tagErotic HorrorSuper-unnatural Ch. 11

Super-unnatural Ch. 11


She supposed she should have stopped to think about things first. But that seemed like something another Hazel, in another lifetime, another body and another mind would have done. She hadn't even hesitated -- after the old man had left, she had hurried over to her neighbour's flat to retrieve her bag, in which she had stashed the djinn's doll.

She hadn't even bothered to dress properly before going over -- she had simply thrown a large tee over her naked body and walked right over. There was a slightly worrying moment when she felt the old man's cum sliding out of her vagina as she spoke to her neighbour, but then she realised that she didn't really care what the old lady thought of her and the thought relaxed her. If the old biddy sees cum sliding down the insides of my legs, so be it, she thought, smiling as she thanked her elderly neighbour for her help.

It had worked a treat. Like the djinn had known, the old man would not have felt the presence of the doll in that apartment because of the neighbour's pet cat. So he had no way of knowing she was in cahoots with the djinn. She had known, through the djinn's presence in her body, that the old man would become distracted by the thought of fucking her.

Just like she knew now, what it was the old man had had the djinn do for him. The fucking pervert wanted to have his way with any woman he desired, but he had not quite been a hit with the ladies even then, when he was much younger. He was frustrated with his lack of success with the ladies, and jumped upon the chance to get what he wanted when he had chanced upon the djinn resting under the tree. He was able to rape so many women without fear of reprisal only because of what he had learned from the djinn; and to make matters worse, he used the djinn's power to endow himself with a weapon so large it had destroyed many of the women he had assaulted.

Hazel shivered as the memories of the man raping a convulsing young girl ran through her mind like a horror movie. She really looked very young, perhaps 18 or 19, and her slit much too small to accommodate his enlarged prick, but he forced it in anyway, seeming to enjoy the girl's squirming as her vulva stretched and looked about to tear with the violent fucking he had inflicted upon her. He had laughed as her naked body quivered -- she was still under his spell, yet in obvious distress -- and only remarked in the local lingo that he would be her first and only lover. The fucking bastard really had no qualms about what he did.

Other memories played through her mind, of women crying out as his rapes became more and more twisted, with the use of tools and other implements the man had thought to bring along after he had gotten bored with the standard "spell and rape" routine. The part of her that wasn't Hazel was so calm and collected in remembering these things that she wondered if the djinn had felt any remorse for the suffering he had helped the old man inflict on the poor women. In fact, as she recalled the rapes through the djinn's mind, she realised she had many questions she wanted to ask the djinn... but she thought she should ask him when he manifested himself, rather than through her mind. It was getting quite confusing trying to separate what Hazel was thinking, and what she knew through the djinn.

She looked at the incomplete doll on the floor and wondered what she should do next. It surprised her a little that she wasn't wondering if she was doing the right thing, because that was precisely what she had always done in the past. Careful Hazel. Cautious Hazel. Definitely not rash or spontaneous Hazel.

Her impatience was something new, indeed, and she couldn't really blame it on the djinn either because she knew, deep inside the part of her that was still Hazel, that she really wanted to see what the djinn looked like in person. Or spirit. Whatever. Perhaps the fact that her pussy still tingled and felt unsatiated was making her hurry too.

Oh fuck. Maybe it was tingling because... Hazel quickly squatted down, raising the hem of her tee shirt as she did so. She wanted a clear line of sight to her pussy so she could see what would happen next. She felt her insides quiver and shake, and then something inside, up deep between her thighs, began to expand. It wasn't quite as painful as she had expected... in fact, it was rather pleasurable, and she wondered if the djinn had had anything to do with the slight tremors of electricity running up and down her groin, and shooting almost painfully to her heaving breasts.

"Ohhh shittt!" she moaned to no one in particular as she felt her cervix began to give, and something began to protrude out, into her convulsing vagina. "Oh fuckkkkk!"

