tagGroup SexSummer Storm Ch. 01

Summer Storm Ch. 01


When you're hiking through open fields and the temperature's approaching the mid-90s, you might think that a few minutes of heavy rain will cool off both the afternoon heat and your sweating body. Of course, you'd be wrong.

Well sure, the rain is refreshing at first -- but as we quickly realized, maybe one third of the way back to our bed-and-breakfast from town, a summer rain ending in less than five minutes leaves the air just as warm and steamy besides, and leaves your clothing damp clammy and heavy against your body.

Kathy, Linda and I, all junior executives in our late twenties, work together back in the city. Through us, our husbands -- Carl, Larry and Terry respectively -- soon became friendly as well. This was the first time we'd all managed to ditch their kids with various relatives and get away for a week's holiday together.

The guys were pretending not to notice that the outlines of Kathy and Linda's bras were showing now through their t-shirts and at first I was thankful I'd worn a fairly thick t-shirt, since I wasn't wearing a bra (I have tiny titties, but big, hard nipples that would have given the guys quite show) -- but as we continued to walk, the thick, wet shirt weighing down on me, I began to think differently.

We hadn't gone far before the men stripped off their wet shirts. My man, Terry, definitely had the best body of all the men (we both work out regularly), but Carl wasn't tough to look at either. Larry, well, the flab can really sneak up on you in your mid-thirties, and shirtless probably wasn't the best look for him -- but Linda had confided in me and Kathy (okay, bragged) that he had a dick so large, it scared her the first time she saw it.

"How much further until we get back to the B&B?" Kathy asked.

"I don't know," Larry said. "Mile and a half?"

"Whose fucking idea was it to walk instead of waiting for the bus?" she asked.

Um... yeah, that would have been my "fucking idea." Fortunately, nobody seemed to remember.

After another five minutes or so, Linda stopped walking and said "Listen, guys, would anybody be offended if I took off this shirt? You've all seen me wearing tops that covered less than my bra, right?"

We all sort of looked at one another. We were good friends, but we'd always been fairly proper around one another. No harmless flirting, sexual banter, anything like that. "Larry," she asked her husband,

"would it bother you if I walked the first of the way with my bra showing?"

"I guess it's fine," he said, and Linda's shirt was over her head and off before he finished his sentence. Linda was wearing a plain, functional off-white bra, and nobody gave it more than a glance as we

all continued to walk. You could see how much more comfortable Linda was, the wet shirt off and enjoying the sun on her damp back.

A couple of minutes later, without a word, Kathy pulled off her own shirt.

Nobody could pretend not to notice, especially not Terry and Larry. She usually dressed to hide it for some reason, but Kathy had the most magnificent breasts I've ever seen. I say this as a 100% heterosexual woman: amazing breasts. I'd guess a 38D,still firm, perfectly shaped. The bra covered them completely, but couldn't hide them.

Quick, furtive glances and the guys' crotches told me that none of them, not even Kathy's husband, were unaffected (and I could tell that Linda was probably not exaggerating about Larry's endowment). "Guys, come on," Kathy finally said, "you're making me self-conscious."

"Sorry," Terry and Larry both mumbled.

I wondered whether I was the only one who realized that a line had been crossed: sexual tension had become part of our group dynamic.

And Linda didn't look happy: well, who could blame her? She'd taken off her shirt, and been treated like one of the guys. Which is what she'd wanted, but that didn't mean she wasn't bothered by the fact

that when Kathy took off her shirt, everybody stared and the guys all got woodies.

"Your turn," Linda said to me.


"Your shirt. If we're going to to show off our bras, you should too."

I really didn't like the tone of her voice. I like Linda, but she can get pissy when she's upset. I got the sense that she wanted me to take off my shirt just to show that I was smaller than she was, and I

wasn't here to make her feel better about Kathy's boobs making her feel inadequate.

I rolled up my t-shirt to just under by breasts, then stopped. "I'd love to show off my bra; but we'd have to go back to the city, because I left them all at home. There's nothing under here but me."

Getting the wet t-shirt away from my belly and lower back and exposing them to the sun felt pretty good, I thought as we began walking again. It was only a few seconds, though, until we heard Linda say "Okay, then," and when I turned around she was holding her bra in her hand.

"Um, Linda," Larry said, walking toward her.

