Sunburst Parlour

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Nightborne twins discover a world of pleasure.
12.5k words
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This story contains the following: Futa/Futa/Futa, Nightborne Twins/Blood Elf, Twincest, Cum bloating, Huge Tits, Huge Cock, Cock Growth, Magic, Anal sex, Double anal, Excessive cum, Cumming into a pool, Some tentacles, Prostate Stimulation, Sexual Exhaustion, Sex Magic, Cum Into Mana


Sounds of passion resonated from behind the walls of Sunburst Parlour.

"Thank you, come again," Alarina said, taking a sip of wine. She smirked at her own double entendre, watching the troll woman walk out the front door, her gait uneven from the pounding she'd received moments prior. The poor girl had been fucked into a near-coma and had required a bit of rest before departing the establishment and was now obviously embarrassed at how hard she'd cum from that experience.

It wasn't the first time this woman had visited Alarina and it wouldn't be the last, she knew.

The warm breeze of Eversong blew in through the parlour's windows, rustling the sheer curtains and carrying in the sounds of the forest. It washed over the blood elf's skin and she could feel her cock, fat and sated, twitch slightly, draped as it was over her thigh. It was still wet with the troll's essence.

Her golden eyes wandered over to the other guests. Of course, her reputation was such that many more visited than she could properly care for. So these guests would often spend time with one another instead. Most of them were sin'dorei like her, sexual deviants of the highest order, though a few members of the other Horde races seemed to enjoy partaking in the pleasures of the parlour and even a few members of the Alliance could be seen walking around. Some were standing around the edges of the room, chatting and drinking, resting for a moment before they resumed whatever filthy, degenerate activities they had planned.

Few were those who visited during the lazy hours of the afternoon. Those who did typically enjoyed the privacy offered or the fact that Alarina was usually available. The chances of being seen by someone they knew were slim and they could take all the time they needed. Some guests, however, enjoyed having others watch them, such as the orc who currently had two beautiful women servicing her rather impressive dick, taking turns suckling upon the tumescent green beast.

Alarina found herself watching, taking another sip of wine. Perhaps she'd sample this orc's offering as well. Or infuse some of her load into her wine.

Oh, the delicacies her vintners could concoct with such potent loads. She lifted her glass to her nose briefly.

Mm, Draenei. Vanilla and cinnamon.

She took a sip. That was when the sounds of an argument drifted in on the breeze.

"...would never do such a thing! I would never lower myself to such... Ugh!"

"Come now, Valdra. Clearly you're quite pent up, given that tent you're pitching and the stains on your skirt. You've been staring at every woman we've passed from Suramar to Silvermoon. As your twin sister, I simply cannot let you suffer such torment."

Alarina spotted the two women walking up the path to her establishment, peering as stealthily as she could out the window and somehow managing to walk the fine line between stealthy nonchalance and burning curiosity. Twin nightborne elves, by the looks of them. Their features were identical, with the same beautiful dusky blue skin and raven hair, though styled differently and with different clothing. The one on the right had shorter, jaw-length hair while the one on the left seemed to wear her longer hair in a simple ponytail with a single, thin braid framing the side of her face.

The one on the left wore a loose-fitting shirt that was tucked into a pair of long trousers and sandals, while her sister wore a much more risqué outfit with a halter top and a very short skirt that barely covered the bottom of her ass.

"I'm not pent up, Lissa," the one on the right said, bouncing cock lifting up her skirt somewhat as she walked. "It's just that I-"

"-fucked your way through every single one of Suramar's brothels, yes. I know," her sister teased, grinning.

This earned her an annoyed huff and a soft punch to the shoulder by the other nightborne.

Alarina grinned to herself as she watched the two. Her eyes lingered upon their curves, feeling her own fat she-cock stir at the abundant curves on display. Wide hips, thin waists and busts that surpassed even her own considerable handfuls.

She made sure her cock was tucked away neatly, though the beast's thickness made its outline visible to anyone who looked for it.

The door to the parlour swung open and the sisters paused at the entrance, taking in the scenery. The skirt-wearing elf, Valdra, blushed when she saw the orc getting sucked off in the middle of the room. Her sister grinned.

