tagGroup SexSunita: Neighbour's Erotic Wife Ch. 02

Sunita: Neighbour's Erotic Wife Ch. 02


Sunita and Ratheesh- continue their clandestine game with a twist in the tale.

He saw her hanging the clothes, was itching to get a look of her lovely face but that was not to be, he only got to see the lovely green-white mix nylex saree, she was wearing a green blouse and the curves said it all, they were those of the lovely boobs Sunita possessed. She was totally oblivious to his lecherous looks, after all sitting in the living room and having a nice look at her through the connecting room's window covered at the top with a makeshift curtain, Ratheesh could not have been seen from the outside.

The other thing which was also making Sunita concentrate on the 'clothes hanging' only was the 'maid' who was with her at that time helping her dry the clothes.

Ratheesh hadn't fucked her for some time now, and his cock was earnestly desiring the cool-hot confines of her sexy pussy. He had to venture out and get her to deliver her pussy, but as it has been said earlier, Ratheesh loses the 'initiatve' very fast and 'inertia' has always been a 'killer' for him, and he started brooding on how to handle this predicament.

The guests in the house with him started to wonder what was the reason and why he became suddenly silent, anyway it was all over, after some time Sunita and her maid left the verandah and all was quiet both out there and between his legs. He gave a sigh of relief but the whole day, whenever it came back- that picture of Sunita in the green blouse with the curvy boobs accentuating and wanting to come out made him cry out for help, it was difficult to just masturbate and be done with. Glimpses of her green-white saree made him jump and suddenly sweat, he was behaving like a 16 year old, just into sexual knotting - need for a woman who could be teasing him into a real torment .

That night Ratheesh fucked his wife Saranya - but it was all a formality, all clothed she just twirled and twisted his dick and gave it a 'smooch' here a 'pucker' there of a kiss and finally spread her legs, when he quickly banged her and was done with, if it was not the thought of Sunita, Ratheesh would have looked limp and impotent. He managed a ravaging 'hard on' only because of the 'she' factor and poor Saranya was far from reality, she had no clue.

Next morning was a Sunday as usual, Saranya left for work (a Sunday working branch) and children were off on some classes and Ratheesh was alone in the house, but to his misfortune Sunita was not to be seen at all. He took the desperate step and called her up on the phone, Sunita's husband Ramesh picked it up and could identify the caller id number - " Hi Ratheesh, tell me how are you", Ramesh was on the speaker phone while having breakfast - Sunita was all ears.

Ratheesh was nervous and quickly built a 'cock and bull' story and finally hung up. Sunita feigningly ignored it all and in fact spat on the caller by turning up her nose in disgust, Ramesh who knew the women squabbles didn't bother, had his breakfast quickly, since he had to leave on some 'housing society' work.

Sush was fast asleep and anyway the maid was at home who would take care even if she got up and knowing all this, Sunita decided to make Ratheesh lust for her, who in turn after observing Ramesh's leaving the house, became agitated and was getting heated waiting for a quick call from Sunita.

Sunita was meanwhile busy washing herself and while she was doing so, forgot to lock the bathroom door and in walked the maid suddenly from no where. The maid, Sania was a muslim girl who was around 19 -20 years of age and pretty plain and not a very attractive one, but was voluptuous and good well bodied. She may not turn the heads of some male employers but most would not mind a quick roll in the hay with her. Her only problem was her dress code and hygiene- very bad odour and always smelt bad.

At this moment, when she saw Sunita, Sania was blown out of her head, the young girl had fingered her self couple of times watching her brother and his wife fucking, after all theirs was a small house and most of the fucking happened in the open, assuming other members in the house are asleep. That was the tragedy, Sania was a witness to most of the fucks and her 'sis in law' knew that Sania was aware and was planning to get her brother to fuck Sania and later get them married.

Sunita slid her hands proudly over her firm, budding tits, squeezing the tender, brown nipples until they became erect with excitement. Her cunt lips were already glistening with mature desire as she pictured Ratheesh standing naked before her, his big cock hard and erect. With a low moan, Sunita dropped a hand to her shaved pussy and began to rub her hot, wet gash with increasing vigour. Sania observed Sunita's fingers as they stroked and teased her own throbbing clit, Sunita found that the pleasure was so intense, she could hardly stand up. She fell onto the bath tub, her thighs wide open and her fingers working rapidly in her drooling cunt.

