tagGroup SexSummer at Home Ch. 05

Summer at Home Ch. 05


Thanks to all of you who have written me to encourage me to write more chapters. I apologize for the long time between Chapter 4 and this one and I'll try to do better on all future chapters. I suggest that you read the first four chapters before reading this one to become acquainted with the characters. Be patient, this is a work in progress, chapter six is written and the rest are outlined, and the story is just beginning. Comments are welcome. If there is an experienced writer who would like to collaborate with me on the next six or eight chapters, get in touch please.

I did write a 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo in November and am in the process of finishing that story. It will probably be 80,000 words before it's complete. Earlier and more frequent sex, but not any easier to write.


Both women came back into the sitting room, Virginia went to the floor next to the couch to retrieve her bra and blouse. She put the bra on and adjusted it to show maximum areola and nipple. "Ok with both of you?"

"Jack, take some of me licking and sucking Mom's tits." Elise moved to her mother and began to lick one breast then the other and then pulled the nipples gently in her lips.

"Thanks, Elise that felt wonderful," said Virginia. "Now OK with both of you?"

We nodded and she put on the blouse, buttoned it and unzipped her skirt to tuck it in.

"Now, where were we?" I sat between them as we reviewed the last set of Virginia topless and Elise enjoying herself, I'm sure it wasn't entirely one-sided. I also felt a hand on each thigh moving up under my shorts., one ended up on the head of my cock and the other on my balls.

"I think that may be wishful thinking, maybe after lunch?" I said.

We all got up and Virginia tried various sitting, standing and squatting poses showing lots of legs and stocking. "Make sure you get some close-ups of my breasts."

I finished another 100 or so shots. I looked at the back of the camera, "I've filled a memory card, let me get another one."

"No, let's wait. Load those onto your computer and we can share with Janet after lunch." said Virginia.

"Come on Elise, let's put on suits, Janet'll be home soon and we can eat poolside."

I booted the laptop while they straightened the cushions and began downloading the camera memory card.

I walked up stairs behind them and ran my hand up the inside of Virginia's leg, stopping at bare thigh. "Thanks for the morning."

Elise said, "No thank you. We loved it and look forward to it again and again. Too bad Janet wasn't here to share. Next time."

As we reached the top of the stairs, Virginia said "Let me tell you a few facts about me, the girls, and Cindy. Cindy is Ed's household fuck and I don't want you near her. He always travels with a mistress and has local liaisons in nearly every city he travels to. God only knows what kind to STDs he brings home and shares with her. There are a couple of women at the club that he regularly fucks as well. I'll point them out so you can avoid them as well.

"About ten years ago his extracurricular fucking activities became so obvious and his travel became almost constant that I had myself tested for every STD that I could, I was clean. I don't share a bed with him, haven't in that time, don't intend to ever again. We will not get divorced, my wealth is equal to his, and being married lends a lot of credibility to our charitable endeavors.

"When he is in town we sometimes attend functions together, but the minute he enters this house he usually heads for Cindy's quarters. The only problem with that is that Cindy is getting fucked when she should be fixing dinner. So if the girls are here we eat out a lot. If they are not, I eat with your parents or Doris and Susie, or all four. Doris and Susie are both in similar circumstances and have lived together for about eight years. I went to college with them and love them both as sisters and trust them with anything.

"I pleasure myself. Janet caught me once and asked about it. I told her to watch, and she did and asked if Elise could too. They both then began to experiment with me and each other. They were in high school at the time, so it was risky at best. The three of us bonded into a mutual trust that hasn't been broken. That may be why they haven't dated much.

"We have lived an insulated life so it never became a problem. Now that they are adults, they are not at risk, so we can pretty much do as we please, which seems to be often. We confide everything in each other, so if you want to share something with any one of us, rest assured that all will know. Saves time too.

"When your Mother asked if you could stay I had your health records checked and was pretty much informed of your social life by your parents. Remember the physical your Dad said you had to take a month or so ago for and increase in your insurance coverage? That was for me, I wanted to know that you were as clean as the three of use. Sorry to have done that under false pretenses, but I hope you understand.

"Jack, we seem to have lured you into our house and I guess we have, I hope you enjoy your stay with us, we all like you intensely as we demonstrated last night and a few minutes ago. I hope we please you. You certainly have pleased us," Virginia concluded.

