tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon


It was like any other Sunday afternoon. Jonathan was out with the boys, playing football, which left me with the very mundane chores. Laundry and cleaning. The sunlight washed into the bedroom, making the white décor sparkle even brighter. I grabbed a handful of fresh bedding and shook out the sheets. The feeling of the fresh cotton felt cool and comforting against my skin. I spread the sheet out over the bed, watching the cover fall gently against the mattress when a familiar itch began to quell inside. I went over to open the window and let in the summer breeze.

I leaned into the rush of fresh air, feeling it wash over my face and breasts. My white tank top scooped low enough to expose my braless cleavage. I ran my hands up my stomach and over my breasts, hardening my nipples in the process. My eyes fluttered open and sudden shock gripped me. Across the way, Mr. Samson gazed at me from his open window next door; a wry smile played upon his face. He stood there naked except for his blue boxer briefs while his right hand cradled what was obviously already a full erection. I watched his hand grip his shaft, the outline of the head clearly visible and straining against the confines of the fabric. Another moment passed before I realized my mouth was hanging open. I snapped my jaw shut. The gentle shake of his shoulders revealed he was amused by my reaction. My cheeks grew hot and I felt my stomach flutter. I should feel appalled. Why don't I just return to my chores? Jonathan could be home any moment.

Suddenly, I realized I didn't care. All that mattered was the growing heat between my legs and the sudden opportunity for release. I narrowed my eyes and licked my lips. I slowly slid the straps of my tank top off of my shoulders, letting the material hang off my hardened nipples. Mr. Samson gripped his cock even tighter, rubbing the fabric slowly and firmly. I nodded my approval and slid my tank top to my waist. I reached up and caressed my bare breasts, juggling their weight in my hands. I lifted one gently to my mouth and allowed my tongue to massage my right nipple. More waves of pleasure coursed through my body as I watched my neighbor becoming more aroused by the moment. I dropped both my breasts, letting them bounce against my chest. I bounced up and down a few more times, enjoying the feeling of their fullness slap gently against my body. Mr. Samson seemed to enjoy this immensely and began to pull down his boxers. He rubbed the tip of his cock with one hand and gripped his balls with the other, the wry smile never leaving his face.

I leaned back against the bed, the cool sheets offsetting the heat radiating from my skin. I reached for the button to my jeans and slid them off in one motion, exposing my sheer pink panties, my freshly waxed pussy visible through the fabric. I took one finger and began to rub my slit over my panties. The next time I looked up Mr. Samson's boxer briefs were gone. He proudly gripped his 7-inch hard on, stroking it slowly. Sunlight reflected off the fresh pre-cum that had collected on the head of his cock. I wanted so badly to taste him, to feel his thick cum coating the inside of my mouth. I slide off the remaining garment and spread my legs wide, exposing myself completely.

I licked my middle finger and ran it gently over my nearly bare slit, my pussy already slick with my juices. A soft, but audible moan escaped my lips as I continued to tease myself. Across the way, Mr. Samson was still slowly fisting his dick, now using the ample pre-cum to coat and lubricate himself. I watched, enraptured by its beautiful structure and how badly I wanted it to fill me. Taking my nipple into my mouth again, I suckled earnestly at my own breast while I fingered my snatch. My dirty, nasty little snatch. Using my fore and middle fingers in a V-shape, I spread my lips apart, exposing the core of my womanhood, letting him imagine what it would be like to fuck my velvet-soft pussy. In turn I imagined what it would be like to feel the tip of his cock pressed against my vulva, begging for a taste. To feel his head spread apart my lips, slide inside me and crash into my cervix over and over again.

Heat rose from the tips of my toes and washed through my body. So close, so close... I let my lips go and returned to concentrate on my clit, now engorged and oh-so-sensitive. I used my wetness to slide the tip of my finger effortlessly over the hood, pulling back the skin to expose the little rosebud. I released my nipple from my mouth in an effort to moan loudly and looked up to see Mr. Samson pumping his cock vigorously. He grunted, his body heaving, sweat trickling down his chest. He was waiting for me to come...

I devoted myself to his release. By now I rubbed my clit with complete abandon, relishing in my imminent orgasm. I bounced up and down on the edge of the bed, longing to feel my heavy breasts bounce against one another. Suddenly, I felt the familiar aura of an oncoming orgasm. I tapped my finger against my clit, and worked circles around it as I watched my handsome neighbor jerk off to my efforts. I released a muffled groan as the first wave hit me. My legs spasmed and I lifted them off the floor and splayed them wide for my audience. More waves coursed through me as I screamed and writhed against the bed. Through screams I could hear the final groans of excitement as Mr. Samson began to release his cum all over his chest and stomach. I watched as he sprayed his load over his torso, his cock jerking in time to my moans.

I felt the warm glow of my orgasm begin to subside only to be replaced by the warmth of satisfaction. Stroking my bare breasts and stomach, I lingered against the bed for a while longer. I looked out the window to see my audience still gazing through my window and returned his smile. He gave me a respectful salute and turned to resume his normal Sunday activities. I basked in post-orgasmic bliss, hoping that this would be an activity I could add to my Sunday agenda.

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