tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 05

Summer Vacation Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©

"I'm glad you called to let me know you were going to be late last night, Tommy," Aunt Karen told the young man Monday morning while they ate breakfast. "That was so polite of you." She gave her daughter a rather stern glance as she said it.

"Come on, Mom, don't start on that call if you're going to be late stuff already," Kim said, a pretty pout on her face. "I was home early last night."

"I'm not talking about last night," her mother said, "I'm talking about the rest of the summer. I don't want you out until all hours while I sit here worrying. You can call if you're going to be late, just like Tommy does."

"I'll try," Kim said. She glared at Tommy as if to say, "Brown-noser!"

Tommy didn't know why his cousin was so upset. Calling was a natural thing for him to do. It was something drilled into him by his parents and he did it without thinking. It was as natural for him as breathing. He couldn't understand why Kim was so upset. Oh, well.

"Your job starts today, doesn't it?" Karen asked her daughter.

"Yeah," Kim replied, sounding a little surly. "I gotta get going. They're expecting me at the mall."

"Where are you working?" Tommy asked.

"Maggie's Trends," Kim replied. It was a clothing store in the mall that sold the latest fashions. The sales clerks were all young and attractive, like his cousin. The owner let them buy outfits from the store for ridiculously low prices on condition they wear them to work. It was like having live models for the clothing she sold, and seemed to work well. Maggie - actually her name was Florence Duggs and she was built like a water buffalo - had become spectacularly successful serving the teen market.

Tommy figured Kim's job at the store accounted for way she was dressed: a loose sweater with pink diamonds scattered over it and an extremely deep V-back, and the tightest pink mini-skirt he'd ever seen. It wasn't the kind of outfit most girls wore to hang around the street or go to the beach and looked awfully good on her. The young man recalled what he'd seen his beautiful cousin do the night before and felt himself getting hot.

"You look a little feverish this morning, Tommy," Aunt Karen said, noticing her nephew's red face. "Are you OK?"

"Ah...yeah...I-I guess so," he stammered. The memory of Kim lying on her bed, the fake black cock plunging in and out of her pussy, had him hard as a rock. How in the hell would he get out of the kitchen? God, what a mess!

"I've got work to do at the church this morning," Karen announced, returning to the counter to get something. "I'll probably be gone all morning. What are you planning to do, Tommy?"

"Ah, I've got to run over to North Hamden," he replied. "I have to see someone over there about something."

"Oh?" his aunt said. She turned and looked at him. Kim excused herself and left. Tommy couldn't take his eyes off his cousin's undulating bottom as she walked toward the door. Just before she went out, Kim turned and gave him a smile that shook him to his socks.

"Does she know I watched her last night?" he wondered, his mind spinning. "God! If she does..."

"What do you have to do in North Hamden, Tommy?" Aunt Karen asked again. "Earth to Tommy..."

"Huh?" Tommy, befuddled, looked at his aunt. "Ah, there's...there's a man over there I have to see about joining a health club," he stammered. It was sort of a lie, but he didn't want anyone to know about his karate training.

Aunt Karen looked surprised. "A health club..." she said softly. "I guess I never thought about you as the health club type." She patted her full hips. "I suppose I should think about joining one, shouldn't I?"

"Ah...I-I think you're pretty, Aunt Karen," Tommy choked. "You...you don't need to go to a health club as far as...as I-I'm concerned." It wasn't a lie. He thought she was very pretty and he'd seen a lot more of her than she knew.

His aunt reddened and said, "Why Tommy, that's very sweet." She looked even more attractive with the flush on her face. "But I know I could stand to lose twenty pounds. Will you be gone all morning?" Her question sounded innocent, and if Tommy hadn't observed what he had the day before, he'd have thought nothing of it.

The young man nodded. "Yeah, I'll be gone most of the day," he said. "She's probably going to bring Reverend Grayson over again!" he thought. If he worked things right, maybe he could watch them screwing again! Even if he didn't get laid this summer, it looked as if he was going to have the chance to watch a lot of other people doing it. His groin got more congested. He hoped his aunt would leave for church before he had to get up from the table. Otherwise, she'd see what had grown in his pants, and he wasn't sure how he'd explain that.

"Well..." Aunt Karen washed and dried her hands. "I have to get going. Reverend Grayson is expecting me." She came over to the table and kissed Tommy on the forehead. "Will I see you for dinner tonight?"

"Ah...I've got work tonight," the young man replied. The touch of her lips did nothing to calm the turmoil in his body.

"OK," Karen said. She turned and left the house.

