Suntanned Ass


She loved being nude. Other interests had changed over the years, but this one thing had been true since Caroline's early teens: she always wanted to be naked. It had never occurred to her to join a nudist organization until urban sprawl destroyed her private vacation spots: a part of a river here or a remote clump of trees over there. She soon explored nudist resorts whenever she could, but she knew she could never live in one – for one thing her job was in the city, much too far a commute. Within her own apartment Caroline tended to walk around all or mostly naked, but she longed for the outdoors.

How insane it was in society to have healthiness against the law. In the heat of the summer, why don clothing at all? At a pool or beach, what purpose do small, constricting swimsuits serve beyond supporting the fashion industry, and giving cops a reason to wander around staring at and harassing barely-clad women? Consequently, she was delighted at a resort to meet Stewart and Lisa, a married nudist couple who lived only an hour from her. Their house was mostly secluded and they often sat out nude, or soaked in the hot tub that way. Would she like to visit? Hell yeah!

Caroline quickly adopted the habit of visiting her new friends often. The best part was that absolutely no sexual overtones were involved; she could fully relax because gender issues, ironically, are less important when all parties are unclothed. Although she couldn't visit there as often as she liked, she was there for parts of most weekends. Eventually, whenever Stewart and Lisa would be away, they invited her to still stopover at the house if she wished.

So on Saturday she drove to her favorite "resort" as the only member present. She let herself in the house with the key they had generously given her (how lucky she was to have friends like them, she thought), then quickly disrobed in the living room. Even though they wouldn't return for a week, she still kept her things tidy out of respect before bounding out the back door to her favorite spot.

When it was cold she loved the hot tub – nothing better, but in the late afternoon of a lazy, mild summer day, she enjoyed a sunny recess of the manicured lawn, a curve near the flowerbeds that reminded her of one of her favorite children's stories, "The Secret Garden." With a sense of ownership of that spot, she unfolded the old thick Mexican blanket that was just the right size for her; even its muted blue and grey pattern somehow relaxed her more. She sat on the blanket and arranged her things on it: her current Carl Sagan book, a bottle of water, sunscreen, hat, and cocktail. Normally when sunbathing she avoided alcohol, but if doing so in the evenings she allowed herself one very iced vodka and fruit juice with lots of water. Snuggling onto the soft wool blanket she couldn't imagine life getting much better than that. After a few sips of her cocktail she lay down on her back, her hands pillowing her head.

With the sun dropping in the sky, she had the top of her head toward it to keep her eyes in the shade, but when she turned over to read, she spun around so she was feet to the sun. This way, her eyes were again in the shade, but moreover the light landed on her inner thighs and ass, a delicious pleasure she wondered if others felt. At resorts, for modesty sake, she couldn't spread her legs out for full enjoyment, but there in her almost secret hideaway she could assume any position she liked. So sometimes her right leg would be to her side at nearly a ninety-degree angle, or at other times her left leg.

She was in no mood for serious reading, she realized setting the book aside, and in preparation of relaxing further she stretched out slowly. Although she addressed all parts of her body, she especially enjoyed stretching her legs and even practiced the side and front splits. As she did, she giggled that it was a good thing she was on a blanket because doing splits over the trimmed grass while nude ... well, that would tickle at the very least! Lying on her stomach after finishing her drink, she positioned herself to get the maximum effect of the sun on her ass.

Why did it always turn her on? As a nudist she learned to shave her whole body (other than her eyebrows and scalp, of course) to increase the sensations of being naked, to feel even more the air on her skin. So the sun kissing her parted ass cheeks and shaved pussy felt even more glorious. She felt truly sorry for all the people who had never experienced this, and squirmed with greedy delight under the touch of the sun's rays. She began to think of men she had known, experiences she had had, and soon felt a moistness and increased heat. Her head turned sideways and tucked into her left arm, she smiled with eyes closed at the eroticism of flirtation with nature, of seduction by the sun.

