tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSummer's Blackmail Ch. 09

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 09


Summer is subjected to continued dominance by her student Master. She is falling deeper in to submission and is beginning to realize that she is a true submissive, but she is not completely convinced.


Summer is still sitting at her desk as the students roll into her class room as the beginning of fourth period is announced by the quick ringing of the four bells. Summer can feel Todd's cum beginning to dry on her neck and she is very hopeful that none of her fourth period students can see it. She quietly gasps to herself when she realizes that there is a pool of Todd's cum on her grade book and she hopes that none of her students wants to see their grades today.

Sitting at her desk, Summer mumbles through the fourth and fifth periods without any interruptions or aggravations from her students. As the end of fifth period is announced by the ringing of the bells, Summer begins to squirm at her desk as she knows that Todd will be coming into the room very soon and she hopes that his plans do not include humiliations in front of the class.

As she was lost in that thought, Summer hears someone clear their throat. Summer looks up into the eyes of her young Master and he is looking down her neck and onto her desk. She is proud and thankful that his cum stains are where they should be. Summer can see a sly smile crease the ends of his lips as Todd makes his way to his desk. Summer felt the egg in her pussy begin to gently vibrate. Summer bit the insides of her mouth to keep herself from moaning out loud. She pressed her knees together trying to suppress the building orgasm that the vibrations brought to her. She looked up and Summer could see Todd staring at her all the while smiling at her discomfort. As she bit her lower lip, Summer felt the egg go still.

Summer went about her class lesson without any more sexual interruptions from Master T. Her Master kept his eyes on Summer the whole lesson, but was very cautious in his outward interactions with his teacher slut because he did not want to share her with his classmates. Todd had heard often how the guys in his class wondered what kind of woman she used to be before she got married. Todd could now smile to himself and imagine that his slut had at some time in her past been quite sexual.

When the bell rang, Summer's first day in class as Todd's slut was over. As her last student filed out of the room, she saw Todd standing in front of her desk, leering down at her as he studied the cum stains on her neck. Summer nervously waited until he gave her a command. But, Todd just stood in front of Summer without saying a word.

Finally, Summer asked, "Master, have I done something wrong?"

"No slut, you have done nothing wrong. I was just looking at how sexy you looked and how my cum stains on your neck are quite a turn-on," replied Todd.

Todd reached into his pocket and handed Summer a slip of paper and told her, "Slut, this is a family friend's tanning salon. You are to go there every afternoon immediately after school and begin perfecting your thong tan lines."

Summer mistakenly said, "But Master T, why do I need to work on my tan as the first semester is almost a quarter over and it will be too late in the year for a tan."

Todd reached across the desk and slapped his slut hard across the face. Looking into her eyes Todd angrily said, "How dare you question me and my directions. I have told you that you have no choice and as long as you do as I say, you secrets will be safe with me. But, I see it is time for another reminder, slut," Todd sternly told his now cowering slut.

Todd growled at his slut and instructed her to walk across the room, closed and then lock the classroom door. Once she had done this, Todd with fire in his eyes instructed Summer to stand on top of her desk immediately. Summer hesitated just a bit too long and was met with another slap across her face.

"Do as I tell you to slut," Todd said.

Summer struggled to get up on top of her desk in the short skirt and 4 inch black pumps. The slits on the sides of her skirt helped a bit as Summer first stepped into her swivel desk chair and then placed her right foot on to the top of her desk. The chair started to move and Summer quickly moved her left foot up onto her desk. She stood there looking down at Todd hoping that no one would look through the window of her door, though she felt like no one could actually see her desk from the hallway.

As she got her balance, she heard Todd say, "Strip off your skirt slut."

Before she could move her hands to the zipper, Summer felt the black egg explode in vibrations as Todd turned the instrument all the way to the highest possible setting. Because the egg's circumference was 2", Summer could felt its vibrations deep inside her pussy as her interior walls tightened around the egg. Slowly, Summer recovered enough to unzip her skirt and began to slip the tight black skirt first over her hips, past her ass cheeks and then allowed it to fall in a pile at her feet. Summer stepped out of the skirt as Todd instructed and watched as he threw the skirt onto the floor.