She knew what it was even before it began to show outside her body. It was one of the doll's limbs -- it felt like an arm -- that was slowly coming out of her. When she felt her vulva part to reveal the doll's hand, she had a mini orgasm. It was satisfying... to a point. Then her cervix expanded again to expel the doll's remaining leg, and the waves of sensation licking at her groin and nipples were stronger, leaving her gasping for breath.

It took her a while to regain her composure, and to his credit, she didn't feel like the djinn was rushing her. In fact, it seemed to her that she was the more impatient one -- when she was able to breathe normally once more, she quickly grabbed the arm and the leg, and shoved them into the empty slots on the doll's body. Then she sat back on her haunches and waited to see what would happen.

Hazel supposed she had expected something spectacular. Fireworks, maybe. Or puffs of smoke. Or at least some movement from the doll. So she was quite disappointed when nothing seemed to happen. She stared at the doll and wondered if there was something else she ought to do. What should I do? she asked the question in her mind, and waited for the answer. Do I need to chant something or put something on the doll? How will you appear?

There was no answer. Hey, are you there? she asked in her mind as she stood up and glared down at the doll. Can you hear me?

Still no answer. Damn. She remembered her dreams, of how the doll had been forced up into her, and wondered if that was what she should do. Fuck, it was one thing to dream about it, but another to actually do it. To herself. She looked at the motionless doll, its right leg and arm gleaming with her juices. Ah fuck it.

Hazel knelt to pick up the doll, spread her legs and moved it down below, to the bottom of her slit. The sensation of the doll's head at the entrance to her vagina reminded her of the very first time she had felt it pressing against her, on the beach. Damn you, djinn, she thought as she pressed the toy upwards, gasping as she felt her labia stretching and spreading.

"That's a nice thought, but there's really no need for that now," she heard him say, and jumped, the doll clattering back down on the floor between her thighs.

She turned and came face-to-cock with his solid erection. This time, there was no vagueness about its form. It was a cock, a huge, erect cock she was looking at. It looked both menacing and delicious this close up, and she felt something gooey sliding down from deep inside her. Oh god. She was so wet and tingly down there she wanted to grab it and stuff it in between her thighs just so she could quell the maddening itching.

"My, aren't you the impatient one," the djinn grinned. She looked up past his bobbing cock, and saw that he really was quite handsome. Once you got past the glowing red eyes, that was. He was well-built too... not ridiculously so, like those bodybuilder types that she saw constantly preening before the mirrors in the gym, or strutting down at the beach. He was simply solid, with the build of a healthy, fit man. With glowing red eyes.

"You do have some questions for me, do you not? Or would you prefer I satisfy your desire first?"

She looked down and realised that she had fallen onto her back and splayed her legs, opening herself up for plundering the moment she saw his cock. Oh fuck. I... you bastard, she thought as she glared at him. Still, her body betrayed her, her mounting lust showing in the gush of lubricant coating her inner thighs. Stop using your power on me.

"Oh, but I'm not," he replied, his grin widening further. "That has very little to do with me, and so much more to do with you and what you desire."

Hazel closed her eyes to calm her rapidly beating heart, then opened them and deliberately looked beyond his cock, into his fiery eyes. It helped slow down the sensations coursing through her body, screaming for release... but not by much. She was still very much aware of the bulbous, rounded head of his tool just below the periphery of her vision. The head of a cock that looked far bigger than the bedknob she had dreamed of. The head of a cock that she knew she desperately wanted inside her, because the old man, like Ted, had left her high and unsatisfied.

"Tell me... is what the old man said true?" she was finally able to groan out her question. "Did you... did I invite you into me?"

"Of course, my dear Hazel," he replied. "Don't you remember? When you were down on the beach and I was knocking on the door to your body, you said..."

"...come on in. I know," she admitted. "But how was it that I was the first..? I mean, you were there for such a long time. The old man, he was young when he caught you, so surely, there would've been others..."

"There was one other," the djinn said, and Hazel thought she detected a tinge of sadness in his voice. Did djinns have feelings?

"The tree that I was under... it's one of those things that you see, but you don't really notice is there. There are a number of them around the place. Most people don't even go near trees like that, except for magicians looking for djinns... and people who don't want to be noticed by others."

