When I was in my teens tube tops were very popular. I always wondered why because I thought they looked like a very risky bit of clothing. I even remember once when one girl pulled another girls' tube top down at a party, but unfortunately her back was to everyone else in the room so the only person whose saw her breasts was the girl who pulled the top down.

I used to work with a woman who explained to me why women, or at least why she, loved to wear tube tops. When I heard what she told me I was shocked because she was a fairly religious person who went to church every Sunday as well as doing volunteer work for the church. She was very pretty, about 5’7” with nice firm breasts that looked like they were about a 36B. She always wore either t-shirts or very soft looking turtlenecks. When she wore the turtlenecks she didn’t wear a bra.

One day we got onto the subject of tube tops. She had said that she wished she could wear tube tops to work and then giggled. I asked what was so funny and she told me that the best part of wearing tube tops was the possibility that they might fall down exposing your breasts. She told me this never happened to her but she always wanted it to happen . Since it never happened by accident she decided that she would have to help it fall down.

One night after everyone had been drinking for awhile she told all the guys that she could climb a fence faster then they could. They accepted the challenge. When every one lined up for the contest and no-one was looking, she hooked her top to the fence so it would be pulled down as she climbed up. Unfortunately for her when she started to climb the fence the top didn’t get pulled down, it got ripped in half and was left hanging on the fence.

When she realized what happened she did the worse thing possible, she screamed. This made everyone, both the guys and girls, turn to see what happened and saw her exposed breasts. Luckily one of her girlfriends was wearing a button-up shirt over her t-shirt and gave it to her. She told me that it was one of the most sexually exciting moments of her life.

That wasn’t the story I had intended to tell. The following story is the story I had in mind when I started writing this. I think you will see why I like this story better.

I knew this girl in high school who was a big flirt. She also was a bit of a tease showing a little skin here and there but never really showing anything. Her teasing was harmless and fun so no-one was upset by it. At the time this happened she was dating a friend of mine who claimed he never did anything more than makeout with her. Everyone who knew her was pretty sure no-one had even touched her breasts either over or under her shirt, let alone seen them.

One night it was just the two of use alone in a small park in my neighborhood. I don’t remember why we were alone but I think it was because we no longer had curfews since we were both now 18 and everyone else was still 17 and still had curfews. It was the August after we had finished High School and I had just turned 18 a few days before. We were drinking some beers (the drinking age was 18 then) and we were both getting a little bit drunk. She was wearing jeans and a tube top. Not that it matters but I was wearing jeans and a Ramones t-shirt.

We were just talking and she suddenly said she was going to tell me a story she had never told anyone. She said that since it was my birthday just a couple of days ago it was my birthday present. I wondered how much of a birthday present a story was but didn’t say anything. The story was very short but went as follows.

She told me that she and her cousin went to Coney Island for the Fourth of July. She told me she was wearing the same tube top she was now wearing. I wondered why this was important, and you may wonder why as well. They went on a lot of rides but the last ride was a ride that would start spinning and pin you to the wall so you couldn’t move (this is the same ride that is in the urban legends about the man who hand gets trapped over his mouth and suffocates).

The ride started and as it built up speed she started to feel her tube top slide down. It slowly slide down until it was just covering her nipples. She said at this point no-one knew what was going on , but if the ride didn’t stop soon her nipples would be showing. She told me that all the while the tube top was sliding down she was trying to will it to stay up. She hoped it would stay up until the ride stopped.

Unfortunately, the ride wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Then out of nowhere, she started feeling excited. She thought what if it did come all the way down and everyone saw her topless? No-one could blame her because it wasn’t her fault. They would all feel sorry for her. Now that she was excited and wanted her top to come down it was staying in place. Her now hard nipples were keeping the top up.

As much as she was pinned to the wall she tried to wiggle around as much as possible and it did the trick, her tits popped out. She wasn’t sure if anyone noticed so when the ride ended she acted like she didn’t know her top had come down until an older woman ran over and pulled it up.

I saw something like this a few days ago in Manhattan. A woman in a halter top carrying a package had one of her breasts totally exposed because the halter top slipped down under it. She noticed right away and calmly put the package down and tucked her wayward breast back in. She then noticed me noticing her and said did you like what you saw? I said yes and she said thank you. I love the things that can happen in Manhattan.

She then told me she went back to the ride two other times but the top wouldn’t slide down and she couldn’t figure a way to force it to slide down while making it looking accidental.

Now back then I was very shy with women so I don’t know why or how I got the nerve to do what I did next. She had stood up to show me how she looked pinned to the wall of the ride. After she finished the story I stood up and grabbed her tube top by the sides and started to pull it down. I acted like it was just a joke and that I wouldn’t have really pulled it down but to my surprise she let out a moan and said please pull it down slowly.

I did it as slowly as I could and soon her small lovely dark nipples popped out. He breasts were small, about a 32A, but I liked small breasts. I put my mouth over her breast and licked her small rock hard nipple. After a minute she stopped me, brought my head up to hers’ and kissed me for about five minutes, then stopped and said she had to go home. I was never with her again, and I never told anyone about it but whenever she wore a tube top she always smiled at me.

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