tagNovels and NovellasSummer Vacation Ch. 30

Summer Vacation Ch. 30

byD.C. Roi©

When Tommy walked into the kitchen the next morning, he found Bud sitting at the table, drinking a cup of coffee. Aunt Karen, looking flustered, was at the stove. Kim, grinning like a Cheshire cat, was sitting at the table with Bud.

"Morning, boss," Bud said, smiling broadly.

"Morning," Tommy replied, sitting down.

"Ah...Tommy," Aunt Karen said, "there's a strange truck in the driveway. Do...do you know anything about it?"

"I bought it yesterday," the young man said.

His aunt turned, her mouth open. "Wha...you did?" she stammered.

"I thought it would be nice if I had my own vehicle," he said.

"I saw it. It's really far-out," Kim said. "You going to go four-wheeling in it?"

"I already have," Tommy said.

"The chief said the price I quoted him is fine," Bud said. "We start training September 1."

"Good," Tommy said. "We'll do it evenings or after school, though. Remember, I'm in school in September."

"If I had your money, I'd quit school," Kim said, drawing a dirty look from her mother and a startled look from Bud.

"Kimberly!" Karen said and gave her daughter a stern look.

"Am I missing something?" Bud asked.

"Well, since you're almost family," Tommy said, "I might as well let you in on it."

"Let me in on what?" Bud asked. His mouth dropped open when Tommy explained how much money he'd been left by Lee Kwan.

"Jesus H. Christ!" Bud said slowly when the teenager finished his story. "I had no idea Sensei was worth that much money. You'd have never known it from the way he lived."

"That's for sure," Tommy said. "He lived in that little apartment over the dojo, and never owned a car. I'll tell you, when I found out, it blew me away."

"Yeah, well, it tells me something about you, kid, that you plan on staying in school," Bud said. "Lot of guys wouldn't. If I'd had something like that happen to me when I was your age, I might have quit."

"Talking about quitting," Tommy said, "You could quit the force and go to work for me full-time."

Bud shook his head. "Not yet," he said. "I got nineteen years in. One more and I qualify for my pension. You make me the same offer in a year, I might take you up on it."

"I'll make it and I'm counting on you taking it," Tommy said.

Bud stood up. "I got to get going," he said. "I got follow-ups to do on some cases." He walked over, put his arms around Karen and gave her a kiss, which she returned.

"See you later, babe," he said, then headed for the door.

"I have to get going, too," Kim said, standing up and heading for the door. "I told Maggie I'd be in early this morning. We got in a shipment of some really neat new stuff that I'm going to help unpack. Who knows, maybe I'll find something I like?" Then she, too, was gone, leaving Tommy and his aunt alone.

His aunt looked at him and reddened a little. "Ah, about Bud..." she said softly, "it, you know, got kind of late last night, and, well..."

"Hey, I'm glad you and Bud are hitting it off," Tommy said. "He's a neat guy and you're a neat lady. Couldn't find a better couple if you looked."

Karen smiled at him and sat down. Her look turned serious. "I-I've been thinking about...you know...about us," she said. She had been wanting to talk with Tommy. Now that her relationship with Bud seemed to be going somewhere, she felt even guiltier about what she and her nephew had been doing, but she had also been worried that Tommy might be jealous of Bud.

"What about us?" Tommy asked.

"Well, what we did..." Karen said. She paused, "I-I don't know what Bud would think if he knew..."

"Don't worry, Aunt Karen, I'm not going to tell him," Tommy said. "I want you guys to be happy. As far as I'm concerned, what happened between you and me was wonderful, it's over now, and nobody needs to know. Ever."

Karen smiled, leaned over, and kissed her nephew on the cheek. "Not only are you wonderful," she said, "you're sweet and wise, too." She sat back. "I'll miss what we had, a little." She winked at him. "You were the best ever for me."

Tommy felt his face get hot. He stammered, "Ah...well, I...ah, I got to get going." He got up and headed for the living room, and phoned Donna. She said she'd love to go for a ride in his new truck. He told her that they might go swimming and she said she thought that was a great idea, too. They agreed to meet at the mall.

As he drove toward the mall, Tommy tried to think of some place he could take Donna where there wouldn't be other people around. Then it came to him. He and his father once stumbled onto a pond deep in the woods when they were doing research on the local bear population. There was a road to the pond, but it was primitive. His truck should be able to make it, though.