"Virginia, I would like nothing better than to keep doing what we have been doing for as long as you'll have me. I have never met three more beautiful women than all of you. I'm awed that you thought of me, and hope that I can satisfy you. And bring you pleasure." I said.

"Jack," Virginia moved toward me, put her arms around me and kissed me with her mouth open as I have never been kissed before. "I'm, no, we're so glad that you feel that way. It could have been another dismal summer."

"You know I feel that same way," and Elsie kissed me almost as passionately as Virginia had.

"Let's shower, put on suits, white today, Jack, and head to the pool deck, Janet'll be home soon," said Virginia.

I was the first downstairs and was enjoying an iced tea when Janet breezed in. She had a pleased look on her face and I asked, "All went well with the seamstress?

"Yes, I was quite pleased and you should have some designs to photograph on me by the end of next week."

"As I've said Janet, whenever you're ready," I'll be"

At that moment Elise and Virginia joined us, both in white almost sheer one piece suits and white high heeled sandals. Janet looked them as said "You've had sex with Jack this morning haven't you. See what happens when I leave you alone. I guess I have a turn coming."

"Jack, you're in that sheer white suit, stand up. God, what a cock! Is the theme this afternoon white?" asked Janet.

"Yes, go change," said Elise.

"I don't really need to, I have on a sheer white bra and white thong panties, my heels aren't as high as yours, would that be OK Jack?"

"Goodness I think he approves, at least his dick does," said Janet

Janet unzipped her sun dress, letting it drop, stepped out of it and laid it over a nearby chair. Surrounded again by three pairs of the world's most gorgeous breasts and three landing strips of hair covering two of the tastiest pussies I've ever known. I hope soon to make it three.

Cindy brought and later cleared lunch and we talked of the afternoon.

"We all need to get the tan evened out, so let's allow about half an hour for each side," said Elise.

Elise slid her shoulder straps down and pushed the suit down her legs and stepped out of it. "Jack, I'm afraid I won't be able to sun in these sandals. Tomorrow I'll bring slides."

Janet unfastened her bra and pushed her panties down. There was that enticing blonde landing strip. Virginia was unzipping her suit and it too landed in a puddle around her feet. "This won't do, drop yours Jack, if we're naked you are too."

Virginia lay on a chaise on her back. "Here, Jack rub this on me." as she handed me the sun tanning lotion bottle."

"Janet you do me," said Elise, "then Jack can do you."

Do you have any idea how long it takes to cover a five foot nine inch woman with suntan lotion. It's not the arms, it's the breasts that need careful application, and the legs, particularly the upper thigh area. You know it is kind of slippery and my hand kept moving against Virginia's pussy. After the second time, she spread her legs a little more and said, "I'm enjoying that."

Janet finished Elise and I noticed that it had taken about the same time and Elise's legs were slightly parted. I can only hope they ask me to do their backs. "I'll do everyone's back," I said.

Janet seemed to enjoy the breast fondling as much as Virginia had and the covering of her thighs and touching her pussy as well. She reached up, grabbed my dick and said "Don't let this get sunburned"

"I'll be careful, rub some lotion on it." Not one of my better ideas, but as Janet rubbed it it got harder and harder. Or maybe it was.

"Mom, look at this."

"Yes I know, magnificent isn't it?"

Wow, I'd been called a lot of things but magnificent wasn't one of them. "Thanks Virginia."

I sat and drank some more tea, I knew if I laid on my back I might as well put a flag on it.

"What time is it, Janet?"

"It's three o'clock, time to toast the back."

I moved over to Janet and began applying lotion to her back, but it really got interesting as I got to her ass.

She raised her ass up a bit, "Love that, you have got nice hands. Get down in between my cheeks would you. Oh God, that feels good around my ass hole."

"Didn't I tell you that, Janet," said Elise. "Jack touched mine last night and it sent shivers up my spine."

"They are very sensitive. You can have intense orgasms from anal penetration. I don't think I've helped you learn that." said Virginia. That comment about did me in for the second time today.

"Elise, do me" said Virginia, "then I'll do you, Jack seems to be involved with Janet so let's not take him away, after all she was gone all morning."

"I think my back is OK, concentrate on my ass would you. Umm, that is delightful, Oh Elise, that was a nice touch, do it again," said Virginia with a sigh.