"Looks like we've come to the right place," she said, looking at all the other beautiful women and she-studs on display all about her, each one seemingly wearing less clothing than the last as they lounged about.

Alarina smiled, finishing off her wine and setting her glass down. She didn't bother to stand, though she did sit a little straighter. The blonde hostess instead let her gaze meet the twins' before speaking. The truth of it was that she wanted to observe any newcomers before saying a single word. One's actions when faced with uncertainty spoke volumes about them as people and how they would fare in an environment such as what she had cultivated behind the walls of her parlour.

She didn't have to watch them for long, as it was quite obvious that Valdra was the shiest of the two, while Lissa was far more outgoing. A fun contrast.

"Welcome," Alarina said, "to the Sunburst Parlour."

Lissa glanced around for a moment before spotting the blood elf sitting by the window, her skin positively glowing with an almost golden warmth. An illusion, perhaps? She briefly wondered.

Walking further into the room, her eyes wandered down to Alarina's breasts. It was hard not to, given the underbust corset she wore and the visible tightness of the vest covering her opulent chest. The woman had an impressive physique, to say the least. The nightborne sister's cheeks darkened slightly as she approached.

Valdra soon followed behind her, eyeing all of the other beautiful sin'dorei on display, most lounging and chatting idly with one another.

"Now, let's make one thing clear - this isn't a brothel. If you were hoping on selecting one of my fine guests for your own pleasure, I will not begrudge your disappointment," the blood elf stated matter-of-factly as she poured herself another glass of wine.

She motioned for the serving girl to bring two more glasses for her companions. Alarina nodded her thanks to the girl, extending her hand towards the exquisite scarlet banquette that circled the table. The two nightborne made their way towards it.

"Welcome," Alarina said as they settled onto the soft cushions. "Have a drink." She indicated the glasses of wine and other libations available. "Now, I seem to have noticed that the two of you seem to have quite a... need for relaxation." She took another sip of her wine. "Please, have a drink while we discuss what it is you can do for me."

Valdra and Lissa exchanged a look. "The place came highly recommended," Valdra said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind an ear, trying not to eye the elf's prodigious bust as she took her place around the small table.

"Of course it did," the hostess chuckled, her eyes following the scantily clad girl bringing a few more plates of amuse-bouches. "But things work differently here. Yes, this is a house of pleasure, but I consider myself to be the one doing the acquisitions. My visitors - that would be you - are the products. Gold flows into my coffers in the form of donations by my wealthier acquaintances, but not as a direct transaction as these things often are in other establishments."

Alarina, having decided that she would be requiring the twins' services, stood from her lounge, cock shifting with its own weight beneath the delicate fabrics of her outfit. It wasn't as massive as some others she'd seen, but she knew how to adjust it to her partners' tastes and - more importantly - knew how to use it.

The twins shared a look as Alarina approached. The orc who had been getting sucked off was now busying herself with a different blood elf. The girl, on her hands and knees, moaned as the hulking woman ravaged her from behind.

The orc seemed to appreciate the sight of Alarina sashaying steps, eyes glued to those large, round cheeks as the hostess took a few steps around the table to stand before the newcomers. It wasn't hard to guess what her thoughts were at that moment.

"So, given that you haven't left, I take it you're interested in this little arrangement we have going on," the blood elf said, her eyes wandering over their bodies, appreciating the views offered.

Valdra squirmed under the blonde elf's gaze, trying desperately to hide how absolutely horny she was and how much she wanted to fuck the hostess's beautiful face, to plunge her cock between those plush lips.

Lissa glanced at Alarina's crotch, a wet spot forming upon that sizeable bulge. The weighty-looking thing still smelled of sex.

"I, umm... We just thought we'd stop by," Valdra said, her cheeks nearing a crimson hue. She tried to keep her gaze from wandering over all the flesh on display.

Behind Alarina, the orc grunted as she emptied her balls into the blood elf, her head pressed to the cushions below by a massive green hand.

The two nightborne were briefly distracted by the sight, much to the orc's pleasure, their eyes lingering on the blood elf's eyes rolling to the back of her skull as she climaxed, impaled upon the muscular woman's dick.

Alarina chuckled, taking note of Lissa's rapidly hardening bulge, the hefty pole now forming a clear outline running down her thigh. "By the Sunwell, we've barely gotten through introductions and you're already teasing me so," she said. "I am Alarina, proprietor of this fine establishment."

