tagGroup SexSun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 01

Sun, Sand & Seduction Ch. 01


(I've written before about Owen and Anne Marie. This story involves mostly Owen. If you are interested you can find those other tales on my page. They are not necessary to enjoy—at least I hope you enjoy—this story, but they do give you some insight into each person.)

Anne Marie is my lover, friend and partner. She is 11 years older than my 29 years, but we never consider our age difference. We are deeply in love and trust each other implicitly. What happened over a weekend illustrates just how strong we are as a couple.

I've had two serious relationships with women. The first was Betsey and that started in college. The other is Anne Marie, my lover of two years. With each relationship I have experienced a lover open to experiments and more often the leader in sexual adventure. I have written before about Anne Marie and our relationship with Becky. I want to share another adventure that occurred last summer. Becky had moved to Kansas City for a great career opportunity. Anne Marie and I were back to a semi-monogamous relationship and having a great time.

In mid-June, we decided to spend a long weekend at her beach house in Truro on Cape Cod. Lots of sun, sex, wine and relaxation, and, yeah, more sex. We arrived late Thursday evening. After a light dinner and some wine, we called it an early evening, both of us tired from our work schedules.

Around 10 on Friday morning, after a breakfast of rich coffee and a baguette and marmalade, we headed to the beach and settled in.

The dunes loomed over the beach, indifferent to those in enjoying the sand. They mostly looked at the ocean with a face showing the signs of wind and rain. Each year, it was the same dune, but again not the same. New wrinkles, deeper crevices, a fallen cheek here and there. It didn't look older, just more worn. I loved the dunes.

It was the second week in June and a decent day for the time. Being a weekday, the family section parking lot of the beach did not appear crowded when we turned around to head back to the parking area near a path in the woods. We approached the beach through tall beach grass and arrived in the nude area. We were practically alone. We quickly shed our suits and were relaxing in our beach chairs, when we noticed two women walking up our way from the family area. As they neared, we could see they were probably early 30s. One woman was wearing a navy blue tank suit. She was attractive with auburn hair trailing out of a floppy brimmed hat and she showed the swell of a little belly. The other had on a green two piece, fairly conservative. She was in good shape, taller than the other woman and had light brown hair pulled into a pony tail and a visor shading her eyes. Both were wearing dark glasses and talking easily. Suddenly they noticed us sitting no more than 15 feet from them. They actually did a double take and then picked up their pace. We could see them laughing as they went down the beach.

Soon, they rounded a bend and were out of sight. I decided to take a dip, even though the water was chilly. I swam parallel to the shore for about 10 minutes and then started making my way out of the water. I saw that Anne Marie, still spectacularly nude, was now standing and talking with the two women. Anne Marie saw me hesitate in the water and waved me up. I made my out of the sea and crossed to them, slightly embarrassed at my naked state.

Anne Marie told me she was standing by the water when the women came back and they began talking. Making introductions, I learned the one-piece swimsuit was Sharon and the bikini was Alice. They were vacationing with their families and staying in another part of Truro.

Behind their sunglasses they were probably trying not to laugh at the pitiful state of my manhood, still mildly affected by the dip in the cool salt water. We all chatted for a while and they waved and left.

Anne Marie said that they were sisters-in-law, married to twin brothers. Anne Marie explained that Sharon recently had her second child and I assumed that accounted for her slight belly. Alice had one child the same age as Sharon's oldest. Their in-laws were taking the kids for a couple days and their husbands were doing a golf marathon for the next two days. Anne Marie invited them back to join us tomorrow. They both said they could never go nude on the beach, at least they didn't think they could, but they might come and visit.

