tagGroup SexSummer at Home Ch. 04

Summer at Home Ch. 04


Thanks to CD Conejo whose books inspired me to begin and whose constant encouragement keeps me writing. I suggest that you read the first three chapters before reading this one to become acquainted with the characters. Be patient, this is a work in progress, there are already six or seven chapters completed, and the story is just beginning. Comments are encouraged.

When we stood to go dress for dinner, Elise looked at my cock pushing straight out the front of my shorts, and said, "This evening will be exciting."

At dinner, all the ladies were very demurely dressed in pastel colored silk sheaths with matching colored high heels. After dessert Virginia said, "Let's have coffee on the deck while there's still plenty of daylight. Remember, red is the theme tonight." We all rose and went to change.

"Oh, yes!" Janet exclaimed as I later walked across the deck in my red Speedo.

She had on red high heeled sandals and was wearing a red two piece bikini which was about as minimal as it could get and still cover her nipples and pussy. In fact when she stood to model it for me and spread her legs, there was a fringe of light colored pubic hair along each side of the bottom. "I hope this doesn't look too tacky."

"To the contrary, I find it quite exciting, just as the edges of your areola show, but your nipples are covered. A bit left to the imagination is always sensual. That's why I found the shots of your nipples through your opened blouse so arousing." I said.

"Nice, hell, they were beautiful, and mine" exclaimed Janet.

Elise was wearing red pumps and a red sheer one piece suit, she turned and showed both of us that the thong back very nicely exhibited her ass.

"You know, Elise, I think your ass is every bit as nice as mine." remarked Janet.

"I agree but Mom's is even better because her hips are just a bit fuller." replied Elise.

"Jack, I cut the lining out of this suit, do you like seeing my nipples and pussy hair?" I could only cough. I couldn't get a word out.

"That's a yes then," she said. "I want some pictures of me in this and a couple of other suits that I have, OK?"

"OK," I croaked.

We heard the tap tap tap of high heels coming across the deck and turned to see Virginia approaching wearing a very sheer red bra, red sling back open toe pumps, a demure pair of red lace Brazilian-cut panties and carrying another bra. She looked at her daughters and me and said "I hope I didn't disappoint?"

"I brought his quarter cup bra that I may change into later, if no one minds looking at my nipples. Jack, you're looking at my pussy, do you like that I'm wearing sheer to the waist pantyhose? I thought I'd try your suggestion to Janet this afternoon. They do make my legs look better? Not quite so shiny? Do you approve?"

The way I felt, my dick had to be sticking out the bottom of my suit, "Of course"

"Let's sit." Virginia sat next to me, Janet on my left and Elise pulled up a chair to sit in front of me. As soon as I sat, Virginia turned and put her left leg in my lap, "Caress my leg. Feel good?"

"Yes it does, the hose adds a new texture, but your leg would feel just as good bare."

"I'll keep that in mind when I need lotion on my legs. I think you would like to do that," Said Virginia.

"Oh, yes. Janet and Elise as well." I replied.

"What are you girls up to for the next couple of days? Susie and Doris are coming over day after tomorrow for lunch and a swim and Jack is going to photograph me in the morning. Elise?"

"I'll hang around here, I want to watch Jack hard at work, or really just watch Jack hard. Catch some rays around noon and try to even out the tan on my ass." She answered.

"I'm going to run some material over to the seamstress and get her going on the dresses. Then I guess I'll join Elise in her tanning project. And later tomorrow afternoon talk Jack into his white suit," said Janet.

"Just say the word, Janet. There is no talking into necessary," I said.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to see what wet pantyhose look like?" Virginia took off her shoes and walked down the steps into the shallow end and pushed through the water to the other side, and when she turned to come back she squatted enough to wet the bra then continued over to the steps and walked out. "What do you think?"

"Well, it's hard to tell that you have hose on, and the sheer bra almost disappears except for the underwire." I said.

Virginia then slid her panties down and stepped out of them. "What color is my hair?" She asked.

"Reddish brown? Hard to tell because it's wet," I ventured

"I guess they are quite transparent, I'll leave the panties off and when my hair dries you can tell me again."

"Jack, would you bring that towel and the other bra over here."

"Unfasten my bra and dry my breasts please. Now hand me that other bra."

Her magnificent nipples and the top half of her breasts were now exposed. "Like the look?" She asked.

