Summer Ch. 02


"So, Jake, where do you normally take your naked, horny girls to show them off?"

Summer was grinning as her fingertips flirted with both the shoulder strap of her top and the incredibly short hem of her skirt. She was turned to face me, her bare legs draped over the center console of the car. Though the wind was flapping her skirt again, all I could see were acres of smooth, tanned thigh; she had her hand on the hip that was facing up, preventing me from being able to see beneath her skirt.

"Well, Summer, I've found that most naked, horny girls enjoy being taken to places that are ideal for people-watching, such as busy restaurants on the beach with crowded bars and sexy nightclubs."

"Ooh, I love the beach. It's a good thing it's a warm night out, too. Figuring you wouldn't want me covered up, I didn't bring a sweater. Is this what you normally do, Jake? Make women dress up for you...and be bad for you?"

"Summer, I'm appalled at such an accusation! Bad? We haven't been the least bit bad. You said so yourself."

She smiled mischievously. "Of course. My apologies. You're right, we really haven't done anything major. I mean, it's not as if you've fucked me yet."

Damn, the way she emphasized 'fucked' was like an arrow to my cock, but it was her conspicuous use of 'yet' that really got to me.

She continued, "We've been very good so far, I'd say. All we've done is a little spanking, but that's not cheating. Trying out a few sexy outfits, that's not being bad either, right?"

"Harmless fun, and all for a good cause, I might add."

Running her feet over the obvious bulge in my slacks, she gave me a teasing grin. "Mmmm-hmmmmm. Keeping you excited, so that big cock in your pants will stay nice and hard for me? I agree, that's a very good cause."

"Well, that too, but I'm talking about our little project here, remember? You want to know what turns guys on, so you can spice up your deal with Bill."

She gave me a wry smirk. "Yes, of course. This is all just for my 'deal with Bill.'"

"That's the spirit," I said, watching her.

Closing her eyes, she leaned back against the door and simply enjoyed the wind moving over her body. "This feels amazing. I love how I'm so tingly all over. I do wonder, though…."

"What's that?"

"I was just wondering whether you would really want me to dress this way if you and I were together, or is this all just a clever ploy of yours…a devious sort of payback for catching you naked and making you hard. I mean, seriously, my breasts are almost completely exposed in this top. The way you were staring at them earlier, when I let you see them totally naked, I thought you were going to take them into your mouth."

She glanced down at her top flipping around in the wind. Giving me a sexy grin, she hugged herself below her breasts; her crossed forearms pushed her amazing tits up and out of her top, fully exposing them.

She was deliberately offering me her bare breasts again.

'Holy fuck,' I thought.

I couldn't help but gawk, and she just continued showing them to me. "I let you see them completely naked…like this. I even let you spank my bare bottom. God, if only you would've kept going, I was about to cum, but you stopped too soon. Jake, are you just being bad, getting me to do all this for you?"

I was trying and failing to keep my eyes on the road.

"Not that I mind," she added, as together we stared at her erect nipples. "This feels absolutely wonderful, so thank you."

"It's my pleasure," I smiled, ever so magnanimously.

"By the way, did you ever get the answer to your question?" she asked, following a few moments of tense silence.

"My question?"

"Remember what you asked me just before we left?"

She was fairly beaming, and finally it dawned on me.

"No, not yet, unfortunately," I said, making a silly pouty-face for her.

"Ohhh, such a poor, depwived widdle child! Has Jakey not gotten to see his candy yet?" she cooed in an adorable baby-talk voice. "Okay, since you've been such a good boy so far, here's a widdle peek…."

Lifting her hips, she folded the top of her skirt over two times, shortening it even further. Then, grinning wickedly, she spun the entire skirt around her waist so that the opening over her left hip was positioned directly over her pussy. Lowering her ass back into the seat, she spread her legs before returning her feet to my lap.

"All better now?" she smiled, watching as I ogled her fully exposed crotch. "I guess it is," she giggled while massaging my cock again, using her toes and soles in a combined clenching and stroking motion.

She was in fact wearing panties; pure white silk bikini panties that matched her silk skirt. If ever a slutty-looking, impossibly beautiful woman could somehow manage to appear angelic while sitting with her legs spread and her panty-clad pussy fully exposed, well, there she was.