"One other? Who was he?"

"She. Like you, she wanted to go unnoticed, so she picked a spot where she would not be noticed. And like you, she invited me in."

"So why didn't you manage..?"

"...to break away? Because she lost her nerve when she shouldn't have. Actually, he had some idea something was up when she turned up at his place. I tried to warn her, but her courage left her and I wasn't able to control her enough to take back the doll's limbs. Instead, the magician managed to rape and sodomise her, all the while letting her know what was being done to her body. It drove her mad."

"So it... the old man could have done the same thing to me!" She glared at him in anger even as her body spread itself further, inviting his gaze... and more.

"There was a chance, I won't deny that," the djinn admitted. "But I was confident we would succeed this time because you're different. And the circumstances were different."

"Still, it would have been nice if you would've let me know the risks!" Hazel pouted. She really was angry, but her anger was fighting hard with the lust that was colouring her body and making her quiver in anticipation.

"Would you have agreed if I had?.. I thought not," the djinn said as she shook her head. "Anyway, I took better precautions this time out. The other girl, Min, wouldn't let me go all the way inside her. I mean, she agreed to it, but just as I was about to enter her inner sanctum, she squeezed her thighs together and forced me out. So the magician could sense my essence in her the moment he met her."

"But... why didn't you stop her from meeting him..?"

"I told her not to, but she couldn't think of a reason to break off the appointment, so she went anyway," the djinn sighed. "That's the problem with free will."

"So that means that if I had chosen to stop helping you..."

"Even djinns can't force people to do things against their will."

"But you can! You ARE doing it! I mean, I'm not like this," she gesticulated down her trembling, naked body. "I'm not a slut. I don't sleep around. I don't even enjoy..."

"All I can do is focus my energies on what's already there. I don't create something that's not there. It's just not possible."

"What? What are... are you saying I'm a nymphomaniac? How can that..?"

"No, my dear Hazel. Far from it," the djinn guffawed. "You humans are so caught up with your rules and customs, with what you think is natural, that you suppress your true natures. Just because you enjoy sex, doesn't make you a slut or nymphomaniac."

"But I... look at me! My... I'm leaking! Just looking at you makes me... makes me want... oh god. Uhhhhh." Hazel shuddered as a mini-climax ripped through her at the thought of being fucked by the djinn. "Hhhhhhh. I'm not... ooooooh..."

"You're puzzled because you were convinced you didn't like having sex, and now you do... so in your mind, this change has made you a lascivious slut. Do you see the problem with that?"

She shook her head, unable to speak. She could feel the tingling down between her legs was slowly abating, but she knew it would not subside completely. Not while he was around. She was as sure of that as she was that a puddle of her own fluids had formed underneath her.

The djinn sighed. "The problem, my dear Hazel, is that you, just like everybody else, are a sexual being. You have been, from the very beginning. It is in your nature. It is a part of being human. And the problem is that you have done your level best to deny that natural part of yourself for such a long time."

"But I... Ted and I, we..." she finally found her voice. "You see, I never did think it was something I sh... would enjoy."

"Like I said, I can only focus my energies on enhancing what's already there. You have just been too uptight about sex for too long. You viewed it as dirty, as something done secretly, under the cover of darkness. Heck, you think even your body is shameful and should be hidden from sight."

"Well, that's what I was taught. I mean, that's true, isn't it? That's what light switches and clothes are for."

"I'll say it again -- I can't focus my energies on something that's not there. I can't create something out of nothing. The desire you feel now, that's real. And very little of it is coming from me. YOU are the one who is providing the lust you feel. It is your desire that you feel now, not mine."

"But then... the old man and... all those women. And that girl. How..."

"They are human too. All of them have desires that can be awakened. I am just the conduit for those desires. The magician used me to bring out the sensual natures of the females he attacked. It's that simple."

"What about him? The old man?"

