tagLetters & TranscriptsSummer Camp Letters #03

Summer Camp Letters #03



You are such a fucking idiot. Do you really think that I'm going to say yes to you fucking some random girl? You know there are a few guys at this camp and I have not even flirted with them. Jason is one of the maintenance guys and he wants to fuck me so badly. I bet you asked that question because you already did it? Did you? Fuck you are so lucky that I can't call you because the whole camp would hear me screaming.

I hate you so much right now. I can just imagine you letting her suck your cock. I bet you're making her deep throat and I bet you think she'll swallow. Not all girls like to swallow. I hate it actually. I only swallow when your cock is in my throat. That way I don't have to taste your disgusting semen. I have such a great tan already and there is no way I'm letting you lick my tan lines. No part of you is ever coming close to my perfect little fuckable body.

I fucked George. He knows why I did it and I want to tell you in exact detail how I fucked him. You think you can ask nicely about fucking someone else without me caring? So George is the camp director. You know the guy who is like forty with the cute blonde hair and huge muscles on his arms and legs. He used to be a body builder and still keeps in great shape. After reading your letter, I stormed off into the woods to have some time alone. I was crying and so upset. I hate you so much Jordan! George was doing push-ups in a clearing and I decided, at that exact moment, we would fuck.

He came over and comforted me and the next thing I knew I was sitting in his lap kissing him. God he knows how to kiss. He was rubbing my back and he kept mumbling how badly he wanted me. I got on my knees and sucked him off. His cock was huge. Well, actually, I bet his cock is average, but compared to your tiny little cock it seems huge. I could barely deep throat it and he was nice enough not to cum in my mouth. I stood up and pulled down my shorts and panties. To answer your question, yes, I'm keeping my pussy waxed this summer. It's bare and smooth and was so wet right before George fucked me. You will never see that pussy again though. Only in your dreams.

The moment George saw my pussy he picked me up and spun me upside down. It was like a fucking porn video. There I was being held upside down while he licked my pussy. All I could do was lick the tip of his cock. We could have been caught at any time, but we didn't care. He licked me until I came and then spun me around. He thrusted his cock inside me and it felt so good. He stretched me so much and bounced me around as he stood up.

He came inside me and I loved the feeling of his hot cum flooding my pussy. He grunted so loudly. By that time, I had cum at least three times. I lost count after I blacked out. So after he came and my legs stopped shaking, he put me back down and we headed back to the cabins. I want to fuck him again so badly.

Did you actually read all of that? I doubt it. I bet you didn't even open this letter, but I don't care. I loved writing out for you exactly how George and I fucked. I might start a diary for the summer writing all the times and places we fuck.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to start flirting with Jason as well. I mean, I might as well fuck the only two guys at camp. I hope you have a horrible summer. I doubt any girl will want to fuck you and I bet Tiffany is only teasing you because you're gullible. Are you crying now? I bet you are. You were always so emotional. You know I loved how romantic and sappy you were when we first started dating, but it was really annoying after three years.

O.K. I reread what I wrote and I sound like such a bitch. I'm sorry Jordan. I really can't deal with being away from you all summer. Can we just pretend we're not dating? That way you can go fuck Tiffany all you want, I can have my fun with Jason and George, and everyone will be happy.

I won't fuck anyone else until I hear from you. God I do miss you.


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