Summer Ch. 01


Thin apartment walls: a blessing or a curse?

Wide awake and pondering that very question, I again looked over at the blood red digital display. That accursed clock on my nightstand was mocking me, I just knew it.

"That's right, you loser! It's now 2:13 a.m., and you're still staring at me!"

I shared a two-bedroom apartment with a guy named Bill, who had his girlfriend over that night. Despite having never met her, I already felt as if I knew her. For one thing, Bill had been bragging about her for months, constantly telling me that she was "so fun and so smart." He wouldn't shut up about how "nice" and "sweet" she was, and there would always be some new adventure where she supposedly drove him crazy with her lack of inhibition. Mostly, though, it was simply her "unbelievable hotness" that blew him away.

"Dude, I'm not even exaggerating. You'll see," he said smugly.

Typical Bill, bragging about a girlfriend, making her sound like she was Miss July or something. Unfortunately, at least as I saw things, he was occasionally right. Some of his girlfriends had been hot enough that I could have easily imagined them cavorting in the grotto at Hef's mansion. The way he talked about his new one though, damn, I had little doubt that whenever I finally did meet her in the flesh she would make me envious as fuck of him.

In the meantime, I'd already been introduced to one highly compelling aspect of her: how incredibly sexy she sounded when she was fucking.

It was those thin walls. I could hear her in Bill's room, fucking and talking, whispering and giggling. I could always hear just about everything. They tried to keep the noise down, but it was no use. Never mind the bedsprings squeaking and the headboard banging; I could literally hear her breathing, even her quiet breathing. Laughing, moaning, crying out, whatever, it was nearly as if I were there in the room with them.

If nothing else, I'd already decided that her breathing and her voice when she was fucking sounded every bit as hot as he'd described the rest of her. Just hearing that girl was driving me insane. I could only imagine how bad it would become once I met her, and I had a face and a body to go with that voice.

Her name was Summer. Of course it was. Summer. Who actually names their daughter Summer?

Yep, she really was driving me out of my mind, and I hadn't even met her yet.

~ ~ ~

It was 6:30 a.m., which meant that Bill had already left for work. It was still dark in the apartment, and I'd stumbled out of bed to go take a piss. Standing naked at the toilet while trying to aim my morning hard-on, I waited until I finally softened a little before letting loose.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open, and in walked Summer!

Oh, fuck. I'd forgotten that she'd spent the night. When I'd heard Bill shower and leave the apartment that morning, I'd gotten up to go, thinking I had the place to myself. I didn't need to turn the bathroom light on just to take a piss, not with the street lights providing sufficient illumination. Assuming I was alone, I also hadn't bothered to throw on any shorts, nor had I bothered to close the bathroom door.

Summer just came walking in, her hands fanning out her hair. Yawning, she was scratching her head, and all she had on was a men's dress shirt. Fortunately for me, she also hadn't felt any need to turn on the bathroom light.

Still, there I was, completely naked, holding my half-erect cock sidelong to her while taking a piss!

"Ohhh! Sorry!" she exclaimed.

Quickly spinning on her heels and bailing, she closed the door behind her on her way out.

'Christ…' I thought.

Finishing my business, I grabbed a bath towel and held it around my waist. When I opened the door, there she was, leaning against the hallway wall. She had a foot up against the doorframe, one knee bent and the other leg straight. Her arms were folded across her chest, and she wore a patient grin.

"Sorry about that. I didn't know anybody was in there."

"No, it was my fault," I said. "I should've closed the door. I spaced. I thought I was alone here."

"That makes two of us. I didn't know you were here either, so no need for apologies. Besides," she added, overtly looking me over, "I'm not that sorry."

'Wow! Did she really just say that?' I thought, grinning to myself.

"At least you didn't walk in on me, right? By the way, I'm Summer," she smiled, offering her hand in greeting.

'Yes, you definitely are,' I thought, though what I said was, "Pleased to meet you, Summer. I'm Bill's roommate, Jake."

I accepted her handshake while holding my towel around my waist with my other hand, and she giggled, "I guess you didn't realize I came over last night."

"Yeah, I know, I heard you two—" I started to say, regretting it before I'd even finished my sentence. "I mean Bill's told me all about you, so I figured, you know.…"

"It's okay, Jake. Bill told me he had a roommate, and I know these walls are pretty thin."

