tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 02

Super-unnatural Ch. 02


This was one of those times when Hazel absolutely knew that she was alone at home. Ted was away for a conference or something, so he wouldn't suddenly burst in on her. Truth was, he never came back before 11 anyway. He was always busy at work, and when he wasn't he had all that entertaining to do. She hated the fake socialising that he seemed to revel in, so she never joined it.

That was the only reason why she was naked in the bedroom tonight. It had to be. She wouldn't be naked now otherwise. Hazel looked at her image in the floor length mirror. She looked as she always did -- on the skinny side, with smallish breasts and none-too-pronounced hips. She was very much the envy of many of her more well-rounded friends, but she didn't know what the fuss was all about -- as far as she was concerned, she was happy with the way she was, apart from the fact that her large eyes and small face made her look elf-like (and drew the unwanted attention of the guys). As she looked in the mirror, she couldn't see what it was that made the guys go wild.

She stepped back a bit so she could look at her reflection more completely, and felt the bedknob brush against her buttocks. That damned Ted insisted on this whimsical bed... she would have preferred a simple one, but no, he had to have this one with its four bedposts, each topped by a rounded knob. It wasn't strictly a four-poster bed, in the sense that the bedposts were no taller than her legs were long, and she disliked it for the way that it was neither here nor there -- she had bumped into the legs often enough to wish that she had spoken up more when he insisted on getting this one.

Oh well. She realised that she still couldn't see her full reflection in the mirror. She couldn't remember why it was important that she see herself completely, but it didn't matter anyway. Somehow, for whatever reason she might have had, she had to. Hazel moved back a step more, raising her left leg onto the bed to do so. Looking in the mirror, she suddenly realised that this position left her demure pussy with its small tuft of wispy hair poised just over the bedknob. In fact, she saw "it" more clearly now than she had ever done before. Strange... she thought she should be disgusted at her own wanton display of her private parts, yet she was curiously detached. It was like she was watching a movie about herself looking at herself in the mirror. It surprised her most that it didn't seem weird or out of place to her.

Yet her next move surprised her even more. As she looked at her own naked pussy in the mirror, she saw her image lowering herself down onto the knob. She felt the cold, rounded metal pressing against her vulva at the same time. What... what am I..? She thought. But in spite of her doubts, she found herself pressing down on the bedknob further, feeling her labia being thrust apart. That... it's disgusting, she thought. But it's also... familiar...

She looked at the face of her image in the mirror and was amazed to see the look of sheer lust reflected in her eyes. What the..? That's not me! she thought, even as she felt her legs betray her. Her weight was being brought to bear on the bedknob at the entrance to her vagina, and although she was slight, she was not immune to the effects of gravity. Groaning, she felt her insides begin to stretch around the knob, yawning to swallow the entire thing into her body.

"No!" she managed to cry out, and sat up. It was a dream. It was only a dream, she told herself. Nothing more. Yet she felt a little... stretched down there. Just like she had in the afternoon when something... had also entered her. Hazel shivered at the memory. The sensation of the bedknob entering her vagina was exactly like that she had felt at the beach. And her pussy was just as wet, if not more so, now... after that realistic dream.

Did it..? Did it enter? She wondered. She thought back on what had happened at the beach. It had just been pressed up against her crotch at the beginning. Then she had felt it under her panties, pressing inwards. She had felt her nether regions open up and begin to stretch as it... as it... oh god.

I'm going mad, she concluded as she reached for another pair of panties to pull over the ones she was already wearing. I'm... I need help.

She couldn't really get a good night's rest after that. She tossed and turned, trying to get to sleep, yet fearing the dream and the feeling of something down there, pressing inwards, invading her most private secrets. When she did manage to slip into semi-consciousness, she quickly became wide awake with every little sound she heard. For the first time in the three years since her separation, Hazel felt more than a little spooked.

She was more than a little glad to see the light of dawn slowly creep into her bedroom window. Damn it, that took a long time, she thought to herself as she sat up to watch the sun rise. In the light of day, she felt a little less exposed and vulnerable.

After washing up and loading her system with three cups of coffee, Hazel felt much better. In fact, she felt safe enough to consider going back to that strange tree that everyone seemed to avoid. Maybe I should, she thought. It might help clear up some of the mystery behind what's happening to me.

At about 9 o'clock, she set out to find the tree she had sat under, the day before. It was bright and sunny, much like the previous day. And there were lots of people up and about, more so than yesterday. For once, she was happy to be amongst people. They made her feel safe.

This time, she was wearing a large tee shirt over a pair of shorts. She thought they would offer better protection than the thin bits of cloth that made up her bikini. As she approached the tree she had sat under, she realised that although the beach was even more crowded today, there wasn't a single soul that appeared to want to be near it. As she walked into the shaded area under the tree, she finally understood why -- the tree did not offer shade as much as it did a sense of gloom and foreboding. It was so cool under the thing's branches that she broke out in goosebumps the moment she slipped into its shadow.

Hazel shivered. She looked at the spot where she had sat the day before and wondered if she should continue on her quest. The sense of gloom surrounding her was almost suffocating. Besides, the sand at the base of the tree looked like it had yesterday -- smooth and undisturbed. Except... well, except that she should have left some marks in the sand when she sat there. But no, it looked smooth and untouched, just like it had yesterday.

What... was I dreaming? she thought as she approached the spot just before the join of the tree's roots. It looked... like a woman's outstretched legs. Shit, get a hold of yourself, she scolded herself, remembering her mission. She dove forward and began digging in search of that elusive thing that she had felt inside... underneath her, before she could change her mind.

The sand was soft under her fingers, and she wasn't able to make much headway because of it. Every scoop of sand she shovelled out slid back into the hole she was trying to dig. Damn. I've got to move faster, she thought, as she pressed on undeterred. I've got to find out what it was that...

"What do you think you're doing?' she heard someone demand behind her and the voice startled her so much that she turned around too quickly and fell onto her butt. She saw a man with white hair, a white moustache and wild, scary eyes glaring at her. "What are you trying to do?" he demanded again and took a step forward.

Hazel shrank away from him, not just because he looked a little crazy. As he looked into her eyes, she had felt millions of ants suddenly running about inside her pants. She would've thought she had sat on an ant's nest if it wasn't for the feeling that the ants were coming out of her. Out of her quivering vagina, to be precise. The tiny feet were crawling up and down her labia, frantically running across a most sensitive spot down there. Oh god. They were even going... back there. It felt like the ants were creeping into the cleft of her butt, frantically trying to find another place to hide. And they found it too. She almost cried out when she felt some tickling at the entrance of her asshole, threatening an invasion of that orifice.

It took all her willpower to stay still and not do one of two things -- either remove her pants and panties right there and then or rub herself up against the root that she knew was right behind her, just to stop the maddening itching. She couldn't do either, of course. Not while the mad man was staring at her as if he knew what was going in down there, inside her panties. His eyes seemed to undress her and leave her naked, and she decided she should leave before he did anything untoward.

Quickly standing up on unsteady legs, she strode swiftly past the mad man, half expecting him to grab her or assault her. He did no such thing, though. He just kept his wild eyes on her as she walked away. She could feel his eyes on her even though she wasn't looking in his direction... and she knew he was still glaring at her because the ants were still running about down there. As she walked further away from the tree and the man, the itching in her genital area lessened, then disappeared. She was a little relieved, and also a little disgusted. She could feel her own wetness down between her legs, and her anal region still twitched with the memory of the recent intrusion.

What is going on? she thought to herself as she walked back home once more. I'm not going back there anymore. It's just too weird. That old guy was just... I'm not going back, and that's it.

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