tagMatureSummer of 2000 Pt. 02

Summer of 2000 Pt. 02


For me, one of the joys of summer was that the clock lost all meaning. Up until four in the morning, who cares, I'll just sleep till the middle of the afternoon. And that's what I often did. I was hardly what you'd call a "pretty sleeper." I would toss and turn, and get wrapped up and turned around in my covers only to wake up laying on top of them in my tank top and boxer shorts, my long mountain of red hair spread wildly around my pillow, my ass practically sticking up. I've been told it's quite child like. I'll take it.

So, there I was on a Tuesday morning at 7:30 am, asleep in my room, when my door swings open and my mom says from the doorway, "Wake up Cathy."

I make a sound without opening my eyes that is mostly made up of the letter "n." but she is unimpressed. She tells me that if I am going to waste my summer doing basically nothing, that's fine with her, but there will still be basic household chores that I need to get done, and the lawn getting mowed is one of them.

"By the time I get home." She says.

"That's hours from now. Literal hours from now." I say, still not opening my eyes.

"If you don't do it before it gets too hot, you're going to regret it." And then she closed the door again, and left for work. My father would have gone an hour ago. It was just me.

God, I wanted to melt back into the bed and sleep for hours. But when she's right she's right, and nothing is worse than the midday sun in this fucking state. I flopped out of bed, in an intensely shitty mood. I sat on the edge of the bed for what must have been 10 minutes, just staring. Then I went over to the jeans I had worn last night and dug out my one hitter. If I was going to be up, I was going to be high, that much was a given. But wouldn't you know it, it was cashed.

Great, another thing I would have to do today, call Paul and buy some weed. Well, if this had to get done, I wasn't going to put much effort into getting ready, my tank top was staying on, but I couldn't very well mow the lawn in boxer shorts, so after a quick trip to the bathroom, I went into my dresser and pulled out a pair of gym shorts, swapping them out for the boxers. They fit snugly over my firm, pale white ass. My hair might have been a mess straight out of bed, a red tangle of a mop, but my body always looked perfect, I was 5'8", 130lbs, 34-26-36. My ass was a national treasure, and I enjoyed having it as much as the fellas enjoyed staring at it. I pulled on some socks, and put a ragged old pair of chucks on my feet, before I made my way to the garage to grab the lawn mower.

Twenty minutes later I was halfway done with the lawn, it was just after 8am, and already it was fucking boiling out here. Damn central Texas in the summer. I was sweating my boobs off. Perhaps this was not the best time to be braless in a white tank top standing in my back yard. this shirt was surely soaked through so that any passerby might see my b-cup tits clinging to the tank top pretty clearly. And there were passesers by. My family lived on a golf course, right outside the 6th tee. So a pretty regular stream of old men drove by every couple of minutes. I hope they got an eye full. I would say my pussy was sopping from the idea of them leering, but honestly it was just from the sweat of mowing the lawn. I'm sure my red pubes were moist to the touch. I was just getting to the last part of the lawn when I noticed that a golf cart had been stopped just past our yard for a little longer than normal, so I gave it a look, and it was him.

That guy who volunteered, or whatever, as a course marshal. The old man, who normally told kids to get off the course if they were using the cart path as an easy way to see a friend and stay off the actual streets. He was old, and had a bowling ball belly, and he was leering at me, soaked in sweat, my red hair matted to my pale skin as I cut the lawn. Of course it's not like he wouldn't have reason to stare.

I did not know his name, but I could tell you what his cock tasted like. I had blown him down by the reservoir a few weeks ago. Come to think of it, after I blew him, he fingered me until I couldn't take it any more, and then I had climbed on top of him and fucked him with a sense of reckless lust that was almost an out of body experience for me, till he came a second time, in my mouth for safety.

Now here he was, staring at me. He didn't say anything, and neither did I. we didn't even nod at each other, or signal that we had anything to say. We just looked at each other. After a moment, he turned from me and drove his cart away. I watched him leave thinking "the fuck would you call that?" but after a moment I was back to mowing the lawn, and I was done within five minutes.

I put the mower back into the garage and came into the kitchen, sweaty as fuck... holy shit was I going to need a shower, but right now I needed a glass of water. We kept a pitcher of it cold in the fridge, so I poured a glass and gulped it down. In the middle of my gulping there was a knock on the back door of the house.