"I'm okay," she said, waving him off. Then she looked at me, as if challenging me.

I leaned into Terry's chest, unsure of how I should respond. "Just ignore her," he whispered. "It's just Linda being Linda. When she gets off of her snit, she'll probably apologize to everybody."

"Hey," I said, "you mind looking at me while you're talking to me, instead of staring at her tits."

"Busted," he said with a smile.

"What if I wanted to do it?" I asked. "It would certainly be more comfortable, and we're all friends here. Would you get upset?"

"Go ahead if you want. You're right, these are our friends. If it doesn't bother you letting them see you, I'm okay with it."

"You're just hoping if I take off my shirt, Kathy will go topless too and you'll get to see her in all her glory."

He laughed. "So? That's a win-win, isn't it?"

I took off my t-shirt before I had a chance to chicken out, and handed it to Terry. "Okay," I said, "let's get walking."

Kathy unsnapped her bra and tossed it to Carl. "Okay, let's," she said.

For all our bravado, Kathy, Linda and I weren't all that comfortable walking half-naked with the men, so eventually we ended up (not intentionally, but really not by accident either) walking three abreast (so to speak) in front of the men, as they walked behind us.

The sun really did feel nice on my chest and back. Damn men for being able to do this any time they want.

After we were walking for a few minutes, Linda said to me "Hey, listen..." As Terry had predicted. "About before..."

I patted her back. "It's okay. And it all worked out for the best, right?"

I suddenly realized this was probably the first time I'd ever touched a woman's naked back. For that matter, I could count on the fingers of one hand the men who've seen me topless, and two of them had made it to the list this afternoon. A strange afternoon it was, and one we knew would never be repeated.

As soon as we caught sight of the B&B in the distance, Kathy, Linda and I put our respective shirts and bras back on. The men could remain naked to the waist, of course. Damn them.


For the remainder of the day, we were all a bit awkward around one another, and we certainly made no mention of our mid-day hike. By unspoken agreement, we stayed inside: the men were pretty much okay, but the girls had gotten an hour's worth of sun in spots that had never seen direct sunlight before, and we didn't want to spend the rest of the week with sunburns in embarrassing places.

This isn't to say the topic didn't come up within our respective rooms: the first thing Terry and I did when we got back was hit the shower, to wash away an afternoon's worth of sweat and to cool down

our skin to help stave off sunburn. We got into the shower together -- we'd both been working very hard for the past month or so, putting our sex lives mostly on hold, and we weren't planning to miss an

opportunity to make up for lost time this week -- and while Terry was standing behind me, reaching around me to soap up my breasts, I asked him "How did you like seeing me with my tiny tits exposed before?"

"Sexy as hell," he said, pinching my hard nipples. "You liked knowing that Carl and Larry were looking at these sexy nips?"

"I'm sure they never noticed them, with Linda and Kathy around. Especially Kathy."

He turned me around and kissed each one. "Oh, they noticed. You don't even know how sexy these things are, do you?"

I picked his head up and kissed him, sucking his tongue into my mouth and rubbing my crotch against his cock. I broke the kiss and still rubbing against him, said "I'm sure you noticed Kathy's chest, though."

"Oh, yeah," he admitted with a big grin."

"And now you're thinking about it, aren't you? Thinking about those big, perfect breasts?"

"Mmmm," he said.

Terry was so hard that I couldn't even rub against him anymore.

We'd engaged in foreplay in the shower countless times, made one another cum with our hands, given one another oral sex, but we'd never been able to find the right position to have sex in the shower.

Feeling his cock as hard as I'd ever felt it, I knew this was our time.

I turned away from him and bent over as far as I could, bracing my hands against the shower wall. I didn't have to tell him what I wanted.

He grabbed my waist with both hands, bent his knees, and slowly, a bit awkwardly, pushed his cock in to my very wet pussy. He fucked me slowly at first, the angle of penetration different from anything I'd

felt before, and then began stroking harder and faster as the shower water pelted our heads. "Cum as quickly as you can," I said. I loved this, but we were both too old to be trying this first the first time

and I was afraid he'd hurt his knees.

"Not a problem," he said, pounding my pussy, even harder.

I wondered whether part of his enthusiasm was because he was thinking of Kathy's bare breasts in the summer sun, or even Linda's. I didn't care what he was thinking about as long as kept fucking me like this.