Tommy heard her car start and leave the driveway. He finished eating, put his dishes in the dishwasher, then went out, got in his folks' car and drove a few blocks to the parking lot of a supermarket. He could go to the karate dojo some other time. He'd already worked out more than he had to this week. He locked the car and walked back to his aunt's house. She and Reverend Grayson better show up or he'd wasted a perfectly good morning, but if they did... He lay down on his bed and began reading a book.

Tommy hadn't been home fifteen minutes when he heard a car pull into the driveway. He got off the bed, pushed his bedroom door almost closed, and peered through the crack.

Aunt Karen and Reverend Grayson walked in. The minister was kind of pale and looked very nervous. He kept looking around and wringing his hands. "Ben, stop worrying, I already told you Kim's working," Karen told the man, "and Tommy's gone to North Hamden. We have the house to ourselves." She moved into the preacher's arms and their lips locked together. The pastor's hands cupped Karen's full bottom and pulled her against him. Tommy heard their groans as their bodies pressed together.

"I hate myself for being this weak!" Reverend Grayson gasped when the kiss ended, "But I can't stop! Being near you makes me crazy!"

"You have the same effect on me, my love," Tommy's aunt purred. She sank to her knees and began unzipping the man's fly. Then she fished the man's cock out and began caressing it with her mouth.

A look of ecstasy formed on the pastor's face. "Karen! Oh!" he groaned passionately. "How can anything so wrong feel so good?"

Tommy's cock lurched in his jeans. Aunt Karen was sucking off Reverend Grayson! Right there in the living room!

The pastor's legs got wobbly as the lovely woman's mouth glided up and down on his cock. He clutched a chair for support. "God, Karen, that feels heavenly!" he crooned, his hands tangling in her hair, pulling her face against him. "I never knew I could feel like this!" he groaned, hips thrusting frantically, fucking his cock into her mouth.

As he watched his aunt suck the minister's cock, Tommy gripped his young, hard cock in his hand. He'd sure like to know what that felt like! If it felt half as good as it looked like it did, it would be awesome!

"Karen! My word!" Reverend Grayson moaned, "Don't make me come like this! I want you!"

The beautiful, full-bodied woman let the man's cock slide from her mouth and looked up at him. "You want me, do you, Ben darling?" she murmured.

"God forgive me! Yes!" the over-heated preacher cried. He dropped to his knees, pulled Karen into his arms, and kissed her. "I've got to have you!"

"Take me, then!" Karen said. Still kneeling, she pulled out of her lover's arms and turned so her back was to the him. She reached behind her and flipped up her skirt.

Tommy couldn't believe it! His aunt wasn't wearing underwear!

"Oh! Oh, Karen! Oh, Karen!" Reverend Grayson moaned. He quickly thrust himself into the woman's offered, hot vagina. His fingers dug into her hips and he pounded into her like a mad bull, his thrusts so forceful they made her body quiver and shake. The parson's legs slapped against his partner as he lunged against her wildly, plumbing her depths with his erect cock.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Karen moaned. Her hand raked the thick shag carpet she was kneeling on. Her body quivered from the lusty onslaught of her lover. "Harder! Yes! Give it to me! Harder! Harder!" She pushed her bottom back against the man's invading cock. "Ben! Ben! Yes! Uh! Take me! Take me! Now! Oh! Oh! Now! Now!" the lust-possessed woman cried, her body arching and bucking, when she came.

"Eeyahh!" the lust-maddened minister cried, his face beet-red, his hands digging into Karen's flesh, as he spewed his hot cream into her.

When the couple on the living room floor came, so did Tommy, spurting his seed into a sock he had handy for that purpose. Legs wobbly, he sagged against the doorjamb. Maybe, somehow, he could get Aunt Karen to let him fuck her. If he told her he knew what she was doing with the minister... No. He couldn't do that. It would be blackmail. He wanted her to come to him willingly.

"I can't believe we did this on your living room floor like animals in heat!" the minister exclaimed breathlessly. He and Karen continued to lay on the soft carpet, clutching each other, temporarily sated.

Karen responded with a throaty laugh. "I've always wanted to do something wild like this," she said. She kissed the minister. "I'm glad I convinced you to do it."

"My word, Karen! I didn't have a choice!" the parson breathed. "I couldn't wait! You make me do such incredible things! I-I can't get enough of you!"

"I hope not," Karen murmured. She began stroking his flaccid, sticky cock. "We have the house to ourselves for the morning and I don't want to waste a minute of it." She wasn't sure how many opportunities like this she'd have and didn't want to waste this one.

"Oh, Karen!" the reverend groaned. His eyes rolled back in his head. "I've never met a woman like you!"