Closing her eyes tight, Sunita tried to imagine that Ratheesh was sucking her cunt that her fingers were performing. She writhed and twisted in the tub, moaning softly and arching her back as she had done when Manjunath had stabbed his big, stiff prick deep into her cunt last Friday at the party attended by Heera and also Ramesh. Manjunath and Sunita made 15 minutes of good time at the party by using the easily available car-garage of their friend who had hosted the event.

But this time it wasn't Manjunath's cock that Sunita pictured in her mind, it was Ratheesh, it was more than 2 months since she had ensnared him and she knew how lusty he must be, dying to bury his raging dick into her tight hole!

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!", she moaned, feeling her pussy contract and her muscular pussy hole dilate as her probing fingers rubbed and pinched the juicy, elastic folds of her hot mature pussy.

Sania found herself gazing up into the juiciest, sweetest-looking engorged pussy that she had ever seen, and Sania had seen a very few. This wasn't the first time she'd sucked another woman's twat, but she was sure of one thing.... it was going to be the most exciting!

Without any warning to Sunita, Sania bent over the bath tub and opened the water tap, Sunita opened her eyes in shock only to sigh and further go down on her back in the tub, she gave her hand to Sania in acknowledgement and lifted her head and extended her tongue, taking a long swipe Sania's open mouth.

"Mmmmm, nice and juicy! Just the way I like it," moaned Sunita huskily. "Spread you mouth, you dirty bitch and I will let you drink between my legs a lot more, so I can then fuck that Ratheesh a lot better. Will you join me?".

Sania knew of Ratheesh being the neighbour but only now- she understood the lust behind Sunita's display in the bathroom. She nodded her head to the instructions, at the same time lowering her head into Sunita's sweet-scented cunt, Sunita spread her own legs and ran her hands up Sania's payajama. , cupping her compact ass, then pulled her maid's cloth covered crotch on to her mouth.

"Inside! Put your tongue inside my cunt! Fuck me with it!", pleaded Sunita, Sania had never tried this sort of thing before, the feel of Sunita's hot inner thighs pressing against her cheeks excited Sania as she inhaled the heady scent of her mistress' steamy cunt, and quickly found herself sucking and licking in a frenzy, twisting her face into the soft, hairy slit .

They were soon thrashing and writhing around so violently that they quietly moved over into the bedroom and fell on the bed, still clinging to each other like mating rabbits and on the crumpled bed, the two rolled around in wanton shameful act, with Sunita on top of her maid as often as she was on the bottom. Her nipples brushed the hot flesh of Sania's firm stomach, tingling deliciously. Sania's hands moved over her mistress' spread ass, her lips closing over Sunita's furry cunt lips, sucking hard.

The hot fluids of Sania's cunt coated Sunita's lower face. She cried out with delight when her maid began grinding into her face, eating at her cunt as if in a feeding frenzy, moaning loudly. With a cry into Sania's cunt, Sunita started cumming and her pussy grabbing at her maid's tongue, squeezing it as the contractions of a powerful orgasm exploded deep in her pussy.

"Ooooh, Sania. That was fantastic!", Sunita said, finally. "I loved it!" "You and me both!" "Does that make us strange?"

"It only makes us a couple of hot shameless women, I'd say," Sania said.

"You aren't ashamed though or anything, are you?" retorted Sunita.

" Let us make your neighbour's life miserable.", replied Sania, confidently.

Both of them quickly dressed for the kill and wore some skimpy stuff, ironical for the situation, Sania ended up wearing the soiled green saree and blouse her mistress had worn the day before, Sunita wore a nice top with a skimpy skirt as a bottom, she decided to skip the panty. Just when they thought all was fine, Sush walked in from the teddy bedroom rubbing her eyes all over, and made a beeline for her mom, Sunita desperately tried to get her hooked on to Sania but in vain.

"Let's do this- go over to the verandah and peep in - you will surely see him somehow, and try to sneak in, his door could be open and I will join, okay? ' .

Sania found that instruction pretty strange and dangerous, she did venture into the verandah but obviously did very little of peeping in and lunging at the door, instead just stood near the ropes where they would hang the clothes, in seconds a hand encircled her exposed waist and pulled her around into the connecting room of the other house, only when they were inside did Ratheesh realise his handful, it was a wrong fruit.

