tagLetters & TranscriptsSummer Camp Letters #01

Summer Camp Letters #01



Was it really this morning that I saw you last? God it feels like forever! I wanted to kiss you so much at the buses, but I knew I couldn't. You had to wear the jeans didn't you? If there hadn't been a swarm of parents and children, I would have dropped to my knees and sucked your cock until you came. I would have deep throated you and hummed while my hands massaged your big balls. Then I would have slapped the tip against my tongue stud before going back to deep throating. You know I would have smiled when you shot your load down my throat. I miss you so much. I have no idea how we're going to survive the summer apart.

We arrived at camp on time and the entire waterfront staff had to help unload the buses. We finally got to our cabin and set up our things. I'm in a room alone and that is great for two reasons. First off, it means I can organize it exactly the way I want. Secondly, it means I can masturbate at night and no one will hear. Well, actually, they might hear, but I'll be quiet. Don't laugh. I know you're laughing as you read that. I can stay quiet when I want to. The only time I wasn't quiet was that time at your grandmothers. I wasn't expecting you to finger fuck me so quickly. You know I'm sorry that we got caught that time.

After we unpacked, we went down to the waterfront to start our training. We had to swim laps and practice all our lifeguarding skills. It was so easy for me since I've worked at an indoor pool all summer. Sandy is such a loser though. She just got her qualifications to be a lifeguard and she knows nothing. She's blonde and I wanted to strangle her. I mean she's such a dumb blonde. Yeah don't laugh. I know I'm blonde, but I'm not stupid. I'm dating you aren't I?

I wore that cute red two-piece you like. It's the one with the high cut bottoms and the low cut top. It's the one that pushes my breasts together to create what you called the perfect cleavage. It was the one I wore when we went to the beach a few weeks ago.

O.K., baby. I'm touching myself now. I have to do it. I'm so horny thinking about what we did at the beach. I loved fucking in the sand, even though I had sand in my hair for weeks. I loved how you thrusted into me as the sun made our skin hot and sweaty. Your chest looked so sexy and that nipple ring you have is so damn cute. It was so hot to fuck outside and I loved how you came all over my naked tanned body. I hated that I had to wash it off in the water, but since we did it again in the water it was all right.

So I'm rubbing my clit with my left hand as I write this. I'm so wet I'm dripping on my sheets. I wished you were on the beach with me today. We could have gone swimming and I could have sucked your cock like I did last time. Remember how I went under water and sucked you off. You came so quick it was so hot.

I just tasted my juices and I taste so good. Now I understand why you love licking me all the time. If you were here right now we'd be fucking so hard. The rooms have bunk beds so we'd need to cuddle close. If I was riding your cock, I'd be pressed up against you or leaning forward so you could suck on my nipples. You do love my nipples don't you? You're like a little baby when you suck on them and you know I love it. The feeling of my rock hard nipple between your teeth is such a turn on. Fuck I need to cum.

O.K. baby so I just came. I couldn't take it anymore so I got on my hands and knees and rubbed my clit until I came. It didn't take long. The whole time I imagined you thrusting your huge cock inside my pussy. I love your cock -- you know that right?

I have to go to sleep now. We have training the next three days before the first campers show up. I hope you are having a great time at camp as well and I can't wait to read your first letter. I'm going to get such a great tan this summer. When we get to see each other, I'll let you lick all my tan lines. I know you'll want to lick other parts of my body, but you can start with my tan lines.



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