tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSummer Vacation Exhibitionism

Summer Vacation Exhibitionism


Very happily married to my gorgeous, intelligent, witty and extremely sexy husband Jon for over 11 years (who also has the most glorious cock ever!). I am so grateful we found each other, he has helped me explore my sexuality and satisfies my sexual urges and kinks at every opportunity...


Lying on the beach drying off after a swim, eyes closed from the glare of the sun, my mind drifted back to the night before.

As those images crowded my mind, I felt the familiar tingle between my legs. While I had been very satiated the night before, the memories flooding into my mind were brewing a whole new hunger inside of me.

I could feel the warmth between my legs grow. Had my bikini bottoms not been already wet from the sea, they soon would be. I resisted the urge to slid my hand down my oiled body and slip my fingers into my bikini to see how wet I was. I didn't need to check, getting very wet was never an issue for me and I could feel my juices beginning to trickle so I just enjoyed the sensations of my juices flowing again.

I toyed with the idea of telling Jon how wet I was getting again, how the memories of his glorious cock dripping pre-cum on my nipples and lips before I gratefully took him in my mouth were making me want to take him right now. God how I loved his cock!

While we both enjoyed fantasies of public sex and I loved seeing his cock rise to attention, mid afternoon on a busy family beach in Spain was not the place. It would be cruel to tell him how wet I was when he wasn't going to be able to do much about it.

I decided now was not the time so I focused on oiling myself so we wouldn't have to deal with any nasty sunburn later. This really wasn't helping me to get my inner slut to quieten down. My hands slowed as I gently poured oil across my stomach, pausing as I rubbed the oil generously across my bare breasts and nipples, feeling the tingle as my nipples hardened under my fingers.

I moved my hand slowly down to my legs, allowing my hand to drift, very briefly, over my clit, sending shock waves through my body as I felt the pressure on my clit. I lay back feeling the sun on my body and allowed my thoughts to drift between the memories from previous night, and the possibilities for the coming night. I would fill Jon in on the walk back to the hotel. While we had sex outdoors the odd time at home, the weather was not as forgiving! But here, with such hot days and nights, the feel of the sultry warm breeze on my pussy as he drives his cock in and out of me is too good to miss out on. I let my mind drift back to some holidays we've had in the past.

The first foreign holiday we went on ended up being quite a sex fest.

Having the advantage of being naked constantly in our apartment, it was impossible for me not to see when he was turned on; and therefore impossible for me not to take advantage of it. After one night out; and a few drinks later, Jon took a chair out onto the balcony and asked me to join him. We were both naked at the time so putting on clothes was not in the equation.

I eagerly followed him out. Our balcony was facing into a square with apartments on all sides, but we were also at the end of our block so within clear view to the left was a public road where the noise of crowds had often woken us in their drunken stupor walking home. We were on the 3rd floor and the street lights to the left were enough to keep our balcony out of complete darkness. I can't even remember now giving a passing thought to being seen, or at least I tell myself that! My inner slut was a bit shyer then, so while I always loved the idea of being watched, I would have been coyer back then.

Either way it didn't hold me back, I couldn't wait to kneel before Jon as he sat on the chair, legs spread open so I had full view of his thick, large, beautiful cock and balls.

He knew I loved seeing his cock when it was that engorged. While I was busy tracing my tongue over his balls and trailing up to tip of his cock to taste that delicious dribble of pre-cum that was just beginning to appear, Jon had the camera out and started to photograph me pleasuring him. Jon knew that I was pleasuring myself just as much; to say I love sucking his cock is an understatement, but I was also turned on by the flash.

Every time he took a photo; and he took quite a few until he got too carried away to hold the camera; my face was illuminated for all to see. His huge shaft disappearing and reappearing from my wet lips.

After a while he knew that what I really needed was his cock inside me, so I bent over the balcony rails offering him my soaking wet pussy, eagerly awaiting and perfectly situated for him to drive his cock into me so I could feel his balls hitting against my pussy. He fucked me so hard it was impossible to hold my groans of delight in, but nothing compared to the noise Jon made as he filled my sweet pussy with his juices.