He pulled into a small store and bought things for a picnic lunch, then he continued on to the mall. Donna was waiting on a bench just outside the entrance. She smiled and got up when Tommy stopped.

Tommy gazed at the slim blonde approvingly as she walked toward the truck. She was wearing form-fitting acid washed denim shorts and a black top that displayed a lot of flesh and had string ties down each side. It wasn't until she slid into the truck that he realized that what he thought was her top was probably her swimming suit.

Donna smiled at him. "Hi," she said. "I love the truck. Is this the one you talked about the other night?"

Tommy started off. "Yeah, it is," he said. "I decided I might as well go for it."

"This truck is pretty fancy," the girl commented. "Wasn't it expensive?"

"Actually, it wasn't too bad," Tommy replied. "It's a year old and I got a good deal."

While Tommy drove out of town and into the country, Donna put a tape in the tape player and leaned back in the seat. "Oh, wow!" she said, "This thing has a fantastic sound system."

"Yeah," Tommy agreed. "Good as I've heard."

Donna looked around when he turned onto a country road. "Where are we going?" she asked.

"I thought I'd take you to a spot my father showed me," Tommy said. "I brought some stuff along for a picnic. I get to exercise the truck, too."

"Sounds neat," Donna said and gave him a big smile.

He missed the entrance to the logging road, and had to back up. He started in. The road was a lot more overgrown than it had been when he'd last been there, but it wasn't bad.

"How far back is this place we're going to?" Donna asked as they crawled up a hill on the rugged road.

"About a mile or two, if I remember correctly," Tommy answered. The pond, if it was the same as it had been the last time he was there, was surrounded by a forest meadow and filled with clear water. It would be a perfect place for an afternoon with a beautiful girl. "Maybe I can get Donna to go skinny-dipping," he thought, then felt his face get hot.

"Tom, you're blushing!" his companion exclaimed. "What are you thinking about?"

"Ah...well...not...nothing, really," Tommy stammered. The spot he was seeking appeared as he rounded a corner. He pulled the truck off the road and shut the engine off.

"This is fantastic!" Donna exclaimed. "This is so neat! How did you find it?"

"My dad and I were up here last fall, doing a study on the local bear population," Tommy explained.

"Your father studies bears?" Donna asked. She sounded surprised. "I've never known anyone who does something like that."

"My dad's a game biologist," Tommy said, "and he specializes in bears. That's why he's in Alaska. He's doing a study on Kodiak bears."

"Aren't they those huge bears?" his companion asked.

Tommy nodded. "They're the biggest bears in North America," he said.

"Isn't it dangerous to go around in the woods looking for bears?" Donna asked.

"Not if you're careful," Tommy said. "Bears are more scared of us than we are of them. Given the chance, they'll take off rather than confront man. The only time you have to worry is if you get between a mother and her cubs. They can be real ugly then. Grizzlies can be unpredictable, but Dad's never done much work with them." His father had been talking about going to Yellowstone Park to study grizzlies, but his mother had been adamant that wasn't going to happen.

"I want to go swimming," Donna said and got out of the truck.

Tommy got, too, and they walked to the pond. Donna bent and stripped off her shorts. Her black swimsuit accented her pale skin, and displayed her lean form well. The young man slipped out of his T-shirt and pants and headed for the pond. He splashed into the water and found it quite cold. The pond was probably fed by a spring. "Come on in, Donna," he said, "water's fine."

Donna raced in, her slim legs flashing, then she began jumping up and down and hugging herself. "It's cold!" she exclaimed. "God!"

Tommy, whose body had adjusted to the cold water, splashed her. "Got to get wet," he said, "cold won't bother you so much, then."

"I'll give you get wet," Donna laughed and started toward him.

Tommy tried backing up, but he lost his balance on the slippery bottom and fell. As he went into the water, Donna's slim form came down on him, her warm flesh brushing his. They struggled under water for a while, and Tommy had the chance to touch various parts of the young woman's anatomy, then they surfaced, sputtering.

"You're right," Donna said, "once you're wet, it isn't so cold." She turned, knifed into the water, and began swimming fluidly toward the center of the pond. Tommy followed her. They swam for a while, then headed back to shore.

"Swimming in cold water makes you feel good, doesn't it?" Donna said when they finally walked onto the shore of the pond.