"Let's go in the bedroom," Karen said. She got up and urged Reverend Grayson to his feet. "As much fun as this was, it's nicer in bed, isn't it?"

"Oh, yes!" the pastor replied. He followed Karen down the hall.

Tommy stepped back and pushed his door closed quietly, letting them pass. Fortunately, they had no idea he was there. He didn't know what would happen if he was discovered, but he figured it would be a mess. When his aunt and her lover were in the bedroom, the young man opened the door and moved noiselessly down the hall to the same position he'd had before outside his aunt's bedroom.

"Eat me!" he heard his aunt demand. "Do me like I did you!"

The next thing the young man heard were his aunt's moans of delight as Reverend Grayson did as she requested. He peeked around the partly open door and saw that the man's head was again between his aunt's legs. He thought that once you made it, you were finished. From the way the couple on the bed were acting, that wasn't the case at all!

"Yes! Oh, yes!" the lush-bodied woman cried as the pastor's lips and tongue punished her clit and vagina. "You're going to make me cum! Ah! I'm cumming! Oh, Ben! Ben! Ben!" Her hips rose off the bed, gyrating wildly, and her hands tore at the bedcovers as a powerful orgasm swept through her.

From his vantage point in the doorway, Tommy realized that what Reverend Grayson hadn't just turned his aunt on. The preacher's cock was as stiff as it had been when Aunt Karen was sucking it.

Tommy watched, wide-eyed, as the man slid on top of his aunt's still-spasming body and jammed his rigid shaft into her. His hips went wild and he slammed repeatedly into her. "Ah! Karen! Karen!" the minister cried, his plunging hips driving against her, as he spewed his spend into her.

"Uhh! Nnahh! So hot! Yes! Oh, yes!" Karen cried. She clutched the man, pulling him against her lush breasts, her legs thrashing as she came and came. "Again! I'm doing it again! Yes!"

When he finished, the minister rolled off and lay on his back next to Karen, staring at the ceiling. "I-I don't know what to do," he said softly, his voice cracking. "What we're doing...it's...it's against everything I believe in. It's against God's laws! We're married, both of us!" He began to sob. "God forgive me, I can't help myself when I'm near you."

Karen rolled on her side, her jellied breasts moving enticingly, and stroked the sobbing man's face. "We're not hurting anyone, Ben," she whispered. "We want each other. All we're doing is responding to our God-given needs."

The man sobbed even harder. "That's blasphemy, Karen!" he exclaimed, "What we're doing is wrong! We...we have to stop!"

Karen began kissing her way down the man's body. "Are you sure you want to stop, Ben?" she murmured. She clutched his cock in her hand and kissed the tip, which was still shiny and sticky with the juices of their joining. "Don't you want more of this?"

The minister suddenly bolted from the bed and ran toward the door, startling Tommy who just barely managed to get back to his room as the parson rushed out of his aunt's bedroom clutching his clothes in his hand.

"We have to stop!" Reverend Grayson cried while he stumbled down the hallway, struggling into his clothes. "I-I can't do this any more. My God! I'm committing adultery. If I don't stop, I won't be able to face my congregation any more!"

Nude, Karen followed the fleeing man, her breasts jiggling delightfully. "Ben, please don't go," she said. "We need each other. What's wrong with that?"

She didn't want to lose the loving Ben gave her. She was positive she'd never be able to find anyone else who wanted her. The loneliness she'd felt during Dave's sales trips was unbearable. Ben had helped her with that, and now she was about to lose him. Desperately she tried to think of something to say that would keep him from leaving. "Ben, please," she begged. "Why are you doing this?"

"If you don't know, I can't explain it," the minister groaned. He checked his fly and shirt buttons, then bolted out the door.

Dejected, Karen turned and started toward her bedroom. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She knew what she and Ben were doing was wrong, but, dammit, it was the best sex she'd had in a long time. Ben was a patient and gentle lover, not like Dave, who only wanted to jump on and jump off. She'd never before had the gentle, loving kind of sex Ben gave her. Now she'd lost it.

As she walked down the hallway, she thought she heard a noise in the spare bedroom and, forgetting her state of undress, went to check. She reached for the partly-open door of the spare bedroom, the one her nephew was sleeping in.

Tommy didn't know what to do. If Aunt Karen didn't go back to church, how would he get out of the house without her seeing him? He leaned against the wall, breathing hard, struggling with his dilemma.

The door opened and there stood Aunt Karen, wonderfully naked, a shocked look on her face. "T-Tommy! What are you doing?" she exclaimed. She paled, remembered she was naked, and tried to cover herself with her arms. Stunned and frightened, she realized her nephew had been there the whole time Ben was there! He...he knew! What was she going to do?

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