tagNonHumanSun, Sea and Succubus

Sun, Sea and Succubus


Jon closed the door behind his guests as they left the apartment. After walking back into his studio flat, he began to clear up a little, throwing the hand-bent empty beer cans and extinguished snack packets into a small rubbish bin. It was a Friday night and Jon had hosted a quiet gathering of a few of his close friends round at his place. He had drunk a few beers, not too many, certainly not drunk, but enough for the alcohol to exaggerate a few of his slightly depressing thoughts and emotions. Becoming quickly lazy and resigning the task of tidying up until the next day, he sat down at his computer. The sudden state-change from being in-company to being without made him think about and feel envious of his friends. Alex and Jen, who had recently left, had been going out together for a long time now. They were always so affectionate around each other, that night being no exception, and Jon, although a good looking guy, had been single and without sex for quite some time. He suddenly felt quite lonely.

Gazing down at his desk, he picked up a trial pack of erection-sustaining pills from a clump of uninteresting other packets; marketing samples that had been thrust through his mailbox the day before.

'Why have I bothered to hold onto these?' he asked himself aloud, 'it's not like I'm going to use them anytime soon!' He threw the packet across the room in his frustration - they bounced off the rim of the bin he had targeted and landed beside his bed. Taking a swig of his last beer for the evening, he started to search through porn on his computer. Becoming aroused, he proceeded to relieve himself several times.

Jon walked over to the large double-doors that lead out onto the balcony. He unlocked and opened them, stepping outside. It was now just-passed midnight. As he moved outside he could hear the talk and laughter of the people in the streets below. Noises of cars passing by, a distant police siren, groups of people staggering home jovially after an entertaining evening of drinks in a local bar, the sounds of car doors slamming closed on taxis that sat waiting with old engines stuttering coughs as their stumbling passengers boarded.

It was a warm summer's night; he gazed up at a perfect view of the looming full-moon. He leant against the edge of the balcony rail and took in a deep breath, smelling the wonderful city air as it rushed through his nostrils. The scents from numerous restaurants dotted around the area wafted up into a strangely-pleasant conglomerate odour of undistinguished fried meat. Looking out at the city, his senses stimulated by the sounds, smells and atmosphere around him, he realised he had a good life. Quickly his slight depression turned into contentment and his frown became a smile.

Jon lived in a large studio apartment on the top floor of a small five-storey building, situated in the town-centre of a big coastal city. He rented it cheaply from his wealthy parents who intend to sell the property when he could afford his own place. He had a great circle of friends that he'd known for many years and a secure, moderately-paid job. Apart from being single for too long, he didn't really have any problems, certainly none to get depressed over.

Still standing on the balcony he looked up at the clouds that lazily drifted across the night's skyscape, taking in the wonderful view of the moon. A sudden strong gust of wind blew towards him and he flinched while it passed. As he looked back, a black human-like figure majestically hung in the sky, hovering with slow beating wings in front of the large full moon. Its hair flailed about it in the wind like a halo of writhing snakes as Jon stood staring at it in a moment of surrealism. He leant forward slightly, squinting to ensure his focus was accurate as he questioned the strange sight before him. It turned its head slowly, as if scouting the area, until it was looking right at him. Its face was hidden by the darkness but Jon could almost feel their gaze meet. A sudden chill shot down his spine as he stood upright and stepped back from the parapet. The figure gave a powerful beat of its wings and suddenly began to fly straight towards him.

It flew right up to his apartment and landed effortlessly on the balcony wall in front of him. He saw now that it was a woman.

As her long emerald-green hair settled, the beautiful young woman; human in all features except for two sets of bat-like wings tipped with short horn-like spikes; a large pair on her lower-back and a smaller pair on the rear of her head; caught her balanced and stood in a composed stance before him. It looked down with an alluring seductive grin on its face; Jon was in awe. A sensual and silk-like tone emerged from her lips as she said 'Mmm, perfect.'

The shock of seeing the creature before him, and the incredible beauty of it had him paralyzed and unsure what to think. Seeing the winged woman was like seeing a ghost or an alien; these things aren't supposed to exist. Jon's experience, logic and reason fought with what he was seeing, challenging the actual existence of the creature.

