tagLesbian SexSummer Sale Days Ch. 05

Summer Sale Days Ch. 05


I was on my bed just having enjoyed my second orgasm in an hour. Sarah had fucked me senseless, riding me like a cowgirl. When she finished fucking, she dropped right down on my sticky rod and sucked it for twenty minutes to get it back erect. Once at attention, she sank it entirely down her throat and proceeded to work her neck and throat muscles, bringing me to the second and most intense climax. When I had pumped all of my available sperm into her mouth she sat up on her knees and licked her lips.

It had been a few days since the event at the college and Sarah had been noticeably absent.

I asked her why.

"I might have pulled a muscle." She said

"From where I sat, I think you could have pulled a number of them." I replied

"Fuck you." She said.

"Again?" I asked

"Take a rain check." She said. "I have a call-out for tonight."

"It's still before noon." I explained.

"Need to me at my best." She countered. "Want to go with me?"

"Am I watching or protecting?"

"Neither. Both. I haven't decided." She was offering me a lot to consider as she always did."

"Anything ever simple with you?" I asked. Sarah was dressing, pulling up tiny little panties and covering them with tight, low rider jeans. She pulled on her cropped tee and mussed her short hair.

"You wouldn't like me that way."

"Might like to try." I suggested.

"No." she said, "You wouldn't." She pulled my wallet out of my shorts and removed two twenties and a ten. She waved them in the air and folded them and stuffed them in a pocket.

"I thought I still had a two-for-one special waiting." I asked.

"You let that expire." She said.

"Didn't know."

"Now you do." she said. "Pick you up at nine. Take a fucking shower. And shave before I get here. I have an image to protect."

"I haven't agreed to go yet." I explained

"Are you going?" she asked

"Yea." I said, "Where are we going?"

"Oakmont Circle." She left the bedroom and I listened to the front door close and heard her car start and pull away. Oakmont Circle. I pictured Sarah and Blair as they were wrapped together enjoying twin climaxes on our last visit. My dick got hard again.

At nine sharp Sarah was in my driveway. I had my trusty thirty-two, now attached to a brand new ankle holster. I was sure this was a trip where it would not be required but I was beginning to like having it. Made me feel like a real tough guy.

"How's my dog?" I asked

"Not your dog." She said and backed out of the drive.

"Thought we were partners." I said

"My dog." She said.

"So, maybe partners then?" I asked

She reached over and squeezed my inner thigh and let her fingers run across my cock trapped inside my jeans. "Not full partners." She said.

We pulled into the drive to the big house on Oakmont and the garage door was open and waiting. We rolled in and walked to the door. It opened and Blair was standing and looking even more radiant than I remembered. She pushed the garage door button and waved us in.

Blair was in a light gray cotton sleeveless top and dark gray form-fitting slacks. Sarah was back to her familiar tee and tight jeans. What's not to like about that? We sat in the glass walled room again but now it was dark and not nearly as easy to hunt for bugs on the orchids.

She served us drinks but then, instead of setting and talking she suggested we move on to the bedroom. The room was just as we had left it except this time all of the bed coverings had been removed and there was only a peach colored satin bottom sheet covering it. Pillows were still plentiful and arranged along the headboard.

I took up residents in my favorite chair and Sarah and Blaire were sharing gentle kisses in the middle of the room. Blair then walked to the dresser and started lighting candles. There were a couple of dozen arranged around the room and she lit them all. She went to the wall near the door and turned off all of the electric lighting. The room glowed, casting off soft silhouettes.

"You get your self comfortable and I'll be back shortly." Blair said and walked out and pulled the door closed.

Sarah kicked off her shoes and unsnapped her jeans. Her hip wiggle helped ease them down and she pealed them off, tossing them aside. She raised her tee over her head and off. She tossed it and unhooked a soft cotton bra and dropped it. Then as an after thought she gathered up all of her clothes and placed them in a second chair next to me.

Standing there in her tiny bikini panties, she looked over at me and smiled. "I'm going to enjoy myself tonight." She said.

"I thought you enjoyed yourself last time?" I asked.

"I did." She said. She walked over to the bed and crawled up on the far side and lay down on her side and waited for Blair to return.

When the bedroom door opened Blair walked in, still fully dressed; she led a young girl by the hand behind her, her daughter. The daughter was totally nude and absolutely magnificent. Tall, long thin legs, long wavy blonde hair and small perky tits. She was either shy or frightened or both. Blair led her to the bedside and said. "Sarah, this is my daughter Shannon; she likes to be called Shay. Shay this is my friend Sarah."

