tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 07

Summer Vacation Ch. 07

byD.C. Roi©

Tommy and his aunt, exhausted by their romp in the hay, stayed in bed for a while, talking and holding each other. Finally Tommy had to get up and get ready for work.

He changed into work clothes, came out and found Aunt Karen in the kitchen, making dinner. She walked over to him, pulled him into her arms, and kissed him. "We'll have to be careful for the next few days," she said. "Your Uncle Dave will be home tomorrow."

Uncle Dave. Tommy went cold inside. He hadn't thought much about his uncle, who hadn't been home since he arrived at his aunt's house.

Karen sensed her nephew's anxiety and kissed him gently. "Don't worry, Tommy," she said, "Your uncle probably won't be home long. And when he leaves again..." She gave the young man a smile that made his cock lurch.

"Ah...I'll see you later, Aunt Karen, I-I...um... have to get to work," Tommy stammered. He backed out of her embrace and headed out the door.

Things were slow at the Inn, so Tommy and Tina got to talk quite a bit. Her little boy was in day-care, she told him, and the lady who ran the school told her that Tina's son was one of the brightest youngsters she'd encountered in a while. "She thinks I ought to get him into pre-school," Tina said, her eyes and voice filled with pride. "Only problem is, that costs money. Money I don't have."

"Hey, you know, my Dad works for the University," Tommy said. He had an idea that might help Tina. "They have a special school for bright kids. Sometimes they give scholarships."

"Really?" Tina replied. She looked at him, interested.

"Yeah," Tommy continued, "the lady who runs the program is a friend of my Dad's. Why don't I give her a call?"

Tina looked a little uncertain. "You sure it won't be any trouble?" she asked. "I mean, I don't want you getting in trouble or anything."

Tommy smiled at her. "Hey, all she can do is turn me down, right?" he said. "I'll call her first thing in the morning."

"You're really sweet, Tommy," Tina said. She kissed him on the cheek and squeezed his arm.

Tommy felt himself blushing furiously. He knew the kiss was just a gesture of gratitude, but it shook him and he wasn't exactly sure why.

Just then, Mr. Dreisbach walked out of the kitchen. "Aha!" he said, and a broad smile on his face. "I turn my back and right away the help is carrying on."

"Mr. Dreisbach!" Tina exclaimed. She turned as red as Tommy.

"Ach, you know I just tease," the Inn's owner said. "You two are the best workers I've ever seen. In fact, you remind me of myself when I was your age. Now go on, start setting up for tomorrow. I don't think too many people will come in, yet, tonight, do you?"

The prospect of getting out early didn't bother Tommy, except it meant he would have less time to spend with Tina. When they finished setting up, Mr. Dreisbach told them they could leave.

"Mind if I walk you home?" Tommy asked when they reached the street in front of the inn. He wasn't sure where he got the courage to ask her. It was early, so even if he walked Tina home, he wouldn't arrive home late. He recalled what happened between his aunt and him earlier and...

"Tommy, you're blushing again!" Tina giggled. "Does the idea of walking me home embarrass you?"

Tommy shook his head. "Ah, no," he replied, "I was just thinking about what Mr. Dreisbach said, you know, earlier." It was a lie, but a lot better than telling the truth.

"I'd be happy to have you walk me home," Tina said.

The walk home with Tina was one of the nicest times Tommy had in a while. Far too soon they arrived at the apartment building where she lived. She stopped suddenly and he heard her gasp. He looked at her. She looked scared. "What's the matter, Tina?" he asked.

"That's...that's my ex-husband's car," she whispered, staring at a beat-up old sedan parked, engine running, in front of the building. A dirty-looking, bearded man a little taller and heavier than Tommy got out of the car. He glared in their direction and started toward them.

"Got another guy already, huh, slut?" the man growled. His voice was slurred, his walk not too steady, and his eyes a bit watery.

"Ron!" Tina said. "Don't talk like that. Tommy's a friend. He works where I do."

"She screwed you yet?" the man asked Tommy.

Tommy stiffened. He'd never struck another person in anger, but he was ready to make this guy the first. He wanted to hit him, he wanted to very much. He shifted into a position from which he could launch any one of a dozen karate moves.

"Ron! What do you want?" Tina asked, her voice shaking.

"I jus' thought I'd drop by and visit my ex-old lady and kid," the crude inebriated man said, grinning. "I got visitation rights, remember? You fuckin' well oughta remember, all the goddamn support I haveta send ya!" He smirked. "You're lookin' good, Tina."

"Are you going to be all right?" Tommy asked Tina, keeping his eyes on her ex-husband, ready to move if need be.

"I-I'm fine, Tommy," she said softly. "You better go. When...when he's like this, he can be mean."

"Fuckin' A I can," the man said. He moved closer to Tommy and Tina. "I'm here to visit with her," He jerked his head in Tina's direction. "An' we don't need you here."

"You sure you'll be OK?" Tommy asked.

"Please, Tommy..." Tina said and gave him a pleading look. "You really must go. I-I don't want you to get hurt."

"Yeah, kid," her ex-husband said. "Get your ass outta here. Maybe she'll let you get in her pants some other time."

"Don't talk about her like that!" Tommy said. He stiffened, arms ready, but Tina stepped in front of him and pushed against his chest with her hands.

"Tommy, please. Just go home. I-I can handle this," she said.

"Yeah, kid, take off," Ron said. "We sure don't want you gettin' hurt, do we, kid?"

Tommy looked at Tina again. "You sure you'll be OK?" he asked.

Tina nodded. "I'll be fine, I really will," she said. "I-I can handle him."

