tagRomanceSummer of Love

Summer of Love



Part One


It was 1969, and I was just then 19, out of high school and free for a summer, before having to face college. And what a summer it was. The summer of love. Crosby, Stills, and Nash filled the space in my room with songs of love, and hopes of peace. The walls covered with the likes of The Beatles, The Who, and Led Zeppelin.

It was about four O'clock on a Friday afternoon, and I was packing my bag to go on a long road trip with three other of my closest friends; Jonny, Nate, and Ryan. We were going to make our way from LA, California to Woodstock, New York! We had all missed the White Isle gig, and weren't about to repeat the offence with Woodstock. Right as I was putting the rest of my things that I would need in my bag, there was a knock on my window. That would be Jonny, he hadn't used the front door in about eight years.

"Hey, Jonny, it's open."

"Hey babe. Ready to go?"

"Just about..."

He placed his hands around my waist, pulling me close to him, kissing my exposed neck.

"You smell so good... I wish I could have you right now, before we left." He softly whispered in my ear.

"Jonathan Daniel! You know I'm dating Nate. And what would he say if he walked in on you while you were doing and saying such things?"

"He could join in, if he really wanted."

"You know he'd never do that."

Jonny let his hands fall from me, and laid on the bed, propped up by his elbows, hands behind his head. Raising his shirt just enough to get a tiny glimpse of his washboard abs.

"What do you see in that guy? He's tall, he's all skin and bone, and he wears glasses."

"Well, lets see, aside from his amazing intellect, there's his far-out sense of humor, the fact that he respects me, and loves me. And let's not forget his enormous..."

"Alright, I get the picture! He's a great, well rounded guy."

"You're right, he is. And he'd also offer to carry my bag for me."

"Lucky for me, I'm not him!" Jonny said with a sly smile.

"Jerk!" I said as I shoved him in the arm.


"As ever." And with that, we were off, down the ladder that led into my back yard.

I was the last one to get picked up, so Ryan and Nate were already in Ryan's Van. When he saw me rounding the corner of my house, Nate jumped out of the vehicle, and came running towards me.

"Hey darling, let me get that from you." Nate said as he kissed my passionately.

"Oh, god, please don't tell me that you two will be doing that the whole way there!"

"Only if you're lucky." I said as I poked Jonny in the ribs.

Nate put my things in the back of the Van, and helped me in. And we began our five day trip across the United States.


Part Two


It seemed we drove none-stop until we got there. The boys taking shifts driving. Nate taking the shifts opposite the ones where he knew I'd be sleeping. And at night, he held me close to him. And in the back of the Van, he'd let his hands roam the length of my body. Cooing to me.

"You are so beautiful Sarah. You are my moon, my stars, my goddess. And I wonder why you chose me."

I brought his head close to mine, and lifted my lips to his, letting my tongue explore the inside of his mouth. And pulling away, I'd say; "I love you Nathaniel Adams."

"I love you too Sarah. I never want to let you go."

And we'd fall asleep together, intertwined in each others arms and legs. And all through the night I would breath in his musky smell.

"Hey, you two wake up!" Ryan said as he shock our legs. "We're here."

Nate lifted his head, and looked out the windows to see rows of parked cars along the road, with fellow hippies walking in and out of the vehicles, carrying bags, coolers, and babies.

We opened the back of the Van, and took a minute to stretch, before we grabbed our own bags, blankets, and tent that Ryan's father was nice enough to lend to us for the week.

"Wow! I can't believe we're actually here! Far-out! It's gonna be so groovy!"

"Yeah, man! Yeah."

We made our way up the road, following the heard of those before us, until we reached the gates. I retrieved our tickets, and we were admitted inside the fences. There were tents and people camped out on blankets every where. And the music from the stage seemed to fill the world.

"Well, where should we camp?" Ryan asked

"As close to the stage as possible!" Jonny said, as he continued to make his way through the crowd.

"I agree! To be up-close and personal to Joni Mitchell! Far-out!!" As I hurried to keep up with our fearsome leader.

We eventually made our way up to as close to the stage as we could get, and it began to rain. Yet no one seemed to care. We were all just happy to be apart of history.

It was our second night there, that the acid hit us. And by that I mean, made it's way to us at all. And we were all heavy into our own trips within minutes... Just listening to the music, feeling the good vibe... Becoming one with the world around us. Believing that we could do anything, that we could change the world...