In the years we had lived here, I am not sure anyone ever knocked on the back door of our house. very strange. I took my glass with me to investigate.

As soon as I left the kitchen, I could see who it was through the glass half of the back door... it was the golf cart guy. I half laughed, as a genuine look of confusion spread across my face. I held my water in one hand, and I opened the door. He was just standing there, looking serious.

"Yes?" I said.

"Can I come in?" he asked, I am sure I looked at him like he was out of his fucking mind, but he didn't seem to care, he just stepped inside the house. This 60 year old man in a polo shirt and a pair of khaki pants turned to close the door behind him, and I stepped back to let him.

"Home alone in the summer? Family at work?" he said.

"It's what people do."

"Is it?"

He grinned at me, and I grinned back, taken by his boldness. While I was mowing the lawn, he got an eye full of something he wanted more of and he just couldn't stop himself from coming to see me. I took a long drink from my glass of water and I set it down on the dining room table.

I bent my leg up, so I could grab hold of one of my chucks, and I pulled it off, looking at him. "I'm sorry," I said, "I was just cutting the lawn and I am sweaty as hell. I must look indecent."

He smiled at me as I took off my other shoe, tossing it on the floor. "I don't know if you realized that you had sweat so much that your tank top is basically see through."

"Oh, I hadn't." I said, pulling the tank top away from my body, so it didn't cling to my pert b-cup tits. "I know some men have heart conditions and can't handle the sight of an eighteen year old's body." As soon as I said it, I pulled the tank top over my head and dropped it on the floor.

I stood in front of the old man, topless, in gym shorts and socks. My bright red hair still sticky with sweat my tits moist and perky, turned up to my pink hard nipples. I said, "I am so sweaty, I should probably take a shower."

That was all he needed to see or hear, he closed the gap between us, grabbing me around the waist and licking sweat from the tip of my nipple, up my breast and my neck, and then he kissed me full on the lips. His tongue was hungry and he still tasted of cigarettes. He certainly wasn't the best kisses I had ever had, but he was so anxious that it made me wet just the same.

I broke from his embrace, and he said "I think you are just wet enough."

"Oh, I am." I said, and I stepped back from him and turned to walk away, leading him back to my bedroom. He walked behind me, his eyes firmly on my juicy ass, as I neared the door to my room, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, letting them fall off me onto the floor.

"Jesus." the old man said at the sight of my pale round ass, an inch or two below my fire red hair. I laughed to myself as I looked back over my shoulder at him and I entered my bedroom.

The bed was still a mess. But it didn't matter. I jumped on it and turned over to lay on my back, looking down the bed at this 60 year old man, standing at the foot of it. I had my legs spread open, and my knees bent and I sat up, propped up on my hands the only clothes I had on were my socks. I wanted him to get a good look at me. the way my pale skin, marked by freckles here and there, led up my long and toned legs, to my aching cunt, covered in red pubic hair. His eyes went further up my toned belly to my pert tits, and all the way to my flawless face, and long red hair.

He smiled at me as he pulled his shirt off, revealing his old, saggy, wrinkled body, sad, dropping man tits and gut. he kicked off his shoes and unbuttoned his pants, pulling them and his underwear off at the same time. He kept his socks on too.

I don't know how many of you have had the pleasure of seeing a naked man in his 60's, but it's not much to write home about. But it gets the job done, and the job it was doing for me was at least a little bit about knowing that I, an 18 year old girl, was not supposed to be naked with a man this age. That I wasn't supposed to let him see my pussy, and that I certainly wasn't supposed to let him fuck me.

The one thing I did notice, his dick seemed harder and bigger than it had a few weeks ago. Maybe it was the night as opposed to the clear light of day, but this was as firm and ready as any cock I had ever seen, nestled in it's bushy grey pubic hair. My mind automatically thought about Viagra, it had come out for the 1st time a few years ago, and looking at his rock hard cock, I couldn't help but imagine that he had seen me in the yard, knew he wanted me again, but wanted to make damn sure his dick didn't let him down, so he went and took a pill before coming back.

Once he was naked he climbed into bed with me, kissing his way up my legs, I giggled at the feeling and squirmed a little as my pussy tingled and he kissed the inside of my thigh, but he skipped my vagina altogether and started on my belly. I was surprised, so much so that I had to say something.