"Mom, I'm envious of your figure, I hope I look as well at your age. Your tits look to be as firm as both mine and Janet's."

"Exercise, diet, and constant thoughts of sex are the regimen." Virginia replied.

"You know, I'll bet I can enhance the transparency of this suit by getting it wet." Elise said as she stood and walked over to the stairs and squatted in the shallow end, turned and walked back out.

"Elise you certainly did" said Virginia, "You do look quite nice, I see you are trimed but still hairy. I thought you were going to get a Brazilian wax and have a naked pussy?"

"I talked to Francine about it, she said the first time was painful and the maintenance was tedious. If the man or woman in my life wanted it it might be worthwhile, but I decided against it for now. Jack, what's your opinion?"

"I like hair on a pussy. It lends an air of maturity and mystery, just as I told Janet earlier. The little fringe of hair on Janet's pussy that escapes the edge of her suit is exciting, just as looking at yours and Virginia's through another layer of clothing is also very arousing." I said.

"Well, what the hell," said Janet as she removed her top, "no matter how wet this gets it won't be transparent."

I'm on the deck with Janet topless, Elise wet and I guess you would say modestly naked, their mother in sheer wet pantyhose and a quarter cup bra, both Elise and Virginia had put their heels back on and Janet says "You go get wet Jack."

I'm going to say no?

I walk into the pool and back out, "Holy shit, does that ever make your dick look great." exclaimed Elise. "I'll bet a hand job would be fun right about now."

"What? In front of all of you?"

"Sure, why not. I know we'll all enjoy seeing your bare dick, will you be embarrassed?" asked Janet.

"Will any of you?" I retorted

"Certainly not," said Virginia.

"Lie back on this chaise and I'll pull your suit down. Raise your hips," Elise said as she slid it off.

"Goodness, he's really at attention isn't he. What a nice size. See, Janet, remember my remark about feet and cocks?" said Elise.

Elise slid her suit straps off her shoulders and pulled the suit top to below her breasts and knelt on Virginia's towel beside the chaise.

Virginia stood by my shoulder, took my hand and put it high on the inside of her thigh and said "Feel free."

Elise gently wrapped her hand around my cock and slowly began moving it up and down, if I can last more than ten seconds I will be surprised I thought. I moved my hand up higher on Virginia's thigh and stopped at her pussy. She covered my hand with hers and held it tightly against her.

Janet knelt on the other side and took my hand and held it against her breast. I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed. That elicited a groan which I took to be one of satisfaction. Elise continued to stroke me, "God you have a gentle hand," I said

She stroked my shaft and kneaded the head and as soon as she felt me twitching, she said "He's cumming!" Janet bent over and opened her mouth right over my cock, and my initial spurt was right into it, then Elise put her hand over the top and said "Share."

She caught the next several spurts in her hand which she turned palm up and brought to her mouth. Janet then took me in her mouth and captured the last spasm. As Janet kept my cock in her mouth Elise licked her hand and asked, "Want a taste, Mom?"

"Next time," was her response.

"Next time?" I managed to gasp.

"Oh yes. Next time!" Elise and Virginia said almost as one.

Janet lifted her head up after giving my rapidly softening dick a few licks, "That was quite tasty, I've never swallowed before. You're a bad influence Jack."

No, you're a flavorable influence Jack," Janet said..

I sat up and reached for my suit, which Janet gotten to first, and said "Not now, you need to leave it off for awhile, everyone agree?"

Virginia leaned over and gently wrapped her hand around my dick, her nipples were right at mouth level so I kissed one and she turned slightly so I could kiss the other one.

Elise said "Mine too."

I was going not to?

Virginia moved to the side so I could reach Elise's breasts, and as I kissed each nipple, she said "Things are firming up a bit."

"Lets go into the cabana. I think the couch'll be more comfortable," Janet said.

Virginia stood and released my dick, which was getting a little firmer.

"It's awfully bright in here." Elise turned off the overhead light and turned on the table lamp next to the couch. "Sit in the middle, Jack," said Virginia as she patted a place on the couch next to her. "My hose feel dry, do they feel dry to you?" as she took my hand and slid it up her thigh.

"They do, except right here."

"I don't think that's pool water," Virginia said.

Janet sat on the other side of me and swiveled her legs away from me then leaned into me and kissed me. She tasted a little salty. "Can you taste you?"

"Is that what that is? No wonder you seemed to like it."