That afternoon back at the house Anne Marie got a call from Trish at work. Trish was once our favorite waitress at our regular pub. After Anne Marie persuaded her to be my kitchen helper at a dinner party for five women where I was the nude waiter, we began hanging out together. Trish was a diamond in the rough. She was tall, blond and beautiful, but many rough edges still showed. Anne Marie took her under her wing and soon the rough edges began to smooth out. Finally, Anne Marie hired her as her assistant at the bank. Now, Trish was polished, put together and even more desirable. We had some erotic experiences before she began working for Anne Marie, including a long weekend she shared our bed, joined also by Becky. I knew she had a crush on me and, I suspected, one on Anne Marie as well. She and Anne Marie had since shared a couple passionate nights, but that all ended when Trish began working for Anne Marie

Now, Anne Marie maintained a warm, but professional relationship with Trish. We still got together, but sex between Trish and Anne Marie was off the table. I felt it would also be inappropriate if Trish and I continued a physical relationship since she was working for my partner. We did have fun hanging around together, many times in the nude in our apartment or down here at the Cape and going as far as sharing an occasional shower or bath. Even that, unfortunately, was becoming a rare occasion.

Trish told Anne Marie the bank needed her to be in London in the evening of the next day, meaning she had to leave tonight. Anne Marie told me to stay at the house and she would be back by the middle of next week. She said I might enjoy getting to know the two women we met briefly today. She winked and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

We had come in separate cars and she packed and headed back up to Boston. Trish had already booked both of them on the last flight out of Logan that night. Trish was over at our apartment packing a bag for Anne Marie.

The next day I woke already missing Anne Marie. It was another fabulous day, so I packed my beach bag and headed out around mid-morning.

The family section was more crowded on this Saturday and as I neared our usual spot in the nude area, I noticed two or three umbrellas farther down the clothing optional beach. A couple in their fifties was walking past me toward one of the umbrellas. Their all over tan indicated they probably wintered somewhere with a nude beach.

I spread my blanket and put up an umbrella in case the afternoon sun proved too strong. Settled in my beach chair, I was deep into my book when I heard a hell-o. I looked up and Sharon and Alice were making their way over. They were dressed in the same suits as yesterday. I stood up to say hi and they both started giggling. After saying hi, Sharon said it was so weird to see a naked man just standing there talking. Alice said that it looked like some things do thaw out. Sharon gave her a vicious jab in the ribs, but I just laughed. I told them that yes contraction in the cold is part of nature.

Alice gave a snort and said in any size it was a hell of lot better than her husband's. Sharon told her to behave, but Alice said it's true. And, she added that "goes for both of the boys." Sharon again punched her sister-in-law and told her private matters should be discussed in private.

Since we were now having a conversation, I asked if they wanted to sit. We all dropped to the blanket. I told them about Anne Marie being called out of the country for business. That led to a discussion about Anne Marie's work and what I did. I then asked them about their lives. Alice was a forensic accountant and worked with law firms who used her to track down assets in both divorce and liability cases against companies. Alice said that's where she met her husband. He and his twin are partners in their own CPA firm and were the auditors on a case she was brought in on about ten years ago. Bruce was a nice-looking guy, who was a little overweight, but she said he seemed like a decent person. They started dating and within a year were engaged. They soon married and had their daughter a year later.

In the times I've been involved in conversations with other people, where one or all of us were nude, I've observed that the honesty of the talk rose considerably. I assume that nakedness takes away a barrier, other than the obvious lack of clothing. Such now seemed to be the case as Alice spoke.

Alice laughed and said she was insistent they hold out on intercourse until they married.

"Alice, said Sharon, "I am sure Owen is not interested in your past sex life."

I said I was interested in listening to what she wanted to talk about.

"Well," she snorted, "That would be a first—a man listening."

She went on to say she was no virgin and had a number of boy friends, both in college and afterwards. But, she felt that if this was going to turn into something special, she wanted to be sure it was not just because a guy wanted to get in her pants.

Bruce put up no fight, and Alice said that should have been a big red flag. Sharon turned her head toward her sister-in-law and I imagined gave Alice another cautionary glance behind her sunglasses, but Alice ignored it. She sighed and said she was way past putting a pretty face on an ugly sex life.

"Life is not just all about sex," said Sharon.

"Agreed, but it's not all about the absence of it either," retorted Alice.

Alice said that for the first couple months, they had regular sex, but it was never exciting. Bruce was a missionary and let's get it over with guy.

"Alice!" hissed Sharon.

