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Summer Camp Letters #04



Please forgive me baby. I read your whole letter and was so sad. I did cry and I'm sorry I'm such a wimp. I didn't fuck Tiffany. I promise. I know I said I wanted to, but I was just teasing. I'm so lonely baby. Her boyfriend showed up a few days ago and demanded she quit her job. He was big and scary and was actually really old. He was practically forty, which was disgusting.

Our camp director is furious that she just quit and after she left, he decided I had to do all the office crap. So here I am stuck in the office all day long when all I wanted to do was be outside fixing crap. I miss you so badly and wish I didn't make you feel so jealous.

I didn't mean to make you mad. Please baby! It killed me to read about what you and George did. If you just wrote it to make me mad, I'll be fine with that. I hope it was made up. If you wanted to hurt me it worked. I love you so much sweetie.

With all this added stress, I haven't jerked off in over a week. I want to so badly, but have decided to wait. I agree we should stop dating for the summer and then get back together in September. Don't tell me if you fuck anyone else. I know you said you wouldn't, but you can if you want. We'll just pretend we're best friends and then start dating again in September. If that is what we need to do so I can date you, I'm fine with that.

Work has been crazy, but I have written a few more songs. They are all about you princess. One is about waking up next to you and cuddling close. The other is about how beautiful you'll be on our wedding day.

I want to be with you so badly sweetie. I'd love to sneak into camp and sneak into your room. I would undress completely and then slide into bed. I'd lie on top of you and lick your neck. As I sucked softly on your skin, I'd massage your breasts. Once your nipples got hard, I'd suck on them hard, using my teeth to bite gently. I bet by this time you'd be awake.

Once you woke up, I'd sink three fingers deep into your pussy while I sucked on your clit. I love your clit so much. I'd flick my tongue against it while I tasted your juices. I love how you taste. It's so sweet and hot and I could get addicted. Yeah, I know. I am addicted.

I'd love to have you cum all over my fingers. I enjoy making you cum. I'd watch you as you came, knowing how you'd try to stay quiet. Your pussy would be pulsing so much and I know if I started rubbing your g-spot you'd go crazy. Once you finished cumming, I'd pull my dripping fingers out of your pussy and suck on them slowly. I know, by this time, you'd be stroking my cock.

God, baby, just thinking about all this has gotten me horny. I'm not touching my cock, but it's so hard right now. After I make you cum, I'd flip you onto your hands and knees and fuck you senseless. It would be so hard and rough and I wouldn't stop until you passed out. Remember the only other time we've done that? It was so hot when you couldn't take it any more. I know you whined about being sore and my cock was hurting too. Wasn't it worth it though? It was a great way to ring in the New Year. So yeah, I want to do that to you until we're both so tired.

I wish I could come visit you sweetie. I miss you so much. I hope you rub yourself as you read this letter. I want you to cum all over your fingers and know that when the summer is over we'll be back together.

I don't know if I can write letters to you now. Work is so busy I'm not out of the office until seven or eight in the evening. It's almost midnight and I'm so tired. If I don't write you any more letters for a while you'll know why. I almost want to quit this job, but I know if I did my parents would freak out. I need money for law school. Fuck, I wish we both had rich parents and then we could sit at the beach all summer instead of working at crappy summer camp jobs when we're in our twenties.

Your loving boyfriend,


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