Several pleasant, dreamy, drowsy minutes meandered by when she suddenly heard an unknown male voice beside her say, "Please keep your eyes closed. You are totally safe, and I want to tell you something." A shudder of fear flashed through her, until her mind reassured her with precisely that which had frightened her; she hadn't heard him approach, so this stranger with the resonating strong yet gentle voice could have been standing there for a long time. Had he wanted to hurt her he had certainly had his chances. Slightly intoxicated by her mood as much as the Grey Goose, she kept her eyes closed and replied, "okay."

"Someday, if you look closely, you can see my house in the distance from here, mostly obscured by trees. Astronomy is a hobby of mine so I have a telescope on my deck, and through it I admit to peeking around at times at the surface of this planet and not just on those of other planets. So I've seen Stewart and Lisa before sitting out nude with their friends but never cared anything about it, barely glanced. When you started to come here alone, I found myself timing my outdoor studies with your sunbathing routine. Quite simply, you fascinate me. I don't know anything about you other than your beautiful body and your evident pleasure from nature. I want you to know that I have been watching you ... and that thinking of you really excites me. I would like to continue to look at you right now, and to touch you to prove to me you are not simply a fantasy."

Caroline was stunned at first, her social instructions caused her to feel nearly insulted that he had rudely invaded Stewart and Lisa's privacy as well as hers. But as he continued, she found herself respecting his manners, his intent in telling her this, his simple honesty. When he had said why he wanted to touch her, she realized that was her thought too ... was this voice only her sun-drenched illusion? He had asked her nothing and no words came to her, so she remained still except for a slight shifting that betrayed her growing excitement. A few moments later he whispered much closer to her, "I am going to put a blindfold on you so I can look at you without interruption and so you can concentrate on your pleasure."

Her mind battled with determining if he could be real or not, if she should protest or not, but before her thoughts had gone far she felt a broad, strong hand lift her head and slip a foam sleeping mask over her eyes, velcroing the straps behind her head, and thereby removing all sight. Most blindfolds allow a bit of peeking, but not this one. She accepted this refreshingly, as if it was of course the right thing to do, a gentlemanly courtesy like opening a door for her. That was it – he was a gentleman. By a change in his breathing she knew he was also clearly very much a man, one excited by the erotic sight of her at his feet.

The blindfold secure, he asked her to turn over for him. Amazing the difference it made to her simply because he had said to do it "for him," because what had felt like a command suddenly became an endearing request that she could not refuse. She did so slowly, as if revealing her body to him for the first time even though she guessed, correctly, that he knew her figure by heart. His quiet "Thank you ... oh god, you're beautiful!" warmed her further, made her ache to rub herself. She wanted to please him in a way that the blindfold enabled, gave her permission to be in the mindset they both clearly desired.

She had expected him to do something, though what she couldn't have guessed. She was unprepared for him to say, "Please turn over again." Disappointed, offended perhaps, yet compliant, she turned back onto her stomach. "Thank you for that. What I really want to see is your ass. It has always turned me on so much that you have no tan-lines anywhere, especially there. When I saw how you position yourself to the sun, I understood how you accomplished this. Please do that for me." Caroline smiled, thankful for a reason to wiggle a bit in her growing excitement as she parted her legs. The nearly setting sun was still strong enough to warm her throbbing pussy and to heat her ass. She had to touch the blindfold to remind herself that this was real and not merely fantasy.

"Yes, precisely like that. Now, just spread your legs a bit further and raise your ass a little higher." Her pussy was now off the blanket and longed even more for touch. "I can't help it, my Roman Goddess, you have me stroking my cock that is so damned hungry for you.... Naturally you can't see me, but I'm now also nude, and intensely hard because of you."