"Well, it's true. And from what you've told me, Chuck is just like him."

"Well, I am not complaining."

"Bullshit. Just yesterday you told me that seeing Owen naked was exciting and that Chuck never does anything exciting."

"Alice, I can't believe you said that in front of Owen."

"Well, it's true."

I interrupted them to stop the start of what appeared to be bickering. I said Anne Marie mentioned they were considering going au natural. Sharon actually blushed and Alice said they didn't say for sure. I invited them to try it.

"What have you got to lose?" I asked.

"Well, our privacy for one thing, our self-respect for another. And, our husbands would kill us" said Sharon.

"Fuck them," said Alice. She reached behind and undid her top and pulled it over her head. She had nice boobs, which had a couple small stretch marks, likely from childbearing. They were probably about a 36 C with tiny areoles and pink nipples. The nips were erect and poked up in a tantalizing fashion. She looked at Sharon who just shook her head. Kneeling, Alice shrugged and pulled down her bottoms. She had a trimmed brown bush and more stretch marks. I told her she looked very pretty. She laughed and said with these sagging boobs, stretch marks and cellulite on her ass—sure "I look fantastic."

I disagreed and said that her breasts were attractive, especially her nipples, and stretch marks are stretch marks. I liked looking at her naked. By her reaction, I sensed that she had not heard any compliments about her body in a long time. But I meant it; I really enjoyed looking at her nakedness. She smiled and sat back down, inadvertently showing some pink as she pulled her knees up in front of her to slip off her bikini bottoms. I felt that old stirring in my groin, but fought it off.

Sharon tried to motion her to close her legs, since she could also see the show Alice was making. Alice finally got the point and laughed, but closed her legs, saying, "Sometimes it needs a bit of an airing to clear out the cobwebs."

We all laughed.

Alice turned to Sharon and told her to at least take down her top. Sharon hesitated, but Alice kept at it.

"No man has seen me without clothes since I got married," said Sharon.

"So, what better time to get beyond that," replied Sharon. "Don't be such a pris. Let yourself go."

Reluctantly, Sharon slipped the straps down her arms and tugged the suit beyond her large breasts. She apologized about her swollen boobs. "After two kids and lots of breast-feeding, I can't claim having perky tits."

I said her breasts were beautiful. And they were. Big, white, round with dark areoles and darker nipples that stood out at least ¾ of an inch.

We sat there for a while as the women gradually grew accustomed to being nude or half nude. Our easy conversation from earlier picked up and soon we were laughing and enjoying the sun.

I told them the best part of being on a nude beach—in addition to being nude—was taking a walk. I said there is no greater feeling of freedom than walking naked outside. I invited them to join me. Alice was immediately for it, but Sharon hesitated. Alice told her to just go for it. She reminded her how they talked about what it would be like, now's the time to do it. Sharon looked around, and there was no one else in sight. See eyed the umbrellas farther down the beach, but no one seemed to be stirring by them.

Saying out loud, "I can't believe I am doing this," she stood up and dropped the rest of her suit. She had a dark and full bush, slightly trimmed to accommodate the fit of her tank suit. She also still had a red C-section scar above her pubic line. Her belly had a little swell, but I actually found it sexy and told her so. She punched me in the arm and said I was either blind or crazy, but thanked me anyway.

I suggested they put on sun screen. Both did so shyly, especially as they covered their breasts and private areas. When they finished, I took each by the hand and we walked the beach.

Walking naked outside helps to loosen a lot of inhibitions. We chatted about how Sharon met Chuck. She was a school teacher and Chuck's firm was part of a Chamber of Commerce effort to teach kids financial literacy. He came to her sophomore class and presented one of the most boring presentations she had ever witnessed. Sharon had to keep jumping in, asking questions, making jokes just to keep the kids from all falling asleep.

After class, Chuck asked how it went. Sharon offered that it was certainly educational. Chuck smiled and said you mean deadly.

