tagGroup SexSummer Camp Ch. 02

Summer Camp Ch. 02


It was mid-August; summer camp would only last one more week. Over the last few weeks, Sarah and I had become inseparable. We snuck into each other's room every night, and shared almost every waking moment together. Even in our sleep, we slept with our limbs entangled, breath mingling as we danced across each other's dreamscape. We hardly talked about camp ending, knowing that it would mean many miles would come between us.

One night, we were engaging in our usual rituals of sexual gratification. On this particular evening, I had already spent a great deal of time caressing, kissing and licking her every curve and fold of flesh, bringing her to climax repeatedly. She was now returning the favor, her lips firmly wrapped around my clit, sucking greedily. Her fingers probed my wet entry, making the pleasure spread through my body, along every nerve. My back arched, hips bucked and body writhed as I was overcome with sensation, my climax wracking my body. When I opened my eyes again, I was startled to see Sarah's bunkmate watching.

Sarah quickly moved up my body, climbing into my embrace, her delicate frame easily sheltered in my protective arms. It was Katie, a short blonde who was a bit older than us. She held her hands up in a gesture of 'no harm' and whispered, "I'm so sorry to bother you guys. I know I shouldn't have watched, but it was just so beautiful. I have always found women so attractive, but always thought it was wrong or dirty... I never knew it could be like this." Her eyes welled up with tears, and Sarah and I reached out to hug her. Katie climbed into the bed with us, burying her face between our breasts as she cried softly, her body shaking.

Sarah stroked Katie's hair softly, comforting and whispering to her. Both of us had secretly been attracted to Katie, but were convinced that she was straight. To find this out was a dream come true, and we wanted to make sure that Katie felt okay about it. We invited her to stay the night in our bed, making her feel safe and secure. She stayed the day, and wouldn't leave our side the following day. During the day, we asked her questions about her sexual discovery, and found out that while she was attracted to women, she had never been with one. My little pixie and I discussed what we wanted to do, and we decided to help Katie along her path of sexual discovery. It was strange for us, because we cared so much about each other, but we also knew that if Katie's first experience was with us, it would be a good one, and she would go back out into the world as a confident sexual being.

That night, Sarah invited Katie back into our bed. We offered ourselves as guides for her sexual exploration, and she immediately jumped at the offer. Sarah began to kiss her, but I could tell that she was impatient and wanted sexual satisfaction as well, and I didn't want her to pressure Katie. I pulled Sarah off her, bringing her close to me. After gently kissing Katie, I asked her if she wanted to watch again, first. Katie nodded, a bit nervous.

I lay on top of Sarah, kissing her deeply as I played with her breasts, enjoying the weight of them. Soon, she was sighing into my mouth, and began to grind her hips against my thigh, wanting more stimulation. I invited Katie to play with Sarah's breasts, toying with the nipples as I kissed my way down my small lover's body. I teased her when I was finally between her legs, licking her thighs gently causing her body to writhe as she craved the touch in her most sensitive place. Then I let my tongue run gently up her slit, circling slowly around her clit before sucking on it gently. Moans escaped her lips as she finally got what she wanted. She bucked her hips against me, and I slowly inserted one and then two fingers inside her. She was already so wet; her warm cunt gave me easy access. I expected her to moan more, but I didn't hear anything from her. When I looked up, I saw Katie kissing her deeply, their tongues probing each other as Katie continued to play with Sarah's soft globes. I kept working Sarah's tender parts, making her moan into Katie's mouth as her climax crashed over her.

As she was recovering, Katie and I started to kiss, letting Sarah catch her breath. Katie was a more delicate kisser than Sarah, nervous but yielding. Her voluptuous lips parted for me, our tongues gently caressing each other. I let my hand wander down her back and over her hip, exploring her curves. It was strange, kissing this other woman over my girlfriend's body, yet it was incredibly exciting. Sarah soon wiggled herself out of bed, going to her nearby food stash to get some drinks for us. This promised to be a busy night, and we needed to stay hydrated. We paused for sips of sprite between kisses, the bubbles tickling our sensitive lips.

Katie lay on the bed, after sitting up to drink, and I resumed my soft kisses. Sarah helped team up on her, fondling her small breasts, kissing those hardening buds. Soon Katie was breathing more heavily, and Sarah slowly began to lick her way down Katie's stomach, playfully sticking her tongue in the indentation of the belly button, before continuing down to between her legs. Katie was clearly reluctant, but her body was decided instead of her mind; her legs spread, allowing Sarah easy access between them. Taking her time, Sarah kissed softly all around Katie's nether region. When she finally slid her tongue between Katie's lower lips, licking up her slit until her tongue found Katie's clit, I felt the shock wave go through Katie's body. I let my hands wander over her body, holding her while also caressing her smooth skin. She kissed me deeper as Sarah brought her more and more pleasure. Soon, all her inhibitions were disappearing, as her hands groped for my breasts, her hips bucking against Sarah's little mouth. When she finally got her orgasm, she broke our kiss, moaning out loud, expressing her overwhelming pleasure.

She didn't want to be left alone though to recover, something that I thought all women except I wanted. Unlike Sarah, she kept kissing me deeply and her hand actually wandered from my left breast, down my body. She slid one finger into my slit, and pulled away from our kiss just to grin and comment on how wet I was. She started sliding her finger inside me, and all of a sudden I felt a mouth against my clit. I looked down to see Sarah there, looking up at me as her tongue worked against my pleasure button. I moaned, and asked Sarah for more. Katie looked at me with surprise, clearly wondering what I meant by more. Her unasked question was soon answered when Sarah pulled a dildo out from under her bed.

Looking back, it wasn't an especially large plastic cock, but for my virgin body, it was huge. Sarah positioned it in front of my juicy entry, and slowly eased it inside me. I groaned and grabbed Katie, kissing her deeply to muffle the sounds of my moans. Soon, Sarah was thrusting it quickly in and out of me, her small body rocking with the motion to have the strength to do it hard enough. Katie roughly grabbed my breasts, toying with my nipples. She broke our kiss so her tongue could instead probe my other wet entry. When her tongue made contact with my clit, I felt like I would explode, full as I was with that fake cock, my clit being licked by a beautiful woman. I looked up into Sarah's eyes as my muscles started to spasm, my body being thrown into the waves of sensation washing over me. She had a strange look on her face, which I would not understand for a long time, but soon she shook it away, leaning over me instead of kiss me deeply.

The three of us fell asleep together that night, our arms and legs entangled. When I woke up the next morning, Katie wasn't in bed with us, had already gone for breakfast. Sarah and I saw her, and while she was grateful for the sexual discovery, she told us that she didn't want to be a third wheel in our relationship; she wanted sexual experimentation without worrying about caring so deeply for someone. We understood, and stayed friendly with her, but were also happy that our partnership had not changed because of the experiences of that night.

The next few days went by faster than I could have imagined, and soon it was time to say goodbye to Sarah, to have miles between us. Her face had been clouded the entire last week, and I assumed it was because of the impending goodbye. She held me close, telling me that she didn't want us to be separated. I knew that the miles between us would be a real obstacle, that I probably would not see her for many months, if not a whole year. It was heartbreaking and we cried, but soon I was driving away in the opposite direction.

Even now, when I think back to her, remember that delicate frame, her pixie smile and that distinct smell she had, I find myself so aroused. I can still remember what it felt like to kiss her, and how I felt like the most important person in the world when she would look up into my eyes. Things are different now, but those memories remain the same.

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