Are you a breast man?" Virginia asked with a slight smile.

"Legs and asses, too." What kind of comment was that? I need to think before I open my mouth.

"Hmm. I'll take that as a compliment. Be right back."

She returned from her brief foray inside, breasts jiggling as she walked back across the deck. Her nipples were now erect and were pushing against the fabric of the blouse, Her bra was missing.

"Can you see better now, Jack. Not too immodest, I hope?" Virginia asked.

I could only take a deep breath because speech was beyond me.

"I'll take that as a yes, then," Virginia said.

"I told you so, Janet" Elise smugly remarked.

"Dinner is at six, underwear is not optional. Janet and Elise, go with Jack to empty out his car and walk over with him to get some clothes. Take Cindy, too. Extra hands will help make the job easier," Virginia suggested.

The three ladies and I made several trips from the car to the bedroom and put the computer and printers in the study, then walked over to my house to get some more clothing. I took several blazers, slacks, several pairs of khakis, socks, and underwear. Each of us had an armload and I hoped that no one would pass by and see us. We could have been mistaken for a gang of thieves carrying off loot.

We walked back up to my assigned bedroom. They helped hang my things in the closet, and I noticed Janet lingering over a pair of silk boxers before she put them in the dresser drawer.

"Don't worry about the suitcases. I'll get them unpacked and put away by myself before dinner," I said. Before leaving, Cindy showed me a basket in the bathroom where I was to put my dirty clothes.

After a necessary shower, I put on clean clothes--a collar shirt, khakis, and a blue seersucker jacket, then walked out the bedroom door into the hallway. As I turned I heard another door open and Virginia came out of what I assumed was her bedroom and walked toward me. She was in four inch heels and she swung her hips as she walked in almost the same manner as I had watched her daughters doing this morning.

"Did you wear underwear, Jack?" she asked.

I blushed and answered, "Yes."

Did you? I wondered. When she said "Yes" I realized I had said it out loud.

"Sorry, Virginia. I guess it's been a long time since I've been among beautiful women, especially three."

"I like that you feel that," Virginia assured me. "Don't apologize. Enjoy your summer with us."

I could feel my cock starting to harden, as I said "I certainly shall."

Virginia was wearing black sling back heels, a black silk blouse, demurely buttoned, and a white silk skirt. I couldn't tell if she had on hose, the lighting in the hallway hindered that observation. She did smell fantastic, though. The light didn't affect that.

Janet and Elise were in the living room when Virginia and I entered. Both girls were wearing mid-heeled pastel colored strappy sandals, colorful sundresses with gathered tops and straight skirts. Elise's skirt was about four inches shorter than Janet's, which was a couple of inches above her knees. Given the firm appearance of the busts of both, I assumed they were wearing bras.

"Let's enjoy a glass of wine, shall we," Virginia suggested.

She crossed to the bar and brought an opened bottle of wine and four glasses over to the coffee table. The table was between two couches, with an arm chair at one end and the fireplace at the other. She sat them down and poured half a glass for each of us. Elise moved next to me, took a glass from her mother and sat down. When she sat, I glanced down and saw a dark flash of stocking top at the hem of her skirt. Stockings, not pantyhose, I hoped.

When Virginia handed me a glass, her hand touched mine and I thought it lingered a little bit longer than necessary. "Enjoy, Jack" she said with a smile.

I remained standing until Janet sat down across from me, and Virginia sat in the arm chair.

As we enjoyed the wine and made plans for the days ahead, I noticed that as Janet crossed her legs and scooted forward a bit her skirt began to ride up. No stocking top; must be pantyhose.

Virginia's skirt was not as short as either Janet's or Elise's so I could not see any hint of stockings or pantyhose, but when she made a casual move with her hand to smooth her skirt I noticed a telltale bump on the top of her thigh.

Kill me now, I've seen everything, I thought. No one questioned that remark so I must have safely made it to myself.

One of the topics at dinner was my photographic expertise. I explained that I was totally digital (not bionic); no film, no developing, only bits and bytes on a card in the camera and computer drive; that I could manipulate the results in my computer programs; and, that the cards in my cameras were removable and could be replaced mid-shoot if necessary if they filled up, just like a roll of film. I also explained that I typically shot in the highest resolution so the final result could be enlarged to 16 by 20 inches if desired. I also explained that I could shoot rapid fire in natural light but was often constrained by the recharging time of the flash in indoor or low light situations.

"Tomorrow I'll hook up my computer and printers; one for small prints up to eight by ten and one for larger eleven by fourteen and sixteen by twenty sizes."

"Can you take some now?" Janet asked as we moved back into the living room.

"No, I don't think so. It's been a couple of weeks since I used either of the cameras and the batteries will probably need to be charged, which I haven't done yet"

"Why not find out?" her smile was hard to say no to. So I went into the study and grabbed one of the cameras, the one least used from the last session. I turned it on, and there was a little bit of power left, probably enough for 10 to 20 flash pictures. I took the battery out of the other camera and put it in the charger and plugged it in, and went back into the living room.

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