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Summer Break

byDG Hear©

Thank you to WanderingScot for taking the time to edit this story for me. He makes it a much better read.

Lisa speaks:

College was on summer break and my girlfriends and I decided to take a vacation to Virginia Beach for a week. We wanted to go during spring break but couldn't get away. We're cheerleaders and we had to practice for a show during spring break so we decided to just make it a summer break instead. God knows we needed the time off after a grueling season.

There were six of us going, all seniors. Cybil was borrowing her parents van so the six of us were traveling in one vehicle. We were lucky enough to get Sandy's aunt's condo for that week. They were only charging us a hundred dollars each for the week. Their condo was right on the beach front. She did tell us "No boys allowed in the condo." We promised to respect her wishes.

We were so happy to get away after a pretty rough year of practice, shows and cheering at sporting events. The only problem was that I would miss being with Jessie. We have been considered a couple for just under a year now. We first met in our English class last year.

I had gone to a Technical College for two years and received a nursing degree. I wanted to further my nursing studies and decided to attend State and receive a higher degree. I wanted to be a registered nurse. Right after I was accepted I decided to try out for the cheerleading team. I was a cheerleader in high school and also at the technical college.

I found out that if I made the cheerleading team that they would help pay for my education. At first some of the present members of the team laughed when I showed up for tryouts but quickly changed their opinion once the tryouts started. You see, my high school team made it to the state finals. I was also very good in gymnastics.

To make a long story short, I was accepted on the squad. I found out that the squad was a close knit team and always stood together. Even though we all had different personalities and backgrounds we respected each other. Needless to say all the girls were beautiful in my opinion. I was proud to be part of the squad.

On my first day of school I entered my English class and saw this hunk sitting there. I mean to me he was gorgeous. Probably 6' 3", blonde, big blue eyes and really looked physically fit. He was sitting in a chair in the back of the room. Most seats were taken so I sat in the one next to him.

He looked at me and smiled. "Hi, I'm Jessie. You must be new here. There's no way I would have missed you."

Usually I don't like come-ons but the way he said it made me feel special. "Hi, I'm Lisa, just transferred in from Tech. Glad to meet you."

Before we could say anything else the teacher said to everyone still standing to take a seat. I was doing my best trying to listen to the professor but I had a hard time concentrating. After class Jess said he would see me around. I just smiled and said, "I hope so."

The rest of the day went a little easier. Jess wasn't in any of my other classes. In the afternoon I went to cheerleading practice. There were twelve girls in all and I was in the starting eight. At games and events we were told that all the girls would get their turn on the field.

If we visited high schools we would break up into two squads of six. We could visit a lot more schools that way and it brought in a lot more students to State. It was part of State's reaching out program. Everywhere we went large crowds would come out to see us.

Back to my first day on the field the football team came out. They didn't have full gear or even their helmets. It was more of an exercise day for them. The girls all stopped and cheered the players as they ran onto the field. It was then I noticed number twenty-five. It was Jessie.

He noticed me but looked a bit surprised but still smiled. Cybil asked me if I knew him and I told her he was in my English class. She gave me a wicked smile and we went on with our practice.

I had English three days a week and when I went to class the following day Jessie was sitting there talking to his friends. The seat I had sat in was taken so I sat closer to the front. Jess did smile at me but it wasn't quite the same. It couldn't have been something that I had done wrong because I hadn't even talked to him.

I wanted to say something to him after class but he was already gone. I did see him on the practice field but it was somewhat off limits to talk to the players while they were practicing. My friend Cerise saw me looking toward Jess and asked me what was wrong.

"Oh, nothing. I met Jess a few days ago and he really seemed nice, then all of a sudden he doesn't even talk to me. I have no idea what I did wrong."

"You're a cheerleader, that's what's wrong. Jess doesn't date cheerleaders," replied Cerise.

Cerise dated one of the other ball players. She and Bubba were a couple. His name is really Taylor Alexander but everyone calls him Bubba because of his size. He was an offensive lineman at 6'4" 285 lbs. Cerise said he was nothing but a big teddy bear. They've been together for more than a year.