Part Three


Nate dropped to his knees in tribute to Jimmy Hendrix, playing air-guitar, waving his arms like a mad man, screaming poetry, and words of love for everyone. Ryan was sitting down, legs crossed, just staring contently at the nothingness in front of him. Jonny was staring at the stage with an evil look in his eyes, fist clenched tightly, grinding his teeth. I was dancing wildly around them all, in my long skirt, and bra, barefoot in the mud. My hair in braids down the side of my face, with flowers in it, and paint on my face.

When Jonny suddenly turned to me, and grabbed me by the arm, pulling me close.


"Now what man?" I said through gasps for air.

"Now. It's now. And it will never be now again."

"Wow, man, like far-out..." I began to jump up and down screaming "IT'S NOW!! IT'S NOW!!" When Jonny pushed me back into the tent that we were all sharing. He pushed me down on my back, and fell on top of me. Kissing me deeply, shoving his tongue in my mouth, stealing my breath. He un-fastened my bra, and removed it with pro-like efficiency. Next to go was my skirt. Which was only on me by a knock at the side. This left me in my panties. He roughly squeezed my breasts, and licked and bite my neck. Trailing kisses all the way down to my stomach. When he slid my panties off of me, and licking down my abdomen, to my inner thighs. He put one leg on either side of his head, and while bent over me, explored my dripping vagina with his mouth. Licking my folds, kissing my lips, and nibbling softly on my pinker parts. And what he could not get with his tongue, he reached with his fingers. Jamming them deep inside of me. All the while the sensations vibrating through my entire body like the music through the air. My orgasim washed over me like the tide to a beach. Over and over, each one bigger than the one before. And I screamed.

"Oh God! Jonny!! Jonny... Jonny... Jonny...."

After what seemed like hours of him face down between my legs, he brought his head back up the length of my body, stopping to kiss every inch of me. Until he was fully on top of me again, mouth to mine, arms around me, holding me tight. I could feel his own excitement and eagerness through his Levi Jeans.

"You smell so good... I wish I could have you right now." He softly whispered in my ear.

"I want you too." I whispered back.

He undid his button, and kneeled back to remove his pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear. Jonny was a lot bigger than I had thought he could be. I knew he would hurt me. But I wanted him so badly. I wanted to taste him. So I got up on my knees and kissed the tip of his penis. Then I licked up and down the full shaft of it, all around it. He sucked in air, and placed a hand on the back of my head, lightly stroking my hair.

"Yes baby... Yes... Oh God fuck..." And with that I took all of him in my mouth. I pushed it in deep, and added pressure with my mouth around him. And with my mouth and hand, I worked it up and down, going faster and faster. Until I felt him clench up, and grab a fistful of my hair. "Fuck... Baby... Yes... Fuck... I'm gonna cum..."

I felt the hot salty liquid hit the back of my throat and tongue. And then slide down my throat coating it in his taste. I continued to work him up and down swallowing when I had to until he stopped jerking.

"Lay on your back." He said when the words came to him. And I did.

Yet again he climbed on top of me, leg between mine, with his left hand he supported his weight, while with his right, he glided himself inside of me, inch by inch. Till there was no more to be put in. And slowly at first he moved in and out, and gradually he picked up speed. It became rough, and hard, and fast. I moaned loudly, and called out his name as I wrapped my arms tightly around his chest. Burring my face in his shoulder, teeth clenched calling for God as I came over and over with each powerful slam. I lifted my legs to be level with his stomach, so he could go deeper, and farther back.

And that made him moan. "Oh Sarah... Oh Sarah... I've ached for you for years... I want you... I never want to leave you now... Oh Sarah..."

I let my legs drop, and pushed him off, and out of me, and before he could change that, I was on my knees facing away from him. He got the idea quick, because within seconds he was back inside of me. His hands on my waist, pulling me close to him violently, and pulling me away just as sharply... Each time it felt that he was going deeper and deeper... My vagina was aching from his size, and power. But I didn't want him to stop. I never wanted him to stop.

He dragged his nails across my back, and with each stroke I arched my back and moaned for him to do it again. He reached around and massaged my breasts. And in a glorious moment after what seemed like hours of us being one, he filled me once more with his cum. And falling down exhausted, he bent down and kissed my lips, that were dripping with the taste of him. Then silently fell to my side, placing his arms around me, holding me tightly. Kissing, licking, and nibbling my neck, playing softly with my erect nipples. He leaned up and kissed me gently on the mouth.

"I love you Sarah."

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