I noticed two things then. One, she remained smiling - nearly smirking - as she looked me up and down. Two, we were still holding hands.

"It's not just the bedroom walls either," she giggled. "You really needed to go, didn't you?"

Oh, Jesus, she'd been listening to me taking a piss!

Delighting in my embarrassment, she laughed, "I'm only kidding! I was just getting up to, well, you know, go myself."

That entire time, I'd been standing in the bathroom doorway. When she released my hand, I put it up high on the doorframe.

"Excuse me, but nature calls to little girls too!" she giggled, ducking beneath my arm and brushing my hip with hers while sliding by me into the bathroom. When she leaned down, she also turned towards me; for a brief moment her shirt opened, treating me to a quick glimpse of deep cleavage and bare thighs as she pressed her breasts against my ribs.

"Excuse me," she smiled again, once she was past me. Stooping to sit on the toilet, she pulled her shirt over what looked to be a bare hip. "I'll just be a second, then I'll be right out."

I took that as my cue to close the door and give her some privacy. Good thing, too, as I was already becoming hard again due to our sexy encounter.

Back in my room, I'd dropped the towel and was just starting to put on some gym shorts when I heard a light tapping on my door. I opened it, and there she stood, smiling shyly as she watched me finish sliding my shorts over my hips. I really should've adjusted my cock to make it less obvious. I was still kind of hard, which she couldn't have missed.

She hadn't. "I just wanted to say how glad I am that we finally got to meet, although we probably shouldn't tell Bill about…this…" she said, conspicuously grinning at my erection, then she glanced at her own unbuttoned shirt before looking back up to my face.

"Umm, no problem," I said uncertainly.

"I mean it's not like we did anything wrong, you know. I didn't try to see your…ummm, I mean, walk in on you in the bathroom. Me, dressed like this, and you, the way you your towel, I meant."

With her hands clasped behind her back like an innocent little pixie, she was just sort of stammering while shifting her feet back and forth. Her top was buttoned in the middle, but that was it, and the way she moved inside her shirt was driving me batshit crazy.

"No, you're right, this probably wasn't how he planned on introducing us," I added charitably.

I didn't know why, but I was already feeling...guilty? I also felt that I was getting this weird vibe from her, like she was wanting me to cover for her with Bill.


"Anyway," she chirped, "I just wanted to say hi, and good morning. It's been fun meeting you. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of each other!"

She turned and ran down the hall, which I found both surprising and utterly adorable.

~ ~ ~

At a very youthful-appearing twenty-six, Summer looked just like Isla Fisher, Vince Vaughn's redheaded love-interest in Wedding Crashers.

She had the same long, thick hair, as well as the same lush, curvy body. She was slim and tight yet somehow still voluptuous, with the same gorgeous white smile that was seemingly always on display. She definitely had the same mischievous sparkle in her eyes. Though Summer had Isla's rich auburn mane, she didn't have the typical redhead's fair skin and freckles. Due to her mixed Irish-Italian ancestry she was that rare redhead with green eyes and a golden brown complexion.

She absolutely had Isla's crazy, infectious enthusiasm and playfulness. Like a human hummingbird, her motor constantly pinned to redline, she was a perpetual fountain of unbridled happiness and positive energy. A five-foot-seven curvy little dervish, she was all hips and tits, with wild hair and a perfect ass to die for, topped off by her never-ending cherry smile.

Truly, she seemed more sexy elf than human girl. I could've easily pictured her in green velvet, with pointy ears and shoes, baking up thousands of delicious erotic cookies.

The only time she wasn't Miss Bubbly Sunshine was when I'd hear her fucking; then she sounded warm and sultry. Her breathing, her moans, even her words, they all took on a deeper, smokier timbre. It was such a hot transformation, the way she would go from being a giggly girl to a lust-filled slut of a woman once she began to fuck.

She was like a drug.

~ ~ ~

A few days passed before I saw her again. She was a Pilates instructor who worked all over the city, and for the most part she came by or stayed over whenever her work schedule encouraged it. What that basically meant was she crashed at our place any time she didn't feel like going home to the apartment she shared way out in the 'burbs with some flaky roommate.