"What's his problem? It's not like we have lice or something," I said.

"His problem is Cybil. Jess as a freshman was not a partier and usually didn't attend the after parties. After all home games we usually have a party, mostly the team and their girlfriends. Of course some of the cheerleaders and a lot of the players aren't going with anyone. When Jess became a sophomore and had more playing time he decided to come to the parties. Cybil went up to him and put the make on him. For the next couple of games you would have thought they were a couple.

"The problem is that Cybil is just a party girl. Jess must have taken it the wrong way, and he missed one of the parties. When he came to the next one, Cybil was with Tony. Jess flew off the handle and decked Tony. It took two guys to get him off of Tony. Since then Jess hasn't dated Cheerleaders."

"He and Tony talked it out but Jess rarely talks to Cybil. I guess that really hurt him and embarrassed him also."

"Thanks Cerise, at least I know why I'm being avoided."

After that day I always smiled at Jess when going to class but never spoke with him. I was hit on by a number of other players but I always gave them a gentle 'No, I'm not interested.'

I spent most of my time studying. After classes and practice it didn't leave me much time for a social life. Our first game was coming up and everyone was excited. It's one thing to practice but it's something else to perform in front of a hundred thousand people. That's what cheerleaders really are, performers. Cybil asked me if I was going to the after party and I told her I was. I had to wonder if Jess would be there.

For some reason I couldn't get that guy out of my head. I wasn't at college to date or party. I was one of those who actually wanted the education.

It was great running out on the field and cheering for our team. I couldn't help but watch number twenty-five on most every play. He was an outside receiver, and I must say a pretty good one. He caught a number of passes.

After the game we all cleaned up and went to the after party. They had beer from a keg and some sodas. I wasn't much of a drinker but took a glass of beer.

Everyone seemed to be having a decent time. The music was overly loud and everyone was yelling at each other. I spotted Jess sitting with a couple of other players. He was having a beer but seemed to be staring at me. I wanted to go up to him and say, "What the hell is your problem?" but knew better.

I did dance with a couple of guys but they seemed to be all hands. I felt more like I was wrestling with them than dancing. Tony asked me to dance and I politely refused. I remember Cerise saying this is the guy that Jeff had the beef with the year before.

He kept trying to pull me out to the dance floor and I kept telling him 'No' but I think he had already drunk too much. It was at that moment that I saw Jess standing there.

"Tony, she's with me. I suggest you find someone else to dance with."

Tony looked scared. "Sorry Jess, I didn't know she was with you." He then made a hasty retreat.

I looked at Jess, "Thank you, I don't know what the protocol is to get rid of people like that. I'm not exactly the party girl type."

A slow number came on and Jess asked, "Care to dance?"

He took me out on the dance floor and we danced like we were meant for each other. I saw Cerise and Bubba dancing and she gave me a smile and then a wink. I spent the next hour with Jess and then he walked me home. Our night ended in a gentle kiss.

The next time I entered the room of the English class there was a note on the chair next to Jess where Troy usually sat. It said, "Reserved for Lisa if she wants to sit here." I picked up the note, put it in my book and sat down. Our relationship had officially started.

We unofficially became a couple. We were together for all after game parties. I didn't date anyone else and either did Jess. It's just that our schedules were so hectic we had trouble spending any time together.

We were both rather smart students and decided we would meet in the library a couple of nights a week and do our assignments. Even though we had different subjects, except for English, is was nice just being together.

During the first few parties we did a lot of kissing but not much more. I was wondering when he would ask for more and how I would react. Then one day at the after party he asked me if I wanted to go up to his room. We both knew what that meant. It was now decision time for me.

I said yes and as we entered his room he kissed me passionately. He unbuttoned my blouse and unclasped my bra. I'm small in the breast department but my nipples are very sensitive. I really wouldn't need a bra for support but if I go without one and my nipples get hard they will stick out through my shirt.

