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Summer School


Oksana had always been a balance between everything, not going to far but never going far enough. Seven years at a Catholic all-girl school taught her to be a flirt, but she was generally shy by nature. A small girl at 4'11", she was noticed for two things: her curvy figure (no white girl has an ass like she does, it had been compared to J.Lo's) and her eyes. Every man she had ever met was spellbound by those deep green eyes, with flecks of blue and brown. Her deep brown-black hair was accented by caramel gold and red streaks that only shone in the sunlight. After 7 years of being surrounded by girls, college had been a welcoming challenge.

Oksana was no stranger to going away. She had had the opportunity to travel to many places by herself, including a study abroad in London and Spain.

'Those were some interesting nights,' she had thought to herself as the packed up Lexus with herself, mother, and youngest brother headed off towards upstate New York. She thought back to the nights when she had been only 15 and was dancing on top of stages, half drunk, late night drunken phone calls to her friends back in the US, and to top it all off, being asked to become a stripper at a local club.

'I wonder how college will be.'

Several years later, college had become quite dull. Oksana ended up attracting the losers of the college, for some reason. She couldn't seem to get a break.

Then, one summer, she decided to do summer school to play catch-up, and that was a summer to remember.

Within the first few weeks of the summer program starting, Oksana ran into one of the most noticeable men on the campus: Leon. Leon was very tall, easily well over 6ft, built for basketball, wearing glasses, a goutee, and light brown skin, with puppy dog brown eyes that would make any girl melt. He had a twin brother, Chris, but Chris was shyer than Leon. That and Chris had earrings, the only way to tell the difference between the two. It was during lunch one day, before Oksana's second class and Leon was taking a lunch break with one of his co-workers.

"Can we sit here?" Leon's voice sounded very sexy, in Oksana's opinion, easily making her tongue-tied.

"Sure" Oksana stuttered.

"I'm Leon, this is my buddy Alan."

"Oksana. Are you here doing summer school?"

"No, we both work for IT."

"I pity you. IT seems to be one of the worst jobs around here, with all the complaints you must get."

"Eh, it's not as bad as it seems."

"I've noticed you around campus. Don't you play basketball with your brother?"

"Chris and I used to be on the basketball team, but we quit it a while ago."

The conversation lasted until the lunch break was up, Alan contributing some, but mostly Leon and Oksana talking.

"By the way, were are you living?" Leon asked as he stood up, getting ready to leave.

"Up in the upper dorms. Second floor of D4."

"HAHA! I live on the third floor. 308."

"I'm in 208! I'm right below you!"

"Perhaps you and I will meet again."

'I hope so,' Oksana thought to herself wistfully.

Later that night, there was a knock on Oksana's door. Oksana had her nose buried in a history book for the next day lecture, so she didn't bother to get up.

"Come in!"

As the door creaked open, Oksana saw Leon poke his head in.

"LEON!" Oksana quickly began to try to cover herself up. She had only been in a pair of boyshort panties and a her bra with her bathrobe open.

"Oksana...oh god! I'm sorry!" Leon covered his eyes as he entered the room and shut the door quickly behind him.

"No, it's ok, I should've been more covered," Oksana muttered as she closed her robe.

'I'm actually kinda glad you didn't,' Leon thought, but said, "I am sorry!"

"It's ok. Please, sit. You have the option of the chair or joining me on my bed. These rooms are way too small. I am sorry I do not have anything more comfortable," Oksana said as she climbed back up onto her bed, leaning back against a pillow.

Leon took the other end of the bed. "I was just coming to say hi, see how you set up your place. Nice tv!"

"Yea, and I have cable, always a plus," Oksana said, turning it on as a distraction. 'God he makes me so nervous!'

'Why can't I talk about anything else but how her room looks?' Leon thought. "So, what classes are you taking for summer school?"

"History, Sociology, Computer Art, and Computer," she said, ticking off the classes on her hand.

"Wow, that's quite a load. I bet you get really stressed," he said, inching closer to Oksana.

"Yea, only one of these courses is my forte, aside from having work at the radio station."