Janet then dropped her head and rested it on my chest. Virginia was resting her head on my shoulder and as I turned my head toward her I could smell her hair and became acutely aware of how good they both felt against me.

Elise stood in front of me, "Janet hand me that pillow," then knelt on it and began rubbing my thighs with both hands. She moved progressively higher and was soon caressing my balls.

Virginia sat up a bit to see what Elise was doing, then turned her head and kissed me. Her tongue parted my lips and I then felt a hand on my cock as well as on my balls. The hand began to stroke my cock gently and rhythmically, I could feel it hardening, and I could feel the other hand caressing my balls. Janet turned her head and began to lick and suck my nipples. That I had never felt before, very nice.

Virginia continued to kiss me and I felt a mouth on my dick, then a swirling tongue. Three women kissing me was a lot more than I could stand and I started to cum. Elise did not lift her head but continued to suck and swirl her tongue.

Virginia moved her hand to Elise's hair and ran her fingers through it. After I stopped pulsing, Elise lifted her head and Virginia put her hand back on my limp dick saying, "Broken again."

Elise stood, leaned over, and rested her hand on the back of the couch, Virginia looked up at her with her mouth open and Elise leaned in and kissed her. I noticed that they both had their mouths open and when they broke the kiss, Virginia said, "You're right he does taste good. Very good."

Puzzled, I asked, "What did you just do?"

"I shared what you just put in my mouth with Mom."

"My cum?"


"God, what a turn on!" I said.

"For you too? I know it was for us. Right Mom?" asked Elise.

"Yes, we'll have to do that again, soon." affirmed Virginia.

"I doubt if it will be again tonight, sorry to disappoint, but we do have a long summer together."

"I have to get up early, Jack," Janet said as she leaned down to my dick and gave me a little kiss and lick, then kissed me on the lips.

"Come on Mom, walk in with me"

Virginia got up, said "Kiss them again." and moved her magnificent nipples one by one in front of my mouth.

Then as she stood with her back to me, she cocked her hips from side to side and said "Like my ass?"

"So much that it's going to take me the rest of the summer to tell you and show you just how much. That goes for your daughters as well. Turn around Virginia, I want to see your pubic hair through the hose. It's dark red isn't it?"

"What were you expecting?"

As Virginia and Janet were walking out the door Elise sat and straddled my lap. "That was fun, didn't you think?" She straightened a bit to bring her nipples to mouth level and I obligingly sucked them both a bit.

"Umm, nice way to end the evening," as Elise stood and turned to walk out. "Going to walk with me?"

"Sure, let me put my suit back on." As I finished, she stepped next to me, put her arm around my waist, I put my hand on her ass and as we walked into the house I moved my fingers under her thong and pushed my fingertip against her asshole.

We met Virginia and Janet in the hall upstairs. "I hate to be so clinical, but don't either of you forget to take your pills and I will too," said Virginia.

"Pills? What pills? Oh."

"Breakfast. Poolside. Goodnight." said Virginia.

Elise said, "Your finger on my asshole was a pleasant surprise, I assume you meant to do it and would like to do some more exploring? Right? Tonight?"

"Yes, I would, but not tonight the stimulus'll be wasted I'm afraid. Do you have some oil or lotion that you think would be suitable?" I asked.

"Yes, I think so, but if not, I'll get some, two of them, one for my bath and one for the cabana bath so I'll never be far away should the interest and opportunity arise. If you know what I mean by arise."

"Goodnight Elise."


Janet came to breakfast in a sun dress and heels. Elise had on shorts, a buttoned blouse and slides, Virginia had on all her makeup, a very deeply cut v-neck pullover, a short skirt and heels. After eating Janet left with a promise of being back for a late lunch, so Cindy rescheduled it for 1:30 instead of noon. Elise and Virginia excused themselves, Elise asking "Pictures in the cabana?"

Virginia answered, "No. Let's try the sitting room. Will that be too much trouble for you to move your lights, Jack?"

"No." Not to photograph any of the three of you.

"See you in about ten minutes, then," said Virginia

"Elise will you help me move the gear?"

"Kiss me and I'm your slave."

I did, rather passionately and caressed her breasts, and she said "I meant for the next ten minutes, but that kiss got me as a slave for the rest of the day."

"How about for the day I photograph Janet? You can be my photo-slave and I've got some ideas that you'll both like."