"I'm thinking this is another thing we probably shouldn't tell Bill," she said, with a playful sparkle in her eyes. "I don't know that it would be all that brilliant to let him find out that you're asking if I'm wearing panties, and I'm answering by lifting my skirt and spreading my legs while using my feet to play with your hard cock. He might think we're being flirty."

She'd dropped her hand to her panties, where she was lightly touching her silky mound. I was struggling not to stare at her pussy, but her tanned thighs were just so fucking gorgeous leading up to that tiny patch of shining white at the top.

She smiled sweetly. "Eyes on the road, mister. We need you to get us there in one piece."

Once she saw that I'd managed to drag at least a fraction of my attention back to my driving, she purred, "So does this turn you on, Jake? Me, wearing this outfit, being nearly naked...just for you. This is something I've never worn for anyone else. I even debated whether to go without panties too, and now I'm almost wishing that I had. Mmmm, imagine if I'd left them at home. Instead of seeing my little panties, you'd be staring at my bare, wet pussy right now. What do you think? Would this excite you? I mean...if you were Bill?"

She gave me another wicked grin.

"I definitely wasn't sure whether you were wearing any," I said, trying to keep the discussion light. "How did you decide?"

"I guess I just chickened out. I didn't want us to be too bad, plus I thought it might be more fun to tease you this way. Also, it's not like you haven't already seen me in panties."

"Have I? Yeah, I guess when you were in your bedroom, after I helped you pull your pants off. I wasn't sure this morning, with those little blue ones."

"Had you looked up a moment sooner after we took my pants off on the bed, you would've seen a lot more than just my panties," she smiled. "This morning, how did it look when I was down on my knees, bent at the waist? Did those look like normal tap pants, or did you think they were panties?"

"To be honest, I couldn't tell. Whatever they were, I was just surprised to see you wearing them in front of me, especially with Bill there."

She gave me a sweet, sexy smile. "Can I tell you a secret? You're right. Bill wasn't happy about the idea of me wearing them in the kitchen. He said the leg holes are so loose that I"

"So what made you decide to wear them?"

"I think it was him not wanting me to," she laughed. "That's bad, huh?"

"Well, those leg holes are kind of open," I offered diplomatically. "If Bill is a little possessive, I can see where he might not want his gorgeous girlfriend wearing those little panties while bending and stretching in front of his roommate."

"Do you really think I'm gorgeous, Jake?"

God, my cock was as hard as a diamond, and she squeezed it with her feet.

"Impossibly gorgeous. Achingly gorgeous," I smiled.

"Getting back to your question," she said, beaming at her handiwork, "yes, those tiny tap pants are in fact panties. I wanted to wear panties in front of you. Do you think the leg holes are too loose, though? I mean could you see anything bad? If I were your woman, would you let me wear those around your roommate?"

"No, no, and yes," I grinned.

"No, you don't think the leg holes are too loose?"


"No, you couldn't see anything bad?"

"'Bad' would be the very last word I'd ever use to describe what I saw, so I stand by my answer, Your Honor!"

She grinned. "And you'd let me wear those around your roommate?"

"Correct again. I wouldn't mind. I'd love it."

"But you did see...something. Was it when I bent way over, or when I kicked my leg back towards you?"

She gave me the most awesome sly smile.

"Yes," I said, returning her smile. "Very niiiice panties, Summer."

"Ooh, you're horrible. Anyway, I'll have you know that I have much sexier panties than those. Not that you deserve to see me in them, since you're being bad!"

"So that means you won't wear panties around me? Sweet! It's gonna be a pantiless Summer! Woohooo!"

"Jake!" she guffawed. "That's not what I meant, and you know it!"

"That's how I heard it," I said smugly.

"Okay, so if that's the case, does this mean you're going to be all sad because I wore panties tonight? I take it you don't like me in these panties…" she pouted, smiling devilishly as she spread her legs and slipped her fingertips inside. "They look pretty on me, don't they?" she teased, stroking her slit. "If I were a guy, seeing this would turn me on. Doesn't this turn you on? It's definitely working for me. I'm very wet, even despite these evil panties!"

Her laugh was just so perfect, and she looked like the very definition of 'sexy' as she touched herself while rubbing my hard-on with her feet.

