tagInterracial LoveSummer's Surrender Ch. 02

Summer's Surrender Ch. 02


Summer Maxwell prided herself on the fact that she always did the right thing. Her moral compass was permanently fixed at her moral true north. When she was a little girl, she would always make it her duty to include the one kid on the playground who was on the outside. In high school she learned sign language so that she could help out at the public high school in the next district that had a special program for deaf students. She had never missed her curfew, she almost always did what she was told and she was very respectful of her fellow human beings. All in all, Summer felt that she was a good person, fuck it; she was a pretty wonderful human being! Summer knew that more than anyone she deserved some good karma directed her way. That's why this situation she found herself in sucked so much! She tried to remember who she had hurt or what cosmic force she had offended to find herself in this mess. Being married to Matthew Huntington III was most women's idea of heaven...but then again most women had never spent more than a night with Matt and had no clue what kind of human being he was.

Summer looked at the clock on her nightstand and wasn't surprised to find that it was only four am but still sighed in exasperation. Summer knew that she needed at least five hours of sleep to feel like a human being tomorrow, or today, or whatever. She turned to her side and looked at her new husband while he slept. Matthew was a handsome man and when he was asleep like this he looked even better. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that he couldn't say anything right now to antagonize, irritate or otherwise bother her.

She studied the way his dark brown hair curled over his forehead, the way his lashes rested on his cheeks, the line of his strong jaw and his beautiful full lips. She looked at his golden, tan skin and his muscular arms and chest and...God, she was tempted to move the sheet lower to see his abs and even lower...she needed to get a grip. She would not get distracted by how hot he was, she would not get distracted by how hot he was! It was only the first night! She turned her back to his sleeping profile, looked at the clock again and realised that she was not going to get any sleep at all! Summer wished that she could just go to sleep like Matt had after his shower. Usually she was out after good sex, and sex with Matt was fantastic, she was just wound so tight! She would have to learn to live with her decision or she would never get any sleep, not for the rest of her life. Summer knew in her head that she had done the right thing, marrying Matt was the right thing...

Summer opened her eyes and was surprised to find that she had in fact slept. She looked out at the shining sun pouring through the wall to ceiling windows and then looked at the clock.

"Seven o'clock," she said out loud.

"Yes, it is," Matt responded in his deep voice.

Summer turned her head to look at her husband and was startled again when he looked at her with his deep blue eyes and smiled his easy smile. She couldn't help smile back. Matt lifted his hand to her cheek and stroked it gently, almost lovingly.

"You are very beautiful when you smile wife," he said lightly as he traced her lips with his index fingers.

Summer closed her eyes at his words and wondered if he was mocking her. Whatever. She opened her eyes again in shock as she felt his lips gently brush hers. Matt met her dark eyes with his and deepened the kiss, parting her lips with his and gently nibbled on her bottom lip. He heard her sigh and lowered his hand to her neck and used his tongue to explore the sweetness of her mouth. She sighed again and ran her fingers through his soft luxurious hair as she moved her body closer to his. She couldn't understand how she always became so responsive when he was touching her or kissing her...

"No!" she cried out as she pulled away from him and adjusted the vest she had put on last night after her shower. "I'm not going to sleep with you." She said in what she hoped was a firm voice.

"Who said anything about sleeping summer, I want to have sex with you, don't act like you don't want have sex with me...not after last night." Matt bit out bluntly.

"I...I had a bit to drink last..."

"You weren't drunk Summer," he interrupted her roughly, "you wanted me as badly as I wanted you, you still do."

Summer jumped out of bed and started to walk towards the bathroom to put some distance between them.

"Don't walk away from me Summer!" He bellowed as he also jumped out of bed and followed her. He grabbed her arm roughly and turned her towards him. Summer gave him her coldest look and calmly told him to let go of her arm. He looked down at where he was holding her and loosened his grip slightly. "I'm not letting you go," Matt said in a gentler voice and smiled lightly when Summer's expression softened a little. "We're married now Summer, and we're going to have to talk to each other without arguing if this has any chance of working."

