tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 10

Super-unnatural Ch. 10


It was pretty late in the morning when she woke up. She was a little disoriented at first, which was a little odd -- surely she wouldn't expect to be anywhere else but in her own bedroom? -- then she remembered what had happened the night before, and realised that the part of her that was not Hazel was still getting used to being a part of her. She looked down her nude body, and reached under her butt to touch the bedsheet, half-expecting to find some detritus of her coital encounter with the djinn... but there was none. The sheets were warm and dry under her fingers, and she was only half-surprised to feel hair at her fingertips.

Her pubic hair. All of it had fallen off her in the night, and she didn't even have to wonder why. The old man liked it this way, she thought. It'll distract him so the necessary could be done. There was no need for her to know just what needed to be done -- knowing too much might undo them, so she shrugged and turned her hand upwards to feel the velvety soft lips of her sex. Everything felt normal, and as she glanced at the mirror and saw her denuded labia, she grinned. It did look kind of sexy, after all. At that thought, she felt a little wetness at her fingertips.

Better stop this, she thought to herself. I've got a fair bit of work to do today. First, she called the office to say she wasn't coming in -- it didn't matter anyway because her boss had already left on his business trip, and there was precious little that needed her attention in the office. Then she rose from the bed, removed the sheet again, and dumped it into the laundry basket. As she walked back, she realised that it was a glorious day. The sun was shining brightly and light winds were blowing here and there, making the windchime in her balcony tinkle in delight. She stopped for a moment at a window and looked outside, not caring that passersby could, and probably did see her standing there naked when they looked up at her window.

It's a great day indeed, she thought to herself. A great day for settling scores.

Hazel stretched and yawned, lifting herself upwards so that the gawking young man down below got a good view of her hairless vulva. Then she went to the bathroom for a good, long shower. She did so not because she felt dirty -- nothing of the sort! -- but because she wanted to make sure the old man would not suspect anything was amiss when he saw her later. There was no way of knowing just how perceptive he was, in spite of the djinn's quick dismissal of his powers, and she didn't think it worth taking the chance. Besides, she liked taking showers -- they relaxed her.

By the time she was done, it was just about noon... the usual time the old man would be found at the tree. She was as certain of that as she was that the sun was shining high in the clear blue sky. Hazel made her way to the tree at the beach and was a little surprised to find that it was not at all as gloomy as she had initially thought. In fact, it seemed to shine with an understated glow, and she wondered why it was that no one around her seemed to notice or care.

When she reached the tree, she began slowly digging at the soft sand between its roots, biding her time and waiting for the old man to turn up like he normally did. He did not disappoint, making his presence known to her when he gruffly asked what she was doing.

"I'm looking for something I dropped the other day," she replied, not turning around. She could feel his eyes on her buttocks, encased in the tightest pair of shorts she could find, and knew that he was sizing her up. "What do you care?"

"You won't be able to find it here," the old man said. "It's gone for good."

"What? How do you know?" she responded, feigning ignorance. "I haven't even told you what I lost!"

"You're the woman who was here last week, aren't you?"

"What if I am? What's it to you?"

"Have you been having some strange dreams? Is there something that seems to be bothering you?"

"You know what, I've made a mistake talking to you," she said abruptly, turning around to glare at him. He looked just the same as he did in her dream, except he looked older and... was she mistaken?.. a little worried? "I think I should leave now."

"No, wait," the old man said, and she could hear the pleading in his voice. "It's just that... I've lost something too, and I wondered if you might have found it while you were looking..?"

"Nothing of the sort," she said, walking away from him. "Nice talking to you."

"Hey, look, I'm sorry I was so nosy, alright?"

Hazel refused to reply, and continued to walk away from the old man and the tree.

"Look, miss, I can help you find what it was you lost," she heard him say, and slowed to a stop. OK, that's a good start, she thought to herself. Now he's willing to help.

She turned round to face him and looked him squarely in those wild eyes. "You'd better not try anything funny with me, buster. I've seen it all, heard it all. You could be a conman, as far as I am concerned."