"The nature of man is very different from that of woman. Hence, the sensual side of man is different too. He, and a lot of men like him, think of sex as a goal, rather than a sharing. He wanted sex to prove himself a man, and the more sex he had, the more manly he thought he was. That's why so many men are focused on the size of their cocks when they should be focused on how they feel and how their partners feel. That's why he wanted to use my power to make his cock bigger, in the belief that he would be more impressive to women. And when he tired of the sex, he became more interested in other ways to prove his manhood."

"What will happen to him? Will you kill him?"

"No, of course not," the djinn laughed. It sounded harsh, like he was enjoying the thought. "He'll suffer a fate worse than death. I've taken back everything that has meaning to him, don't you see that? He won't be able to charm the women anymore because the chants won't work so well without my help... and he won't want to, because his cock is now so small he'll be embarrassed to show it or use it. He's done for. Finished. Kaput."

"OK, good," she said, lying back and spreading her legs as far apart as she could. The tingling down below was increasing once more, spreading upwards and inwards. "I don't want to live with that on my conscience. Now that we've settled that..."

"Very well, Hazel," the djinn said, making her cry out as he leaned forward and licked at her oh-so-sensitive slit with his tongue. She noticed that it was forked not by sight, but by the way it felt sliding up and down the split of her groin, and when he held it hard against her clitoris -- the sensation of her twitching, eager little bud being surrounded on all sides by rubbery, vibrating flesh was enough to make her come. But she wanted more.

"C... come on, djinn," she moaned, lifting her hips to increase the contact between his tongue and her feverish flesh. "Come on in. I want you to."

He smiled and stood upright, giving her a view of his magnificent cock once more.

"Ooooh. You bastard! You're torturing me," she moaned as the tingling intensified at her groin, spreading quickly across her sweaty body. She arched her back and feet, raising herself further, trying in vain to capture the cock of the djinn that was positioned so tantalisingly in front of her.

"Alright, I'll give you what you want. What you've always wanted," he said, pushing his cock down and positioning it at the entrance to her vagina.

Hazel gasped as she watched the thick tip of his prick dip down past her raised pubis... and had an orgasm the moment she felt his organ graze her ultra-sensitive labia. She had another one when she felt her labia sliding easily apart to admit the massive head into her sex.

"Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!" she moaned at the incredible stretching she felt inside as he probed ever deeper up into her. He had been impressive the first time, but this time, he was certainly more solid... and she could feel the walls of her vagina press and massage his oversized tool.

She had yet another orgasm when she felt her labia close behind the huge bulbous head of his cock, and another when she realised that the stretching she was feeling inside would continue until he reached the end of her vaginal sheath... and beyond. As she was shuddering from the latest climax, she felt him hit the back of her vagina, and held her breath, waiting for his final thrust to conquer her completely.

But he did not plunder her womb like she expected... or hoped. Instead, when he hit her cervix, he slowly pulled it out and slid it back in again. He did it in a regular, sawing motion, creating climaxes that seemed to come faster and faster, until they began to meld together and become an excruciatingly extended peak that had her screaming at a pitch she didn't think was humanly possible to produce.

As she was slowly coming down from the devastating climax, he suddenly pushed his cock forward a little, entering her inner sanctum and surprising her with an even bigger orgasm. Hazel literally saw stars -- as the mega-climax hit, she screwed her eyes shut and saw bright sparks in the darkness as her body exploded with overpowering sensations.

She must have fainted or blacked out or something... when she opened her eyes, she realised she didn't know how long it was she had been "out". The djinn was still there, his cock was still embedded deep within her vagina, and her body was still shuddering with the remnants of her last orgasm. Then she remembered a question she had wanted to ask.

"So is the rest of what the old man said also true?" she asked when she was able to summon the breath to speak. "Is it true that you react to my every emotion? That you'll attack when you sense I'm angry or upset?"

"Yes, that's about right," the djinn replied. "I feel everything you feel. And I give you everything you desire."

She thought he was remarkably unaffected by their recent bout of vigorous sex... then she remembered that he was a djinn after all. He didn't have to worry about catching his breath.

"But... you understand humans. You know that we get these momentary flashes of emotion. I mean, I can be angry, but that doesn't mean I want someone else to be hurt..."

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