"All right," Tommy replied. Reluctantly, he turned and started walking down the street. He turned when he was a little distance away and saw Tina and her ex-husband disappear into the apartment building. "Maybe I should call the police," he thought, but discarded the idea. Tina said she could handle the man and if he stuck his nose in where it wasn't wanted, it might make her angry. Still...he shrugged and, seething with anger, continued on home.

Just in case Kim might be putting on another performance, he went around to the back door, but was disappointed. The light in Kim's room wasn't on. Oh, well, he didn't need to watch her make love to herself any more. Not now that he had done the real thing with Aunt Karen. And the way she talked, what happened that morning wouldn't be the last time they made love, either.

The house was dark and quiet. It appeared everyone was in bed and asleep. Quietly, Tommy went down the hall to his room, went inside, undressed, and got in bed. He couldn't sleep, so he turned on the light next to his bed, picked up a book, and began reading. He found himself unable to concentrate. He was worried about Tina. What if her ex-husband hurt her? If he did, Tommy vowed silently he'd find the man and make him pay.

The door of his room opened and Tommy looked. It was Aunt Karen! She put her finger to her lips to indicate silence. He couldn't have said anything, anyhow. He just stared. She wore a white nightgown with thin straps over her shoulders and lace across her chest. It had a ruffled skirt that came just below her knees. The tiny buttons on the top were open, exposing the vee between her lush breasts.

Karen had been waiting all evening for Tommy to come home. She couldn't sleep. At first she had thought about ending what they were doing before it got out of hand, then she convinced herself it already was out of hand. Since that was the case, and her nephew was such a magnificent lover...

Her heart started pounding the minute she heard him come in. She gave him time to get settled, then went to his room. She was in his room now, and he was laying on his bed, gaping at her.

Tommy continued staring as his aunt closed the door, then walked toward him. As she moved closer, she pulled the gown over her head and let it drop to the floor. Then she was in bed with him, her warm body moving sinuously against his. Her lips and tongue teased his ear, making him instantly hard.

"I wanted to be with you one last time before Dave gets home," she whispered into his ear, making him tremble. "I've got to have you again!" Her hand slid across his belly and grasped his cock. "Oh, God! I need this so badly!"

Before the startled and excited young man could move, his aunt straddled him, her wet pussy sliding along his erect cock, her firm, strong legs on either side of his hips. She bent down and her hair cascaded onto his face, then her lips found his and locked onto them.

Tommy's hands moved up and down over the silken skin covering his aunt's back, gliding down to her firm, wondrously-shaped bottom, clutching at it as her hips moved, working the lips of her vagina against the shaft of his trapped cock.

"You want me, too, don't you, my darling?" his aunt whispered, the motion of her hips becoming more urgent, her voice husky and feral. "You really do!"

She reached between them and Tommy felt her hand on his cock. Then the sensitive tip was engulfed by warmth and wetness, and ecstasy caused him to shudder as, with a quick move of her hips, his aunt took him inside her.

The invasion of her nephew's cock sent thrills shooting up and down Karen's spine. "Yes!" she hissed. "That's what I need!" She kissed him again. "We have to be quiet, though. Kim wouldn't understand this!"

Tommy wasn't about to argue. His cousin might tell her father, and Uncle Dave was a big man, with a fierce temper. He was sure he could handle his uncle in a physical confrontation, but he also knew disclosure of his affair with his aunt would cause more trouble than either of them wanted. Meanwhile, there was something much more urgent to worry about; satisfying the voluptuous woman riding his cock.

Karen pushed herself up so she was sitting on her nephew and continued moving her hips. Her motions jiggled her breasts enticingly. She loved the way it felt to have Tommy's cock in her, and was entranced by the passion that showed on his face while she rode him. She was thrilled that she seemed to be giving him as much pleasure as he was giving her.

Tommy cupped her large breasts in his hands and his thumbs rubbed the erect nipples. His aunt's face, already flushed with desire, became a mask of passion. Her hands clutched his, pressing them more tightly against her.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes!" she groaned softly, the movements of her hips growing more ardent. "Oh, God, Tommy! It feels so good to have you in me!" she murmured as her nephew's cock lashed her insides and his hands mauled her breasts wonderfully. Then, suddenly, she stiffened.

Tommy felt the walls of his aunt's channel rippling on his embedded cock. Her hands clasped his arms, her mouth fell open, and her eyes seemed to glaze over.

"Umm! Umm!" Karen moaned, then she bit her lip. Her body shook as if an earthquake had hit. The spasms of her snug vagina became more and more powerful, milking Tommy's cock.

The young man could stand no more. "Ahh..." his groan of ecstasy was muffled when his aunt covered his mouth with hers while their bodies shared ultimate delight, straining and shoving. Powerful streams of come gushed from his cock, splattering against his aunt's cervix.

When their passion was finally sated, Karen rolled off her nephew and lay holding him, her face nestled against his neck, her lips and tongue caressing him. "I can't get over how good you make me feel!" she murmured. "I wish I'd found out about you a long time ago!"

After a delightful period of snuggling, Karen kissed Tommy one more time, then got out of bed. He watched her slide the nightgown back over her lush, wonderful body. She stood there, smiling at him, blew him a kiss, then silently disappeared out the door.

"This is incredible!" Tommy thought as he lay in his bed, staring at the closed door. "All I wanted was to lose my virginity this summer! I've already done that and a lot more. And it isn't over!" He turned out the light and pulled the covers up over him. As he was falling asleep, he wondered how Tina had made out. Was she OK?

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