"Wait a minute, miss," he pleaded with her once more. "Hear me out. I know some... magic. You know, I'm a bomoh. A local magician. I do have some powers that I can use to help you."

"Magic? Pshaw!" she sniffed and made to turn away again.

"Listen, you've got nothing to lose, alright? If I'm telling the truth, you'll find what you're looking for. If I'm lying, you can always call the police. And I'm not even asking for payment."

"Go on."

"Look, let's get out of here and go to someplace quieter, where I can concentrate."

"OK, I live nearby. Let's go back to my apartment," she volunteered. "But I warn you, it's the middle of the day and there are people around. My neighbours are very nosy and will come running once I start yelling. And I will yell if you try anything funny."

"Trust me, miss, you won't have anything to yell about," he seemed eager to assure her. "You'll be pleasantly surprised instead."

"We'll see about that," she muttered, just loud enough for him to hear. She wanted him to be off-balance, unsure of her stance, so she needed to play the unbeliever to the hilt.

They walked back to her apartment in silence, and she made sure to knock on her neighbour's door and ask about her cat, just so he would be convinced she was cautious about him.

When the door closed behind her, she turned to see him casting furtive glances around her living room. "Do you mind if I look around?" he asked politely. "I just need to make sure there's nothing in your apartment that will distract me from my spell."

"Go ahead," she said. The doll had been stowed away in a secure place, so there was no chance of him finding or sensing its presence in her apartment.

After a few minutes of silence as he disappeared into her bedroom, she feigned impatience. "Look, are you really going to help me find it or are you just perving on my lingerie drawer?"

"OK, OK, I'm done," he said, reappearing at the door to her room. "Let's get started. What were you looking for?"

"A doll."

"A doll?" His voice was steady, but the sudden rise in his tone betrayed his interest. "What kind of doll?"

"You know, the cheap kind that you can get at any toy store. With eyes that open and close and all that."

"Why don't you just go buy another one at the store then?"

"They don't make them anymore. That's why this one is special."

"Oh? How is it special?"

"Well, I found it buried in the sand the other day. It was so dirty I just left it where I'd found it, but when I got back here and thought about it, it reminded me of a doll I used to have as a child. I just thought it would be nice to keep the doll so I can think about my carefree days as a child when I look at it."

"You found it? Was it buried under that tree?"

"Yeah. Was it your doll?" she grinned at him. "Imagine that, a man your age..."

"You didn't bring it back with you?"

"No, like I said, it was dirty and anyway I thought some poor kid must be crying her eyes out over it. So I left it where I found it. Weren't you paying attention?"

"So why are you looking for it now?"

"Because I realised that it was too dirty and old to be some child's recently misplaced doll. Whoever lost it, did so a long time ago. Since it's not likely that it's anyone's doll, I thought I'd claim it for my own."

"It's a good thing you didn't. You would be dealing with something beyond your comprehension."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean that magic is involved. That doll is unclean, but not in a physical sense. Bringing it back will bring chaos and disharmony to your apartment."

She laughed. "Right. That's not something I believe it, alright? You can sell your mumbo jumbo to others, but not to me."

"It's not rubbish, young lady. Think about it... have you been having strange dreams lately?"

"What's that got to..? Oh, I see... this is where you try to sell me the idea that my place is haunted and only you have the power to cleanse it, right?"

"You haven't answered my question."

"I have strange dreams all the time. No biggie."

"Are you sure you haven't been having strange dreams this past week? Especially something that's consistent?"

"I hardly see why I should..."

"Young lady! Whether you believe it or not, spirits do exist. And if you somehow manage to invite one in, you won't be able to be rid of it ever."

"So what? I can't see it, so why should I..?"

"It can see you. It can sense you and it'll follow you and create mischief wherever you go. You won't have any control over what it does and it will get more mischievous."

Hazel was careful to keep the look of disbelief on her face, but allowed her words to show a smidgen of doubt. "I guess it might be problematic when I get married..."

"Yes, it will. It will drive away all the people in your life because it'll react to your every emotion. It cannot distinguish between a momentary flash of emotion and a true desire, and will act either in tandem or against your wishes. Whichever pleases it more."