There was an awkward silence, the TV on Bravo playing reruns of some random show. But Leon wasn't paying attention to that. He was looking at Oksana, his eyes hypnotized by hers, then going lower, noticing her robe had become askew, showing just a hint of her beautiful breasts. He could feel his heart beginning to race and a reaction in his groin, wondering what one of those 36B breasts felt like, how smooth it would be.

Oksana could feel Leon undressing her, and she could feel her reaction as her panties became slightly drenched. Suddenly, she felt the bed shift as Leon leaned towards her, pulling her close to his muscled body. He bent his head and pressed his soft lips against her in a passionate kiss.

Oksana moaned into the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck, as one of his hands began to push off her robe.

Suddenly, Leon broke the kiss. He looked embarrassed, and surprised. Oksana was blushing but puzzled, she had been enjoying herself.

"I'm sorry. I should probably go," Leon stammered as he got up and practically ran out of the room. Oksana didn't even get to ask what was wrong. Her head spun in confusion at what just happened, her pussy was afire.

'Guess I might as well take care of myself,' she thought to herself, sighing.

But suddenly, she heard something coming from above. She heard...was that...panting...?

Leon ran into his room, and locked the door behind him. What had he been thinking? He just met that girl today! Oh, but she was so beautiful, her body so enticing, and her eyes...those eyes. Just thinking about them made him weak in the knees. When he had kissed her, her lips had been so sweet, so soft, he had wanted more. He had felt how soft her skin was, and it was getting him hard.

'I can't do this, I barely know her!' He thought, his breathing coming very hard, his heart racing. But he wanted more.

'I will get to know her, and if I still like her, then we will see what happens. But what am I going to do about this?' he thought as he looked down at his pants. Suddenly he heard something...coming from below...Oksana...?

Days passed to weeks. Oksana didn't see much of Leon except at lunches and in passing. He acted as if the kiss never happened, which disappointed Oksana greatly. She wanted to kiss him again, but her shyness overtook her whenever she was around him, so she never brought it up, though in the back of her mind, she wanted nothing more than to kiss him sweetly on the lips.

Fourth of July was upon them, and still Leon had not worked up the nerve to go to Oksana's room again. And now she was gone for the holiday. But he had his work to keep him occupied. However, whenever he found himself bored, his mind wandered to Oksana and her sweet lips. So when Oksana came back from her weekend away, bringing him a box of mixed chocolates, her face slightly swollen, he immediately became worried.

"Oksana, are you ok?"

"I am not feeling very well. I am going to go lay down."

"Let me know if you need anything, ok?"

Leon didn't think he would have to follow through with this promise the next morning.

"How are you feeling?" Leon asked when he got back from work. He had found out Oksana had had an allergic reaction, one that could've killed her, and spent the entire day in the Health Center. He was worried, and came to visit.

"I am ok, I should be better by tomorrow, they said," Oksana said feebly as Leon applied a cloth to her forehead. He was laying next to her on her bed.

"I'll stay here, if you need anything."

Oksana was so weak from the drugs, she barely kept her eyes open. "Thank you, Leon," was all she could manage before slipping into sleep. Leon stayed next to her, stroking her hair as he watched her even breathing. He thought she was an angel, as he lightly kissed her upon her forehead and let her curl up to him, as sleep claimed him too.

Oksana woke on late Saturday morning, the hot sun creeping in through the shades, feeling a pressure on her arms. Her eyes opened sleepily to see Leon had stayed by her side through the night, and that he was stirring too.

"Good morning," she said lazily.

"Good afternoon, you mean," Leon replied with a sly smile.

"Thank you for staying with me."

Leon felt like he was falling into those beautiful eyes again. He gave in, and leaned over to kiss Oksana gently on the lips. He felt Oksana kiss back, those sweet, soft lips pressing against his. He felt one hand slide down over her shoulder and down her arm, and he pushed away the hot covers of her bed from her body, pushing down the strap of the flimsy summer nightgown she had worn the night before.