'Wh...what are you?' Jon asked, staring up at her.

'That's not a nice thing to say to a woman when you've just met her for the first time!' the woman replied, 'my name is Morrigan' she said, stepping down off the wall, '...and I'm a succubus.'

'A succubus?' Jon whispered aloud to himself, still in trance-like awe of the woman. 'Sorry I...I'm Jon' he replied. Gathering himself slightly, he asked inquisitively 'What's a succubus?'

The woman stepped forward closer to him and said 'well, you've heard of Vampires? Succubuses are like female vampires. We prey on human men, having sexual intercourse with them in order to sustain ourselves. We're a type of demon' she answered, smiling the whole time.

The woman was stunningly beautiful. Her large emerald eyes matched the hue of her hair and had a vast sense of depth to them, like deep pools of green water hiding sunken stars. Her body was perfect in all its curves and shapes, hosting large well-rounded breasts, a tight abdomen and gorgeous sculpted thighs. Her outfit tightly clung to her skin and showed-off every line and contour. The top was a revealing black leotard that started from the nipple-line of her breasts and covered all the way down to her crotch, a heart-shape cut-out at the midriff below the bust. White feathered straps lead across from the top of the leotard to her arms, on which she wore beige arm-length gloves that came down over the back of her hands and looped around the middle finger. From the leotard down, her legs were completely covered by purple tights decorated with darker purple bats dotted at various points around them. On her feet was a pair of well-fitted black leather knee-high stiletto boots.

Taking in the sight of her, he couldn't help but become aroused; after all, a gorgeous sexy succubus landing on your balcony in an accentuating outfit, telling you her intention was to make love to you, is quite an appealing situation for a single young man of 24. Especially for one that had just been lamenting over how single and unsexed he was.

'So...you want to have sex with me?' Jon asked, just to ensure he understood the situation and that his arousal was not wasted.

'Yes' Morrigan replied bluntly, her tone seeming to indicate it was more of a biological need, rather than a pleasurable pursuit.

'Woah!' exclaimed Jon, he was taken aback. 'I can't believe the hottest woman in the world has just landed on my balcony and stated she wants to have sex with me...this can't be real?' Jon said aloud, although it was more of a rhetorical question.

'"Hottest woman in the world"?' she asked while stepping a little closer to him and smiling, 'Now that's a better thing to say to a woman when you've just met her.' She grinned with a short nasal laugh 'and I've not even started to seduce you yet.'

'Seduce me? Why would you need to seduce me?! Surely any guy would fall at their knees for you in a second?!'

'You do realise that as I take your seed, your life force is absorbed into me with it?' Morrigan asked.

'My life force? As in...my life? Are you saying if we have sex I'll die?!' Jon began to feel uneasy as a deep, gutting twang tugged at his stomach.

'Yes' she replied in the same direct tone as before. Realising Jon might try to escape now, knowing his actual fate, Morrigan began releasing her pheromones unbeknownst to him.

'I...I don't want to die' Jon said surprisingly calmly with a look of deep thought and concern on his face.

'I'm sorry handsome, but I'm hungry and must eat' replied Morrigan as she stepped closer, reaching a hand forward and seductively clenching onto the collar of his t-shirt. Morrigan's drug-like pheromones had begun to affect him.

'I can't die...not yet...' he said slightly drowsily but unable to take his eyes off her. He started to back away from the demon into his apartment, a strange look of combined fear and lust on his face now. 'Even though you are...so irresistibly...beautiful...' His attempt to get away from her was feeble; she followed him inside.

'I will ensure you enjoy every moment of it' she almost whispered to him in a sexual tone, proudly aware of her natural and learned abilities to pleasure men way beyond any level possible by a human female. As she spoke she began to pull the white feathered support straps off of her breasts, revealing them to him.

'Is...is there no way I could live after this?' he asked in desperation while staring at her with utter lust.

'The only way for a human to survive a succubus's feast, is by making her climax before he does. But no homosapien male could possibly last long enough to cause a succubus to orgasm before he does; our bodies are naturally designed to give ultimate pleasure' she answered.