"Around your asshole?" asked Elise.

"Yes," said Virginia.

Elise gently rubbed her Mother's ass and inner thighs as well, then returned to her asshole after finishing her legs. She lightly touched and rubbed. I'll bet you would like that to be kissed?"

"Later, the lotion wouldn't taste good"

Elise, lay down, roll over, spread your legs a bit." said Virginia. She then knelt and very tenderly touched Elise's asshole with her tongue.

"Oh. Shit, does that feel good! Do it again. Christ that's almost as sensitive as my clit!" exclaimed Elise.

"I know, and Jack's is as sensitive," said Virginia.

These exclamations were not lost on Janet. "Lay down, Jack. Roll over. Tell me if you like this." She wetted her finger and lightly touched my asshole, I clenched my cheeks involuntarily and said "Ahh, God, that feels good."

I can hardly wait to finish tanning, thought both Virginia and Janet.

"Three forty-five, let's not fry out here."

"Janet, come in the water with me?" I asked.

"Love too."

Janet and I walked down the steps and moved toward the deep end. "Come close to me." She did and I wrapped one arm around her shoulder blades and the other I moved down her back to her ass. I pulled her into me, my erection between her legs and my finger tips at her asshole. "Any ideas?"

"Plenty," Janet replied.

"What are dinner plans?" I asked.

Virginia said, "We'll dress as usual, eat in the dining room and then let's go into the theatre and see what's available."

As we left the pool, I went into the study and downloaded the pictures from my desktop, including the 'Virginia' folder, tame by what I took this morning, to a thumb drive, then copied the thumb drive to my laptop. I then burned a DVD of the whole collection. Part of tonight's entertainment.

The women all came to dinner in knee length skirts, high heels, stockings, and fitted tops. "Don't wonder Jack", said Virginia, "we're wearing panties, stockings, and bras, remember underwear is not an option at dinner."

Janet told us again of her seamstress visit and what the designs would look like.

"Virginia, you said we were going to spend the evening in the theater, you do have a fairly new DVD player don't you?"

"Of course. Why do you ask?"

"Just before dinner I made a DVD of everything I have taken since I've been here and thought that all of you would like to see it, particularly this morning's since Janet wasn't here. It usually takes a later model DVD player to show DVDs created on a PC. Is there a theme for tonight and what else are we going to watch?"

"No theme tonight, anything in particular any of you want to wear? I have several Shannon Tweed flicks, they're usually entertaining. I also have several movies where the female star has a single name which you know means she has silicone breasts and that she is going to get fucked, usually often," said Virginia

"Would you mind if I wore stockings and a very, very short skirt, Jack?" asked Janet.

"What do you think, Janet?" I replied.

"OK, there is a theme tonight. Shortest skirts, stockings, heels, quarter cup bras and button blouses," said Elise.

"What about me?"

"Change into shorts, a button up shirt, and no underwear."

We met in the theater which had several large recliners and one long leather sofa that looked like all four of us would be comfortable on.

Janet was wearing a less than mid-thigh length red skirt, slightly flared, tan stockings, the clasps at the top showing including two inches of bare thigh above the stocking top, matching blouse and red slides.

Elise was in a yellow knit skirt that hugged her ass, nude stockings and a matching yellow silk blouse. Her high heel sandals were a yellow flower print. About an inch of her thigh was visible above the stockings.

Virginia was enough to take my breath away. She was wearing a very low cut black silk top, that showed the top swell of her breasts, a straight black silk skirt that was about twelve inches above her knees, black stockings, and black sling back pumps. She turned to show us that she was wearing seamed stockings. "Are they straight Janet?" she asked.

Janet knelt at the mother's back, "Pull your skirt up Mom and I'll straighten this one." As she was unhooking and rehooking her stocking when her hand touched her mother's pussy. "Careful, my period just started."

"The string bikini, huh?" said Janet.


"Jack, she's wearing a tampon and the string shows, that's the 'string bikini'"

Virginia then bent over and smoothed her skirt and as she did her breasts fell mostly out of a black quarter cup bra and became quite visible below her neckline.

"She really has gorgeous tits doesn't she," said Elise to no one in particular

Janet sat on the end of the couch and patted the cushion next to her, "Sit here, Jack"

Virginia sat next to Jack and Elise sat at the other end.