"Yeah," Tommy agreed. "You want to eat?"

"What did you get?" she asked.

The young man grinned and said, "You'll have to wait and see." He went to the truck, got out a blanket he'd put in at home, and the food. They spread the blanket on a level spot under some trees and sat down to eat.

Tommy liked Donna, and being with her was a lot of fun. But not as much fun as being with Tina. That bothered him, especially since the slender blonde seemed to like being with him a lot. Relationships were a pain in the neck. First he didn't have anybody, then he was screwing relatives, now he had a gorgeous girl who really seemed to like him. But he wanted someone else, who barely knew he was alive. Was life ever easy?

"Earth to Tommy," Donna said.

"What?" Tommy replied. He looked at her.

"I asked you if you wanted to swim some more," Donna said.

"Ah...sure, why not?" Tommy replied. He stood up and so did she.

"This was really neat," Donna said softly, looking into his eyes. "I've never been on a nicer picnic."

Tommy stepped toward her and she moved closer to him. Then their lips were touching. Their arms slid around their young bodies, which pressed together as their tongues probed and lashed. Fire flashed through Tommy and, from the way Donna was moving against him and cooing, he had a feeling it was doing the same in her.

They sank to their knees on the blanket. Tommy's hand found the knot on the string that held the side of Donna's suit closed, and opened it. He managed to get the suit open and his hand slid under it, onto a bare breast.

"God!" she moaned, "I love it when you touch me!" Her hands slid into his swimsuit and grasped his cock, which had begun to strain and swell.

Shuddering with delight, Tommy managed to get Donna's swimsuit off, then he laid her on the blanket and his hands began gliding over her smooth, pale skin. At the same time, his lips moved to her straining nipples. She groaned and her back arched, pressing her breasts into his mouth.

"Uh! Yes! Oh, Tom! Tom!" she mewled. Her body strained and twisted as his hands slid over it.

Tommy was determined to make their loving it memorable and took his time. Gently, keeping his touch as light as he could make it, he explored her fine form, bringing loud cries of joy from the nubile girl. His fingers teased her cunt, evoking gasps of ecstasy. Then he brushed her clit, and her gasps turned to wails and her body twisted and strained. He moved between her out-stretched legs and began kissing her startlingly flat belly.

"Oh! Oh! Tom! Tom!" Donna babbled, her motions becoming more and more frenzied. "Uhh!" she grunted when he thrust a finger into her snug pussy. Her hips were in constant motion and her head was rolling from side to side.

He kissed through her sparse pubic hair, then lashed her clit with his tongue while his finger continued delving into her. Her body arched and she went wild.

"Ah! Uh! Oooo! Uh! Tom! Uhh! Ohh!" she groaned. Her movements grew frenzied as orgasm swept through her.

Donna finally relaxed, and when she did, Tommy, who had shed his swim trunks, moved between her legs and plunged his rock-hard cock into her.

"Oh!" his companion murmured, her eyes opening. "God! Yes! Give it to me! Yes! Oh, Tom! Oh, Tom! Oh, Tom!"

Holding himself up on outstretched arms, Tommy drove into her slim form, his hips slamming her against the ground, his cock penetrating deep into her. The force of his thrusts made her body quake and her erect nipples drew circles in the air as her breasts jiggled. She was so tight, so hot! "Gonna come! Oh, Jeez! I'm gonna come!" Tommy groaned as his explosion neared. "Ah! Donna!" he cried. His come spewed from him in powerful spurts, bathing her insides with moist heat.

"Tom! Oh, Tom! Oh! Oh! So hot! I...I...I can feel you coming! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Tom! Tom! Eeyahh! Again! I'm coming again! Eeahh!" Donna cried. Her body went wild, her hips straining, her pubic bone grinding against his, as enjoyment suffused her.

Spent, they lay in each other's arms in the warm sunlight. They were sated for now and were enjoying the contact of their warm, nude flesh.

"You are incredible!" Donna murmured. "God! You always make me feel so good!"

"You make me feel pretty good, too," Tommy said. He looked over her shoulder and saw a deer emerge from the woods and head for the to the pond. "Look. Over there..."

Donna turned and looked. "A deer!" she whispered. "Oh, Tom, this is so neat!"

