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Summertime Love


The darkness enveloped them both, lit only by a small pink-shaded lamp on her side of the bed.

They'd been married for years, until chance and the fortune of summertime alone, free of children for a short time, led them to discover their lovemaking anew, slow and sensual, a contrast to the hurried, giggling, sneaking around after the kids were abed.

She would slip into their bedroom, right before he was due to come home, stripping off her clothes and lying in the semidarkness. No toys or vibrators, nothing to mar the quiet night that was theirs alone. She'd lie atop the sheets, the air conditioner off; a slight mugginess in the air made her feel warm and sensual before she'd even brushed her soft tanned skin with her slender fingers. Being naked, alone in the semidarkness, a gentle breeze blowing in their second floor window, was a luxury all its own.

And her husband, quiet and strong, stood in the doorway, wearing a silk robe he'd not dare wearing any other time, as it would never withstand the loving grabs and pulls of their growing, active children.

Her shoulder length blonde hair fanned out on the pillow, her smallish breasts rose and fell with her breath; the sweetest breath in the world, he thought, as he watched her silently touch herself.

She ran her newly manicured hands (an affectation, like the silk robe, she only indulged when the kids were off at camp) over her slim nude body, feeling her hips flare away from her still-lithe waist. She brought her hands back up over her breasts, grazing her palms over the rosy nipples so softly, but enough to cause her to gasp sweetly. She heard her husband at the doorway, gazing upon her, taking in sharp breaths as she continued her sensual journey.

She let her hands trail off, down her breasts, across her near-flat belly and towards her curly bush between her legs; the tangle of hair was something she enjoyed, capturing the scents of her arousal and providing contrast to the smooth skin of her thighs and the dampness below. Letting her fingers wander, she softly probed the folds of her labia, quietly, breathing in more sharply, scent filling the room. She bit her lower lip as she slid a finger along the length of her swollen slit, back and forth, lazily slipping it into her mouth as a small smile grew on her face.

He could wait no longer; his robe open, his hands were stroking his large cock, fully aroused and aching for the touch of his beautiful wife. She sat up, turned on her side, and beckoned him over without a sound. The silk robe fell to the floor as he strode purposefully to the bed, nearly six feet tall, broad chested and strong, towering over his wife by half a foot. Yet their bodies always meshed, perfectly.

His large hands roved slowly over her nude body, down her shoulders, resting on her breasts, swollen and aroused, over her belly and thighs. His full lips grazed her nipples, first the left, then the right, as she groaned from deep inside. A big man, he was nothing but gentleness itself when making love to his wife.

She smiled; he smiled as he gazed into her large blue eyes, sliding quietly over her naked form, spreading his muscular thighs so they bracketed her toned sleek ones. His erect penis grazed her pussy, damp with sweet nectar.

He placed a hand on her face, and kissed her gently at first, his intensity growing as their bodies pressed against each other. The breeze from the window swept over his naked back and ass as he raised himself, positioning his cock between her pussy lips and sliding inside, effortlessly. Her walls gripped his large member, pulling him deep as their mouths met, covering each other, moaning into each other as their bodies became one gracefully loving form.

His hips slowly raised and lowered, penetrating more deeply yet warmly on each tantalizing thrust. Her body rose to meet his each time, as they undulated together like gentle waves on the ocean. Gradually building up speed and intensity, kisses showered over their faces, hands sliding along the others' form as if it was their first time finding each other, their passion grew and grew. At last, after what seemed like hours of the sweetest passion ever, he exploded inside her, feeling her body contract at the same time, squeezing and soaking each other with the wetness and heat of their love.

Their arms around each other, intertwined, naked and supremely happy, they drifted off asleep, awaiting the pleasures of the new morning together.

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