The two sisters exchanged glances once more.

"I am Valdra, and this is Lissa," the elf said, offering a slight bow of the head. Her sister did the same.

"Well, we're actually here for..." Valdra began, glancing around as she was about to say the obvious.

"My sister just needs a little help with, you know, releasing some stress. I was thinking you might have just the thing?" Lissa said, leaning forward and gently lifting her glass of wine to taste. As if to draw attention to it, her eyes glanced over at Valdra's steel-hard endowment, standing at attention like midnight-blue pillar.

Soft laughter left Alarina's lips. "I can definitely assist you with that," she said, golden orbs watching the nightborne twins lift their glasses. "I will warn you, however, that our food and drink is infused with, how should I say, the essence of our customers."

Valdra hesitated for a moment. Lissa didn't, immediately taking another sip of the semen-infused drink.

Eyeing her sister briefly, Valdra then took a sip of her own, noticing how the sunlight itself seemed to reflect off of the blood elf's skin, almost making it appear as though she had a golden aura about her, albeit a rather faint one.

Like most elves, nightborne enjoyed wine. And, like most elves, they tended to infuse that wine with the things they were dependent upon - typically mana. Alarina, however, had grown somewhat addicted to the taste of cum, it appeared.

"And how much would your services cost?" Valdra asked, gaze wandering over the soft curves of Alarina's bust, albeit briefly. The way the pale-skinned elf's nipples stood against the thin fabric of her garment called to her like little else in the parlour at that moment. She could already see herself burrowing her face into that warm, inviting cleavage.

Alarina laughed softly, pausing to wet her lips with her wine. She knew that the girl was not referring to a monetary cost. She'd already explained as much to them. "How much are you able to offer?"

Both twins frowned. "I'm not sure I follow," Lissa said, though the sexual undertones of the blood elf's words were hard to miss. "We'll need a lot of assistance, obviously, but how much..."

"I was referring to your cum, dear," Alarina said, nodding to her two clients. "How much can you offer?"

"Oh." Valdra glanced at her sister and took another sip of the wine, as though trying to hide herself behind the glass.

"Quite a lot, actually," Valdra answered. "I mean, we've never measured... but..."

"Barrels of it," her sister said, completing the thought.

Valdra nodded.

"My, my... Interesting. Barrels? Plural?"

"Mhm," Valdra said with a slight grin, her initial shyness replaced with a bout of smug confidence.

"Well, now. That is quite the boast. If what you say is true, then I might have something to propose. I'm always looking to hire new talent but, given your claims, I may also be interested in expanding my operations." Alarina said with a slight smile.

Valdra nodded. "We would be interested. Very much so," she said. She hesitated to inquire further into what said operations were. Clearly, one couldn't build and maintain such a complex by harvesting semen, could she?

Both sets of nightborne eyes lingered on Alarina's glass as she lifted it up to her lips, captivated by every sensual movement. It was no wonder so many came to see the blonde elf. Her way of speaking and carrying herself was mesmerizing. Alarina chuckled at the twins' lustful glances, their eyes tracing the curves of her body. Of course, the blood elf dressed to titillate and loved teasing her guests. She thrived on that lustful attention.

"Excellent," Alarina said, clapping her hands together. "Well, I do believe the pool is available, if you would please follow me."

Valdra and Lissa quickly downed their cups before following.

As they made their way through the parlour, they did their best to control their raging erections, a task made all the more difficult by the dozen or so writhing, moaning people going at it on various couches and cushions throughout the complex. And that was only what they could see, but by the moans they heard behind intricately-decorated doors they could tell that many more were enjoying their time in the Sunburst Parlour.

Valdra found herself unable to stop staring at Alarina's backside, watching the blood elf's firm cheeks jiggle slightly with every step taken, the blood elf's rump barely concealed by the thin fabric of her thong-like garment.

The hostess led them to the back of the parlour and into a large room. Easily twice the size of the parlour proper, it was lit by a single, massive skylight that was designed to let in the sunlight during the day, bathing everything in a soft golden light. Taking up most of the room, a massive stone pool sat empty. The pool itself was carved into the likeness of a phoenix, its wide wings sloping downwards somewhat so that their tips would be the deepest parts of the pool, had it been filled. The bird's "tail" held the pool's steps.