The intensity of the vibrating egg was bringing Summer closer and closer to orgasm. Todd looking up at his slut teacher knew that she was close, but was not going to allow her to cum. He had punishment ideas for her right now. Todd turned the egg off and Summer issued a plea, "Please Master let me cum."

"You are not worthy of cumming slut as you have questioned my directions and you will be punished," Todd quickly replied.

Todd turned, picked up his back pack and set it on the desk behind Summer. Todd casually opened the pack and fished out the blindfold that he had purchased over the weekend hoping that he would get the opportunity to use on Summer the first time she showed reluctance to perform as instructed.

Todd instructed Summer to get down on her hands and knees facing the class room. Summer did as instructed and this placed her hands on the edge of her desk as well as her knees. Her feet enclosed in her 4 inch black heels dangled over the edge. Todd placed the blindfold over Summer's eyes and told her to remain in that position.

Todd stood back to admire his conquest. As he stood there, he started the vibrating egg again and he could see immediately that the egg was hitting Summer in all the right places as she began to slowly fuck her hips back and forth. Todd brought out his video camera and began to film his slut without her knowledge. Todd muted the microphone and instructed Summer to tell him what was happening to her, how she felt and what she was.

Todd turned the microphone back on as Summer began detailing that she had a black egg in her pussy and it was making her crazy as she was hoping that her master would let her cum. Summer told her Master that she felt like such a slut with the egg in her pussy and that the blindfold made her feel even more submissive to her Master. Todd lowered the camera and got right in Summer's face when she said, "I am a slut and will do everything my Master tells me to do."

Todd turned the camera off and stopped the vibrating egg. He instructed Summer to lay face down on the desk, but to keep her ass up in the air. He told Summer to reach down with her arms and grab the bottom of her desk. When she was totally compliant, Todd slipped the belt out of his pants, doubled it like it was an old time barber shop razor strap and walked behind Summer.

"You know slut, when you are told to do something, you are not allowed to refuse or even question those instructions. If you refuse you will be punished. Do you think you need to be punished my slut," Todd asked.

Not wanting to further infuriate her young tormentor, Summer replied, "Yes Master I do."

With that Todd told Summer that she was going to receive 10 lashes with his belt and that she was to count them and thank him after each stroke.

Todd took aim at the poor teacher's ass and applied the first of the ten strokes across the top of both of Summer's ass cheeks. "One and thank you Master," was Summer's reply.

On the next stroke, Todd concentrated on just the left ass cheek and Summer let out a yelp and, "Two, thank you Master," was the required and received reply.

Todd alternated his lashes across each ass cheek. On the tenth and final blow, Todd, centered the belt down the crack of his slut teacher's ass crack with the harshest blow he had administered. An with that, Summer replied, "Ten and Thank you Master."

Todd could see the tears running down Summer's face and pooling on her desk. Her poor ass was a very bright red with ten recognizable whelps that reflected her punishment. Todd slowly lowered the zipper to his jeans, he flicked the switch to the black egg and as Summer's mouth gaped open Todd jammed his hard cock straight down his slut's throat.

Summer did not move, but did make every effort to suck Todd's cock deeper into her mouth and throat. The vibration of the egg was drawing her closer to the orgasm she so desperately needed. Summer could not believe that she was still on her knees on top of her desk in her own classroom with the cock of a student jammed down her throat. But, the vibration of the egg, the lashes of the belt, being blindfolded and the knowledge of the pictures Todd possessed reminded Summer of her situation.

Even though she knew what she was doing was wrong and that she could lose her job as well as her husband, her body was betraying her. The rhythmic fucking of Todd's cock into her mouth, the ever increasing intensity of the vibrations from the egg and the realization of her total submissiveness to her young Master was bringing Summer to the brink of orgasm.