"I was about to say, problematic if I get married and if I believed in that shit," she glared at him. "I'm still not convinced that..."

"Your dreams... did they feature a dark figure with glowing red eyes?"

"Yes, well... so you've been watching the same horror movies I have..."

"And were your dreams sexual in nature?"

"WHAT? That's it. I must have been mad, inviting a pervert into my apartment. Get out."

"They were sexual dreams, weren't they?"

"If you don't get out now, I'm going to scream..."

"You dreamed about being raped by this dark being with glowing red eyes. His cock was huge, far bigger than a normal man's. And every time you looked at him, you were unable to control your sexual desires..."

"Fine, I warned you. HEL..."

"They aren't going to stop just because you don't believe in them, you know. Your dreams, I mean. They'll keep going on until you won't be able to function normally. They'll drive you mad."

"I... you know what? Why should I believe you? You're just some crazy old man..."

"... who has seen at least one other case similar to this. Like you, she didn't believe in spirits either. Now, she's locked up in a mental institution for good, in a room where there are no objects she can use to harm herself with. Like bedposts and bedknobs."

She looked at him and left her mouth open to suggest her surprise at his revelation.

"Yes, she went crazy because the spirit kept tormenting her, making her fuck herself with everything she could imaginably stuff inside her. Bedknobs were her favourite."

"She... In my dreams..."

"You were fucking yourself on a bedknob, weren't you? That's how it starts. Because the spirit is a vicious one, and it implants a dream in your head that you're fucking a bedknob when you're really being fucked by it."

Hazel felt her knees quiver at the thought, but the djinn had a strong grip on her mind, so her vagina did not leak like it threatened to. Thank god.

"But... won't you be able to tell now that you're here? You haven't found anything here right?" she gave the impression of confusion giving way to aggression. She didn't want him to suspect anything was amiss.

"There are spirits that attach to places, and spirits that attach to people. I'm talking about the latter type. They're harder to discover, and even worse to dispel."

"Attach to people?"

"As a living being, you are a magnet to all sorts of spirits. Some are good and help you along; others are malevolent and will do their best to cause harm to you and to those you love."

"Those I love? You mean..?"

"Yes, your boyfriend or husband will be attacked. These spirits think nothing of causing death because the concept of death is alien to them. They don't die. They are just... dispersed, for want of a better word."

"But I..."

"Are you a virgin? They are powerfully attracted to people who are pure in spirit. If you are a virgin, many spirits will try to attach themselves to you."

"I... uh..." Hazel surprised herself by managing a blush.

"I can see that you are. So that means the spirit is probably attached to you."

"Um... how can you tell?"

"Well, there's one sure way to find out, but... it's up to you whether you want to or not."

"What do you mean?"

"It involves you taking off your clothes and letting me examine your body for imprints the spirit may have left on you."

"No shit. I guessed it would come to this." She glared at him, feigning anger. "You're just another two-bit lecher who's..."

"Well, if you're fine with living with the spirit for the rest of your life, it's up to you. It's no skin off my back." This time, the old man pretended to turn away from her. She knew he was pretending because his eyes lingered on hers even as he began turning away. He was trying to read her.

"I'm... of course I'm not alright! But I'm not comfortable at all with you seeing me like that..."

"Trust me, my dear, that's the best way to tell. Otherwise, it's all guesswork and you'll be going to all sorts of doctors looking for a cure for a disease that isn't. Besides, I've done this many times before, so believe me, seeing you naked does nothing for me."

Like hell it doesn't, she thought to herself as she put a thoughtful expression on her face. "But... I've never..."

"Of course not," he said soothingly. "Most of my clients had the same difficulty with the ritual. But it is necessary."

You bastard, she thought as she looked away from him. You've done this so many times before... and to all those poor, innocent women. "I... don't know what I should do," she confessed as she pretended to be embarrassed.

"Look, we're in your house, so you don't have to worry," he assured her. "I can conduct the ritual in your bedroom if you like."

"My bedr... no. I don't think..."

"You'll need to lie down for me to have a proper look at you, and since your living room floor doesn't look quite as comfortable."

