tagMatureSummer of 2000 Pt. 01

Summer of 2000 Pt. 01


When I was 18- This was in the summer of 2000- I don't know if you can picture what kids looked like then. I feel like we all dressed in this very casual way. Maybe I just look at kids today, and I think they all look so slick and sexy in everything they wear, but when I was their age it was ripped jeans and t-shirts and stuff. You know what I mean? Well, not all of the jeans were ripped, some were quite tight, but you know what I mean. I was 5'8" and about 130lbs, I had long straight red hair, bright, vibrant red hair. A ginger they say. I was also very pale, but whatever, I thought I was cute (still do). I like the way my pale skin looks next to my red hair. I think it's sexy. My freckles too. I think I was sexy.

I certainly thought I was at the time too. But god, I was really such a mess of a girl back then. I am not sure I would have known what sexy was if it had come up and gone down on me for an hour. I was young, and loose limbed and free in all the ways that a girl could be.

Anyway... my parents lived on this golf course community. My back door opened up on the 6th tee. And I would often "go for a walk" around the course in the early evening, which, translates to: I would go smoke some pot out of a one hitter I had as I wandered around the like 4 hole area that made a circle back to my house. There used to be these real pricks who "patrolled" the course to... I don't even know harass kids, whatever. I'm sure it was "keep the course maintained." Anyway. This one guy, he was in his 60's- I'm sure. Old enough to be retired at least but it's not like I asked him how old he was either- he used to do it all the time. And one night he came along. He would always flirt. I don't think it's that I thought he was "all that attractive", but I liked the way that he looked at me. And talked to me. It made me feel sexy and powerful in a way. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's how I felt.

One day he pulled up beside me to say that there were a couple of golfers coming up the way and I needed to get off the course. So I guess it probably helped that I was a little high, but I hopped into his cart (which he was 100% not expecting), and said "take me home then." And he started to get mad, with the "I don't even know where that is." And get out. And—so help me I don't know where I got the balls to say this, but I said "I didn't say take me to my home."

He just stared at me for the longest time, then he put his foot on the accelerator, and the cart drove away, with me in the passenger seat. He said he couldn't take me home. He had a wife (one who I was sure was happy he was out harassing kids on the golf course, no doubt). The sun was so low in the sky it was dusk, a silly time for anyone to be golfing for sure, but dark enough that there were shadows available to us.

He drove me down past where the community pool was, (because he couldn't take me to his home, his wife was there) down to where the reservoir had a spillway (this sounds like a long way, but it was basically a mile from my house). We pulled to a stop in the shadows, near the treats by the edge of the water. He reached over to me, putting his hand on my shoulder, they were thick and worn, a man's hands. He wasn't tall. Probably about my height standing up, and he had a bit of a bowling ball shaped belly. He rubbed my shoulder, and I suddenly got nervous. It was dark, but the water was reflecting the light of the moon and all the houses on the far side of the reservoir. I looked out at the water and said the first thing that popped into my head.

"I've been here before."

"Oh yeah." he said, still rubbing my shoulder, and a bit of my back.

"Yeah." I looked back at him, and saw the desire in his eyes. I was nervous, but I didn't look away. I said "I came out here once a year ago to skinny dip one night."

"Is that right?" He said with a smile.

I nodded. "The water is a lot colder at first than you'd think."

"Show me what that looked like." He said.

I looked at this old man. This old asshole, who's job was to bother people just minding their own business to keep his course clean. It's funny, I didn't like him. I might have said I hated him. But I had also chosen to play with his desires, and now here I was at night, alone with them.

I stood up out of the cart, and he slid over into my seat, sitting sideways, his feet on the ground as I stepped away from the cart. I turned back to him, and grabbed the hem of my shirt, pulling it up and over my head. taking it off, and letting my hair fall back down on my shoulders and down my back. My pale skin glowing in the dim light, my white bra, as stark to look at in the night.

I dropped my shirt on the ground, and reached behind my back, unhooking my bra, and taking it off. Showing him my pert, soft white b cup breasts, the kind that curved up to attention with delicate, small, pink nipples, I must have looked like a goddess to his old, chubby ass, there in the moonlight. Standing topless in my ripped jeans looking at this old man sitting on the edge of his golf cart. He brought his hands down to his pants, and unzipped his fly.

I unbuttoned the top button of my jeans as he pulled out his thick, stubby cock and said "hold on."

He didn't say anything else, he just held his cock and looked at my pale, perky tits. My nipples hard in the summer night air. I knew what he wanted, and I walked back to the edge of the cart, I put my hands on his thighs and got down on my knees. He unbuttoned his pants to open them further, his cock, thick at the base with grey pubic hair, he was still holding it in his hand when I stuck my tongue out and licked it from his balls to the tip, and then I wrapped my lips around it and sucked the soggy old cock as far into my mouth as I could. He let go of it as I went down, burying my nose in his hair and rubbing my tongue all over the cock inside my mouth.

He moaned out "oh, fuck." and reached a hand down awkwardly to take hold of my right breast, squeezing and feeling for my hard nipple as I worked my mouth up and down his hardening cock. He let my tit go and leaned back in the cart, as he did, I took hold of the sides of his jeans and pulled them a little further down, as I kept sucking his cock. He thrust his hips up as I did, letting his pants slide off his old ass.