Todd realizing that Summer was close to orgasm took the remote control and shut off the electronic signal to the black egg buried deep in his slut's pussy. Todd set the control next to Summer's face and he began to fuck his cock deeper and more forcibly into his slut's mouth. As he neared his orgasm, Todd pulled his cock from Summer's mouth and he shot his full load of hot jism all over the poor teacher's face hitting her blindfold, nose, mouth, ear and onto the front of her white blouse.

When he had finished cumming, Todd took his cock in his hand and began wiping the remnants of his cum onto to Summer's nose and lips. He instructed Summer to lick the tip of his cock which she did without hesitation.

When he was satisfied that his cock was clean, Todd turned the vibrating egg back on and instructed Summer to rise up on her desk onto her knees. With her blindfold still in place, Summer unsteadily was able to navigate up onto her knees. Summer was instructed to spread her knees wider and to rub her clit. Without her knowledge, Todd had picked up his video camera and began filming his slut while she rubbed her clit and recorded her body's reaction to the physical stimulation she was being subjected to.

Once again Todd muted the voice sound recorder on the camera and told Summer tell him what she was doing and to beg to be able to cum.

Todd quickly unmuted the sound recorder as Summer began to plead to be able to cum. The camera was recording Summer as she writhed on the desk and captured the feverish way in which she was rubbing her clit. Just before she was able to reach the plateau of her orgasm, Todd turned the switch on the remote controller to off. Summer loudly begged, "Master, please turn it back on. I need to cum Master."

Once she uttered those words and were captured on his camera, Todd flipped the switch on the remote control all the way to its highest setting and instantaneously captured Summer's body erupting in orgasm.

As he walked out of the classroom Todd uttered, "make sure you make that tanning bed appointment slut!"

Todd slammed the door shut as he sauntered into the hallway and he headed for the nearest exit.

Summer called out to Todd, but no one answered. She did not know if she could take the blindfold off because she had not been instructed to do so. But there she was, on her knees on top of her classroom desk, pussy dripping wet, ass sore from her punishment, blindfolded and aching for her Master.

Slowly, Summer began to slip the blindfold off of her eyes. She slowly turned towards the door hoping that it was closed and thankfully it was. Summer slowly and painfully slipped her body off of her desk. She rubbed her ass cheeks and felt the whelps across each cheek and a slight smile crossed her lips as she remembered the feeling of the lashes administered by her Master. Summer reached inside her soaking wet pussy and pulled the receiver cord that was connected to the two inch black egg that had brought her to the extreme orgasm while she was perched upon her classroom desk. Summer placed it into her pocketbook.

"God, what is wrong with me," Summer said under her breath.

Summer quickly slipped her black skirt back on and packed up her things to head out to the tanning salon. She remembered to not wipe away her Master's cum from her face, neck and blouse.

As Summer approached her car, she noticed that there was a note clipped under her windshield wiper. As she removed the piece of notebook paper, she looked around to see if anyone was watching as she entered her car. She remembered her punishment because as she had started to get into her car seat, she remembered from this morning that she had to hike her skirt up very high in order to comfortably sit to drive. With her skirt hiked up almost to her waist, the bare skin of her ass touched the leather seats that had been heated by the sun in the exposed teacher parking lot.

Summer started her car and turned the air conditioner up to full force. She needed to cool the car quickly as she was beginning to sweat just a little and she wanted to cool her ass cheeks.

Summer opened the folded notebook paper and noticed that it indeed was from her young Master. It read:

Dear Slut,

You did a fair job today. I was not impressed with your attitude, thus you were punished. If you do not follow my instructions as required so you risk the publishing of the first round of pictures and now, I have a very nice video of you being my slut in your classroom. When you get home from tanning, check your private email address as I will have sent it to you!

Now, I have taken the liberty of buying you a tanning thong. You will find the thong on the front right tire of your car. I did not have a key to put it inside. Please get to Aloha Tanning Salon as they are waiting on you to set up your regular tanning bed and spray on tan series.

Get out of the car, unbutton your blouse down to the top of your skirt, bend over making sure that your ass is pointed towards the football practice field and then remove the thong from your tire.

When you get back home, text me to let you know that you are there. We have plans this evening beginning at 7:30 PM.