"Uh, are you forgetting a spot?"

He laughed and said, "Men don't eat pussy."

Ha! I laughed at him, and he went back to kissing my tummy. The nerve, after I had sucked his old dick last time, to tell me that men don't eat pussy. That MUST be a generational thing, because boys my age for sure did. Although, if he had said they don't eat pussy well, he might have had a point, as in my experience to this point, no one ate pussy like Sarah did when we got a little tipsy in March.

He worked his way to my tits, and he made a meal of them, all the while readjusting me so I was flat on my back on the bed, with him, settled between my thighs. I could feel his cock, pressing against the crack of my ass, before he rose up, to position himself.

"Hold on." I said, "Condom."

"This feels better." He said, rubbing the tip of his naked cock against the lips of my pussy. It did feel good. But really?— Fuck it, I thought, I had fucked him once before with out a condom, a second time wouldn't kill me.

"You can't cum inside me though." I said, not anxious to have a 60 year olds child by the time I turned 19.

"I know how to pull out." He said, just as he pressed in.

Oh god, it did feel good. Thick and firm, and his belly and fat upper pubic area was pressing on my clit in a way that felt nice too. He pushed his cock deep inside me, and then he started to pump. He put his head down beside mine, licking and kissing my neck and getting a ton of my hair in his mouth as he began to fuck me, rhythmically pumping his ass up and down and driving his cock in to me again and again. I hooked my long legs up around his ass to get him a better position as he went.

He wasn't all that good. He seemed to only have one move and one speed, but he was old, and you can't fault him for being tired. I giggled to myself about the old man fucking me in my bed, and I kissed his neck as he worked and wrapped my arms around his wrinkled back.

After a minute or two, not long at all, he started to tense, and moan, and I knew he was about to cum.

"Hey, hey." I said and he struggled to lift himself up and pull his cock from my red haired snatch just in time to have spunk explode out of his cock and splash across my tummy. He pumped his cock in his hand a few more times crying to god as he kept cumming on me. Once he was done, I giggled and caught my breath, looking at the white pool of cum on my tummy.

He climbed out from between my legs and sat on the side of the bed and I propped myself up on my elbows and played with the spunk on my belly. He caught his breath, and I said, "well, that was fun."

"It was." He said, still sitting on the edge of the bed. He was huffing and puffing quite a bit, like he was shook by the experience.

"Barely got out in time." I said

"Yeah." He said. "Your pussy is just too good. I'm sorry."

I smiled at the compliment and grabbed a sheet to wipe his cum off of me, before leaning over to him, laeying on my side so I could look around his body and see his face.

"Hey, don't be sorry. Your cock is very nice." I smiled. And I looked at his cock, and I noticed, it was still hard as a rock... I must have been right, Viagra! I smiled up at him, he was sitting on the side edge of my bed, with his feet on the floor, and I was laying on my side, beside and behind him, my legs pointed towards the foot of the bed, and my head pointed off the side right next him. My hips were leaning against his back, and my breasts were up against his leg and his side.

I was propped up on my elbow, and I reached up with my other hand and rubbed his back. Then I brought that hand around the front and wrapped it around his still hard cock., it was slick from having just fucked me, and I slid my hand up and down it once, and he looked at me, my devilish grin couldn't have been clearer.

"Very nice." I said and I took my hand from his cock, and held it out, palm facing my face, and I leaned in and licked up my hand. "mmmmm." I said.

He let out a long sigh and leaned back a little, against my hips behind him, and I pulled my upper body forward and dove head firms onto his cock again, swallowing it down and then slowly up. He reached over with his left hand and cupped my left tit as I sucked his dick. he pressed my nipple between his thumb and finger and rolled it around.

Up and down on his cock my mouth went, my tongue rolling back and forth over it as I went. he moaned out, and used his free right hand to rub down the side of my body, from my shoulder all the way down to my hips and around to my ass. He turned slightly to get a better position, as he slid his fingers up between my legs from behind, slipping through my wet pussy lips and finding my clit.

Oh... bingo. That was exactly what I needed, he started to finger me, and I was on fire, I moaned onto his cock, and he echoed my moan as I pulled it from my mouth with a wet "plop" again.

