tagBDSMSunday Morning Breakfast

Sunday Morning Breakfast


We start this day off with me collaring you after a wild morning love making session. I put your shiny metal collar around your neck telling you today you are to be my plaything. That we are going to spend the day out having fun. You ask me what kind of fun with a wicked smile on your face; I put my finger to your lips telling you that a play toy should do as she is asked without question. You lower your head demurely asking me if you have displeased your master. You tell me you wouldn't want to do anything to spoil our fun. I ask if you remember your word, you repeat it to me. Good now let's get started.

You are instructed to shower and shave to be sure you are as smooth as can be. We want to start the day out fresh and new you might come home dripping and sticky but the day should start new. We shower and I lay out your clothes for the day while you shave and dry up. You come out to find your fishnet stockings and garter laid out. I have picked a short; mid thigh, skirt for you to wear it has a slit up one leg that stops at the top of your stockings. I have picked a blazer for you, no blouse only the blazer. The one that only buttons half way up stopping just below your breast. Before you finish buttoning the blazer, I hand you your nipple clamps to put on. I tell you that you probably won't wear them all day but I want you to start out with them. With you dressed, I ask you to turn around for me so I may look at how hot and wanton you are. As you turn around when your back is facing me, I ask you to stop. I ask you to bend over as if you are picking something up straight legged. As you do this for me, I moan and tell you this is just what I wanted to see.

Now that we are both ready we head out. As it is a warm day and relatively early I suggest we head down to the beach for a walk on the pier or down the strand. I have asked you to bring your vibrator along for the ride. I want to see just how worked up and juicy I can keep you all day. I've asked you to hike up your skirt and please yourself on the drive. You have been told not to cum yet though to bring yourself to the edge and then back off. On the drive out, I pull up besides every SUV or pick up I can find on the road. I love to hear the comments and horns honking as they look over to see your legs spread and you going to town on your bald pussy with your vibrator. As we pull up to park, there is a group of surfers next to us. I wait for them to turn and look at us then I run my fingers through your wet glistening cunny lips scooping out a helping of honey for myself. As you get out of the car, they comment on what they would like to do to you. The comments are rather dirty making you blush. I tell them sorry you're not there's to touch and use as we walk away. Walking away, I ask you if you liked that. You nod your head yes, saying it did turn you on.

We walk down the strand a bit; it's relatively empty at this time of day. There is a gentle breeze blowing and the sun is warm. You tell me how hot you are getting walking around almost exposed with the sun warming you and the breeze blowing under your skirt on your skin. I wait until we are in front of someone's picture window, here I see him inside starting his morning looking out at the beach. I stop telling you I want to see how wet you are, turning your back to the window I hold you with my arms around you I life your skirt grabbing your ass. He sees us, we have gotten his attention. I kiss you and tell you that you have an admirer, that I want you to turn around in my arms. You turn looking him in the eyes as I lift your skirt again, letting him watch us as I slip my finger between your wet lips. I draw my fingers through your cunny tickling your clit as I move my hand away. I bring my fingers to your mouth; you stick your tong out and lick them clean while he watches. We wave to him and walk on our way.

You turn to me and tell me how hot that made you. Seeing him rub his stiffening cock knowing it was you that caused it. You ask me if I am having fun exposing you. To answer you I put your hand on my hard cock and kiss you deeply. As we begin to walk again, you say you'll take that as a yes. I tell you that you are a wonderful plaything. The best toy I have ever had.

It's time for some breakfast now and we find a little café to eat at. The café is small and crowed. We take a table in the front by the window. When the waitress comes to take our order, I notice she stands on your side while trying to discreetly look down your top. When she walk away I tell you this, you tell me I'm seeing things. Knowing I saw what I did I tell you to go to the rest room and un-button one button. When you come out the blazer still does a good job of holding you in, but gives the illusion of showing something more. This also has brought the chain on you clamps just into view. When the waitress comes back with our order it's now obvious that she is looking down your top. When she leaves, I tell you to bend forward next time she comes by and let her look all she wants. You tell me you still think I'm crazy but you have to admit we are getting the best service in the joint. When she sees we are finished she brings us the tab. As she lays it on the table, she leans close to you. She says thank you for making her morning and asks if we would like her number for later. You tell her you're flattered but no thank you.