"What makes you think that I want this to work?"

Matt chuckled and turned her face so that she was looking at him, "you think that if you push enough I'll let you walk away? You actually think it'll be that easy to get rid of me? Babe, I could fight with you forever and not get tired, I find our fights to be quite the aphrodisiac. We'll fight like crazy and we'll fuck like crazy-"

"You dick, what makes you think-"

"We will fuck Summer; it's what married couples do. Anytime I want you, I will have you and likewise you can have me whenever. I'm all for reciprocity. Besides you know that it's in your best interest to give me what I want Summer, isn't that our agreement?"

"I didn't agree to be some sex slave, Matt, I didn't know-

"How did you imagine this playing out? I've never hidden the fact that I find you attractive, I'm not going to pretend now that I married you so we wouldn't have sex."

"That's what this is about?" Summer asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I've wanted to get inside you since we were sixteen! This marriage is perfect because we both get what we want, I get this," he said as he lowered his hand to her pussy and cupped it firmly, "and you get to save your family's business."

"Are those the terms?" Summer asked in a shaky voice as she lowered her eyes to where his hand had begun to gently rub her through her sheer panties.

"Those are the terms," he responded as he rubbed her a little harder.

Summer cursed her body as she felt herself responding to Matt's ministrations again. She felt hot all over and she was getting wet...very wet and she knew that he could feel it through her almost non-existent panties. He bent his head down and started to suck and bite on her neck and Summer let out a gasp. Matt pushed her against the wall just inside the bathroom and lifted her leg up and ground himself against her sex. He wanted her to feel how hard he was and he grunted when she responded by grinding her hips hard against his erection. Matt kissed her hard with one hand running through her dark hair and the other roughly squeezing her breast. Summer cried out as he pinched her nipple hard and moved her hips a little faster against his hard cock. She couldn't believe how turned on she was, how badly she wanted him to fuck her! If she was being honest with herself, that's exactly what she wanted- what she needed. To be fucked hard and fast against the cold tile until she came.

"Are you going to fuck me?" she asked him softly as he tore her vest off of her revealing her small perky breasts.

Matt stopped and looked into the darkness of Summer's eyes; he took her other breast in his hand and pinched the dark, tight nipple until she cried out.

"Is that what you want, Babe?" he asked as he lowered his head to take her breast in his mouth.

"Ah," Summer cried out as he caressed her nipple with his wicked tongue and ran her fingers through his hair again.

Matt looked up at her again as he blew gently on her nipple, "just say it Summer, tell me you want me to fuck you."

Summer closed her eyes as he took her nipple in his mouth again and heard herself say breathlessly, "Fuck me Matt, I want you to."

Summer gasped in surprise as she felt Matt pick her up and was about to protest when she realised that he was bringing her across to the bathroom sink. Matt put her on her feet and kissed her hard again before turning her so that her back was against his chest and she was startled when she looked up and saw their reflection. She noted how her back was arched into him, how her neck was exposed to the kisses he was trailing along its length, how his big hands cupped and massaged her breasts and her senses were overwhelmed with the image they made. Summer could barely recognise the wanton woman in the mirror with the black curls falling in her face pushing and undulating her hips and ass into Matt, so she looked down.

Matt, noticing her movements, licked her earlobe and whispered, "Look up Sum, look at how beautiful you are."

Sumer lifted her eyes to mirror again and watched as Matt removed one of his hands from a stimulated nipple down along her ribcage, gently circling her belly button and lower still, into her panties where he parted her dewy lips and circled her clit with his index finger. Summer let out a low moan of frustration as he continued, always circling but never really touching her clit. She looked up from where his hand played in her panties to meet his eye in the mirror and felt another surge of heat and moisture rush from her core when she saw the intensity of his lust there.

"Do you want me to touch you here?" Matt asked her as he finally pushed against her clit causing her to whimper her approval.