Jon was wavering to her seduction but still aware of the situation and fearing for his life. He unwittingly backed into his low-set bed, loosing his footing and falling back onto it. After making little effort to get up again, Morrigan was soon stood over him. Looking either side of his bed in panic, as if he might find something to save him, he noticed the erection-sustaining pills he had failed to discard properly earlier. Grabbing them, he ripped open the pack quickly and swallowed them both.

'I can't die now, not this young. I have to keep going long enough to make her orgasm. Please God, don't let me die now, please! I must think non-sexual thoughts...non-sexual thoughts while this stunning woman fucks me! Oh God help me!' he thought to himself, doubting a successful outcome.

Morrigan climbed onto the bed and knelt with her legs on either side of Jon's. He closed his eyes tightly and began thinking of his job. Her hands slid under his plain black t-shirt and she began to stroke slowly up and down his chest with her fingernails. Jon was quickly as hard as a metal pole while thoughts of answering the telephone and typing at his computer looped in his mind. The drugs had been quick to take effect. She lifted his t-shirt off him, his arms automatically responding allowing her to do so. Leaning forward, she began to lick him. Her tongue journeyed up from his naval to circle his nipples, and then progressed to the base of his neck. Circling around, she moved up to start gently sucking and biting on his ear, her perfect breasts pressing and moving against his chest as she moved. She then began to gyrate on top of him, her crotch moving rhythmically against his in slow full motions.

'Oh, I've picked a good one!' she stated aloud as she felt the large rigid lump of his cock shaft pressing against her pussy.

Sliding herself off the bed, she stood up and took a few steps back. Jon opened his eyes inquisitively, hoping and wondering if it was all over. Watching the succubus, he saw Morrigan suddenly perform a back-flip, landing completely naked, her clothes somehow vanishing into thin-air during the quick acrobatics. She smiled at him with a mischievous expression and the naked winged figure stepped forward to stand before the foot of the bed. She knelt down on the floor and leaned forward to his waist. It was a low bed allowing her to easily reach her victim. Clutching onto his belt, she began to unfasten it, still looking up at him. Freeing the strap from the buckle, she then popped the button and pulled down the zip, slowly. Pulling gently, she eased the loose-fit jeans off his legs and tossed them to one side. Stroking her hands caressingly up Jon's legs, she moved back up to his crotch to remove his underwear. Pulling the rim slowly, the elastic suddenly flicked off and his firm erect dick sprang back quickly like a catapult releasing its payload. She discarded the boxers also and then slid back up to Jon's waist, her hands grasping the throbbing curved shape of his dick. Jon was completely naked before her, at the succubus' mercy.

'Oh God!' Jon thought worryingly, knowing what was about to follow. He closed his eyes again tightly as his thoughts now turned to war and poor starving children, hoping desperately that this'd prevent him becoming sexually stimulated enough to cum to his death.

A sudden warm moistness lapped slowly across his cock. A moment, then the sensation was felt again. And again. Lap after lap of Morrigan's hot wet oral muscle stroked wonderfully across Jon's exposed penis. It stopped. His eyes still closed, he suddenly felt warm supple flesh wrap around the tip of his manhood. There was little resistance as the tight clenching lips slowly moved down the sides of the enlarged helm. Her tongue returned to his piece and guided the hard pole carefully down her throat. Her hands, which were still grasped tightly around the base of his cock, now began to masturbate him up and down in rhythmic pumping motions, twisting in opposite directions. She pushed down with her head, slowly allowing her mouth to accept the long shaft as it entered all the way into her oral passage. Jon fought furiously in his mind to repress the sexual delight, still looping images of poverty and genocide in his head like a meditation mantra. He gripped desperately at the bedding beneath him.

Twenty minutes passed of sucking and slurping as the beautiful succubus worked relentlessly at Jon's piece. It was to no avail. She removed his member from her mouth; saliva coating her lips, hands and the flesh monolith she had just been worshipping. Now she went to start the main event. She slid her body up Jon's, her breasts stroking his dick as it slid through her cleavage. Led by her tongue, she continued upwards until her pussy was in line with his massive soaked cock. She was ready for him. Morrigan's fluid glistened around her opening, already lubricating her in anticipation for the large feed she was about to receive. The soft pink flesh stroked across his hot wide shaft leaving a moist trail.