Oksana began to run her hands down Leon's chest, before moving a hand underneath his shirt to feel the muscles of his body. He sat up a bit and took off his shirt, before leaning back down again to kiss her, his tongue darting into her mouth to tease hers, before his lips moved down her neck, gently kissing her skin, moving lower and lower. Leon wanted to taste those sweet breasts. One hand began to tug at her nightgown, pulling it up over Oksana's head and tossing it to one side, leaving her clad in only a lacy pair of boyshorts. Oksana ran one hand down Leon's chest towards his waist, undoing the jeans he had stayed in all night. He couldn't be comfortable in those now, from what she was feeling.

Leon moaned around Oksana's breast, as he sucked on her nipple. His dick was so hard, he felt like he was going to cum at any moment. Just the touch of her hand was sending a fire through his body. He sucked and licked her right nipple before moving to her left, as one hand massaged the tit he wasn't sucking on, and the other reached down to take off her lacy panties to reveal her pussy. 'So she shaves,' he though as he felt the smooth skin of her mound and slipped a finger into her slit. Leon heard her gasp in pleasure. She was so wet, so tight. He slid a second finger in, his tongue teasing her nipple. He came up and started kissing Oksana on her lips again.

"It's my turn to tease you," Oksana whispered into Leon's ear. She pushed Leon onto his back, and began to kiss her way his chest, reaching his waist and began to tease the area around his dick with her tongue.

"Oooohhhh," Leon moaned, gently grabbing Oksana's long hair and running his fingers through it as he felt her warm, wet mouth envelope his dick, and began to suck. He felt her tongue flick the very tip of his cock, licking up whatever precum was there, then running her tongue up and down the length of his 8 1/2 inch dick.

'He's big, and very thick,' Oksana thought to herself as she kept licking him like a lollipop. Leon pulled her back up to face level and lay down on top of her.

"Enough of teasing me. I need to feel you," he said, kissing her lips and running a hand down her neck. He gentle spread Oksana's legs with his, and slowly slid his dick inside her, inch by inch.

"Ooooooooohhhhh!" Oksana arched her back as Leon filled her tight pussy. Leon felt like he was in heaven. She was so smooth, so slick with juices, so tight. He didn't know if he was going to be able to last.

Slowly, he began to move in and out of her, gentle thrusts at first. He didn't want to cum too fast, and he also didn't want to hurt her. But he wanted more of her, he wanted to please her. Oksana wrapped her legs around Leon, and gently pulled him closer, as if urging him on. Leon began to pick up his pace a little, moving his hips faster, kissing her lips, her neck, a hand on her tit. Leon could feel Oksana begin to tighten as her own orgasm was approaching, he could feel his own orgasm building up.

Oksana now knew why everyone said, "Once you go black, you never go back." Leon was amazing! He was so thick, and he filled her up so easily! She felt so full, like she never had before. Every other guy she had been with had barely satisfied her. But Leon! She could feel her orgasm growing, the fire inside her building. But she didn't want to cum just yet...

Leon picked up his pace, thrusting hard and faster into Oksana's velvety pussy.

"Oh god, Oksana, you feel so good! I am not sure how much longer I can hold out," he panted. Oksana's breathing was coming faster.


"Cum for me Oksana. I want to feel you cum on my cock."

"AHHHH!! I'm cuuuuuummmiiiiiiiiiinnngg!"

Oksana felt an explosion within her as her orgasm felt like nothing she experienced before. It was so powerful, she saw a white flash before her eyes. She could feel Leon's cock pulse as he began to cum too.

'Oh god, this feels too good!' Leon thought. He felt Oksana's pussy tighten like a vice around his cock, and then felt her juices flow onto him, like a waterfall. He could hold out any longer. He felt his balls tighten before he started to cum like he never had before. He thrust once more into Oksana's tight pussy then froze in place as his cock pulsed and came inside of her.

Oksana felt as if she was on a cloud, her orgasm must've lasted at least five minutes before she started to catch her breath. She felt Leon collapse on top of her as he began to come down too. He wrapped his arms around her, as she wrapped her hands around his back, both their bodies drenched in sweat. It had grown dark out side, the early evening sending a chill through the open window of the room.

Leon pulled away to look at Oksana, their bodies still entwined. She smiled gently, as he kissed her lightly on the lips. Summer school and work had just begun to look a lot brighter...

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