I was always a bit self conscious about this but right now Jess was sucking on my nipples and they were sticking out like erasers on a pencil. The more he sucked the harder and larger they became.

He finished undressing me and was out of his clothes in a flash. He asked me if I wanted him to wear a condom. I told him 'yes' because I had no idea what his sex life was like before we met. We lay on the bed and I had some of the best sex of my life.

From that day on we tried to get together at least once a week. We were now officially a couple.

Our lives were complicated since we were both studying for a career and being involved with our college functions. We made the best of it. During the holidays I asked Jessie if he would like come to my house for Thanksgiving. I wanted him to meet my family.

It worked out but we both had to be back at school Friday for our game on Saturday. My family loved him. He talked with my dad about becoming an Engineer and what he hoped to accomplish. My family learned that he was much more than a college athlete.

Now it was time for me to meet his family. We both spent Christmas with our own families but I would meet his family for New Years.

We spent New Year's Eve at a big family function. Everyone and his brother attended the family outing. I was receiving so many compliments from his family that I was almost embarrassed.

His parents were so nice to me. They said I could have Jess's room and he could sleep down the basement. I explained to them that the basement was fine for me and that I would like the privacy.

The main reason I wanted the basement was Jess was going to come down and make love to me. It would have looked awkward if I had left his room and snuck downstairs.

We made love that night but had to keep the noise to a minimum. It was also when I told Jess that he didn't need a condom, that I was now on the pill. I actually was on the pill long before I met Jess. It was just at the beginning of our relationship that even though I cared for him I knew nothing about his sexual history. I now knew he had only been with me for the last six months.


Our relationship went on like this beyond spring break. The cheerleading squads did a number of visitations and shows to help promote our college. Of course we had to practice through spring break. The football team was off during this time so I really didn't get to see much of Jess.

So, six of us cheerleaders, who would all be seniors coming back after summer practice decided to take a week vacation to Virginia beach. The girls decided no men allowed. It would just be the six of us for some fun in the sun.

When I mentioned it to Jess, he wasn't very happy. The idea for the summer break originated from Cybil. Of course Jeff still was barely on speaking terms with her.

"Lisa, I don't trust her. She's trouble when she's around men. I really prefer you not go."

"Jess, you have to learn to trust me. I know how to take care of myself and it's only for a week. We've been separated longer than that many times. I promise you no man will lay a hand on me. I'm your woman, only your woman. I need this little vacation with the girls. It's been a really busy year."

"Ok but if you run into any problems you call me. If we didn't have that damn practice starting up already, I'd be with you."

"Jess, this is for us girls only. We just need a short getaway with no thoughts of school. Please try to understand."

"I understand, I just wish I could be with you instead of with a bunch of smelly old guys." He tried to lighten it up a bit but he really didn't trust Cybil.

I kissed him and told him everything would be alright.

It would be an eleven hour drive so us girls got together and left at three in the morning. Everyone was excited and said they couldn't sleep anyway. Three of the six of us had boyfriends, Cerise and Bubba, Rachel and Dan and of course Jess and I. Sandy, Amy and Rachel had on again off again relationships. Right now they weren't with anyone. Of course Cybil still played the field. She said she preferred the variety instead of being tied down to one guy

We had to stop twice to use the restroom and again at a restaurant to get something to eat. Needless to say a lot of people looked at us when we stopped. A few guys stopped by our tables and asked where we were from and where we were headed. It was just a short conversation.

When we arrived at the condo everyone was giddy. We went in the house and couldn't believe that the beach was about a hundred feet from our back yard. We hurried up, chose our rooms, unpacked, put on our swimsuits and headed out to the beach.

The water felt great after such a long ride. We splashed around for about an hour and went and laid on our blankets and towels and just relaxed.

This part of the beach was somewhat private. It was for those staying in the condos and for two hotels that were also on this section of the beach. So even though it was private, there were a lot of people out there.

Sandy's aunt who let us use the condo had extra blankets and three beach umbrellas and even a half dozen lounge chairs to sit on. Cerise said she was dark enough and set herself up an umbrella. Sandy was a redhead and said she couldn't really tan, she just burned.