Shay nodded toward Sarah but her eyes were traveling along her nude body.

Blair put her hand on Shay's back and urged her to climb up on the bed and she did, tentatively. She lay as far away as she could, near the opposite edge. Blair started to say something to her but Sarah held a finger to her lips as if to say Shush. Blair leaned over and pulled the hair from the side of Shay's face and kissed her softly on her cheek. "My daughter has changed her views about some things," Blair said. "I'll leave you two now." She said, and left closing the door behind her.

Shay's eyes had not left Sarah since she had entered the room. She was examining her from head to toe. Sarah patted the bed next to her. Shay didn't move.

"Shay." She whispered. "Come here. Come closer." Shay slowly began to inch her way nearer. When she was within easy reach Sarah took her arm and slid Shay right up against her. Sarah let her lay and continue to look at her. Sarah was enjoying the view in front of her also. Shay was as young and tender as the law allowed, soft silky skin, not a blemish in site. She brushed the back of her fingers along Shay's face. "You are the most beautiful girl I've ever been with." Sarah offered.

Shay was nervous. she smiled. "You to." She said.

"You mean I'm not your first?" Sarah teased.

"No." Shay said. "I meant yes, I mean......you're beautiful. Too." She added. "This is my first time." She included.

"I want to teach you." Sarah said. She let her hand travel over Shay's shoulder and rest gently on her side. "Can I?" Sarah asked.

Shay nodded.

"Do you want to know what I can teach you?" Sarah inquired

Shay nodded again.

Sarah moved so her mouth was close to Shay's face. She let her lips brush her cheek and her chin and over her eye brows. She floated them over Shay's lips and Shay exhaled onto Sarah's mouth. Sarah pushed her tongue out and traced Shay's lips, moistening them then she let their lips settle together. Nothing fancy, nothing aggressive, just letting them rest upon each other. Feeling each other, learning the steady pace of each other's breathing. She lowered her face to Shays neck and lingered, experiencing her fragrance, learning the smell of her.

"I'm going to teach you to enjoy the feelings of a woman making love to you. I'm going to take my time and make sure you learn exactly how nice that can be. Would you like me to teach you that?" Sarah asked

Shay nodded."

" This is very important Shay. I need to here you say it."

"I would." She said

"Good." Sarah replied.

"When I have finished, I am going to teach you how to pleasure me." Sarah said

"Would you like to pleasure me?" Sarah asked. "Would you like to know how?"

"Yes." Shay said. "I would." Sarah ran her fingers past her waist and over her hip and back around Shay's ass. She cupped her hand over her butt cheek and she slid her fingertips along her crack and Shay moaned and her breathing went shallow. When she started to work her hips Sarah removed her hand and returned her lips the Shay's. "Don't rush baby. We have plenty of time." Sarah whispered.

"I'm going to enjoy teaching you very much. Will you mind it I enjoy this?" Sarah whispered.

"No." Shay said

Sarah gently eased the girl onto her back. She leaned over and returned to kissing her and she let her tongue explore Shay's mouth and Shay opened and offered it to Sarah. Sarah's tongue traced a route around the back of her lips. She let the tip of it slide over Shay's teeth. She found Shay's own tongue and they danced slowly together. Shay was sucking air and her body was stirring, swaying slowly on the bed.

Sarah's hands rose to Shay's cheeks and her fingers massaged her jaw line. She lifted the young girl's head and she lowered her mouth to her throat. She kissed under her chin and down each side of her neck. She kissed a wet path along each collarbone.

Sarah's tongue rolled over her shoulder and then she raised Shay's right arm and licked her armpit, tasting the girl's apprehension away. She kissed and licked the length of each arm taking time to insert each finger fully into her mouth and suck on it before moving on to the next. Shay was following her every move now. She had placed a hand on the back of Sarah's head as she moved over her body.

Sarah brought her mouth the Shay's right breast and licked its entire surface and Shay twitched each time her tongue crossed her small erect nipple. Sarah let the nipple slid slowly into her mouth. She sucked it and tried to take in as much of the small breast as she could. Her tongue flicked its nipple and Shay arched her back offering herself to Sarah.