Then I imagined it was Larry's long, fat cock pushing deep inside of me, and I came with a short scream. That was all it took to put Terry over the edge, and with a groan he came  hard, spurting twice into me before he had to straighten his knees and slip out of me.

We rinsed off, then walked naked and dripping into the bedroom where we collapsed contentedly onto the bed.

We were asleep for no more than fifteen minutes before we were awakened by a scream coming through the wall just past the headboard of our bed, Carl and Kathy's room. A scream very similar to the one Terry had heard come out of me in the shower.

We were going to know a lot more about our friends by the time this week was through.


We spent the rest of the afternoon in the B&B's living room, playing board games. I can't remember the last time I'd even seen a Monopoly board, but it was fun. And then Trivial Pursuit, a game of more recent vintage but also one we hadn't played in years. As I said, we all made a point of saying nothing about our topless walk. At one point it looked as if Linda's shoulder was bothering her, probably a little

sunburned, but she stopped herself before saying anything about it.

It was still warm and muggy by dinner time, so we decided to have a casual meal and go to a nice, air conditioned movie theatre. The B&B owner recommended a casual dress Italian restaurant, so we set off wearing the same clothing we'd changed into when we'd gotten back to our rooms earlier, t-shirts and shorts. The meal was good and we enjoyed a lively conversation, but we all felt a little self-conscious avoiding any mention of the afternoon. I was getting worried that the men seeing the women half naked, and the sexual undercurrents, were going to spoil the easy relationship we had with one another.

I still had this on my mind when we got to the theatre. We ended up seeing that new comedy about the Greek god who gets stranded on Earth, and when we got to our seats, we noticed the air conditioning was set way too high, as so often happens. The guys all put their arms around their wives to keep us warm, which was nice. Good thing the theatre was dark, though, because the cold air was making my nipples poke through my t-shirt rather conspicuously.

I couldn't help thinking about the last time this happened: Terry and I had gone to the movies by ourselves, and we were sitting near the back, several rows behind anybody else. He had his arm around me just the way he did now, and every so often he'd "innocently" brush his hand across one of my breasts through the sundress I was wearing. Braless, of course, so he quickly noticed my nipples were making small bumps through the cotton. He took a quick look around to make sure nobody was watching, and rubbed one of the nipples. Hard.

I gasped.

He rubbed it for a few seconds more, and I could feel it growing even harder under his hand. Then, abandoning all pretense that he was merely holding me, he reached over and with his other hand, massaged my other swollen nipple.

"Oh God," I whispered. "You have to stop. You're going to make me cum."

He pinched both nipples at once. He knows I love that. "You'll have to do it quietly, then."

"No, please."

"Please what?" he asked. "Please stop, or please make you cum?"

"Please... Damn you, I need to cum now. Please."

He could have stripped me naked and fucked me right then and there, and I wouldn't have stopped him. Instead he lifted the bottom of my dress, slipped his hand into my panties, and gave my pussy a single

hard stroke, spreading my juices onto my clit. I clinched my teeth to keep from screaming out loud, and I came so hard, I slid off my seat. Literally. Terry grabbed my before I hit the floor; but of course

since he already had a hand under my dress, this pulled my dress up over my waist. Fortunately I got myself properly rearranged before the usher came by the see what the commotion was all about.

Sitting here now among our friends, my nipples already hard, remembering this did nothing to ease my sexual excitement. If this kept up, I was going to have to run out to the ladies room and "take matters into my own hands."

At least Terry was behaving himself: no "accidental" touches. We weren't alone, of course -- but after this afternoon, I had a feeling the rules could change at any moment.

Half an hour through the movie, three nymphs were dancing in a field when they noticed and recognized the god coming out of the forest. They threw off their robes and went running across the field toward him, naked except for some kind of very brief loin-skin panties (which really made no sense at all, but I guess the producers wanted to keep their R rating). After we'd spent the past six or seven hours avoiding all discussion about being topless in an open field, I found the sight of the three topless nymphs to be hysterically funny. I laughed so hard, the people in the rows in front of us turned around to look at me. Then Terry and our friends got it too, and they started laughing as well.

One of the nymphs had very large breasts -- especially for a nymph -- and Linda said (a bit too loudly) "Kathy, that one is you," which got us all laughing even louder.