Curiously, a small vanity had been set upon a wall not ten steps from the edge of the pool. Valdra raised an eyebrow at the sight.

"Before you two get comfortable, there is a little something I would like you to do," Alarina said, settling down onto one of the low-set cushions that were spread about the room. While they had been expecting the blood elf to bring more wine, they had not expected her to do so with the use of light-based magic. With a quick, yet intricate movement of her fingers, small golden tendrils materialized, pulling from a cabinet another bottle of wine and three more glasses. Like a puppeteer upon the strings of her dolls, Alarina deposited the bottle and accompanying glasses on a small table next to the cushion she had chosen.

"A priestess?" Lissa asked, waiting for Alarina's instructions. She'd never heard of a lightworshipper owning an establishment such as the one she now found herself in.

"Indeed." The blood elf offered little additional explanation as she pointed to a closet on the opposite end of the room from which she sat. "In there, you'll find outfits used by our guests. You'll find them rather comfortable, I'm sure. They're quite useful for newcomers to get comfortable. You'll see."

The twins frowned briefly before they both stood, quickly making their way to the closet. Alarina watched their swaying asses as they did so, licking her lips. While she did enjoy the nightborne twins' obvious attraction to her, she also knew that to mould them into ideal servants, she would first need to properly measure their aptitudes, starting with their comfort levels regarding various sexual acts. Of course, the process would not be faster than necessary. Bending without breaking. It was one of Alarina's specialties.

Neatly folded within the wooden closet, Lissa and Valdra found a stack of white garments. There was nothing else there. For a moment, she thought the cloth to be a simple stack of towels.

Alarina's lips curled into a grin as she watched them piece together her intentions.

Lissa looked back to the blood elf, a puzzled expression on her face. She gestured towards the robe-apron-towel with a slight frown. "Is this what you mean us to wear?"

"Mhm," Alarina confirmed. "I think it's a rather good look for you both, don't you agree?"

Valdra placed one of the things over her body, as if to imagine what it could look like on her. There were no mirrors for her to check herself in, so she was forced to imagine her own reflection. "I... guess so?" she said, not entirely convinced. "I mean, it looks good."

"You don't seem convinced." Alarina took a sip of wine, watching the girl squirm somewhat, every movement causing her fat elvish prick to throb hungrily within her outfit and she readjusted it with very little subtlety. "Try it on. You'll like it. Your sister's already understood the concept, I think," she said, indicating Lissa who had begun removing her clothing, hanging it on the hangers in the closet.

Alarina chuckled softly to herself as she watched the nightborne disrobe. It didn't take much more for the more reserved Valdra to begin undressing as well, starting with the halter top.

"How's it feel?" the blood elf asked, eyeing Lissa's naked form. While the girl was a tad thicker than the average nightborne, she was still quite trim. "Enjoy showing off?"

Lissa offered the wine-drinking elf a wink as she shimmied out of her leather pants, leaving her in just her black panties and the robe. The woman's fat, veiny rod hanging half-hard out of those lacy undergarments.

Alarina eyed Lissa's hardening shaft, the blood elf licking her lips somewhat at the sight of it. She wondered if the hefty endowment had *ever* fit in her panties, even in its soft state.

Valdra, while slower to disrobe than her sister, made just as much of an impression on Alarina. The nightborne's cock had been fully erect, uncovered by any undergarments. Alarina briefly considered asking the girl to keep the skirt on, the thought of her lifting it up constantly with her throbbing slab of elf-meat causing her own cock to throb needily. Being hidden beneath a skirt had managed to mask its size to some degree, but now that it was out in the open, Alarina couldn't help but marvel at its size.

The thing, already leaking precum, was most likely as large as her forearm, though far more vascular. She could already imagine herself gripping it with hands and lips. It wasn't quite as big as the largest she had seen at the parlour - the ones that would be too large to even fuck most people without some special assistance - but it certainly was a nice, thick piece of nightborne meat.

With both women now standing in front of her without a shred of clothing on them, Alarina could not have told them apart, save for their demeanors and the current state of their cocks. Their arcane tattoos even matched.