"You're not fooling me, Jake. Your throbbing cock is saying you aren't all that disappointed by my wearing panties. In fact, I think I should just lean over there and—"

We were startled by the massively loud blast of the big rig's air horn. While I merely flinched, Summer nearly shot out of her seat. Looking over her shoulder, she saw the trucker leering down at her as he paced us. She had her legs spread and her skirt pulled up, and her hand was still inside her panties. Her breasts were fully exposed.

Squealing cutely as she slammed her legs shut, she quickly pulled her top over her nipples and laughed, "Are we there yet?"

~ ~ ~

"One thing…" I said, as we pulled into the restaurant's parking lot. "Remember that whenever you get in or out of a car, or come to your feet at the table or take a seat at the bar, or even when you merely lean over to speak or to listen, you are not to hold your top closed. Always act natural and carefree. No matter what you're exposing, just keep on smiling and being your stunningly beautiful self."

"Yes, Master. Shall I also dance atop the bar?" Grinning, she playfully punched me in the ribs. "You really are bad, aren't you? What am I going to do with you, Jake? Here I am, all sweet and innocent, trying to behave myself, but noooooo, Jake wants me naked. Jake wants the whole world to see me naked."

"The whole world should be so lucky," I said with a sincere smile, and she happily soaked in the praise.

As I pulled up to the valet service, a young kid rushed around to my side of the car. After I got out and handed him the keys, I whispered to Summer, "Are you planning on leaving your skirt rolled up and twisted to the front like that?"

"Ohhh! Thanks for reminding me!" she exclaimed, giggling with embarrassment. Grinning, she quickly lifted her ass and spun her skirt back around; she left it folded up twice at the waistband, though, so it was still obscenely short. I was also pretty sure that she hadn't spun it back all the way, and my suspicions were confirmed when the valet opened her door for her. As she swung her legs out to exit the car, I saw that her entire left thigh was revealed where she hadn't covered it with the skirt. Placing one foot on the ground, she momentarily spread her legs, and the flash of white over her pussy was unmistakable.

Her rolled-up skirt was so short that it didn't quite cover her gorgeous ass, leaving the bare, supple curves of her flawless bottom temptingly exposed. I could see her beautiful split at the tops of her thighs, where only a tiny strip of white satin covered her pouting pussy.

I don't think the valet even noticed her skirt, though, since he was so thoroughly fixated on her amazingly open top! As he escorted her from the car, she leaned forward while staring unblinkingly into my eyes. The three of us were keenly aware that her top had fallen away from her chest, completely exposing her bare breasts and stomach down to below her belly button. Her naked tits swayed beautifully within her gaping drape, and all she did was grin.

For those few brief moments, she was gloriously topless in front of a fine restaurant.

"Thank you," she smiled to the boy, who just gawped slack-jawed at her boobs. She reached up and demurely pulled her top over one naked breast, allowing the other to remain fully exposed.

Grinning happily, she took my hand. "Shall we?" she giggled again, and we rolled on into the restaurant.

Once we were inside, she squeezed herself against my arm. "Is that how I'm supposed to do it?" she smiled, as we stood waiting to be seated.

"You were perfect! Bravo!" I said, clapping for her.

"Bravo? Does that mean I should take a bow?" she laughed, and of course she couldn't resist. Directly in front of the hostess she performed a deep curtsy, one hand holding mine while the other swept out dramatically to her side, again baring her breasts.

The hostess gasped, then she applauded just the way I had. "Wow!" she exclaimed. "I wish I could wear something like that! You're absolutely gorgeous!"

Summer gave her a warm smile. "Why thank you, and who says you can't? Nothing's stopping you."

"My boyfriend would go completely postal if I ever wore something like that in public…" she responded in an urgent, conspiratorial whisper.

"Then get a new boyfriend. You're very beautiful, and you should be encouraged to enjoy being so gorgeous," Summer said.

The hostess practically melted at her words, then she asked me, "You don't mind other men seeing your wife like this? Really?"

Summer and I laughed. Reading the girl's name tag, I said, "Ashley, no, I don't mind. She's absolutely beautiful tonight, don't you think?"

"Oh god yes! She's the hottest woman I've ever seen!"

"Besides," Summer grinned, "we're not married."

"That's true," I said to Ashley. "She's actually my roommate's girlfriend. Fact is, we've only just recently met."

"Don't let him try to fool you, though," smiled Summer. "He swears that he'd show me off like this even if we were married. I think I'm even beginning to believe him."

