Summer's Heat


About an hour later, a knock on his bedroom door startled him out of the western world of the book. Before he could say anything, the door opened and Summer walked in. She had changed into a nightshirt that barely reached her thighs.

He put down the book, trying not to stare at her. "Summer?"

She walked toward the bed. "You said that if I needed anything, to just ask, right?"

"Yes," he answered, suddenly aware that her nipples were pressed against the material of her nightshirt, and that there was no possible way there was a bra beneath.

She slipped into the bed, causing her nightshirt to ride even higher. She wasn't wearing panties either. Looking into his eyes, her voice dropped to just above a whisper. "I need to be touched."

"Summer, you're just feeling vulnerable, and appreciative. I don't want you to do something in a moment of weakness that you'll regret." With her in his bed and barely dressed, they were the hardest words he'd ever uttered in his life.

She shook her head and smiled. "No, I'm feeling appreciated. There's a big difference."

Trapped in her eyes, filled with emotion that included no small amount of need, he said, "I'm old enough to be your father."

"And you've been more of one in the last couple of days than my Dad ever was. You can look at me. I know you've been trying not to, but I want you to. I need you to."

His lips parted to protest again, but he seemed to have forgotten every word in the English language. Then, she leaned toward him, and he forgot how to even breathe.

As soon as her lips touched his, he knew that the battle was over. He melted into the kiss, lifting a hand to cradle her cheek. A sweet little moan escaped her, and she kissed him harder.

Her hand closed over his on her cheek, caressing it, and she said, "Oh my god, that gave me shivers." Her eyes opened, once again ensnaring his. Curling her fingers around his wrist, she pulled down and breathed, "Please."

She pressed his hand against her breast, and he let out a quiet groan. He squeezed the firm globe, making her moan and close her eyes for a moment.

"Do you want to see me?" She asked as his forefinger found her stiff nipple.


She sat up, jerking what little material was still trapped beneath her bottom free, and tugged the nightshirt over her head. Small, pink nipples surrounded by a slightly darker ring decorated the perfect teardrops of her breasts. A sparse triangle of hair on her mound pointed downward, its tip hidden in the shadows between her thighs.

"So beautiful."

His words prompted a smile from her, and her expression flashed from bashful to sultry in a fraction of a second. She lay back, stretching out an arm to tug him toward her.

Any inkling of hesitation evaporating in the heat of the moment, Rick sought her lips. Her tongue slipped into the kiss, tickling his lips and gums. A soft moan escaped her as he pulled back, moving to her neck. After a few soft pecks, he moved lower.

Summer's hand slid from his hair to his back, fingers gathering up the cloth of his pajama top and pulling it free of the bottoms. He kissed the upper swell of her right breast, and she gasped, her fingers now gliding over the bare skin of his back. When he kissed the other globe in the same place, she moaned and whispered, "Please."

Her back arched when he suckled her right nipple between his lips, pressing her perky little globe against him. Rick swirled his tongue over it, circling the areola, and then flicked the erect nub. She continued to bunch up the material of his pajamas, exposing more of his upper body to her exploring fingers.

"I love the way you touch me," she said as he switched to her other nipple.

Spurred on by her fast breathing and coos of pleasure, he worshiped her breasts with his mouth, making her writhe on the bed. The hand not supporting him explored her body, taking in every inch of her soft skin, gravitating steadily toward her legs, and the part between them. Finally, he could wait no longer, and cupped her sex in his hand.

A warbling cry bubbled from her lips as he touched her wet heat, followed by a yelp as he slipped a finger inside. She was soaking wet, and squeezed tight even around the single digit, causing his cock to throb. She continued to work on his pajamas, and he sat up over his knees just long enough to pull the top off. She moaned and smiled at the sight of his bared skin, and licked her lips as he bent back over her for another kiss.

His finger wriggled back between her nether lips as they kissed, and her nails pressed into his back. After a deep, noisy breath, she pleaded, "I need it. I need it so bad, Rick."

The tightness of her pussy around his finger and the scent of her arousal that had tickled his nose as he pulled off his pajama top had inflamed his need as well. His mouth was watering, and his cock throbbing. The former won out for the time being, and he kissed his way down her body.