We began the first of three trips and on the second one Virginia was in the sitting room dressed in long gray silk pants, very high heels, a sheer gray top and a gray bra. The pants fit her ass like a second skin and as she bent to put something on the table I could see the outline of her garter belt.

When Elise and I finished the third trip Virginia was sitting with her legs crossed in a chair by the fireplace. "I thought the cabana looked rather cold in those pictures yesterday. I think the hues in here would be warmer. Are you staying Elise?"

"Yes, if you don't mind, I told Jack I'd be a photo-slave for Janet's shoot, so I'd like to stay and learn my job."

"Oh, how did he enslave you?"

"I told him I would help move the lights for a kiss, and I intended for it to ten minutes of slavery, but after the kiss and tit caress he gave me I couldn't make it any less than a day."

"Jack, I'm going to run upstairs and put on a skirt. Would you like a higher heel?" asked Elise.


"Come over here a minute Jack. Show me what you did to enslave Elise for a day."

"Stand up, close your eyes and enjoy." I put one hand on the back of her neck under her hair and the other hand on her lower back and drew her to me. Her mouth opened as our lips touched and our tongues began a dance. I slid my hand down her back and cupped her ass and gently began kneading the wonderful handfuls then moved the hand to her breasts and caressed each in turn.

"Jesus, Jack, she said with our lips an inch apart, what a wonderful kisser you are. Talented lips, talented tongue, talented hands. What else can you do well?"

"Lots, I hope. I'll always give you and the girls something to look forward to."

"Break. Mom, fix your lipstick. He's good isn't he?" Elise was back in a very short skirt, very high heels and the same blouse she had been wearing earlier.

Before I cum in my pants "Let's get started"

"Yes, it would be a shame if you had to do this session with wet pants on," remarked Virginia.

"Virginia, did I really say that?"

"Virginia, before I'm totally incapable, let's do some standing full length poses that emphasize your magnificent ass. Elise sit to the side where I can see you but are out of the pictures. What a sight you both make."

Virginia began to slowly turn and cock her hips, the high heels really caused her ass to kick out.

"Jack, I've never seen the results of the high heel series. Do these 4 1/2 inch heels really make my ass stick out?"

"So that's the secret?" remarked Elise. "Before you photograph me again I'll make sure I have that height on."

After a couple of rotations and a couple of dozen shots, she had her back to me and asked "Can we try something?"

"Anything you can imagine and I sure would like to help," I said.

"Janet and me too?" asked Elise.

She unzipped the side of her pants and began unbuttoning the blouse and pulling it from the waistband. She unfastened the front closure bra and let it drop alongside the blouse on the floor, then zipped her pants back up. Elise rose and moved over to pick them up and said "You have the prettiest tits, Mom."

"Thanks, I don't know that a typical mother would ever expect to hear that from her daughter, but after sharing as we did last night, we certainly are atypical."

"Now that is an exciting look!" I said.

"My breasts?"

"Yes. No. The complete outfit, or lack of certain parts of it. Topless, in long tight pants, high heels, the hint of garter clasps."

"Elise, will you run into the kitchen and get us something cold to drink. So, this is a real turn on – outfit wise?"

"Yes, I'd love to see Janet and Elise topless in pants and skirts as well," I said

"You know can see me as often as you want. And I think all you'll have to do is ask Elise and Janet. I can't imagine they'd object."

Elise came back in with a tray of iced drinks and a bottle of lotion. "Let me rub some of this where your bra made marks on your skin."

Elise squeezed some onto her hand, rubbed both hands together and began to gently rub Virginia's sides and back. She the moved to Virginia's and side and rubbed under each breast. As she was finishing she cupped both breasts and said "You feel as good as you look, Mom."

"Thanks Elise I'll be sure to return the favor at the earliest opportunity. Ready Jack?"

Virginia began repeating the pose series only she would bend slightly forward to emphasize her breasts. "Enough?"


"I'll take off the pants and put on the gray skirt I was wearing yesterday."

"Was that one of mine?" asked Elise

"Yes, Elise it was but with Jack around here I going to get several of mine tailored shorter. I know Jack appreciates a lot of leg."

"And tits and ass as well." said Elise

"Ladies, I'm right here, just ask."

"Do you?"

"You really have to ask that question?"

"No, but we like to hear that you do."

"Of course I do!"

Virginia had stepped out of the pants and was in a very brief pair of panties with the garter straps threaded under them to the stockings, which stopped a little above mid-thigh.

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