It was the following Saturday morning, and she and Bill were puttering around in the kitchen when I came in to have breakfast. While Bill was dressed for his big weekend golf getaway with his buddies, Summer was only wearing a tiny pair of royal blue satin tap panties and a tight white belly-shirt. The tap panties were amazingly low cut, and damn were they loose around her legs. The thinness of her white top made it abundantly clear that she was braless, and either the kitchen was really cold or she was very happy to see us that morning because her proud, beautifully long and thick nipples were standing out quite prominently.

And it certainly wasn't cold.

"Hey," I said, walking into the kitchen. "I didn't hear you guys come in last night."

"Yeah, we tried to be quiet," Bill said.

"This time," Summer joked, kicking him under the table.

Chuckling, he said, "Summer told me you two already introduced yourselves a few days ago."

Summer quickly looked at me before looking back at Bill. Picking up on her unspoken message, I said, "Yeah, we met after you went to work. We sort of ran into each other in the hall."

Summer said, "I trust you slept better last night, Jake? No noisy people keeping you up all night this time, I hope."

Bill pulled her into his lap. "Oh, c'mon, babe, we tried to be quiet!"

"You mean you tried to be quiet!" she laughed. "You don't want Jake to hear you, yet you sure don't seem to mind him getting an earful of me!"

"That's true. Why should I?" he smirked.

"You're such a retard. Maybe Jake here doesn't want to be kept up all night by jungle noises, did you ever consider that?" she grinned, slyly turning to me.

"I slept just fine last night, Summer, thanks."

"I'm glad. I'd hate to impose on you."

"Oh, please!" Bill exclaimed in good-natured exasperation. "Summer, enough with the crocodile tears over poor Jake! He's a grown man, for crying out loud. I'm sure he can handle a little noise."

Summer grinned again at me, even poking her tongue through her lips. "Oh, I'm very well aware that he's a grown man. That's not the point, though, and you know it. How would you like it if you had to listen to, you know...if you had to listen to him?"

"Why would I ever have to do that? I'm either gone, or asleep, or…" he started to say, before pausing with a shit-eating grin.

"'Or…' what?" laughed Summer. "Jeez, you're such a...guy!"

Still grinning, she climbed from his lap and went to the fridge.

Happy as a clam, Bill turned back to his newspaper and breakfast.

Smiling softly over her shoulder, Summer said, "Don't mind Bill. At least I care that you get your beauty sleep."

Bill just sniggered into his paper.

Summer glanced over at him before giving me a cute grin, then she went to her hands and knees to open a cabinet next to the fridge. Spreading her legs, she bent all the way down, poking her head inside the cabinet. She made a bunch of racket as she rummaged around, looking for whatever it was she was searching for in there.

All I knew was that her ass was sticking way up in the air not five feet from me, and Bill had his back to her. Her tiny tap panties had tightened enticingly over her ass and pussy mound, making it obvious she wore nothing else. Damn, the shape of her full pussy including the split of her lips was detailed to perfection.

She stretched one leg straight towards me as she reached deeper into the cabinet, which gave me a quick shot into her panties. All I could see was a shadow of pink inside her open panty leg; I couldn't see any details, but it was also obvious she was shaved.

She apparently found what she was looking for, and while still on her knees, basically doggie-style, she scooted out backwards with her raised ass sliding right towards me.

Holy fuck, she was amazing.

"Feel like eating something, Jake?" she asked, smiling sweetly as she showed me the pan she'd found.

I knew she'd said it that way on purpose. She was definitely teasing me, and I returned her smile. "That sounds excellent. I'll eat whatever you're offering."

She bounced around the kitchen for a few minutes before placing a plate in front of me. Leaning over to scoop an omelet onto my plate, she pressed her heavy breast into my bare shoulder. Her hair smelled incredible, even over the wonderful aroma of the food. When she stood again, she slid her breast across my shoulder, and I could feel her erect nipple through her thin top.

"Satisfactory?" she asked, giving me a sunny grin.

"Very," I said, looking pointedly at her and not my food. Her breasts were absolutely mouthwatering in that skimpy top. For more than a few moments she just let me take her all in; from her bare legs to her barely covered pussy, over her sexy stomach, all the way up to her gorgeously swelling breasts with their very erect nipples.

"Good," she smiled, once my eyes had finally returned to hers. "It's the least I can do."

When Bill looked over his shoulder to tell her his breakfast was great too, she quickly turned away. Once he returned to his paper, she turned back to me with a hot smile and silently mouthed, "Behave."

