tagNonHumanSuper-unnatural Ch. 01

Super-unnatural Ch. 01


She was pleased to finally find a quiet place on the busy beach. Really, all Hazel wanted was a quiet place to read a new book. She didn't want to be bothered by pesky kids, or worse, by the dozens of testosterone-driven males hunting their sun-worshipping prey.

Not that she was a sun-worshipper herself. At 31, she was fair, almost to the point of being pale. She was also recently separated and awaiting the finalisation of her divorce from her cheating husband. So, it was understandable that she wasn't in the mood to entertain the attentions of any man, despite the best intentions of her good friends... and the less-honourable ones of the guys who thought she would make an easy lay.

The truth was, Hazel wasn't really the type who put out. That was what her ex- used as an explanation for his indiscretions. It was hard to dispute that too -- she could think of many occasions when she pushed him away because she was just "not in the mood". When the judge asked them during the divorce proceedings if they had consummated their marriage, their respective answers were so different as to make the judge wonder if they had been married to each other.

Yes, their marriage was consummated, according to Hazel. The 'dirty deed' was done in the dark, right after the raucous and drunken party he had called their wedding dinner. She hadn't ever wondered about the act of sex before marriage, and after that, she simply wondered what the fuss was all about.

Frigid. That was what her ex- called her, and she had had to admit it was true and correct, even though the word hurt. She wanted to be normal, of course. Everybody wanted to be normal. But it just didn't seem to be "normal" for her to enjoy that act.

Hazel selected her spot under the tree carefully, a sandy, soft spot between two of the tree's thick roots. They reminded her of outstretched legs, those roots, but the thought actually comforted her. It'd be nice to sit between somebody's outstretched legs like that and just lean back, she thought... and not have to worry about some beastly attack because that somebody started getting excited. No, the tree's roots provided security where a man wouldn't.

Looking around to check her surroundings, she found herself wondering why it was there didn't seem to be anyone remotely near the tree. It was a huge old thing, its branches offering cool shady respite from the heat of the sun. Surely it would attract some of the beachgoers in a while?

But no, everyone seemed to give it a wide berth. Which suited her fine. She examined it closely. It didn't look like anything was wrong with it. Better yet, she couldn't see any ants or other bugs crawling along its smooth bark. The tree would be the perfect place for her to start reading the book she'd been wanting to read for weeks now.

Hazel removed the towel from around her, grateful for her solitude. She was wearing her new bikini, which her (former) best friend had given her two birthdays ago. She'd not had the courage to put it on... not when she knew her then-hubby would be lusting for a grope and more if he saw her in it. Now that she was alone... she'd thought about putting on her old suit, but decided to put this one on instead, as a sort of celebration of her impending divorce.

She put the towel down on the sand and sat down on it, careful to not turn around to give any of the guys on the beach a view of her ass. She had been told often enough that it was her best asset, along with her long legs.What was it he'd said? "They look best wrapped around me" or something like that. Disgusting.

Running her hands across the length of the towel, she ensured it was level before she settled down, crossed her legs and leaned back against the tree, before opening her book. It turned out to be a great book too. Ironic that, she could pick a great book out, but she was much poorer at picking out a good guy. Damn.

Gotta stop feeling bad about him, she told herself as she tried to concentrate on the words on the page. Let's really get into this.

She couldn't tell how long she had been reading before she felt it. Something was pressing up against her crotch, in the general area of her privates. It felt hard, and for a moment, she forgot where she was and panicked, thinking it was him again, with his ridiculous demands.

She raised her eyes from her book, her mind snapping back to the reality of where she was, and smiled. She was under a tree at the beach, alone and safe from his harrassment. But the hardness she felt was still there. Damn, I must have sat on a root, she thought to herself, and shifted slightly to her left.

The hardness followed her, pressing obscenely up at her as she settled down again. Shit, that's a big root! she thought as she put her book down beside her and spread her legs to look at the space between them. The towel lay smooth against the sand, the only indentations on its surface made by her bum. She picked up her towel and draped it over the root on her left, then ran her hand over the spot she had sat on. Nothing. No root, nothing hard. It felt soft, like just the way sand was supposed to feel.

Come to think of it, there wasn't that hardness there anymore too. Hmmm. She sighed, thinking herself too imaginative by half. He's not here to bother me, she thought to herself. I should be enjoying my day at the beach.

She leaned back against the tree once more, scooting her bum closer to the join of the roots at its base. To give herself a little more security, she stretched out her legs in front of her and crossed them at the knees. Then she picked up her book and started reading again.

Damn. There it was again. Right when she was getting more involved in the story she was reading she felt it again. A rounded harded, pressing up at the cleft of her buttocks and threatening her private parts once more. She spread her legs wide and looked down. Was she sitting on a crab? But there was nothing there. Not even a lump under her towel. Strange.