'Give it to me handsome' she whispered into his ear as her hand guided his cock to her hole. Her lower lips began to part around the entering tip of his manhood as it found her opening. She lowered gradually onto him with a deep slow moan of satisfaction. As it pushed into her she felt a strong warm sensation shudder through her body; compared to human females, succubuses feel a more heightened sense of pleasure during sex.

Once Jon's cock was all the way inside Morrigan's sexual passage, she began to move up and down on him in rhythmic pelvic motions. A moan escaped her as every push back down filled her with a fresh wave of pleasurable warmth. The sensation was penetrating Jon's attempts to think of other things too. Images of bullets firing and tanks ejecting rounds from their big long cannons were quickly turning into phallic metaphors. Morrigan's amazingly experienced body was proving too much for Jon's imagination to suppress.

'God, what can I think of that'll put me off sex completely?!' he shouted in his mind. Jon wasn't a homophobic man, but the thought definitely didn't appeal to him. Pulp Fiction suddenly came to mind, the scene with Marsellus Wallace's encounter with Z. He cringed from the thought and was put off sex immediately; it worked, momentarily.

Morrigan was still really into her sexual encounter though and as the pleasure mounted, and Jon failed to satisfy her with his sperm, she began to forget her purpose of satiation. They had been at it for an hour and a half now and never before had a homosapien male lasted so long. Her pussy caressed him internally trying desperately to induce ejaculation, but it also had the opposite effect on her, causing incredible sensations of utter pleasure throughout her body. Jon had the perfect mental image to put him off sexual arousal. In her mind she could barely think. Not only was Jon the proud owner of a naturally large and wide penis, but combined with the tablets, he remained permanently rock-hard as she continued fucking him from above. Jon noticed her moaning had become faster and deeper and briefly opened his eyes to gaze upon the wonderful vision atop him. Morrigan's eyes were tightly shut, neck cranked back and slightly to one side, her back arched pushing her chest forward, wings stretched out and hands brushing through her hair in orgasmic confusion. He realised she was nearing climax and decided to gamble on getting her there before his own.

He suddenly grabbed her waist and rolled over, forcing her beneath him. She startled with shock from the sudden animation of her previously-static partner. Pulling almost all the way out of her, now in the missionary position, he then thrust the entire length of his cock hard and fast into her. She moaned loudly from the fresh position and reversal of situation from fucking, to being fucked. Jon pummelled her with a new-found vigour and desperation to bring her to orgasm. The fast rhythmic motions of his movements sent waves of indescribable pleasure through her and she couldn't resist any longer. The sudden forcefulness of his fucking brought on a sudden and strange affection for him; partially confused by the drug-like hormones aroused in her body. Two hours now into their sex and she gave-in. Jon was still desperately trying to think of nonsexual things but pushing his sensitive dick into such an incredible pleasuring pussy was too much. He cringed and bit his lip as he fucked her, trying as hard as he could to hold in his spunk. She lay on the bed below with her legs wrapped around him, wings spread out beneath her and arms back clenching tight clumps of bed sheet. Her eyes were shut tight as she was infiltrated by her "victim's" massive organ. He pumped her continuously as she let out an incredible roar of delight, but he could no longer hold it in either. She climaxed as her body tensed and she came. Jon's energy seemed to be sucked out of him through his cock as sperm flowed into her simultaneously. Even his masturbation sessions he'd desperately performed only a few moments before his succubus encounter weren't enough to prevent him spewing a large amount of semen from his intensely pleasured cock. The combination of his alcohol intake, erection sustaining pills, persistent thoughts of all things off-putting and previous masturbation had enabled Jon to last a considerable amount of time against his sex rival, but was it enough?

Jon felt a sudden absence of energy inside his body as the last moments of his ejaculation faded. Uncontrollably, his eyes tittered closed and he passed out, collapsing onto the demon woman below.

Jon woke to the sensation of a tongue stroking his neck. Opening his eyes, he was met with the face of his partner from the night before. Morrigan lay naked on top of him.

'I...I did it?' he asked, with the tiredness in his voice from just waking. 'I'm alive? I made you climax before me?'

'Mmm, you did' she replied with an affectionate tone in her voice as she continued to lick the side of his neck, 'the first orgasm of my life.'

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