Master T

Summer looked at her watch and saw that it was already 5:30 PM and the tanning salon was at least 30 minutes away. She quickly got out of the car, unbuttoned the three remaining buttons on her white blouse, walked up to the front of her car and making sure that her ass was pointed towards the football practice field, Summer slowly bent over at the waist. Using her right hand as she had placed her left hand on the hood of the car, Summer felt the fabric of the thong laying on top of the tire to her BMW. She withdrew her hand and when she looked at the thong, she could not believe that this was what her young Master wanted to wear. The thong was a small patch of black, silky material with three strings connecting the patch. You could not even say it was a thong bottom to a bikini as no one would be caught at a public place in such a micro thong bottom.

Summer got back into her car and her tight black skirt with the slits hiked up due to its tightness, but she made sure to pull the hem of the skirt up almost to her waist as she had been instructed. Summer crammed the note from her young Master into her purse, put the key into the ignition, raced up the engine, tuned the radio to her favorite station and roared out of the school parking lot. Her mind was racing going over the events since last Thursday. "Could it only be four days since I sent that email and picture," Summer said to herself.

Summer had been racing down the road for about twenty minutes, singing along with the radio when her car screamed through an intersection where the light had already turned red. Ordinarily, it would be ok, but today a police cruiser just happened to be at the intersection. Summer was shocked to see the flashing blue lights in her review mirror and screamed out, "Oh Fuck!"

As she pulled over into the parking lot of what turned out to be an abandoned strip center, Summer suddenly realized that she was not in a very safe area. Looking down, she could see her yellow bra very plainly and her skirt was above the tops of her hose, which made her matching yellow thong easily seen. "Maybe if the officer sees me this way, maybe I can get off with a warning," Summer says to herself.

Summer looked into the review mirror as the policemen get out of the car. She had not noticed that there were two and she could not think fast enough to cover up when she was startled by the knock on her window. She hit the down button on her console and lowered her driver side window.

Because of the dark tinting on the windows, the police officer had not been able to see clearly into the car and had taken up a protective position. When he was able to see into the car, Sgt. Bill Owens was caught completely off guard. He had stopped his share of women that had attempted to get out of tickets by flirting, batting their eyes and even unbuttoning a couple of buttons of their blouse. And, to be honest, several had been successful.

"Ma'am, do you know why we have stopped you," asked Sgt. Owens?

Summer looking up out of the window replied, "To be honest officer, I do not know why you have stopped me."

Sergeant Owens went about detailing the procedure of informing a traffic violation to a motorist. At the end of the conversation Sgt. Owens asked, "Ms. Wayne, why were you driving in such a hurry?"

Summer hesitated a little too long and the other officer stood up from his viewing perch outside of the passenger window and said to Sgt. Owens, "She has some kind of substance on her neck. I am thinking she may have tried to hide some form of illegal substance."

Sgt. Owens then said to Summer, "Is Corporal Stevens right Ms. Wayne. Have you tried to dispose of some illegal substance prior to coming to a complete halt?"

Summer was now scared to death. Her clock said 6:00 PM, she had to get the tan that she had been instructed to by her young Master and now she is being harassed by two cops. Summer replied, "No Sgt. Owens. It is cream from a milk drink that I spilled just before leaving school this afternoon. It ran down my neck and got on my blouse. I was trying to dry both off while I was driving."

"Ms. Wayne that is the worst cock and bull story I have ever heard. If you want to get out of the ticket, don't lie to me," replied angry Sgt. Owens.

Then Sgt. Owens said, "Ms. Wayne, based on the speed with which you were travelling, the stains on your person and the less than convincing story you are giving me, I am going to have to ask you to get out of your car so that I can conduct a field sobriety test on you."

Summer looked up into the reflective glasses of the officer and begged, "Sgt. Owens, I am telling you the truth. I apologize for driving so fast through the intersection. Please let me off with a warning."

"Well Ms. Wayne, I think we will have to have you take a field sobriety test anyway because of your erratic behavior. Please step out of your car now," came the stern instructions from Sgt. Owens.

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