"Yes. Yes. Yes," she breathed with each touch of his lips, and then whimpered when he kissed the little triangle on her mound. Her legs drifted apart, and he scooted back on the bed.

Feeling lightheaded from the perfume of her arousal, he kissed each of her silky thighs in turn. Her inner lips were small pink petals, as pretty as a picture, and glistening with wetness his fingers had brought forth from between them. His lips parted and his tongue slipped out, the tip tickling her folds and giving him his first taste.

She cried out and trembled as his tongue pressed deeper. A chill crept through him from the heady taste of her nectar, and a broad, stiff swipe of his tongue gave him a deep drink.

"That feels so good. It's been so long," Summer said, her voice thick with passion.

"So sweet," he said in a rush between laps.

A quick wiggle of his tongue caused her hips to lift toward him, and a much stronger swipe over her clit made her squeal. His instincts shouted to devour her, but he maintained control, savoring her instead. She writhed from his efforts, caressing her body and the back of his head. Quiet vocalizations evidenced the pleasure he was giving her, yet also pleaded for more.

He explored every inch of her folds with his lips and tongue, slowly building momentum. Her breathing picked up, as did the volume of her whimpers and moans.

"Yes. Oh yes. Like that. More. Please."

Rick couldn't help a little grin as the absurd thought that it was just like riding a bike popped into his head. Even before the sex in his marriage had dried up, this had been a rare treat. His wife had never been comfortable with oral sex, and he usually hadn't pressed the issue, though he could actually stay nestled between a woman's thighs making her climax for hours.

She had certainly never offered the kind of mesmerizing encouragement Summer was giving him with every twitch of her body and sound that passed her lips.

Lost in the taste and scent of her, he homed in on her clit by instinct. Tongue darting over the swollen bud, he was ready to push her over the edge. Fingers twined into his hair, and she sucked in a loud gasp.

"Oh god yes! Don't stop! Don't stop!" A rapid series of whimpers followed her cries, and then she squealed, her body lurching as orgasm claimed her.

Tightening his grip on her legs, he kept her sweet pussy in range of his tongue and continued to lap. Summer's back arched, thrusting her breasts into the air, and her thighs squeezed tight. She clawed at the covers, crying out to the ceiling above, and only relaxed when he slowed his tongue, letting her come back to earth.

Rick's heart beat fast as he sat back on his heels to watch her twitch and tremble from the aftershocks of her orgasm. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled, letting out a long moan.

"It's been so long. Billy was just rolling off me and going to sleep. Thank you."

She lifted an arm toward him, and he lay down on his side next to her, saying, "He was a damn fool."

Summer snuggled in closer, her breasts pressed against his chest. "He was never that good at it anyway." She kissed him — sweet little pecks that set off shivers. "At least I know that now."

Half tempted to pinch himself, in order to make sure it wasn't all just a dream, he draped an arm over her. Though his cock was throbbing and demanding attention, he found that he was able to ignore it feeling the warmth of her body next to him and listening to the soft sounds of her breathing.

She didn't remain in the languid afterglow for long, though. Soon enough, she kissed his cheek near where her head rested on his arm, and then found his lips. The kiss turned hungry, and he felt her hand sliding downward between their bodies.

Summer let out a surprised groan when her fingers found his cock — steel hard beneath his pajama bottoms and boxers. He sucked in a sharp breath from her touch, and his heart rate increased when she tugged on the waistband of his pajamas after the first squeeze.

She scooted back a little so she could see, and wasted no time in freeing his cock. Unconstrained, it bobbed and she gasped before looking back up into his eyes.

"Oh, that's big."

As much as he liked hearing that, it wasn't exactly what he was used to. He was average, and content with that. There was genuine surprise — and hints of wonder — in her eyes, though. Billy must have been packing a Vienna sausage for him to inspire that reaction from her.

Her eyes dropped back down to his manhood, and she shifted on the bed. One hand and her surprisingly dexterous toes continued to pull down on his pajamas. The other hand wrapped around him, squeezing and stroking.

"Lord, Summer," he groaned while wriggling to help her remove the last of his clothing.

"You're so hard." Her fingers uncurled from around him, and she lay down on her back. Her legs parted, and she caressed her folds. "I need it."