We somehow managed not to get thrown out of the theatre, and when the movie was over, we walked down the street to an old fashioned ice cream parlor. Larry ordered a towering three-scoop cone, which made me think about what Linda had said about his oversized cock, but I resisted the urge to smirk. The movie had been pretty bad, and we had a good time mocking various scenes. Terry said he kind of liked the scene where the Greek god and the nymphs engaged in some softcore four-way sex and it could have been my imagination, but I thought he glanced over at Kathy and Linda while he was saying it. Linda corrected him and called the women "nymphos," which we all agreed was more appropriate. Then part of the top scoop of Larry's cone fall off onto his lap. "Damn!" he said as the cold ice cream hit him.

"That could stain," Linda said, looking at the chocolate ice cream on the crotch of his shorts. "Do you want me to rub that for you? No, wait, you might like that too much."

"We might too," I whispered to Kathy, and we both laughed.

"What's the joke?" Terry asked me.

"Nothing," I said, as Linda glared over at us. Larry wouldn't be happy if he knew she'd told us about the size of his cock.

Kathy, who was eating a sundae, deliberately tilted her plastic spoon just enough to let a chuck of ice cream fall onto her t-shirt, just on top of her left breast. "Oh Carl," she said in a flirty voice, "I think I have a stain that needs to be rubbed too."

"Um..." he said, a bit flustered. "I think we'd better wait."

"But... but it's going to stain," Kathy pouted. "Won't somebody help me? Larry? Terry?"

"Don't tempt me," Terry told her.


"I bet you really wanted to help Kathy out earlier," I said to Terry when we were in bed that night.

"No shit," he said. "The only question was who would have killed me first: Kathy, Carl or you."

Part of me wondered whether Kathy would have minded at all if Terry had called her bluff. And maybe, I surprised myself by thinking, neither would I.

I had a feeling the thought of rubbing Kathy's breast was part of the reason Terry's cock was hardening so quickly in my hand.

Less than a minute later I was turned around, on all fours, with Terry's cock slowly pumping my pussy from behind. I'd been wet and ready pretty much from the first few minutes of the movie. I bit my lip to keep from groaning, and then we both heard the bed in the next room rhythmically squeaking and then Kathy's voice starting softly and growing louder: "Just like that, oh yeah, that's good, oh my god, oh,

oh yeah, oh yeah, oh, fuck me, oh, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck, yes, fuckfuckfuck..."

I knew Terry had a vivid mental image right now of Kathy, naked, her large perfect breasts jiggling as Carl fucked her hard, thrusting his cock into her wet pussy... okay, I was thinking about it too... and I

felt Terry grow even harder inside me, fucking me as I hadn't been fucked in a long time, and when I came I screamed and I didn't care who heard me.


At breakfast the following morning, we all pretended we hadn't heard one another.


After lunch, we decided to go to the lake, which is a part of the B&B and about 100 yards from the main building. Linda and Kathy said they'd catch up with us, so I waked over to the lake with the three


I actually felt a bit awkward being alone among the men. I was wearing a bikini now, nothing even remotely daring, but I was very aware that Larry and Carl had seen me topless yesterday.

Terry and I spread out the beach towel we'd be sharing, while Larry and Carl spread the towels they'd be sharing with their wives.

Linda and Kathy showed up about ten minutes later: Linda in her own, equally modest bikini, and Kathy in a bikini as well, though with a t-shirt that came down to about her navel. "When did you get that?" Carl asked. "I don't remember you owning a bikini."

"I borrowed this from Linda," she said. "You're right, I've always worn one-pieces because I needed, you know --" she gestured at her chest "-- the built-in support."

She took off the t-shirt. The bikini top's lack of support wasn't as much of an issue as the fact that it covered barely more than her areolae. Terry and Larry definitely noticed. "Um, honey..." Carl said.

"I know," Kathy said. She slapped her ass, and said,"but the bottoms fit okay, and that's the point. There's nobody else at the B&B today, so we were thinking why can't we sunbathe topless? We were walking around topless yesterday, so it shouldn't be a big deal, right?" Clearly Kathy and Linda had planned to take off their tops no matter what, so they dropped them onto their respective beach towels without waiting for anybody's response.

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