It couldn't have mattered less to me if I thought he was particularly attractive. he was mine to make desperate. he ran his hands through my long thick red hair, the hair that naturally came almost all the way down to my ass. he took that hair, and held it tightly as I sucked his cock, harder, faster, until he grunted loudly and his cock bucked and pulsed in my mouth, shooting his old, salty, bitter seed into my mouth, all over my tongue and down my throat. I continued to suck him greedily as his cock went limp and he continued to say some gibberish about god, and damn, and fuck, and girl. And then I let it fall from my lips, and I placed my hands on his thighs again, and stood up in front of him. my tone, white, young 18 year old body inches from his tired, old, fat one.

He brought his hands up to my tits and felt them fully, opening his mouth he latched fully on to my left tit and sucked the nipple as greedily as he could, I just threw my head back and giggled.

After a moment, he pulled back from me to look at my fair skin, and his eye caught the top of my jeans. The button of the jeans that I had unfastened. He brought his hands down my hips, and brought his left hands down to the front of my pants. Taking my zipper in his fingers, he lowered it, only half way, enough so he could see my plain white panties.

It was then that he reached around me with his right arm and grabbed my ass firmly, pulling me close to him, he placed his left hand flat on my belly and slide his hand down the front of my panties through my thick red public hair (this was in the days before women shaved like they do now).

I gasped slightly as he handled my vagina, sliding his fingers between my lips, his thumb resting just above my clit. He leaned in again and took my tit in his mouth, as he began to finger fuck me there, with his pants around his knees sitting in his golf cart by the reservoir, he slid his right hand, that had been holding my ass up to the back edge of my jeans as his right rubbed my pussy, and I moaned. He stuck his hand down the back of my pants to feel my skin.

I didn't know it at the time, my body to taken with all the sensations he was making me feel, my clit, my ass, my tit, but he was growing hard again.

My knees buckled as he finger fucked me, and as they shook, finally, he could take no more, he pulled his hand from my aching cunt, and from it's grip on my ass, and he took hold of my jeans and my panties, and he yanked them down to my knees.

I was desperate, lost in the moment, so I reached down and took hold of them, and quickly yanked them the rest of the way off while he sat back on the cart so I could he his hard cock.

Just as I pulled my jeans and panties free of one leg, he grabbed hold of my ass again and pulled me close. I did not need any instruction, I clambered into the cart, straddling him, on my knees on either side of his body, as he lay back on the seat, my jeans still hanging from my right leg, and my pale clear skin shining in the night, he brought my deep red thatch of pubic hair and my sopping pussy down onto his tick shaft and grey hair, and I proceeded to ride him like a woman possessed.

His hands were a blur, between squeezing my ass, and no, he preferred my tits, as they sway before him, taunting him with their precious perky nipples. Me, grinding his cock into my cunt, I was so lost I even bent down and kissed the silly fuck. His mouth tasted of cigarettes, and I started to cum, but just as I did, he said "oh, oh!!" and I knew he was going to cum to, and we were not using a condom.

Without a seconds thought I pulled his cock from my body, and backed up off of him, dropping to the ground beside the cart and lowering myself so that my face would be near enough. I sat down, bare assed on the cold mud by the reservoir and again I sucked his old cock into my mouth as he shot another load into my belly.

As he continued to moan, I sucked him till he was soft again, and then I gasped as I let the cock slip from my mouth, sitting naked by his cart. I had not been satisfied, I was not even sure I had been myself.

For a long moment, neither of us said anything, or even moved. He was the first. He reached down for his pants, still around his knees. He pulled them up, standing as he did. I continued to sit, bare assed, on the ground, looking up at him. He didn't even look at me.

"Give me a second." I said, sitting up a little and trying to straighten my jeans and panties on the one leg. "I can be dressed and we can go."

"We can't leave together. If people see me driving out of hear with a young girl, they might ask questions." he said, as he walked around the cart and got in the drivers seat.

"Oh." I said, and I stopped fucking with my jeans, and stood up, naked next to his cart. Then he looked at me. I felt his eyes crawl down my body, lingering at my tits, and my tummy, and my bright, red pubic hair.

"You gonna be okay to get home?" He asked, not really giving a fuck, as he turned the cart on.

"Yeah," I said, looking back to my shirt and bra, a few feet away "it's not far."

"Okay." he said and he drove away as I walked to pick up my shirt. I kicked my jeans and my panties off my foot, and my shoe as well, which was holding it up.

I grabbed my panties from the pile of clothes, and I started to untangle them, when I realized I had been sitting on the ground. I brought my hand back to feel my perky butt, bringing it forward to confirm, yep... dirty. I sighed out loud, it was dark enough I felt safe standing pale and nude in the trees in the moonlight, so I stood tall, flowing red hair hanging down my back. I reached down for my jeans and pulled out my one hitter, and loaded it with weed, lighting it up, I took a hit, naked in the darkness at the edge of the lake.

I hadn't even fucking cum. And that old fuck didn't give a shit. I swallowed his nut twice and nothing. But it was fun, even if he wasn't a generous lover, and I had done what I wanted.

Fuck it. I thought as I dropped the one hitter, and pulled off my other shoe and socks, now completely nude, I walked forward to the edge of the reservoir, and right in to it. I slipped naked into the water and swam a short bit, half to wash off the dirt and half to feel the joy of my body in the water before I got dressed again and walked home, high and freshly fucked.

The summer wasn't over... it had hardly even begun.

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