When we were both spent, he stood back to admire his work, watching his cum spill out of my soaking wet cunt and drip down my inner thighs. We had such a laugh the following day trying to explain the bruises on my upper arms where he drove me into the railings, fucking me so hard while people walked home below us, on show for the whole apartment complex.

We learnt a few things from that holiday.

Firstly iron railings were out, so I wouldn't have to make up stories of slipping on the side of the pool as I tried to lift myself out (thankfully a somewhat likely story for the position of the bruises, beyond that I couldn't think of a reason to have two very distinct bruises halfway up my upper arm!).

Secondly, that was back when we had to get photos developed in a shop, thankfully we got those done while on holidays, I'm sure the shopkeeper recognised me from the look in his eyes and big smile on his face before I even gave him the slip to collect the photos. So we moved to a Polaroid camera for a few years before the gratefully received introduction of digital cameras!

But back to the beach (if I went into every holiday we had this would be one long story!).

All those memories made me seriously horny. Inner slut was back and she wanted to play. We were going to dinner in the local village and planned on walking back along the beach that night. By this stage I had decided that a couple of detours on the walk home were definitely in order.

We headed back to the hotel and got changed for dinner. I had planned on telling Jon my thoughts from earlier that day, but decided against it. I would much prefer to tell him when we went for a drink before dinner so I could see his cock engorge before me through his light shorts.

I knew those light shorts wouldn't be able to hide his huge erection. I had already planned what I wanted him to wear, not that he would be in the clothes for long; it was more about access for me. I knew one of his ¾ length shorts had a hole in one pocket; just a small hole, but enough for him to be able to gently collect some pre-cum on his finger from his moist cock so I could enjoy tasting it while we were out.

I looked forward to watching Jon slip his hands into his pockets to gently stroke his cock as we sat outside the bar watching people walk past as I was retelling him my tale. Jon never had a problem being turned on in public, often at home if we had been sending each other saucy texts during the day; he would stroll home with one hand in his pocket gently playing with himself. His jeans and heavy overcoat gave him that option at home, but here it was much harder to hide it from others.

"You haven't worn these yet this week, throw those on with a white shirt as it is just a casual restaurant we're heading to." I said to Jon as he came out of the shower as I handed him his light khaki shorts.

Jon always liked to look good, but with looks like his it came naturally so it didn't really matter what he wore, it was just window dressing on a build like his. 6ft 4", Jon was the classic tall, dark and handsome with piercing blue eyes to finish it off. I can never remember a time in all the years we've been together where I haven't been incredibly attracted and turned on by him.....in fact my friends had often told me how lucky I was that my husband was so sexy!

Jon was about to throw on the shorts when I noticed he had already put his jocks on. I would normally be very in favour of the gorgeous white tight boxers which really showed off his bulge, but they would only get in the way tonight.

"Why not go commando tonight honey?......I will if you will?"

Little persuasion was needed and he whipped of his boxers, giving me a lovely flash of his cock in the process.

What I really wanted to do was to take him there, to take his soft cock and slip it into my mouth, feel his cock grow as I sucked and licked his shaft, being able to trace my tongue over his balls while he was still completely in my mouth. Loving the taste of his pre-cum as it dribbled down the back of my throat, feeling his cock enlarge as I hungrily sucked him and feel his dick slip gently down the back of my throat with ease.

But I held firm, inner slut was insatiable, but I had better plans to focus on, and waiting was just adding to the experience.

I had already planned what I was wearing earlier that day and threw on a long flowing white dress. A foot smaller then my husband I was petite in height but this dress really showed off my curves nicely with the added advantage of buttons running down the whole length of the dress, allowing me to decide how conservative or slutty I wanted to look.

Underwear would only get in the way so no need for my bra and I had already agreed to go commando. But in certain lights the dress was almost see through so not wearing underwear made it very clear which look I was going for tonight.