Rick kicked free of his pajama bottoms, scooted in next to her, and lifted one of her legs. The position was one that wasn't exactly optimal for him, but that was exactly what he wanted right now. Anything that would keep him from erupting the moment he pushed inside her was a plus. As he curved around her, bringing his cock nearer to her pink treasure, she rested her foot on his hip.

So near that he swore he could feel the heat of her sex on his cock, he paused, sliding a hand behind her head and kissing her. She responded in kind, whispering, "Please," between every touch of their lips.

Still tasting her sweet lips, he shifted his hips, pressing the head of his cock against her folds. She gasped, and he could feel her sex twitch against his tip. Slipping a hand through the triangle of her bent knee let him finish guiding his cock into position, and he pushed.

Summer sucked in a loud, high-pitched gasp as his cockhead popped inside her. Without a doubt, she was the tightest woman he'd ever been with, resisting his invading cock even as wetness flowed, inviting it in.

"God, so big. Slow," she said, and then pulled him down into another kiss. "But more."

Another push slipped about an inch of his cock into her hot embrace. She whimpered, and he pulled back until just the head remained inside her before pushing again. Inch by inch, he overcame her resistance, sliding deeper into her clenched canal amidst a symphony of her whimpers and gasps. Finally, his balls settled against her.

"S-so full. God yes," she breathed as he throbbed deep inside her. A sharp, "Ah," accompanied his cock retreating.

Moving his hand from the back of her head to her shoulder provided leverage, and she grunted as he thrust his full length into her again. "Oh Summer," he said before thrusting again. "You feel so good."

"Oh yeah. Don't stop."

His back was twinging, but it couldn't remotely overwhelm the feeling of her satiny canal wrapped around him. She groaned with each slow, methodical thrust of his cock, her face tight and flushed. Her resistance lessened after a minute or so of blissful thrusting, and her eyes drifted open to lock with his.

Rick moved his hand from her shoulder back to her golden tresses and kissed her again. Her tight young pussy was finally ready to accept him, and he no longer needed the additional leverage. His next thrust was faster, and she whimpered into the kiss, but kissed back even harder immediately afterward.

Breathing hard, he built up speed. He kissed her lips, neck, and shoulder, drawing small sounds of pleasure as a counterpoint to her louder cries every time he buried his cock inside her. Her breasts began to jiggle, making him wish he could reach the perky globes with his lips.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh yeah! Faster!" She cried, and then slipped a hand between her legs to her clit. When he responded, giving her the full measure he could manage in the position while she frigged her clit, she screamed, "Yes!"

Rick grunted with exertion, beginning to feel the itch in the tip of his cock despite the growing ache in his back. The warning tickle grew stronger with each thrust, and he knew he wasn't going to hold out much longer. She was just too tight and wet, milking his cock like nothing he'd ever felt before. His every sense was alive and filled with her, pushing him toward the inevitable.

Fortunately, she was well ahead of him.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" The words tumbled from her lips, closer together and louder with every cry. Then, her flashing fingers froze over her clit, her mouth dropped open, and she screamed.

Rick grunted and froze in place, his eyes widening as her intimate muscles clamped down on him in a vise-like grip. She screamed again, lurching from the shockwaves of beautiful agony ripping through her. He grabbed her shoulder again, holding his cock deep inside her, and marveled at the intensity of her orgasm as he rode her climaxing body.

Summer came and came, screaming until her voice grew hoarse and her face was flushed bright red. She thrashed in his arms, one hand fisted into the bedclothes and the nails of the other digging into his shoulder. An especially violent lurch arched her back high off the bed, causing his cock to pop free. When her bottom slammed back to the bed, a warbling combination of a moan and a whimper escaped her, and she went limp.

Concerned by the way she was hyperventilating, he slid up on the bed and cupped her cheek. "Are you okay?"

She responded with a groan and a halting nod of her head, but then snapped both hands between her legs and curled up, trembling.

Rick scooted to the edge of the bed and grabbed the half glass of water there. Summer uncurled as he moved, and he asked, "Do you want a drink?"

"Uh huh."

He helped her sit up, holding the bottom of the glass as she lifted it to her lips with a quivering hand. She coughed after the first sip, took several deep breaths, and then drank again. Eventually, she finished the glass and let her hand fall back to the bed.

"More — please," she begged in a weak whisper.

He nodded and said, "Sure," slipping out of the bed and heading straight for the bathroom to refill the glass.