"Comfortable? You mean..? How long will it take? I don't think..."

"Tell you what, why don't you just go into your room and get yourself ready? You can cover yourself with towels and I'll only uncover those parts I need to examine."

"I... still don't think..."

"Look, I won't take too long looking at you, OK? I'll just take a quick look to check for the spirit's marks, then I'll cover you up again."

"Um. OK. I guess." Hazel walked hesitantly to her bedroom, shut the door, stripped off, took two towels from her cupboard, lay down on her bed and covered her naked body. When she thought an appropriate amount of time had passed, she called out to him to say she was ready.

He was muttering under his breath as he entered the room and she knew immediately that he was casting a spell to make her slowly become unaware of what he was doing to her. She pretended not to notice, asking instead: "So... how will you begin?"

He stopped his chanting long enough to answer her: "I know what I'm doing. You don't need to worry about it."

As he continued his chanting, Hazel realised that a part of her was giving in to it -- she felt a little lightheaded and worried that she might give the game away. But the djinn was doing his part well -- she still retained awareness enough to notice that the old man was disrobing in front of her. He was that confident that she would not be aware of his actions, she knew it was something he'd done countless times before.

When he stood naked next to her, it took all her concentration to not gasp -- his penis was far larger than a normal human being's, although she suspected its girth and length were second to the djinn's. Still, it made for an impressive sight, especially since it was waving in her face as he removed all the towels from her body.

She heard him remark about her body in a language she should not understand, yet she knew he was commenting on how neat and cute her pussy looked. Then he moved down to the bottom of the bed, removing the large cock from her sight. She made sure not to follow him with her eyes, instead lying back and looking up at the ceiling while she felt him spread her legs to either side, before his cock was quickly pressed into her.

She was right. Impressive as it was, his cock was no match for the djinn's. She almost sighed in disappointment as she felt it probe up into her vagina. He commented on how tight she was, which surprised her a little -- she had thought the djinn would have wrecked her pussy for any man after the previous night's fucking -- but he was right, she was tight. She could feel his cock pressing against her vaginal walls, opening her up as he savoured his first entry into her body.

When he reached the end of her sheath, she gasped as the cockhead bumped against her cervix. He laughed and said something about destroying her pussy for any other man, then pulled it out and rammed it in again. The old man was relentless -- he sawed his cock in and out of her like he was trying to kill her with it. Clearly, he was proud of his prowess, and fully intent on getting full satisfaction from this encounter.

It was getting hard to breathe, his tempo was really that fast, yet she could tell that he was going to come because he went even faster, his pubis slapping loudly against hers in an almost continuous sound. She heard him say something about how great it was to be fucking someone other than the local girls he normally got, then she felt his cock swell up inside her.

This is it, she realised, and she raised her hips up so that her sex would swallow his cock up into her as deeply as it could. He was not looking at her, his eyes were shut and the expression on his face gave the impression that he was in pain. There was a sudden deluge deep inside, and in the middle of his ejaculation, she felt something from inside her reach out, grab something, and pull it out of him and into her womb.

The old man suddenly cried out, and she wondered if he knew what had been done to him. For a split second, she felt sorry for him. He was an old man, after all. Then she thought of all those years that the djinn had spent as his slave and the feeling passed. She was doing something right. She was setting things straight. That's what she was doing.

Her womb reached out a second time and she felt another object pass into her just as his wild spurting in her pussy slowed down. No, that wasn't right. His cock was shrinking. Where it was quite impressive when she first saw it and when she felt it slide into her, she could hardly feel it now. That's not right, she thought to herself. She knew it was normal for a man's penis to shrink after his climax, but she didn't think it was likely it would shrink by that much.

Hazel thought the old man would surely realise what had been done, but he seemed too exhausted to notice. He staggered backwards, his cock sliding out of her like a weak dribble of semen. Then he began chanting again, to bring her back to awareness. He was still confident that she was still 'out of it', and busied himself with cleaning up the traces of their intercourse, then dressing himself up, so she knew that he had not yet discovered that the doll's arm and leg had been taken from him while he was coming.

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