tagRomanceSunset Kiss Ch. 02

Sunset Kiss Ch. 02


It had been a week since Steven's party. Summer had set in, along with summer vacation. June was halfway over already. Wyatt took that little piece of paper that had caused him many hours of debate, and dialed the number.

After two rings, she answered. "Sarah Nieman."

Wyatt grinned. "Sarah? It's Wyatt. From the party last week?"

Sarah replied, "Hey, Wyatt. I was hoping you'd take me up on that date."

Wyatt's cheeks turned red. Thank god it was a phone call. "Yeah. I actually am." He said.

Sarah said, "Awesome! So, what do you wanna do?"

Wyatt answered, "I was thinking a movie. There's a showing at the movie theater tomorrow. If you wanna go, that is."

Sarah replied, "I'd love to. You pick me up, or what?"

Wyatt nodded, then realized she couldn't see him and said, "Yeah, I'll pick you up."

Sarah said, "Can't wait. See you tomorrow."

Wyatt said, "Yeah. Tomorrow."

He hung up, then shouted, "Yes! Yes!"

His dad walked in just then and looked at his son. "What... Never mind, I don't want to know."

Wyatt sighed and fell on the ground in embarrassment.

* * *

The next afternoon, Wyatt picked up Sarah at her house, and they headed to the theater. Wyatt paid, then they headed in to the screwing room. As the movie started, they sat down. They had little interaction for a bit of the movie besides sitting next to each other.

At one point, their hands touched while they both were reaching for popcorn. They looked at each other and Sarah smiled. She put out her hand, palm up. Wyatt grinned, gripping her hand. Their fingers intertwined, and throughout the rest of the movie, Wyatt knew that he had been right about his hunch.

He liked Sarah more than just as a friend. When the movie ended, they stood and Wyatt reluctantly began i let go of her hand. Sarah asked, "What are you doing? Don't like me?"

Wyatt smiled. "Sorry, I just thought... you wouldn't want to keep holding hands."

"Well, I do. In fact, when we drive back, you'll park at your house and walk me home and I will hold your hand whether you like it or not."

Wyatt chuckled. "You're determined. I like that."

They left the theater, and Wyatt drove home. He parked in the driveway, then they got out of the car and he started walking Sarah home. She held his hand, as promised. "So... You actually like me?" Wyatt asked.

Sarah nodded. "Yeah. I'd like to do this more often, if that's ok with you."

Wyatt grinned wide. "Definitely."

After a few minutes of talking and laughing, they were at Sarah's house. The sun was setting in the distance. Wyatt said, "So, I guess I'll see you soon?"

"Yeah. Thanks for the night. I had fun."

Wyatt turned to leave, but Sarah held him back. She made him face her and leaned in her lips meeting his gently. Wyatt was surprised for a minute, but returned the kiss. After a few seconds that felt like lifetimes, Sarah pulled away. "Night." She said, and walked inside.

Wyatt nodded and grinned. "Night."

He then began the walk home.

To be continued

(Criticize my writing. It makes me better. Say whatever you must.)

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