Again…damn. She was killing me. Whatever she was doing, she wanted me to play her game, and she wanted us to do it without Bill knowing.

Standing at the sink rinsing dishes, she asked, "Bill, what are we going to do about my car today? Will you be able to run me over to pick it up?"

"Oh, fuck," he said.

Bill was obviously thinking about his golf weekend, and wanting to get going. He was already dressed and just about ready to leave.

"What's up with your car?" I asked.

"It's at the dealer getting the moonroof fixed. I have the day off today, so it's no biggie, but I need to go pick it up."

"I'm not doing anything important today, so I can run you over to get it."

Bill gave me a quick thumbs-up behind her back.

"Are you sure? I mean, after the other night…." Grinning, she kicked Bill again. "I don't want to be any more of an imposition to you. First I rob you of a good night's sleep, and now you're my taxi service?"

"It's really no biggie. Just let me know when you wanna go."

"See, babe," chuckled Bill, "I told you he didn't mind hearing us the other night."

"You mean hearing me! That was so embarrassing! Why didn't you tell me Jake was right there in the next room?"

"I dunno. Must've slipped my mind. I was kinda distracted there, you know."

"Slipped your mind? Suuuuure it did. You probably wouldn't mind if I ran around here naked," she grinned, casting a flirty glance my way.

"Why would I mind? I certainly have no problem with watching you run around naked," he said into his paper, appearing quite pleased with himself.

"I'm talking about him, you dork," she smirked. Spreading her arms behind her, she leaned back against the counter. Smiling as she offered me the full view of her mind-blowing body, she added, "I hadn't even met Jake yet, and already he was hearing me fuck."

It was definitely a good thing I was sitting at the table. Between the visual show she'd given me, the feel of her breast on my shoulder, and the way she was smiling as she described herself fucking, I was as hard as a rock, and my little running shorts weren't doing a damn thing to disguise my condition.

"If you don't want him to hear you, I guess you need to make less noise," Bill teased, enjoying her embarrassment. "Either that, or just accept it, and don't worry about it. Like you said…thin walls."

"Okay, I'm outta here," I grinned.

I got up and walked behind the table so Bill wouldn't see the erection his girlfriend had given me. He didn't see it, but Summer sure did. Though I tried to scoot my way by without showing her the front of my shorts, she still caught a glimpse of the huge tent I'd created. Her eyes widened, then she brought her hand to her mouth, suppressing a giggle.

As I moved past her, she whispered happily, "Ooops! Sorry!"

~ ~ ~

Still buzzing over her, I'd showered and gotten dressed. Bill was long gone, and Summer was waiting for me in the living room. She was simply standing there, incredibly gorgeous and sexy in a white sundress with yellow flowers. I couldn't help but think, 'As short as that tiny dress is now, it's going to be absolutely deadly when she sits down or bends over.' It was also low cut on top, which she emphasized by wearing a push-up bra that highlighted her already ample breasts. She had her hair down and loose, and she finished off her breezy ensemble with a pair of white sandals.

She looked like a happy song.

"Ready to take me now?" she asked with a warm, inviting smile.

"Sure. I'm ready if you are."

"Let me just grab my things," she grinned, leaning down to pick up her backpack from the couch.

Man, what beautiful breasts…so full…so firm.

A few moments later we were pulling out of the apartment complex, and I asked, "Okay, so where are we going?"

"Just head over to the auto mall. My car's at the dealer there."

As soon as we were on the road, she kicked off her sandals, tilted her seat back and put her feet up on the dashboard. "Mmmm, it's such a nice day. I just love the feeling of the sun on my legs, don't you? Thank you so much for taking me. You're so sweet to go out of your way like this for me."

"No problem," I grinned, and it really wasn't. I would have gladly driven her to Timbuktu if it meant she'd keep her feet up on the dash like that. The top was down on my convertible, and the wind was rippling her dress all over the place. She was holding her hands in her lap so her dress wouldn't fly up over her hips, but I was still getting an incredible view of her golden brown thighs.

"I better be careful with this dress, huh? People might get to see more than they bargained for," she giggled, smiling as she leaned back and stretched her arms over her head. Her dress instantly flew up, showing off her white lace thong. Laughing, she quickly shot her hand down into her lap. "See? A girl's got to be careful in this car! That's why you took the top down, wasn't it? Pretty sneaky."

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