"Don't stop." He said.

"Hold on." I said back, as I sat up and he had to move his hand from my pussy. "stay still." I told him as I swung my body around and stood up next to him.

I leaned in and kissed his lips, and then I took a step forward, turning my back towards him, so he could see my round, full, pale ass. I moved my legs back between his, keeping mine together as he spread apart, and I reached slightly between my legs to hold his cock in position as I sat down, lowering my pussy on to his firm rod.

"Oh, Jesus." He said, as I settled in on his cock, all the way down to the base, deep inside my wet snatch, I ground around on it letting my juicy ass settle on him and I leaned back in to him, he reached up and collected my hair in his hands, and then ran his hands down to my shoulders.

I started to rock up and down on his cock as he sat on the edge of my bed, I gasped every time I came back down, he lowered his hands down to my tits, holding them as I fucked him. They felt nice, but they weren't what I needed. I reached up and took one of his hands and lowered it down my belly, to the front of my pussy and through my vibrant red pubic hair, placing it on my clit, and I pressed his fingers down on it.

OH FUCK! That was exactly the feeling I needed and he got the idea almost immediately, as he started to rub my clit and I rode him, I must have called out such a powerful moan it was unreal.

After a few moments, he became overwhelmed, and couldn't just sit there any longer, he bucked his hips up into me, and stood up, one hand still holding my tit and the other on my clit, his dick deep inside me. I bent forward, and stumbled as he stood, reaching my hands out and grabbing hold of the wall in front of me.

He took control and began to fuck me standing doggy, while he fingered me, hard, fast, uncontrollably. it was all too much for me, and I started to shake.

Oh fuck, this was it, I was going to cum. As he slammed in to me, I became verbal, but spouting just gibberish and my thighs quivered and my knees shook, he was as much holding me up as he was copping a feel as I came long and hard as he hammered away at my cunt, then lost in the moment, I heard him.

"Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!" He shouted and I felt it... his cock inside me spasming and exploding. Spreading hot spunk deep, deep inside my pussy. I was still shaking a shivering from my own orgasm and he pressed himself hard into me. as tight up against my ass as he could, deep, deep inside me, he was just emptying his balls right inside me.

For a moment, we didn't speak, we barely moved. he would lightly move his cock back and forth in my cunt, cumming ever more inside me as he did, and I would gasp for air, and tremor throughout my entire body from the orgasm that was still wracking me.

When I finally stopped shaking, I stood up straight, he had never stopped holding me, so when I stood it was pressed against his body, he kissed my neck when he could, and then I stepped forward and his cock fell out of me at last.

He sat back down on the edge of the bed, again out of breath, and I stood for a minute with my back to him, I reached down between my legs and left my gooey cunt.

I looked at my hand, a mess of our juices, and then I turned back to him.

"You came in me."

"Yeah... I mean... You were there. That moment. I don't know that I could have possibly stopped."

"That's why I wanted to wear a condom."

"I've never used a condom in my life, I'm not going to start now."

"Do I look anything like your wife?"

He smiled and said, "You don't look like anything I have ever seen before."

"Don't compliment your way out of this. Because I'm not on the pill, you get that? I can't end up pregnant by some guy I decided to fuck who is- I mean, how old are you?"


"Is that a joke?"


"Well... did you think what you'd do when you got a girl 51 years younger than you pregnant? Jesus Christ."

"Look, I'm sorry."

I shook my head and said, "I think you'd better leave."

He was still out of breath as put his clothes back on, while I stripped the bed, and put my sheets in the wash, I didn't plan on sleeping in this guy's cum stains tonight. I was still naked when I walked him to the back door. He tried to offer an apology, and seemed a little bit shook actually, but I told him it was okay, I was just freaking out. The truth was, I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to fuck this old man to pass the time, and he knew he was taking one when he fucked someone young enough to be his granddaughter. Now we would both see what happened. After I let him out I went to go take a shower, and hope to wash any consequences down the drain with the sweat of the day.

The summer was far from over and it was going to be a long one.

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Loving this series

First, a true redhead is a delight to find. I'm happy to see she still has her flaming red pubes. Blondes and brunettes are a dime a dozen, but a red haired girl is a treat. Having a red bush is one ofmore...

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