Sarah treated each breast with similar tenderness and moved freely back and forth between them. When Shay moaned out and Sarah felt her body tense she released them and moved on the Shay's flat stomach. Not a square inch of skin went unkissed or unloved. She counted every rib as she kissed each from side to breast bone She was letting her hand slide slowly up and down the length of Shay's legs as she kissed her naval. Her fingers reached from calf to inner thigh but avoided touching her sex. Each time she drew near to Shay's swollen lips, Shay widened her legs and lifted he lips inviting Sarah to touch her most private parts, but Sarah declined and her hand resumed its voyage if seduction.

Sarah kissed her mound and over her slightly protruding pelvic bones. She kissed along the sides of her hips and down her thighs. Sarah rose to her knees and lifted Shay's right leg slightly. She kissed it down to her foot and used her tongue to explore every tiny crevice on it. When she was done she performed the same for her other leg. Sarah felt Shay roll sideways and then back the other way.

Shay was in a state. He eyes were watering, the fingers of her right hand were tangled up in her own hair and her other hand was squeezing her left breast.

Sarah returned her lips to Shay's mouth and Shay's tongue darted out to find Sarah's and they wound together. Sarah pulled her mouth free. "Enough playing." She said. "Time for you to cum for me." Sarah lowered herself and settled down between the girls beautiful smooth pussy. She shoved the girl's legs wide and lifted her knees. Her hands slipped under her ass as her thumbs slowly followed her lips until they moved aside and opened the young flower. Every part of her was exposed. Her pointed little pearl head, her swollen labia and the entrance to her precious vagina. She even got a peek at her dark brown treasure below.

Sarah lowered her mouth and kissed her from pearl to anal passage; slowly and deliberately and Shay's little ass rolled circles in her hands. She extended her tongue and pressed it into her vaginal passage and then dragged it up between her folds to the sensitive little knob on top. She licked it and Shay moaned and she sucked it into her mouth and She grunted and her hips jerked forward.

Sarah released her and returned to placing her tongue into her deepest reaches and dragging it up onto her clit, sucking it again into her mouth. Shay pulled her legs up and they fell wide apart. Her hips rose trying to enjoy more of Sarah's tongue. Shay was crying out soft pleas of needy pleasure.

Sarah put her tongue into Shay and pushed it deep and she felt the young girl beginning to ride her. Shay humped long strokes as Sarah held herself inside the girl's vagina and her tongue jabbed along the walls of her sexual tunnel. Shay was soaking Sarah's chin and the sheet beneath her.

When Sarah once more abandoned the girl's passage and clamped down on her clit Shay convulsed in an orgasmic cry of ecstasy. She dashed her head from side to side, She took Sarah's hair in her hands and pulled, working her cunt up and down on her mouth. She wept in a never before known pleasure.

She fought through multiple aftershocks that caused her body to jerk and her hips to involuntarily thrust forward. She panted and her eyes were shut so tight they were hurting.

When she finally dropped her legs to the bed, released Sarah's head, calmed her contractions and her breathing settled, Sarah was still softy sucking on her clit and Shay's hips slowly rolled to the rhythm.

Sarah brought her hand to Shay's tummy and patted her gently. She raised her head and said. "My. What a wonderful student you are." Shay giggled.

Sarah had left the bed and entered the bathroom. After a few minutes Shay got up and noticed me for the first time. She covered her chest with one hand and her sex with the other. She didn't move for some time and I didn't speak. "A little late for that, don't you think?" Sarah was back and walking up behind Shay.

"Who is he?" She asked

"Bodyguard." Sarah said

"Why?" Shay said.

"He protects me from dangerous young girls." Sarah said, "I suggest you don't make him mad."

"I better go." She said.

Sarah turned her toward the bed. "Get back up there. I'm not nearly finished with you."

Shay lifted herself up onto the bed and scooted back to her place in the center. She moved a bit higher when her little ass landed in the wet spot. Sarah followed her and sat beside her with her legs curled under. "Do you want to show me what to do for you?" Shay asked.

"Oh you are just precious aren't you?" Sarah replied. She leaned to Shay and kissed her neck and ran her hand from her knee to her wet crotch. She slipped a finger into Shay's soaked sex. "I was serious baby, I'm really not finished with you." Shay moaned and laid her head back on the bed and opened her legs to Sarah's hand.

Sarah kissed Shay on her mouth and cheek and licked her ear. She whispered. "As lovely as it is, I've already seen this view baby. Why don't you turn over?"