I ask you how you are doing as we walk back to the car. You admit I was right about the waitress and that now you are so hot and wet you would do anything to cum. I must agree with you, telling you that you have made me so hard I think my cock is going to explode. As we reach the car, I suggest we do something about this. I tell you I want to cum in your mouth, that I don't want to cream your cunny yet, I still want to show it off. You grown telling me I'm wicked.

Opening the car, you sit in your seat as I stand next to you. This puts my crotch at the perfect height for you to give me a blowjob. You reach up knowing this is what I want and unzip my pants. You reach in trying to pull my cock out. I am so hard my cock won't come out; you have to unbutton my pants and pull them down my ass to get me out. With my cock free you hold it and lick my shaft, rubbing the clear pre-cum I am leaking already on your cheeks. This is so fucking hot, you licking my cock in the parking structure. Your tong has me oblivious to anything but you. You on the other hand have noticed the three guys walking by. You watch as they see us and stop to watch. You are already so hot you want to explode, seeing them watching just makes you hotter. You suck me in as deep as you can, not stopping until my balls are hitting your chin. You make eye contact with them as you suck my cock like a porn star. Grabbing my ass, you pump me into your throat. You are playing my cock like a musical interment letting them listen to my moaning. Looking into their eyes as I tell you how fucking good you are. You have me at a boiling point Lisa, I tell you I am going to cum. Putting my hand on your head, you grab my ass. Digging your fingers into my ass, you pull me into your throat as I arch my back cumming. You keep eye contact with your audience swallowing every drop I empty into your throat.

As you milk the last drops from me, I finally notice you staring intently behind me. As I pull out of your mouth one of them speaks up saying that was great and asks if he can be next. I look in your eyes for the answer. I find our answer, turning to them, I say they can only look but not touch. They all moan in protest saying that show has them all hard as a rock and ready to cum. I tell them you were about to get yourself off for me, that they are welcome to watch the second half of the show. They all say they would love to. I tell you to get out and sit on the hood so we can all have a front row seat. You move to the front of the car leaning back on the hood. You are so worked up by this your eyes are glazed over.

Standing there, you ask what it is we want to see. One of them speaks up saying he wants to see you fuck you cunt until it is quivering and creamy.

Pulling your skirt up you sit on the hood, your voice dripping with wanton lust, you tell us it will be your pleasure. Spreading your legs wide you begin to rub yourself as our new friends cheer you on. They begin by telling you how hot you are and telling you what they want to see. As things get hotter, they start pulling out there cocks and getting cruder in their comments as they jack off to your show. Calling you a slut, and telling you things they want to do to you. Things like covering you in cum, fucking your sweet ass, or filling all of your holes at once. The cruder they get the hotter it makes you. When your eyes close and I hear your breath catching I know you are getting close to cumming. I lean down by your ear telling you how fucking hot this is watching you play with yourself for strangers, I tell you you're going to make me cum again, you're going to make us all cum. Hearing this you arch your back and begin to cum. You scream and grown as your orgasm builds. Your pussy pulses squirting your sweet cum all over them. As your cum splashes them they start to let loose and cum. One by one they cum for you, on you. I step to the side and watch as your cum covers them soaking there cocks and hands as they stroke for you. They step closer to you, close enough so there cum will land on you. They each aim for your pussy covering you in there thick hot sticky cum from your belly button to your thighs. When the cum has stopped flying you are coated. Cum soaked and dripping

They thank you as they put themselves back in order and move on. You ask me to help you wipe off and clean up a little. I tell you I still need to cum again as I drop my pants and press my throbbing cock into you. Watching you and seeing you covered in cum has made me hot. I press myself to you letting my cock slid over you cum soaked cunny. I tell you to hold my cock and rub it over you before you guide me into yourself. As I sink into you, I can feel there cum making you slippery as I slide over you. I pound into you fast and hard telling you hot fucking hot you look covered in cum. You ask me if I would like to see it dripping out of you, if I want to feel your pussy full of some other guys cum. I grown at hearing this cumming instantly.

Now I can help you up, help you walk back to your seat. I tell you not to wipe anything off; I want to see it dry on you before we clean you up. I help you remove your skirt as you sit down now we can drive home to get ready for our next adventure.

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