Caroline really knew nothing of this man with the sexy voice that turned her on, nothing beyond that he was a voyeur. A rustling indicated that he had moved somehow, but only when she felt it did she realize he had picked up her water bottle and drizzled a few drops of water nearly on the opening to her ass. Instinctively she raised her hips higher to accept the welcomed cooling relief and inflaming touch. He drizzled a few more drops haphazardly on her ass cheeks and clearly delighted in seeing her wriggle in response. "Mmm, even better than my wet dreams of you."

She should have been upset, she told herself, but she was all the more aroused. He abruptly stopped, and did nothing for a few moments that increased her curiosity and desire. "I am way too turned on" he declared, "and I need to discover your flesh with my hands.... Would you like me to touch you now?" It sounded to her like the purr of a lion, a tone that vibrated through her and filled her, excited her in a way she didn't understand. "Yes, please; please touch me!" She hadn't intended it to come out so pleadingly, her lust for him so ironically naked. It seemed she heard his smile somehow, or perhaps just imagined it.

Smack! Her right ass cheek stung and tingled from the sharp spank that was immediately followed by another on her left cheek. A tiny pause later, barely long enough to think, and a much more tender but still powerful slap landed on her wet pussy, just over her engorged clit. Her surprise and mild pain turned to burning passion, and try as you could she couldn't hold back her moans and squirming. Funny, she wondered, why would she want to hide it from him?

His fingertip touched the small of her back and rested there for a moment as she adjusted to this new sensation. Slowly it traced back and forth between her ass cheeks, and when it got close to her opening she raised her hips even higher, her body begging him to touch her there. Instead he drew circles around it, over her cheeks and just barely touching her. Caroline's breath grew husky, her hips thrust against his finger in response to his touch. He teased her with cooing sweet compliments about her body, the shape and firmness of her bottom, the suntan all over, and the hand-prints on her ass.

She felt his lips alight on the base of her spine, and as if she had had any doubts she knew she needed him to fuck her, to take her. All she could do was breathe out an imploring "please" for him to decipher. His tongue found where he had spanked, still glowing from the heat of the sun and his slap, and he licked everywhere his hand had hit. Her pussy ached and began to drip onto the blanket. He licked from one ass cheek to the other, skipping over the longing area between. Caroline kept spreading her legs farther and farther apart, pushed her hips as far as she could toward this wonder man tormenting her so exquisitely with pleasure. His hand reached down briefly and gently patted her pussy, causing her to press her hips down toward his hand in vain for he only allowed a certain amount of pressure and no more.

She felt something thick and cool ooze down from the base of her spine, and from the smell and feel understood it was her suntan lotion. Both his hands massaged it into her ass cheeks; her breathing grew deep, as if coming from a place outside of her, perhaps from his hands. More lotion fell on her writhing ass, and before she had time to think about it one thick, slightly rough, very masculine finger shot up inside her ass. She gasped and bucked, then another entered her and both began to pump her. She pushed back with all her might to impale herself on his fingers; something she felt she could do forever if he only let her.

For the first time she felt his body against hers, the front of his thighs against the backs of hers. His hot, hard cock rested between her ass cheeks, and his hips rubbed against her. He allowed her to learn his length and breadth when he rubbed his condom-covered cock around her ass, then he pulled back and rubbed it against her clit, soaking it in her juices as he stroked himself against her pussy lips. He teased her by again rubbing himself along her ass in a way that made her beg shamelessly for him to enter her after he withdrew his fingers. Her body cried out for him and her voice could only meekly, almost tearfully, request "oh please, oh god, please fuck me."

He taunted her slightly, enjoying this feeling of power, savoring this moment before he would claim her for the first time, by asking, "I'm sorry, my dear, I couldn't hear you. What was that you said?" She wanted now to scream out FUCK ME DAMNIT but didn't need to for immediately he placed the head of his cock against her eager and willing ass. They each pushed to get him inside her quickly, so in two thrusts he was fully in her, feeling her tightness along the length of his shaft, losing his cock completely in her to his balls. He remained motionless despite her thrusts that made him gasp now. When she calmed slightly he told her assertively, "Lie down on the blanket ... and get ready to be undeniably ass-fucked."