I hadn't planned on wearing it too long but depending on how many people were on the beach, it did allow me to open all the buttons down the front so he could had full access to my body. If I straddle him he has full view of my naked body, allow him to caress my rounded breasts, kiss and suck my nipples (he knows how much I love him playing with my tits) and watch as his wonderful dick slips into my waiting pussy. For passers by it would appear that I was just sitting on his lap fully clothed...or at least I let myself believe that!

When we arrived at the bar Jon went in to get the drinks and I choose a table outside, but to the back, away from the road, so no one would be sitting behind us or overhear. It wasn't long before I was explaining in vivid detail what I had been musing over at the beach.

He laughed at first saying "That explains why you were so quiet...I thought you were asleep.....but why didn't you mention it on the beach, I could have serviced you before we left for dinner?"

I explained why, detailing exactly what I wanted him to do to me on the beach later that night, as promised his bulge started to push out his shorts.

"Ah, that's why you wanted me commando in these shorts!" he smiled as he saw me staring down at him intently. "I know you love watching me get hard, but I can't take it out here, so tell me more of your plan?"

I detailed exactly what I wanted him to do to me later, all the while enjoying his rising cock which as I had hoped, he did little to cover up. I slid my hands up his leg to caress his engorged cock as we chatted.

I watched as his hand slipped into his pocket to deliver me so of his juicy pre cum that was starting to moisten the head of his cock. I love being able to hold his hard cock while passers by think we are just a lovely young couple enjoying our holidays; if they only knew how much we really did enjoy our holidays.

At this stage we were both extremely horny, but we had taken a few minutes talking about every day things to allow him soften up so we could walk to the restaurant.

We had a lovely meal, but neither of us really cared about what we ate; both of our minds were on how we would service each other later on. We finished quickly, and realised that it was still too bright to head to the beach right away so we went for a drink in a different bar, much more upmarket, that was along the marina.

It appeared everyone else had also decided to go for a drink but just as we arrived a group of four patrons left and we quickly grabbed one of the two seaters they had just vacated.

We continued our conversation once we received our drinks. We had a perfect vantage point in the bar; sitting against the back wall facing out to the rest of the bar. But we could have been on our own for all we cared as I gently played with Jon's dick through his loose shorts. At this stage he was under no illusion how wet I was, especially since I had been so reserved at keeping inner slut at bay when she had the chance to play earlier.

By now most of the lower buttons had been opened and as I crossed my legs I felt the material drift to each side as it revealed my bronzed thighs. People in the bar wouldn't be able to see what was clearly on view to Jon.

The only part of my body that hadn't seen the sun was my recently waxed pussy, which glowed white in the bar lights. Jon kissed me deeply as he slid his hand up my inner thighs and thrust his fingers in-between my legs.

It was hard not to gasp as I had been waiting all day for him to feel my soft wet swollen lips. He glided his hand across my smooth lips gently flicking his fingers over to dip into the warm juices that had collected there. Tantalising my clit but never fully entering my pussy, he could feel me arch my back and try to grind my pussy into his hand but he always moved it that little bit further out to keep me in suspense.

As we both heated up, I forgot...or didn't care... where we were and unzipped his shorts so I could feel his warm throbbing cock in my hand. I slipped my thumb over the head of his cock and felt a shiver down my back as it gently slipped over the precum dribbling gently from the tip. I wanted to suck him off right there, to get down on my knees and suck him dry under the table.

Jon could feel my grip getting harder and knowing I was getting very hot said, "Not yet my little slut.....you have to wait a bit longer before you can take me."

He pulled his wet fingers out of my cunt and moved them up to my face, gently smearing my juices along my lips then softly placing them in my mouth. I sucked my juices from his fingers, he knew this was driving me insane, he also knew if he kept it going that I wouldn't care where or when he would fuck me later as long as I got the cock I was longing for.

As Jon faced me I swung my leg over his lap, partly covering his huge erection and also allowing my dress to fall right back showing my tan lines. This also gave Jon a great view of my gaping pussy which he eagerly started to work on with his hands.