Ashley just sort of stood there in a fog as she took it all in and mulled it over. "Your roommate's girlfriend?" she finally asked.

Summer shot her a happy smile. "Yes, I'm his roommate's girlfriend. Tonight is our first date, and we're doing a great job so far of not being bad! We're being really good, right Jake?"

She snuggled into my shoulder, and I couldn't help but snicker.

I think our befuddled hostess was more than a little relieved when a waitress arrived to escort us to our table.

After we were seated in a booth with a beautiful view of the ocean, Summer took my hand. "This is so much fun, Jake! I'm having a total blast!"

"You're a force of nature, that's for sure!"

"Speaking of forces of nature, how's Captain Commando doing down there?" she grinned, leaning over to check out my lap. When she caught me looking down her top, she smiled teasingly. "Enjoying the view?"

"Absolutely," I said, returning her grin.

"So am I. It's magnificent…" she said, eyeing my erection. She made a big show of ogling my tented slacks, then she grabbed a napkin from the table and placed it over my lap, finishing with a playful pat on my cockhead. "We must always be neat and tidy. Oh, gosh!" she giggled, peering down at her bare chest. "I have nowhere to tuck in my napkin!"

Dinner was a riot, especially when seventeen different waiters along with the manager, the chef and even the local florist all came over to make certain that Summer was enjoying her dining experience.

She was eating up all that attention, leaning forward on her forearms to expose her breasts every time someone spoke to her. One continually hovering waiter especially pleased her when she had to thank him and let him know that the nine tabs of butter he'd distractedly doled out onto her plate were probably more than enough for her one little dinner roll.

The other highlight of dinner was when Summer saw our hot brunette server approaching our table with our salads.

"I'm not going to be the only one on display tonight…" she grinned, unzipping my slacks. After pulling my semi-hard cock out and giving it a firm squeeze, she took a tab of butter and began stroking me with it, treating me to a slippery handjob right there in the restaurant.

"Mmmm, you really do have a gorgeous cock, Jake," she whispered, as the waitress neared our booth. Summer replaced the napkin over my dick but kept her hand there, conspicuously stroking up and down. When the pretty brunette arrived at our table, Summer gave her yet another sweet smile.

"Very nice. I see you're enjoying your dinner," the beautiful young girl said, returning Summer's smile.

"Yes, very much so. You have the best appetizers here," grinned Summer, pulling the napkin away so the server could see her hand on my bare cock. Summer was leaning over quite far to stroke me, so we were also treated to a magnificent view of her unfettered breasts bobbling in sync with the movements of her arm. After giving the server a cute biting-her-lip look, she quickly took me into her mouth, moaning all down my shaft as she licked up the butter and otherwise just hungrily sucked my dick.

"Mmmm-hmmm, delicious appetizers," she repeated, lifting her head to smile again at the waitress before going right back down on me. While noisily slurping on the head, she began using her hand to pump my length into her mouth, her shining eyes never straying from our pretty server.

"I'll be back a little later to check on you two," the brunette grinned. "Try not to get too crazy, 'k? We have a bar and dance club upstairs where you can enjoy yourselves more fully following your dinner."

When she smiled and walked away, Summer covered me with the napkin before returning to her dinner with a sunny grin.

I stared at her in sheer wonder. "You're incredible, you know that?"

"I'm having so much fun!" she giggled, and I just loved the way she always giggled so freely, like a happy child opening her birthday presents.

She was an absolute doll.

When dinner was finally over, we headed upstairs. Checking out both places, we saw that the dance club was maybe half full. The bar was outside, with a nice view of the beach, and it was packed.

"Before we head inside, let's enjoy the ocean for a little while," she said, leading us towards an open spot at the bar.

Noticing all the heads turning to rubberneck in Summer's direction, I whispered to her, "Every single person here wishes they were me right now. You are absolutely amazing."

Smiling sexily, she added an extra bounce to her step. "I should probably turn my skirt around more. It's still showing too much, isn't it?" she whispered back.

"It's up to you, gorgeous. You're okay right now, but if you want to adjust it, that's fine too."

When we approached our seats at the bar, she reached for the top of the skirt and pulled it where the opening was in the center again, directly over her pussy! Grinning at my look of surprise, she hopped up onto the high stool and immediately crossed her legs. Her silk skirt slid away from her bare thighs, and her white panties shined as brightly as a searchlight illuminating a moonless sky.

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