I suppose you want to come in, just like everyone else, she thought as she looked at the area of the towel she had been sitting on. Well, come on in, if you can. She surprised herself with a sudden giggle, and decided to leave her legs spread so she could catch sight of what it was that was disturbing her the moment it attacked her. All she would have to do was lift the book off her tummy, and she would be able to see it.

Picking up her book, Hazel continued reading where she'd left off, grateful that her powers of imagination allowed her to sink quickly back into the story. She got so involved in the story that she didn't realise anything had changed until she reached the end of the chapter.

Then, she realised that there was something hard down there again, pressing up against her crotch. Only this time, it felt like it was inside her bikini panties. What the..? she thought as she felt her lower lips pressed apart by something cool, hard and rounded. It felt like... like... she wasn't sure what it felt like. It just seemed to be intent on penetrating her sex.

"Fuck!" she swore, flinging her book away and plunging her hands into her panties to protect her soft nether regions from the mysterious intruder. It must be a crab or shellfish of some sort, she thought as she did so, and realised a second later that she was in a very public place, with her hands down in her pants.

Damn. She looked up and about, her pants snapping back onto her tummy as she withdrew her hands. Whew. No one was looking in her general direction, much less near enough to witness her indiscreet behaviour. The bloody thing was still there, rooting about, pressing forward into her softness. She gasped as she felt the lower part of her vulva begin to stretch to accept the thing seeking entry into her. It felt big, much larger than her ex-'s had been.

Still looking about to ensure she wasn't being observed, she cautiously raised the waistband of her pants and tried to look past the wispy mound that obscured her view of what was down there. She couldn't see a thing, but she could still feel it at work, pushing insistently upwards, into her. Fuck, she thought as she realised she didn't care if someone chanced upon her like that - she just had to stop the thing from going in, whatever it was.

Her left hand shot into her pants and reached down to touch her soft lower parts. She was so certain she would find something that she was shocked to realise there was nothing there. Worse, the sensation of something pushing in had stopped, and all she felt was... Hazel withdrew her hand and examined her wet fingertips. What's wrong with me? she thought as quickly wiped her fluid off on her panties. I'm sure I felt... something...

Or did she? The thought entered her head as quickly as the previous thought left. Maybe... he's right. Maybe I'm mad...

She looked down at the area between her legs again, and realising that her posture was somewhat obscene, quickly brought her legs together. I... hope I'm not losing it, she thought as she pulled her legs tightly together and locked her knees. I don't want to end up in the looneybin.

Hazel sat there for a few moments, wondering if she should leave, but the idea of trudging through the now crowded beach was highly discouraging. Besides, there was the matter of the next chapter. She just had to know what would happen next. Never mind, she thought to herself. Nothing was there, and nothing will get in... not while I'm sitting like this.

She picked up her book again, trying to keep her consciousness in the middle, between the story unfolding before her mind's eye, and the reality of the shaded area she was sitting in. After a long while, though, she found herself swept away by the novel once more. The book was that engaging.

It took her even longer to realise something was happening down there. Her first realisation came when she became suddenly aware that her legs were spread wide apart, as widely as the roots on either side of her would allow. At about the same time, she became aware that the thing that had been attacking her was back, inside her panties, pressing apart her slippery labia once more.

She didn't know why she did it. It might have been instinct, and it might have been her curiosity and need to know what was going on. The moment she felt it there once more, probing and seeking the entrance to her body, she suddenly sat forward, pushing her vulva down hard on whatever it was that was threatening her. She realised her mistake the moment she felt her insides stretch wider than ever around it. It was huge enough to make her cry out.

"Fuck!" she yelled as she felt the thing press its way into the entrance of her vagina. Remembering herself once more, she quickly looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to her. No one had heard her, apparently, because everyone kept on doing whatever it was they were doing. All the while, she was keenly aware of the way her vaginal sheath was slowly swallowing up the monstrous protuberance slipping in her.

She pulled her legs up beneath her and stood up, cursing softly under her breath. The feeling left her as quickly as it had come, leaving a little sensation of soreness between her thighs. Shit! What the fuck was that? she thought again as she pulled the waistband of her panties off her tummy and peered inside. Nothing again. Her right hand went in this time, with similar results. There was nothing there. Nothing had attacked her. In spite of what she had felt, nothing had entered her. All she felt was more wetness between her legs. Shit. Shit. Shit.

Deciding she had had enough, Hazel picked up her towel, wrapped it tightly around her, and stood up. As she stepped out from under the tree, she was temporarily blinded by the sunlight -- it had been much darker under the tree than she had thought. Strange, she thought to herself, focusing her attention on the area between her thighs. It was very wet down there... but of the large intruder, there was no apparent sign. I must be going mad, she thought grimly as she began to walk back to her house.

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