tagInterracial LoveSummer Foursome in College Ch. 03

Summer Foursome in College Ch. 03


III: Shantell

At the historically black college, Shantell found herself around mostly other young blacks but there were white students attending as well. Shantell found the ratio comforting, as she had been surrounded by mostly white students during all four years of high school.

Shantell had been paired on assignments a few times with one of the white students, Bobby, and the two had developed a friendship as a result. Shantell often told Bobby of things in her life which in his lily-white suburb he couldn't imagine, and Bobby had become attracted to Shantell.

Bobby was an attractive youth, though he was what most would consider a nerd, and Bobby wouldn't disagree. Bobby did very well academically, but was very shy with the opposite sex. Only with Shantell was Bobby beginning to emerge from his shell.

Shantell loved to give Bobby advice on how to talk to women, and Bobby listened eagerly. The more time the two spent together, the more Bobby found himself attracted to Shantell.

Shantell could sense Bobby's growing attraction to her, and the thought of being the one to take Bobby out of his shyness, and possibly his virginity, excited her. Shantell knew she would have to make the first move, as Bobby was much too shy.

One night after the library closed, Shantell invited Bobby back to her dorm room. Shantell knew her roommate would be out with her boyfriend for most of the night, and Shantell could easily sneak Bobby in. "Oh-wow, really? I mean that would be cool," Bobby recovered after a moment to say.

"Yeah, Bobby, I really think we need to go over this fully. I mean, it could take all night for us to be fully ready," Shantell replied in the same seductive tone she had used on Mark on that summer night months ago. Narrowing her eyes, she added,"Don't worry; I'm a very patient teacher."

Maybe Bobby didn't know nerd was chic these days, but that didn't matter to Shantell. Shantell found herself lusting for Bobby from the day they had first worked on assignment together, but didn't want to give the young white boy that black girls were that easy.

Shantell guided Bobby slowly up the stairs to her empty dorm room. Once inside, Shantell turned on a lamp, then pressed Bobby against the door. "Welcome to my place," Shantell said slowly. "Let me make you feel at home." Shantell, looking Bobby in the eyes, slowly kneeled to the floor in front of him. Breathing heavy, Bobby watched her every move, instantly rock-hard after she said the words.

Shantell, still looking at Bobby, undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. After she slid down his boxers, Shantell got a much unexpected surprise from Bobby

"Oh my fucking god," Shantell said as she looked at the biggest white cock she had ever seen. Thick and hot to her touch, Shantell's eyes were wide with amazement as she slowly stroked Bobby's thick long cock.

"Oh fuck Shantell, you're so fucking hot," Bobby said, breathless as Shantell's strokes became faster.

"Can't believe you been hiding this from me Bobby. Bad boy," Shantell said after she recovered from her initial shock. "Let's wake him up some more."

Bobby gripped the door as Shantell lavished his hardening cock with her tongue and lips, looking up at him as she did. The sounds Bobby made excited Shantell more and more and she took off her top and jean shorts as she took Bobby's big cock deeper and deeper until his balls were on her thick lips.

Both naked, Bobby began to fuck Shantell's mouth, Shantell making gurgling and slurping sounds that pushed Bobby closer to orgasm. Shantell then took Bobby's long cock between her big round tits, and Bobby pushed her tits together as he moved faster and faster.

Then it was too much for Bobby, and he groaned loud and sprayed thick cum all over her brown tits, even hitting Shantell's chin. Shantell came as she felt Bobby's hot cum cover her tits, his hands still gripping them.

"Oh, Shantell, I'm sorry. It-It felt so good," Bobby began to stammer, and Shantell looked up at him and smiled.

"Never apologize during hot sex, big boy. That's lesson number one," Shantell said with a wink. "Besides, I know that's not all you got for me."

"Oh hell no, it's not Shantell," Bobby said with a grin, and his big cock was already hard again.

"Good, 'cause now it's my turn, baby boy," Shantell said slowly. Shantell sat in a chair and Bobby kneeled between her legs, licking and slurping her sweet juices as she gripped his head.

Bobby seemed to be more expert at this than Shantell had expected, and his tongue on her clit and fingers deep in her pussy were already bringing her to another orgasm. Shantell looked down at Bobby again in wide-eyed amazement as she came hard into his mouth.

"Holy fucking shit, Bobby. You know more than you let on, fucker," Shantell said, smiling and panting. Bobby looked at her, smiling with his lips covered in her juices. Bobby seemed transformed to Shantell's eyes, and as he rose and pulled her to him, she knew he had made the boy into a man.

"Oooo, come here Shantell," Bobby said in a confident tone Shantell had never heard from Bobby. The two kissed passionately, letting Shantell taste her own sweet nectar, and Bobby was pulling them back to the bed.

"Take me, baby boy," Shantell said as she mounted Bobby's throbbing cock. To her utter shock, Shantell had to take Bobby in slowly. Once inside, Bobby gripped her hips and pounded her dripping pussy hard and fast, sucking her tits as he fucked her, causing Shantell to cum again and again.

Shantell's round ass jiggled as Bobby fucked her harder and harder, and he pressed her body to his as he had a shuddering orgasm, Shantell feeling his cum shoot deep into her as she came with him.

After that night, Bobby and Shantell made a point of meeting between classes not just for schoolwork but for intense makeout sessions, often public, which served as a appetizer for what was to come following evenings.

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