The rest of us decide to lie in the sun for awhile. We all knew better then to lie in it too long. Cybil went in the condo and came out with a pitcher of margaritas and six plastic glasses. We all took one.

We decided that this week we would splurge a little on the drinking and eating. After all our figures were part of the reason we were cheerleaders. While she was inside she said she ordered an extra large pizza and told them to cut it in twelve pieces and to deliver it to the rear of the condo.

When the driver arrived he couldn't believe there were six girls all in bikinis sitting on the beach. We paid him and Cybil did a little flirting as she squeezed her arms together to give him a good view of her cleavage. Cybil said she thought she saw a boner as he was leaving. We all laughed.

Sandy said, "Cybil, I thought, no guys this week?"

"Sweetie, it was just a pizza delivery guy. It wasn't like I laid him. Besides there will be a lot of guys on the beach this week. We can't just ignore them. I figure we can talk and flirt a little but no dating or sex."

"That sounds fair enough," replied Sandy.

"I may talk to them but I won't be flirting," I said. "I promised Jess."

"You really like the guy don't you," asked Cybil.

"Yes I do. I just hope it lasts beyond senior year. So many things change while in college."

"You can say that again," said Sandy. "I don't know how relationships make it. God knows I've tried but things change."

Cerise said, "Bubba and I made a pact two years ago. So far it's worked."

"That's only because he beat the shit out of the two guys that tried to put the make on you," said Cybil laughing.

"I was drunk but I really do love Bubba. He's the kindest, gentlest man I've ever met. He's got a heart of gold under that big exterior."


We spent most of our days lying on the beach and we took a couple tours of the area. We even found a carnival and spent the whole day there. Truth be told we were hit on quite a bit but we held our pact. It really was nice getting away and just doing nothing.

I must admit I really did miss Jess, especially late at night when I lay in bed alone.

There was a lounge in the hotel next door that we went into and had a couple of drinks. Most of us would limit ourselves to two. There were always men of all ages in there offering us more. We usually just stayed for an hour or so, had our drinks, ate the chicken wings and went back to our condo.

On Friday which was our last day before going home on Saturday we decided to have a night out. We spent the day on the beach and then went to the lounge next door for dinner. After we ate the band started playing and all the girls wanted to dance. Needless to say that when we all got on the dance floor and started shaking our booties, people watched. It's just being cheerleaders we knew how to move and excite. We were having a ball.

When we got back to our table I can't tell you how many drinks we had sitting there. Every guy in the place must have bought us one. Needless to say we over indulged. Some guys asked us to dance but we respectfully declined, even Cybil.

They announced that they were having a wet t-shirt contest and had a sign-up sheet. Cybil said we all ought to sign up. First prize was five hundred dollars, second was three hundred and third place was a hundred.

"Look it could help pay for our trip. Let's just say if anyone wins that the money goes into our trip budget. Come-on, it will be fun. I've entered these before." said Cybil.

"If Bubba ever finds out, he'll kill me, said Cerise.

"Honey, you have the biggest tits of all of us and a great shade of brown with those big dark areoles," replied Cybil.

"I haven't got hardly any tits at all," I replied.

Sandy replied, "Lisa you have perfect tits. They may not be large but they're firm and we all know how big your nipples get when they get wet."

I felt a bit embarrassed. "I don't know, if Jeff ever found out I don't know how he would react." It was the booze talking now, we had all drunk way too much.

We decided to enter, all but Rachel. She already had too much to drink and wasn't feeling the best. We signed the sheet and went to the back room to take off our tops and bras. They supplied each contestant with one of their shirts with their logo on the back.

There were fifteen daring girls in all in the contest. The idea was to go on stage and they would spray the front of the shirt with water. Of course your tits would show through. After everyone was sprayed and the crowd going crazy they would come through a second time and they had a noise meter judging the sound. The top three scores would be the winners. We figured with five of us in the contest hopefully we could get some money.

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