He started to blurt and plead, when Sania took courage and things into her hands, and quietely put her palm across his mouth,'Sssshhhhh, no problem, this is not an issue, Ma'am will be here in a short while ", saying dropped the pallu exposing her pearls to him.

Ratheesh was bewildered, she was smelling pretty bad but her pert set of doves really gave away all the excitement in them, rising and falling on their own. " You are a muslim girl, do you mind enjoying me, we are not circumcised'.

" I am yet to feel a cock- so cannot make out that difference, this is my first time", Sania answered pretty boldly and all was because of the 'bathroom tonic' received a few minutes back. She gave him a brilliant smile, showing white teeth totally aligned, diamond hard, not waiting for further overtures, she bent forward to kiss him on his bed.

Ratheesh gave her tit a little squeeze and let it go. Sania straightened and put her hands over her nipples fondling and caressing them over the lovely but soiled green blouse, Ratheesh was in a flash reminded of yesterday when he had seen his 'queen' wearing this blouse and as she squirmed, he slowly moved his hands down her sides catching the sides of her saree around her hips and started to unroll and pulling it down low on her hips. Sania was hot and did not lose any time, turned around and pulled and bent over and in no time got rid of the saree.

She stepped back bringing her petticoat into easy reach of Ratheesh. She pulled it to the side revealing her lovely but still 'hairy' leg. Ratheesh could not admire the contrast between her bare flesh and the hairy leg, asked her ' Why don't you remove the hair on your leg, this is disgusting".

Sania became upset and started to get up when he realised his mistake, she was really well built, and pure though maybe dirty and messed up. He could make use of this to get her to do good with her body hygine later. He will make her visit a beauty parlour, thinking on those lines he patted her on her hips and took her in his arms to kiss her.

He wanted to see her pussy as the petticoat draped at a sharp angle just covering it, Sania wiggled her ass in front of him, Ratheesh slipped his hand up the inside the petticoat, broke the 'nada' (petticoat rope) and rubbed it on her thigh all the way to her wet slit.

As he gently caressed her opening. Sania screamed at Ratheesh's touch and silent encroachment, and started to enjoy his ministriations. Ratheesh told her, `enjoy the feeling and my fingers on your pussy, don't try to remove them or try to escape this pleasure, go all the way, all along and cum hard, don't try to stop your orgasm, enjoy.' as he fondled around her dripping cunt. Sania screamed as she obeyed his silent order.

Although not beautiful, the nineteen year old maid was undeniably appealing. She was fair-skinned, with an intelligent, lively face. Her hair was silky and dark and long, braided with a centre parting. Her eyes were small, but nicely shaped and dark. Her nose was slim, slightly curved. He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it sexily, her hands roaming up and down his muscular body covered by his clothes.

" Why don't we remove all our clothes" and Ratheesh quickly became naked in a flash, and took the lovely opportunity of tearing the green blouse off her shoulders, Sania was not wearing a bra and her lovely set of boobs came out in the open. They looked lovely and real sexy, smelling sweaty and tasty.

Ratheesh released her breasts and slid lower, dragging his tongue over her round, firm belly, sweeping it through her navel, dipping lower to her pussy. She moaned, biting her lower lip in tension. He parted her cunt-lips and slowly dragged his tongue up and down her dripping wet slit. Sania whimpered in pleasure, her hips grinding eagerly under his face.

On the bed, Sania shrieked softly, her mouth tearing open, her head jerking back, her back bowing steeply, her breasts thrust upward, her cunt lurching and shuddering as he kept his pressure of his tongue over her dirty pussy but pure and fresh, after all it was a virgin pussy. A series of orgasms crashed over her.

Her cunt-juices flooded his mouth and her cunt trembled furiously all over, he inserted two fingers into her cunt and started finger-fucking her rapidly while his tongue continued to torment her clitoris just above, dirty, smelly and elusive.

On and on he went, plunging his tongue deep into her cunt while his hands reached up for her breasts. Sania thrashed uncontrollably on the bed. At last he paused and got up, his lips glistening with her pussy juice, seeing him thus, Sania lost all mental control and started moaning deliriously on the bed, still issuing juices between her legs.

Ratheesh bent over her, squeezing her breasts and kissed her hard, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it eagerly, wantonly. " Where is your bloody mistress?", " I am here, our LORD", and clap clap clap, Sunita clapped while entering the room totally dressed to kill, in her panty less covered skirt and a skimpy top.