"It would be nice if Tina could see this," Tommy thought and immediately felt guilty. He shouldn't be thinking about Tina, not when he'd just made love with Donna. They lay there, watching the deer drink. It had no antlers, so he assumed it was a doe. His assumption was proved correct when, a few minutes later, two smaller deer emerged from the underbrush.

"Look, there are more of them," Donna whispered, snuggling her firm ass against Tommy.

"Those are her fawns," he said.

The young deer walked cautiously to the lake and began drinking while their mother looked around carefully. When all three of them had drunk their fill, they disappeared back into the woods, their raised white tails flashing.

"That was fantastic!" Donna whispered. "I've never seen anything like that before."

"Want to go back in the water?" Tommy asked. The pressure of her snug bottom against his cock was having a decidedly invigorating effect.

"Sure," Donna said. She jumped to her feet and, beautifully nude, headed for the pond.

Tommy watched his companion run toward the pond, marveling how pretty she was. Then he got to his feet and followed. Donna was half-way to the center of the pond before he reached the water. He launched into a shallow dive and came up swimming.

In the middle of the pond he caught her, grabbed her around the waist, and pulled her naked body against his. She squirmed, then turned in his arms and kissed him as they floated in the chilly water. They found out that kissing in water where you can't stand isn't the easiest thing in the world, so they made their way back toward shore.

"Today has really been neat," Donna said, putting her arms around him and pressing herself against him.

In spite of the coolness of the water, Tommy's body was reacting to having Donna's pressed against it.

Donna felt his reaction and her eyes widened. "My God, Tom!" she whispered, gripping his growing cock in her dainty hand. "You're hard again!"

"Uh-huh," Tommy gasped. Her touch made it hard for him to talk. "It's a problem I have when I'm around you." He cupped a petite breasts, thumbed the nipple and felt her shudder.

"Uh, I have the same problem," she admitted. "God, you turn me on! Come on, let's go back to shore!" She tugged on his cock.

Tommy smiled. "Why don't we do it here?" he said.

Donna looked puzzled. "Here? How..." she stammered. She gasped when his hand slid between her legs and rubbed her clit.

"Let yourself float on your back," Tommy said.

Donna lay back, floating, and Tommy moved between her lean, lovely legs. The water was just deep enough so she was at the right height. He slid the tip of his cock between her swollen, puffy vaginal lips.

"Oh! God!" she moaned, "Maybe...uh!...maybe we can do it here!"

Tommy slid his erection into her a little way, then he grasped her hips and pulled her all the way onto him. The situation was terribly stimulating. He began thrusting steadily, his cock riding easily in her well-lubricated channel.

"Yes! Oh, yes! More! Give me more! Please! Please!" Donna cried, her arms flailing, roiling the water, as he plunged into her. "Eeyahh! Tom! Tom! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come! Tom! Tom! Tom! Yeah! Yeah! Now! Now! Now!"

"Me, too! Oh, God! Oh, God!" Tommy's cries of delight joining Donna's, echoed among the trees. He shuddered and spewed his molten juices into her.

They eventually got out of the water and collapsed in each other's arms on the blanket. A while later, dried by the warm sunlight, they rolled on their sides, facing each other.

"Today really was neat," Donna whispered. "I really like you."

"I...I like you, too," Tommy said. "It was nice, wasn't it?"

She kissed him gently. "You are really a neat guy," she said softly. "I'm glad Kim showed me how neat." She laid back and stared at him. "Are you and she...you know?"

Tommy nodded. "Sometimes," he said. "Does...does that bother you?"

She shook her head. "No. I mean, why should it?" she said. "I don't have any claim on you." She rolled over and kissed him again. "I have to say, though, it wouldn't be hard to fall for you...not hard at all."

"Ah..." Tommy stammered. He wasn't sure what to say. He never expected to hear something like that from a girl as pretty as Donna. "Thanks. I hate to do this, but we ought to get going, I guess. I have to get back and get ready for work."

"I'm glad you called," Donna said as she sat up and reached for her clothes.

Tommy started getting his things together, too. "Me, too," he said. He watched Donna slip into her things, finding the view erotic, but fought the impulse to grab her. He didn't have time, and even though he was quitting at the Inn, he didn't want to inconvenience Mr. Dreisbach.

Once they were dressed, they picked up their things and put them in the truck, then got in and headed back to town.

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