Shay hesitated and Sarah put a hand on her side and rolled the girl towards her. When she was still, Sarah lifted her arms and placed them on a pillow over her head. She slipped her hand between Shay's legs and cupped her pussy and let her thumb slide into her vagina. Shay arched her back. Sarah rolled her thumb hitting all sides of her sex tunnel. Sarah lifted Shay forcing her thumb deep and her middle finger press directly on her little pearl. She took another pillow and pushed it under her middle and lowered her back down.

Sarah kept her thumb in the girl and began working her wrist and fucking her thumb into her. Shay pressed her head onto the bed and widened her legs and humped on the thumb. Shay was speaking softly. "You make me feel so good. It's not like this with boys."

Sarah kissed her in the small of her back. "Oh god I love that." Shay said. Her ass was moving, rolling small circles on Sarah's thumb. "Yes, so good." Shay moaned.

Sarah was sucking little red hickys on the cheek of Shay's ass. "I have to stop this." She said.

"No please." Shay protested.

"Just hold on baby." Sarah patted her ass and swung her right leg over Shay's back. She straddled her facing backwards and still had her thumb in her vagina. She lowered her head and ran her tongue along the crack of her ass and kissed her anal ring.

Sarah pulled her hand free. Spread Shay's legs and bent her head down between her legs. He tongue found her sex and invaded it. She was rapidly lapping her tongue up and down the girl's gash. Shay was bucking again with Sarah's head lying on her ass. Sarah slid a hand under Shay and her fingers found her clit. Using her middle finger, she began to flip back and forth over the stiff knob.

Sarah started fucking her with her tongue and attacking her clit. Shay was panting and gasping for air and trying to lift up and Sarah's ass planted on her back held her firm.

Shay drew her feet back and was pulling them tight to her thighs. She hands came back and took hold of Sarah's legs. She cried out. "God that......is.........God.....plea...."

She was rocked with a climax and her juice flowed into Sarah's mouth and Sarah held her tongue deep within her letting her ride her orgasm to the fullest. Shay lay there and waited as each little contraction came and she would feel her vaginal muscles tighten and squeeze Sarah's tongue still inside of her. Then she would feel Sarah suck again and soon it would happen again.

Sarah lifted and began to spread kisses over her bottom. She planted her lips and sucked at the center of her left cheek producing a long moan and a bright pink flower. She rubbed it, admiring it then she rose and went to the bathroom. Shay followed her.

When they returned they both had glasses of water and were replacing lost fluids. Shay sat on the bed and Sarah walked over to me. "I told you I was going to enjoy myself." She said.

"I miss using my gun." I said

"Sorry but you're going to have to keep you're gun in your pants."

"Maybe you could slap her around?" I asked "I could threaten you with it."

"I'm not slapping her." She smiled. She turned back toward the bed.

"Maybe just a hard pinch on the ass." I said "I could just wave it at you from over here. I wouldn't even have to get up."

"Don't wave it around. You might scare my young girl away." She wagged a finger at me. "That would piss me off."

Sarah got onto the bed and lay in the middle. She took Shay's arm and pulled at her until their lips came together. "This has been the most fun I've ever had with my panties still on." She said.

Shay giggled. They kissed some more. "Take them off." Sarah said.

Shay looked at her, up and down her body. Then, she slipped her fingers into the front of her panties and slid them along the elastic waistband to each side and pulled. When the panties caught on her butt, Sarah lifted and Shay ran her hands around to her ass and slid them down over her hips. She pulled them down to her knees then down to her ankles and dropped them on the floor.

She drew Shay down on top of her and they kissed lovingly. Sarah pulled her legs up till her feet were flat on the bed. She worked them slowly sideways until she had spread herself as wide as possible. She placed her hands on Shay's cheeks. She kissed her once more.

"It's time you pleased me." She said looking directly into Shay's eyes. Shay nodded.

"Let me lead you." Sarah said. "I want you to slide this lovely mouth down on to me."

Shay nodded and started to pull away. "Let me guide you." Sarah said

Sarah held the girl's face and lowered her to her sex as Shay wiggled her way down into position. "Put your hands on my stomach." Sarah said. And Shay slid her arms around Sarah's legs and over onto her soft flat tummy. "Your such a good student." Sarah said. "You are going to make me feel so good."

She lowered Shay's head between her legs and she ran the fingers of both hands through Shay's hair and clenched her fists bring Shay's hair tight into her hands. She pulled gently until she felt soft wet lips on her sex and she held her still and began to rock her hips. "Don't move." She said. "Let me just enjoy your lips."

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