"Wait." I said. "I can't let this opportunity pass. I've got to get my camera, no telling when these outfits will be repeated."

"Go, Jack, you're right, we have a lot of clothes and a lot of time. What don't you begin photographing us every day in everything we wear. Show me how to use your camera and I'll take your picture as well," said Elise.

While I was gone, Elise had bent her knee and raised her right leg to rest her heel on the cushion and her left leg was on the cushion with her foot pulled up. Her minimal skirt slid up past the bottom of her minimal panties and I'm afraid that my mouth fell open as I walked back in.

"God, Elise," I said.


"You look ..."

"Good enough to eat?"

Janet leaned forward and looked at Elise's exposed legs and thong clad pussy. "You do, and you know I haven't had the pleasure for a long while."

"When was the last time?" asked Elise.

"Spring break, maybe?" said Janet

"Yeah, it's been awhile. Let's fix that soon, you always tasted so damned good." said Janet.

"Jack, you're getting a wet spot on the front of your shorts. Did Janet talking about eating Elise do that?"

"No, Virginia, I was thinking about baseball scores." I said.

"I want to take care of that," said Virginia.

"The hard on or the baseball scores, Virginia."

"Baseball scores don't fill my mouth like you have filled Elise's."

"Can I take come pictures before I cum here and now?"

"Of course, take a few of me in this pose, ...now with my legs together, ...now standing facing you with my skirt hem down, ... now my ass and tits in profile, ...enough?" as Virginia sat back down.

"Virginia, scoot forward and lean forward."

"Did that expose my stocking tops enough? I'll start pulling my skirt up as you take pictures. Can you see down my blouse? Let me pull it out a bit, see nipples? I'll face you standing then turn and show you my seams. What about this pose?"

Virginia stood in profile with her skirt raised to her waist, exposing her, legs and panty clad ass, then turned her back to me and spread her legs just a bit. "Nice, huh?" she asked.

Janet asked, "Shall I start like this?" Her legs were together and then she crossed them and uncrossed then in an exaggerated fashion.

"Better do it one more time."

"OK, how about this," She stood, spread her legs, and straddled the arm of the couch.

"The blonde hair escaping your panties certainly shows up against the maroon of the couch." I said with what little breath I seemed to have left.

"Take some more as I stand and turn. Finished?"

"There aren't enough hours in a day to finish with you ladies." I looked at the camera display and I had taken over 300 pictures in the last 45 minutes. "I'll burn these to a DVD tomorrow and..."

Virginia had run her hand up the leg of my shorts, "Come here Jack, sit, relax, enjoy." After sitting down between Janet and Virginia, Janet, whose legs were curled under her again, took my left hand and put it on the inside of her thigh. Virginia raised my arm, ducked under it, and rested it around her neck and with her hand on top, pressed it to her breast and leaned her head against my shoulder.

Elise, with an exaggerated pout aid, "Hmm, nothing left for me, I guess I'll run the remote. Don't forget Jack, this pussy is available whenever you might need some liquid refreshment. See." Elise spread her legs and resumed the pose she had taken, stuck a finger into her pussy and pulled it out glistening with moisture. She put it into her mouth and sucked on it.

"Is that offer good for Mom and I as well?" asked Janet.

"Of course. Let's get started, the slideshow, I meant," said Elise as she smiled.

She started with the first ones of Janet on the couch. "Nice profile, too bad so much of your body was hidden."

"I've worked on my basic shyness," Janet said as she moved my hand up against her pussy.

Then the ones of Elise with the stocking show. "I got your attention didn't I, Jack?"

"Nothing subtle about you, Elise"

The two Janet series were next. "Why didn't you photograph me with just the panties and heels?"

"I lost my mind when you opened the robe, probably will happen again, too."

"I hope so," Janet said.

"We just looked at these earlier, skip to end for the shots of Mom in the cabana. You do photograph well," said Janet.

"You don't know how well, Janet, wait until you see the ones from this morning. I watched Jack take them and they turned all three of us on."

Sigh, "So true. Here, put your hand inside my blouse." said Virginia.

"Me?" asked Elise.

"No you later, Jack now."

The review of Virginia's first set from the cabana brought several comments about how stockings would have enhanced the arousal factor, but the dark panties were a nice premeditated touch. The set in long pants brought several comments from Janet about how incredibly sexy being topless was in pants.

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