Summer had sat up a little straighter when he returned, and a dreamy smile decorated her face. She accepted the glass when he handed it to her, but puckered her lips and beckoned him with a crooked finger before drinking.

After a soft kiss and a drink, she looked down at his still-hard cock and shivered. "You didn't come?"

He shook his head. "It's okay."

"Mmm. I did. God. I thought I was going to pass out. I've never come that hard. It felt like you were all the way up in my belly."

Feeling a little self-conscious standing naked next to the bed with his pussy-slick cock bobbing, he sat down and caressed her foot. "You were..." He trailed off and shook his head, blowing out a hard breath when he couldn't find the words.

"You too," she responded, and then giggled while sitting the glass down on the nightstand. She then cupped her breast, moaned, and said, "I want to feel you come inside me."

Her butt slid toward him on the bed as she reclined, knees bending and drifting apart. "Take me, Rick. Fuck me. Come inside me. I want it."

Her sexy words may as well have been puppet strings, pulling him between her legs. A chill ran through him at the sight of her giving her body to him, and he sank balls deep into her saturated pussy with a single strong thrust.

"Ngh!" She grunted as he hit bottom. "God, I love your cock. Give it to me."

He didn't have much choice in the matter. Caught in her spell, he leaned over her, gripping her thighs tight and pushing her knees toward her chest. A pair of thrusts later, the bed was creaking and the headboard tapping against the wall as he drove her bottom into the mattress.

"Oh yes. Hard. Fast," she cried out in time with his cock slamming into her. Again, her fingers blurred over her clit, helping to drive her to a new peak as well.

Her perfect breasts bounced erratically and her head lashed on the pillow as he pounded her. Despite the air-conditioning, Rick felt sweat beading on his forehead as he gave her everything he had. He grunted and growled, pouring every ounce of his will into holding back the cum surging up for release.

"Yes! S-s-so good! Ah! Fuck me, baby!"

He was losing the battle. Summer was breathing faster, her back arching and her pussy squeezing rhythmically around him, but he knew he wasn't going to make it. He slowed down, clenching his teeth and closing his eyes, knowing that the sight of the sexy nineteen-year-old was only pushing him toward the inevitable that much faster.

The words clipped and high-pitched, Summer immediately reacted. "Don't stop. Close."

"Can't... Too good," he managed to grunt.

"So close. Do it. Come in me."

That was it. Hearing her cry out for him to fill her up threw open the floodgates. Opening his eyes to drink in her sexy body, he gave full vent to his desire. Their bodies collided with loud smacks, joining the creaks of the bed, his grunts, and her whimpers.

Summer's eyes shot wide open and she gasped. "Uh! Uh! Uh! Gonna come!"

An explosive growl burst from Rick's lips as he slammed into her and tipped over the edge. The pulse was powerful, running from beneath his balls to the tip buried deep inside her, setting off an involuntary quiver and making him groan. More a jet than a spurt, the eruption felt like gallons escaping at once, and he wasn't close to done. His hips worked in spasmodic jerks as the cum just kept coming.

"Yeah! Fill me..." She sucked in a great breath of air and screamed the last word as an orgasm ferociously claimed her, "Up!"

The cyclical trap held them both for what felt like eternity. The tight squeeze of her pussy made him throb and pump his hips, which in turn caused her intimate muscles to clamp down. They both made sounds and faces that would have been comical, if either of them could see through tightly closed eyes or hear over the sound of their hearts pounding in their ears.

On and on it went, until Rick suddenly discovered that he was bent over her with his hands on the bed and his nose snuggled between her rapidly rising and falling breasts. Her arms and legs were wrapped around him, and she was moaning in the most sweet, satisfied way.

"That was... Mmm!"

Rick couldn't manage more than a groan. He felt as if he'd run a marathon. The euphoria of what had caused his exhaustion made him feel as if he'd won that marathon, though.

Her hands roamed over his back as she continued to moan, whispering, "Thank you," a couple of times.

In time, the need to move out of the tiring position of suspending his weight over her won out. He pulled his softening cock from her, and let out a weak, inarticulate sound as the sensation sent a shockwave through him. Summer whimpered beneath him, but seemed to sense the need and released him from the grip of her arms and legs.

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