Sharon laughed and agreed. That broke the ice and they talked for a half hour, since his presentation was for the last class of the day. He asked her out, and to her surprise she accepted. Chuck was not her type. She was attracted to the skinny, brooding, intellectual type. Deep conversations about important ideas, great books and current affairs were Sharon's concepts of the basis for a good relationship. Chuck was burly, never read anything except balance sheets and could wax poetically only about sports.

He was, however, smitten with Sharon and pursued her. Being flattered with his affection, she relented to his pursuit and agreed to marry. Unlike the more adventurous Alice, Sharon admitted she did have sex with him before tying the knot. She softly said the sex was as boring as his class presentation, but by this time she had agreed to marry, had mentally committed to the relationship and thought sex would get better.

Laughing, she said it actually went in the other direction.

Alice then admitted they both talked about meeting me and Anne Marie yesterday. Neither had ever been on a nude beach before and never had a conversation with two naked people. Alice said it wasn't just seeing me naked that intrigued her and Sharon—and she admitted they discussed it at length over a bottle of wine last night. She said both their husbands had let themselves go, had gotten huge guts, and acted like louts half the time. She also said that her husband's dick was slowly disappearing under the layer of fat, and the last time he got it up was a year ago. Sharon said that her husband can get it up, but it doesn't last very long. Surprising herself, she said the sex that produced her second child was the result of her getting drunk one night and literally attacking Chuck. Unusual for them, she got on top. He lasted even less time than usual, and low and behold, even a quick lay can produce a surprise package.

They liked that I was in shape and was so social yesterday. Alice said that later when my organ returned to normal size they were both impressed.

"Jesus, Alice, really."

"Hey, don't play Saint Sharon. You said Owen was the best hung man you ever saw and that you really liked his, if I may quote you, 'sweet cock.' I agree, dear, he is well hung."

I shifted the conversation to point out a seal breaking the surface of the ocean to break the tension that seemed to be building between them. It worked and the two women stopped going at each other. Alice asked about me and Anne Marie and we talked about our relationship.

They both agreed that Anne Marie was one of the most beautiful women that each had ever seen. They couldn't believe it when I told them her age.

"She looks like our age," offered Alice.

We kept walking and soon, as usually happens, they acted like they forgot they were naked. We had a great time talking and laughing about the ordinary trials of life. They had a million funny kids stories and I told them about my being a naked waiter at a couple CFNM dinner parties, most recently with the one where Trish was my kitchen helper and included Anne Marie, Becky and the other three women who lived in our apartment house. They kept saying "no way" but begged for more details. The only slight glitch came when two guys approached from the other direction, both nude. Sharon wanted to run into the water and cover herself, but I said they are probably gay and would be more interested in me. It was the case. The guys nodded to the women and said high to me. They were older, in their fifties, and in fairly good shape. They held hands and let their dicks swing back and forth as they made their way down the beach. Alice remarked that theirs were not as attractive as some others and lightly flicked my penis with the back of her hand. Sharon cried out saying she could not believe Alice just did that. I just laughed and said thanks for the compliment.

We walked a little longer and turned back. The women now had their arms linked in mine. Alice said she can't believe that she and Sharon—especially Sharon—are walking naked on a beach. I asked if she didn't agree that it was a liberating experience. Both agreed, and then Alice said another thing she loved was watching my dick swing back and forth, and the way my balls bounced along. Sharon almost fainted from embarrassment and chided Alice. Alice told her to be honest, and that she was checking out my dick just as much as she was. Sharon giggled and admitted she was. She was fascinated by how the foreskin came to a point in the front. She said the only dick with a foreskin she ever saw was on her son and then it was cut off.

I said ouch and admitted I was grateful to my parents for sparing me that procedure. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable with the focus on my manhood, and said, "Enough about my dick."

Alice agreed and said let's talk about "your yummy ass." With that, Alice freed her hand from my arm and slipped it onto my ass. She cupped a cheek and I flexed it for her. "Oh, my God, Sharon, you have to try this." Sharon looked at where her sister-in-law's hand was and shook her head.

"No, really, Sharon, you have to feel this." I told her it was OK. Sharon then cupped my other cheek. She let out a small groan. "Fuckin' fab," she squealed.

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