She dropped, for the first time aware of the exertion of pressing against him in her need for him. He settled his whole weight on her, possessing her from her toes to her fingers. With his face close to hers, his breath against her neck and ear, he whispered as one would confess in a church "I've come so many times imagining myself fucking you, filling your ass – thinking of you has made me so damn not – but this is better than any fantasy. While I fuck you, just think of all the days when we'll both remember this, long for it, come because of it over and over."

Caroline nearly cried from the truth of his words – she would certainly always remember this – and she sighed because he still hadn't moved yet remained fully within her, frustrating her. Pinned to the ground, she couldn't even wiggle for movement, so when he began to pulse gently with his hips, she groaned in delight. He pulled out long enough to emphasize to her the emptiness of not having his cock in her, then began to thrust into her steadily, increasingly. She was soon overflowing with sensations of absolutely radiating bliss. Pressed between the ground and his body, his cock seemed to claim all of her, to almost become her sense of self.

Keeping a steady rhythm, he proclaimed his entitlement to her. Shifting his position slightly he kept her awareness at its height. Periodically altering his pace brought her mind-numbing climaxes as her brain could not figure out in time what he was doing before her world would rupture into another orgasm. His movements became more animalistic, more instinctual as his arousal escalated. He wanted to continue fucking her but his passions were quickly consuming him. His breathing became hoarse panting, while her moans grew raw from the force of his pounding her. His left arm reached under her to feel her supple breasts, cupping the right one in his hand. He slid his right hand under her hips and cupped her pussy, her clit humping his palm in time with his cock thrusting in her ass.

Her orgasm was too intense for screams, too violently sating to try to resist or delay in any way. Her toes and fingers even tingled from the overload of sensation when electricity coursed through her repeatedly; her limp body only seeming to passively accept the hardest ass fucking she had ever known, one that was oddly the gentlest, sweetest thing she could ever imagine. She was certain that she being hammered into the ground – and she loved it. Caroline was conscious of nothing except his cock motoring in her ass. Then he suddenly gasped, inhaling all the air he could as if for the first or last time, then slammed into her repeatedly as his orgasm overtook him. He kept thrusting while his climax possessed him and drove him to be little more than a tight-ass-fucking machine. He shot himself into her so much that it filled her more than she thought possible for her body to take. She quickly considered that she might die from it, but if so, that was how she wanted to go.

Gradually over several minutes his thrusting slowed, his body recognizing the extent of his lustful exertions, but his cock remained hard, turgid still from the passions he felt having the suntanned woman of his fantasies beneath his body, still having twitches of orgasms from his cock in her ass. Eventually he fully rested on her, and as his mind recovered, he memorized her under him, something he knew for certain she was doing. She, too, wanted to capture this feeling in all the detail she could in order to remember it forever.

He lightly kissed her cheek then whispered softly a simple "thank you" directly in her ear, giving her one last shudder of residual climax. He removed himself from her as he pushed off her body, creating an instant and total sense of loss to her. He traced his finger over her ass again with a barely audible "mmm" emanating from somewhere far within him. He then stood up, she realized, because his voice was a bit farther away and a little more formal when he stated, "Milady, until next time, farewell."

She didn't even think to respond because she was so content, so sated, so ... everything, that, had she been able to think of anything other than what he had just said, words would have failed her. Only when she didn't hear him any more did she ask, "Hello, are you there?" Hearing no reply, no sound at all, she still asked the empty air, "May I remove the blindfold now?" With no response after a minute she did so, and for a moment thought she had gone blind from the experience, but soon realized that the sun had set completely and a warm, dark night had taken its place. She rested on the blanket as if still under the sun's rays, and held the blindfold to her side as tangible evidence of an otherwise unbelievable experience. Caroline had only time to quickly wonder when "next time" would be, what it might involve, then she fell asleep under the sky to await the moon's rays on her nude, suntanned, undeniably fucked ass.

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