Sania jumped from the bed, " Lie down, my child, you are a part of us and we will enjoy this man today together" saying Sunita pressed Sania down on the bed .

Ratheesh's hands slid up under her skirt, Sunita pulling away from his hands. "Not so fast, my lover, just sit down here on the bed while I close and lock the door," Sunita went back and slipped the lock on the door.

Sania still on the bed, watching Sunita use her hands and seeking the the warmth of his groin, searching for the cock, her fingers touched the soft tool and drew it out, his thick skinned male organ emerged, as she pulled harder at his cock drawing it out to it's full length. .

"That feel good, Sania honey?" She asked as she stroked his heavy foreskin lightly back and forth over the bulbous knob of his male dark cock. She knelt between his outstretched knees and leaned forward into his crotch. "Better and better," was his husky low voice as he saw Sania come forward to witness her first cock sucking view, right in the open.

Looking at both of them, his cock began to thicken as her hands fondled lovingly, touching the silken skin lightly with her fingertips, tracing the heavy veins that stood from the base of his tight rod.

Sunita began milking his prick from root to tip, squeezing on the pulling stroke, lightly pushing the skin back toward his balls on the return until she was rewarded with a clear drop of cum oozing from the prick-hole, "I really like it when a cock starts leaking!" Sunita murmured with a lascivious lick of her red lips over Sania's cheeks who was very near to the cock and Sunita, leaning over the two while lying on the huge double bed.

"I get turned on really fast when I get to eat even just a little bit of male cum!", saying she traced the drop from the stem of his cock with one hand and smeared it over her lips, dipped the same into Sania's mouth while with the other opened the the side of her top, pulling it open to bare one of her huge breasts to him.

Ratheesh was waiting for this and wanted no invitation, his hand covered one, squeezing and touching the soft flesh, finger rubbing the erect nipple while her quick hand now pumped his prick with increasing pressure squeezing and pulling juice from the cock hole.

At the tip, the cum began to pearl and then to run down over the knobby head. Sunita bent Sania's head slightly forward, 'Use your tongue, dip it into the juice of his honey, licking it from the smooth skin' she instructed.

Sania followed the same and her palate was rewarded with the sticky liquid that spread to coat her tongue and the inner surface of her mouth. Sunita took one of Sania's hands and gripped them under the cock on his balls and lower skin while she continued pumping more on the prick with her own hand.

The juices began to run from his glans, and Sania caught another droplet and then lewdly touched the opening of his prick to the half exposed nipple of Sunita's breast. The nipple sparkled as she coated it with the honey dropping from his cock. Sania was learning fast as she ran her tight fingers to the base of his cock milking it toward the tip, squeezing the clear honey out to hang on his prick tip and balls in a thick pool.

Sunita bent, squeezing more until the quivering droplet hung, then left the dark knob to descend slowly to her erect nipple. The juice dripped to the tip of her nipple then clung, slowly transferred from his cock to the tip of her breast, quivering as she watched it, then dripped from her pointed tit in one long spiral, Sania caught the spiral droplet on her finger, transferring it to her mouth, savoring the coating on her tongue.

Sania was having flashbacks of her brother and his wife, now she understood why his brother was so interested in foreplay, this was the real thrill, she got lost for a while visualizing their copulation and started fantasizing the prick squirting on her cunt and belly and the taste of the male cum in her mouth.

Sania got pulled out of her reverie when she heard the bold and shameless Sunita talking to Ratheesh,jerking him off, between her greasy palm. "Ratheesh, I've always wanted to suck off a big prick and swallowing the juicy cum. I'm going to suck all the juice from your prick, and then let it slide slowly down my throat."

The sluttish wife bent forward, touched her pointed tongue to the cum pool from the prick hole in his cock, laving the head with her magic tongue.Sunita rolled his heavy foreskin out from his groin, gathering it around the head of his prick in her mouth, forcing her tongue between the heavy folds of soft skin and the swollen head.

She liked the musky flavor and smell of dirty leftover cum between his foreskin and the salty taste of the juice from the tip of his cock.

"Sania let us taste it together, it is nectar, suck him, suck his juicy cock. Take it all and suck the cum right out of his balls."Sunita was enjoying the cool morning, she was having her day. Sunita began to jack his prick faster, and Ratheesh heaved up and down as he fucked his prick through her fist. "Cum, Ratheesh! Shoot on her tits!" she panted pushing Sania just below the cock..

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