Pushing my head back to allow him kiss my neck he began to slide his finger into my waiting pussy. I let out a moan of delight as I finally felt him penetrate me. I ground down on his hand and knowing that I wanted more he pushed another finger, then another, then another into me.

I can normally only take two fingers but I was so wet and so turned on that the four fingers easily slid into my waiting pussy. I began to slowly fuck his hand as his other hand grabbed my breast and started to knead it. How I wanted him to just rip my dress open and lay me bare and allow me to be the slut he knows I am.

Just as I was coming close to climax, he pulled his hand away with a cheeky grin said: "I think I need to get another round in?"

Jon would often bring me close to climax then pull away to see the disappointment in my face, knowing that behind it was a seriously hot woman just begging for it to continue. He went to get another drink and it was only then we noticed the attractive couple across from us.

I knew they were far enough away from us not to have heard or seen anything and they seemed to be caught up in their own conversation. As the male stranger moved his chair to allow Jon squeeze back in with the drinks I noticed the huge bulge in this stranger's groin.

I thought I must be getting obsessed until Jon mentioned it too when he sat down. We were so engrossed in our own conversation and play earlier that we hadn't given much thought to how loud or obvious we were. It was a busy bar, packed to the hilt so we had been louder then we normally were so we could hear each other over this din. Jon lent over and kissed me along my neck finishing at my ear lobe.

"Does it turn you on that they could be watching?" John whispered.

"You know it does, I love being your slut in public." I replied.

We'd fantasized about this before but we had never been so blatant in our wanton lust. I figured they couldn't see exactly what we were up to so I didn't feel I was on show so didn't pay it much heed. But once I had seen this strangers engorged cock I realised they were either as horny as us and in their own world, or we were more obvious than I had planned.

I enjoyed allowing myself pretend they had seen us and it only served to turn me on more. Anyway they didn't look offended and we were both too turned on to stop playing now.

As I kissed Jon I suddenly noticed a mirror that was to his right. The couple were enjoying their own conversation but while watching Jon stroke my pussy! Jon laughed noticing my surprise

"I didn't want to ruin your fun, and they're really enjoying the show....you are so sexy I want them to see your wet pussy, want them to watch as you fuck my hand; you are my little slut and I want them to see what a glorious slut you really are..."

"Put your fingers back inside me, slip them into my wet pussy so I can fuck your hand again!" I moaned.

Without delay his hands were back inside me and I arched back as they entered me. I fucked hard against his hand, part of me felt I should stop but the feelings were too good to ignore. I had never felt sexier. I stretched out my legs so Jon; and whoever else, could get a better view. Jon slowly undid some of my top buttons as one of my breast slipped out of the dress.

As I became more relaxed with the situation, I needed his cock back in my hands. I eagerly grabbed at his groin and to my wonderful surprise his huge wet cock was standing to attention. I glanced across at the couple across from us and I could see they were as impressed by Jon's hard member as I was.

"Why don't we show them a bit more? You are so beautiful when you are this turned on, so sexy!" Jon whispered, catching my glance across the table.

"What is it you would like your slut to do?" I said with a coy look after kissing him hard as drove his fingers deeper inside me knowing I couldn't resist this.

"Suck my cock for them, show them how skilled you are at giving head, and let them see how much you love sucking my cock." Jon replied without hesitation.

At this stage the couple were no longer content with merely being spectators. His cock was out of his pants and she was rolling her hand across his moistened shaft. His hand was between her legs pushing her short skirt way up to her hips, we were no longer the only ones on show. Not that anyone else in the bar really noticed, but there was one very eager waiter who was by now transfixed staring in to the mirror then quickly back at us.

The waiter, a Spanish guy about 20 years old, was in no rush to move away from our corner. Jon noticed him and called him over to take an order for drinks. As he stood closer to us he could clearly see me rubbing Jon's huge moist cock as he drove his fingers deeper inside my pussy.

The waiter just stared taking all this information in as Jon gave him our order. The couple across from us ordered drinks from him too so he also enjoyed taking in the show they were equally giving. You could see the bulge in the waiters trousers as his focus moved from one couple to another.

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