Matt wondered to himself if he would ever tire of teasing and stroking her like this when she was so physically responsive, sex with Summer was fun, exciting and she just felt so good...so tight and hot. Matt watched her as she continued to grind her ass against him and felt like he was getting harder, if that was even possible. He could feel how wet Summer was and looking in the mirror he saw her arousal written all over her beautiful face. He would never get over how beautiful she was, especially like this with her full dusky pink lips parted, her deep brown skin glistening, the high cheek bones, the almond shaped eyes hooded with desire and those soft curls falling into her face.

In that instant, their eyes met in the mirror and Summer knew that he could see her desperate need for him. She placed one of her hands over the one caressing her sex and reached behind her with the other one so she could cup his erection through his boxer briefs. She revelled again at its size and at how incredibly sexy they looked touching each other like that. Summer had always been into the idea pf being with a man built just like Matt and she loved the way the muscles in his arms flexed as he rubbed her and the hardness of his chest against her back and the way their skin contrasted, it was pretty erotic...she could totally go there with him.

"Fuck me now Matt, fuck me hard," she said in surprisingly steady voice as she reached into his boxers and held his erection.

Matt pulled her panties down and pushed onto the small of her back so that she bent slightly forward as she parted her legs and used her arms to hold herself steady against the counter. He pushed his boxers down and thrust himself into her dripping, throbbing core to the hilt all in one smooth motion. They both cried out at the contact. Matt held himself steady inside her for a moment and withdrew slightly to bend his knees and plunge into her pussy again fully at a different angle. Matt was again amazed by how tightly her walls gripped his cock and the incredible sensations she seemed to give him. Matt knew in that moment that he wanted to have all kinds of sex in all kinds of places with his new hot wife. Matt continued to move hard inside of her, every angled thrust of his cock rubbing every sensitive spot in her love canal.

Summer moaned out her approval and looked at their reflected mating as he pushed and pulled into her. She gasped as his movements became harder, more aggressive and she heard his grunts every time he bottomed out. The sound of his skin slapping against the backs of her thighs and ass as he continued his assault at her core bounced of the tile and echoed throughout the bathroom with their moans. Summer stretched her neck and looked up at Matt's lips and brushed her lips softly against his chin to get his attention. Matt responded quickly by bending down his head and seizing her lips in a hungry kiss. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and massaged it against hers as he thrusts became faster.

"Matt, that's so good...you feel so good," she moaned into his mouth as their lips parted.

Matt grunted some response she couldn't make out as he moved his hand along the thin trail of curls on her mound down to her clit which he pushed on firmly as he stroked into her even harder. Summer wailed out her approval and held onto his muscular forearm with her small hand. She looked into the mirror again and let out a little gasp when she saw how her breasts bounced with each of his deep thrusts and how his muscled arms practically wrapped her into him. She also noticed the way he was sweating with his effort and she licked the skin of his neck that covered his pulse to taste him.

Matt felt his balls tightening and felt his skin flush and tingle all over in a way that alerted him of his impending orgasm just as Summer's pussy began to clutch and tighten around him in an erratic manner.

"Come for me Sum," He ordered her as he increased pressure on her clit and stroked into her fast. Summer felt her legs tremble and her pussy tighten around his cock at his words and moved her ass harder against as she chased her release. She threw her head back and let herself go as she fell.

"Fuck...Matt, I'm coming!" She cried out as her orgasm quickly hit her and she held onto his arm harder as they both rode it out. Matt shouted her name as he came inside her, filling her again with his warm seed. He kissed her again, a little gently this time as he continued to stroke inside until the final waves of his orgasm washed over him.

"Don't pull out yet," Summer whispered softly to him as she continued to gently tighten and release with her pussy walls.

Matt met her eye in the mirror and responded, "I'm not going anywhere."

Summer stroked up and down the arm that was attached to his hand that now gently rubbed her clit. Matt moved his hand from her hip and wrapped his arm around her small waist and she raised the arm she had been using to brace herself to touch his flushed cheek. Their eyes connected again in the mirror and Summer knew that he had proved his point, and it would be almost impossible for her to deny him her body again. Not when they were both fully aware of how great they were together.

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